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See what happens when you don
I had pulled in off the highway to a large hotel. It was a nice looking place nestled between snow capped mountains with a view of the lake below. I didn’t care much for the building or the view. After eight hours on the road, all I was looking for was a clean place to sleep. This looked like it. Four or five stories tall, families coming and going, a pool and air conditioning.
As I entered the lobby I took in the décor. It must have been an antique. Old furniture and paintings were tastefully placed around and I noticed a sign advertising the ghost town next door. Walking over to the front desk I see a man and woman arguing. The woman behind the desk wears a name tag telling me her name is Connie. She seems nice enough, early thirties, short blonde hair tucked behind her ears and from what I could see from behind the desk, an okay figure. The guy she’s talking to appears to be her boyfriend or husband and from what I could tell he was a being a prick. Something about him wanting her to leave with him and her having to cover somebody’s shift. She says she’s sorry but she can’t do anything about it. He starts to guilt her, saying she always does this and how she fucked up his whole night. I can see that she’s pretty embarrassed by the scene he’s making and as he raises his voice other people across the lobby are starting to stare. I step up to the counter and ring the bell for service. She glances over quickly and tells him that she has to go and she’s really sorry and in typical asshole fashion he swears loudly and stomps off saying he’ll pick her up at the end of her shift so she’d better be here.
Taking a deep breathe she composes herself and walks over to me.
“Hi. Sorry about that.”
“Not at all.”
“What can I do for you?” She smiled a big friendly grin that showed most of her front teeth. It was probably the usual routine for the customers but I thought it was nice. She wasn’t what I would call drop dead beautiful. It was more of a nice girl next door vibe you got when you looked at her. When she smiled, lines formed around her mouth giving away her age.
“I’d like a room.”
“Sure. If you’d just fill this out.” I filled out the card she gave me like she filled out the small C-cup she was wearing. Nothing flashy, just a white bra under a white button up dress shirt almost see through enough that you could make out the cut and the shape. She was either a large B or a small C for sure, and as far as I was concerned, there was nothing wrong with admiring the scenery. Besides that, the sign on the wall boasted a great view.
“And would you like a 400 room or a regular suite?”
“I don’t know? What’s the difference?”
“Well the 400 rooms are more expensive, but they’ve been decorated in antiques from when the hotel was built and have a lovely view of the lake. The other suites are nice too, but they don’t have the view or the antique furniture. They’re cheaper and come with air conditioning. It can get pretty hot at night, especially on the upper floors.”
I thought about it for a second. I’d only be staying for one night and I’d already seen plenty of boring old hotel rooms. Even so, the air conditioning would be nice.
Sensing my indecision, she made a suggestion, “If you want, I could show you both rooms and then you can make up your mind.”
“That sounds perfect.”
She calls into the back for a girl named Kim to watch the front for her and then motions for me to follow her. We head down the hall with her leading the way at a brisk pace. This is the first time I get to see her legs. Her white dress shirt is tucked in to a silken red skirt with an oriental pattern on it in gold. It came down just above her knees, giving me a good idea of what the rest of her thighs looked like. She had some meat on her! Not fat mind you. Okay it was fat, but not as if you’d look at her and say so. She had juicy calves and thighs and a nice thick booty! “Thank you for doing this.” I said as I stared at her ass in front of me.
“Oh, no problem! It gets me out of the lobby for a bit.” She was walking fast and I tried my best to keep up as we went up stairs and down hallways and around corners. This place was huge!
“So was that your boyfriend down there?”
“Yeah, he wanted to go out tonight, but I have to work. So he’s pretty pissed off. I just wish he wouldn’t make a scene like that. I mean talk about embarrassing.”
“Yeah. He kinda seemed like a bit of an asshole, if you don’t mind me saying.” My eyes only left her big ass when she’d turn around to say something to me. The rest of the time I was picturing what kind of panties she was wearing.
“No, I don’t, actually. Sometimes I think I could probably do better, but there are pretty limited choices when you live in these small towns. Thank you, by the way. For ringing the bell and getting me out of there.”
“Sure, anytime. So you live here all your life?” Her big butt was swishing back and forth in front of my face and she knew it. Or did she? This wasn’t just some regular walk anymore, she was in full strut.
“Yup. Started off working in the gift-shop and worked my way up to hostess. My mom used to work here and my little sister just started. I’m not going anywhere. I mean, there’s nowhere TO go! Nothing exciting ever happens and that’s it.”
We ended up at the end of the fourth floor hall where she unlocked the door and let me in. I have to confess that my cock was pretty hard already from watching her bounce down the hall. We both tried to get in at once, her tits pushing up against me slightly. I may have been tired coming off the road, but now I wanted to fuck! She went over to the window and opened the drapes. Light flooded in and showed her figure through her clothes in silhouette. Damn! I wasn’t really thinking anymore. It was more a kind of physical instinct that was taking over. I needed a taste of her! I closed the door behind me and walked up behind her.
