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five times
When I was a 16 year old boy I stayed for a week with the 45 old divorced sister of my mother, aunt Adri. I noticed that Adri had a nice figure, long legs and protruding D cup tits and a sexy face. I had always secretly wanted to touch her and fuck her.
Adri wore always short tight skirts and when sitting on the coach she showed much of her panty clad legs in high heel pumps, which excited me very much. When she walked by I always got a prompt enormous erection.
One day I found her bowed over the sink in the kitchen. I could restrain myself anymore and I placed my hands on her behind. Theo what are you doing, Adri asked?
O aunt Adri, You have such a nice behind, I had to feel it. And my hands felt under her skirt and caressed her cunt trough her slip and her panty. Aunt Adri moaned. T
hen I sat on my knees and I kissed and licked her cunt trough her panty and slip. O Theo you do that very nice, go on. I
caresses her cunt with my finger and licked and sucked it. She began to get wet and wriggled. Now I want to kiss your prick Theo.
Obediently I unbuttoned my fly.
Aunt Adri knelt down before me and planted a kiss on the glans of my enormous erect prik ad started licking it. Then she put my prick in her mouth and started sucking.
She sucked very nicely and also bit on my glans penis.
O Adri, be careful, I am afraid I will come in your mouth.
But Aunt Adri did not seem to hear me and sucked and licked further and faster.
Then I felt an enormous orgasm building.
I withdrew my prick from her mouth and shot torrents of hot seed over her face,and also a big load in her mouth and over her hair.
O Theo your sperm tastes very good!
Adri roled it trough her mouth. At last she swallowed most of it. And now I want you to fuck me properly in my wet cunt. She retook my half-erect penis in her mouth and started again to suck.
After a few minutes so my penis started to get hard again and it became even a bigger erection than before.
I was filled with lust for this ripe sexy woman and I totally forgot she was my aunt. I could only think about fucking her hard. Adri, I want to suck your sexy tits. Adri drew her T-shirt over her head and her big breasts in a half cup bra sprung free. I loosene her bra and took one nipple in my mouth.
I sucked and she moaned. Theo that feels very nice. Also try my other tit. I sucked also the other tit and bit her nipple.
She unfasted her skirt and it fell to the ground.
With my hand I felt her cunt. I started licking her cunt again trough her panty. Then I tore a hole in her panty, and I shove her slip aside. I inserted a finger in her dripping cunt. O yes Theo go on Ah, Ah. I planted a kis on her cunt and I started licking her cunt hole with my tongue.
Theo Fuck me now I want your prick badly in my cunt.
I laid her on the kitchen table and I pushed my penis against her cunt lips and started to push further.