“It’s pretty hot up her, but it IS a great view.” She had her arms out still holding the drapes open and looking out the window, but I couldn’t help but agree with her. I mean we’re not comparing her with a model or porn-star here. This was a real woman. She hung a little in places where a teenager wouldn’t and filled out in places so that you could hold on to. She had curves in her thick hips and small waist. I stepped up right behind her so that I was a little too close. For a moment I wondered whether she’d pull away. Whether this would become awkward or not. She stiffened but didn’t move away, as if she was thinking it over. I pressed on a little further, putting my hands on her hips. Her breathing became shallow and I knew I had her. I leaned forward so that she could feel my hard on against her ass. I wanted no misunderstandings about what we were about to do. She pushed back and let out a sigh. My left hand moved slowly up to her tits giving each one a good squeeze while my right hand moved onto her big rump. She was so full and soft.
I reached down to the edge of her red skirt and slowly started pulling it up her thighs. She let me. I got it up on her hips and saw that she was wearing black panties. Reaching in between her thighs from behind I got an idea of what I was dealing with here. She was soaked! As I pushed her silky black panties into her pussy she let out a moan allowing me to go further. I don’t know if I could have stopped at this point! She gripped the drapes tightly as I fingered her swollen clit through her panties. With my other hand I undid the front of my pants and dropped them to the floor. My cock sprang forth and hit her ass cheek making it jiggle slightly. Pulling the sides of her panties down, I expose her big ass and let the panties fall to the floor next to the pants. She steps out of them and takes a wider stance so to allow me full access. I need no further encouragement. The tip of my cock rubs her pussy lips and she takes a deep breath before whispering, “Yes…” I push my head into her. She’s dripping wet and it slides in easily. She pushes against me to get more of it in. Gripping her hips I thrust the last few inches in and bury my cock as deeply in her as I can. She arches her back at the full length filling her and grunts. Again! I pull out and then in one swift motion drive it home again.
A rhythm quickly forms and soon I’m bumping against her ass and sending ripples through her. She shudders each time she’s filled and inhales deeply as I pull out. As I speed up she drops her head down and lets it hang there while she moans. Her thighs are starting to quiver, aching from holding this position for so long. I can tell she’s close. I reach a hand around and find her clit to help her along. I wasn’t sure whether this was a regular event for her here. She didn’t like the bad girl type, more like the good girl who was sick of always doing the right thing. Either way I didn’t give it too much thought. She was driving her big ass back against my cock and I was loving it!
“OOOOOOOOOOOHHH!” She cums long and hard, grinding her ass onto my cock. I can feel her warm juices drenching me. She turns around to give me a sheepish grin. “That’ll show that little pig.”
I reach down and rip her blouse open. Her tits nearly fall out of her bra as she jumps back.
“Didn’t you finish?”
“Not yet.” She pauses for moment to think. I jump in before she can say anything. “You said nothing exciting ever happens to you. Well let’s do all the exciting things you never thought you’d do.”
She smiled and reached behind her back to unfasten her bra. “You want more?” As she removed it, her fully rounded breasts swung free. Each was a good handful with perfect dark pink nipples standing on the end. “What do you want to do?”
I needed no further encouragement. My cock wanted to fuck her brains out until her eyes rolled into the back of her skull. Without another word, I pulled her closer, giving her tits a good hard squeeze. She winced slightly but said nothing. I pinched each of her nipples roughly. She opened her mouth to say something but I used the moment to force my tongue into it. She responded excitedly! Our tongues mashed together kissing wetly as I slowly moved her over to the bed.
Suddenly I turned her and bent her over the edge of the bed. Being an antique it was taller and the perfect height for what I had in mind. Before she had a chance to register what was happening, I rammed my cock into her.
“Uhh!” she grunted as I forced it in her hot hole. Her ass jiggled fiercely with each smack of my pelvis against her ass. I grabbed on to her and dived in again and again. She was panting like a dog now and moaning in time with our fucking. I slapped her ass and watched it ripple. What a fucking ride!
She was so wet she was starting to run down her thighs and drip onto the carpet. It’s always the ones who seem proper who like to be man handled a bit. Sensing she was close again I reached down between her thighs and got my fingers wet and slippery on her clit. I knew she was going to cum again, but not the way she thought. As she neared her orgasm and I knew it was inevitable, I removed my hand from her twat and slipped a finger in her ass. It was tight and she immediately stiffened. This wasn’t something she was used to. I started moving my finger in and out slowly. Two fingers. She started letting out a low groan and her knees started to quake again as her second orgasm took hold of her. It was far more intense than the first one.
At the peak she cried out, “Oh God Yesss!”
I slipped from her dripping sex hole and slapped her ass hard. It left a red hand print on her cheek and she visibly jumped, turning around to look at me in shock.
“More?” Her eyes were incredulous and wide and so full of lust. I could tell I was wearing away her restraint. Maybe she’d never been fucked so hard before.
“If you think you can handle it.”
Her mouth twisted into a dirty little smirk that told me all I needed to know. She climbed up onto the mattress on her knees and spread them as far as she could, practically doing the splits. She let her ass hang over the edge at the perfect height for what I had in mind.
Over her shoulder she gave what I’m sure she thought was a brave look and said, “Give it to me.” What she was really saying was, “I’ll teach my jerk off of a boyfriend!” and the look she gave had fear in it. She’d probably never done anything like this before and the excitement probably scared her.
I stepped up behind her and teased her pussy lips with the tip of my cock. It was still wet and dripping my cum out of it. She was moaning a little now and laid her head onto the sheets, spreading her arms out onto the bed. I rubbed the head of my dick into her juices and ran it up and down her ass crack. Her breathing became shallow. With her ass nicely lubed I slipped my cock into her pussy slowly and let her feel every inch. She relaxed again.
I was fucking her in long, slow strokes when I put my two fingers in her ass again. This time she didn’t stiffen as much. I worked them in and out of her tight hole, loosening her ass she built up to another climax.
“Ohh, Fuck that feels so good! I’m going to come again! Don’t stop! Aaaaaghh!” She came pushing her big bum onto my fingers trying to get as much of them into her ass as possible.
“Now it’s my turn.” I said with a smile, pulling my cock from her running fuck hole. My hand gripped my pole and aimed it, pushing the head up against her sphincter. She started to get up onto her hands to protest but I pushed her back down. She didn’t complain.
She started to pant, “Oh God! Oh God!” as the head slipped in, eased by her pussy juice and my cum that was lathered on my shaft. Inch by inch I slowly made my way into her. She was so fucking tight! Never before had I fucked an ass so big that was so tight! She started to squirm a little as my whole length filled her. I left it there for a moment for her to feel what she was going to be fucked with.
I started slowly with full long strokes and quickly picked up the pace. This bitch was loving it! She was now pushing back and moaning louder and louder and I didn’t know how much longer I could last! There’s nothing hotter than a girl getting off on you fucking her ass and between that and how tight she was gripping my cock, I knew I didn’t have much time.
But as I started to get into full swing, fucking her faster and faster, she started getting really loud. Screaming out, “oh my God! I don’t know if I can take this! It hurts! It’s too much!”
I couldn’t take it anymore. She was getting too loud. People might hear her from the hall and I didn’t want any interruptions. I’ll show this bitch how a slut gets fucked! I slipped out of her ass, to which she gave a sigh of relief. I reached down to pick her panties up off the floor, still sticky wet and stuffed them into her mouth.
“Come on Porn Star, grab those big ass cheeks and spread’em.” She stalled, still shocked from the panties in her mouth. This was definitely going too far for her. “I want to make you cum with a cock in your ass.” Her breathing got harder again, breathing through her nose as her hands slowly reached back and grabbed and handful of ass, spreading it wide open. She was shaking now.
In one full swoop I thrust my cock into her. She screamed through her panty gag and I started to go to work! She loved it! I could tell. I’m sure it hurt, but she wasn’t about to give up the most exciting thing to ever happen to her because of a little pain. Her face was buried in a pillow to stifle her cries and wimpers. I grabbed a hold of her hair and pulled her head up, taking the panties out of her mouth.
“You like getting fucked like a whore?” I said.
“Yes! I’m a whore!”
“Do you like this cock up your ass, fucking your brains out?” I said.
She bucked and wiggled on it, pushing it into her more. “Yes, I love it!”
I slapped her big, round tits that were swinging wildly. She flinched.
“You like being slapped around and treated like a filthy pig, don’t you?”
“Does it turn you on?”
“Yes… oh God Yes! Yes!” She was going wild. I could hardly the same girl that I saw in the lobby twenty minutes ago! I couldn’t take it any more.
“Are you going to cum with my cock in your ass, like a dirty girl?”
She was screaming “Yes!” and “Cum in me!” when I reached around, grabbing a tit with one hand and her throat with the other and forced myself into her as deep I could go. I let loose a jet of jizz into her ass, filling her bowels with my hot spunk as she came for the fourth time.
After a moment of lying there, panting, I pulled out. There was this awkward moment as she turned around and looked at me. Our porno fantasy was over and reality was setting in. She had just let a stranger fuck her! She had let a customer fuck her ass! I could see that this was embarrassing for her. So I walked over and kissed her on the lips. The passion was gone. She quickly picked up her things and dressed. She couldn’t even look me in the eye! She headed for the door, she opened it and said, “So I take it the 400 room will do?” She was all business.
I stood there with no pants on and said it would do just fine.
“Breakfast is at nine and checkout is at eleven.” Just then she looked me in the eye. “Thank you… for choosing Three Mountain Lodge.” Was that a little smile? It was too late, she left, closing the door behind her.
The next morning I checked out, but Connie wasn’t working the front desk. I didn’t see her again. The girl at the front desk had a name tag that said Kim. She took my key and when she saw the room number she gave me a funny look. “Enjoy your stay?” she said with a smirk.
I was going to have to stay here again!

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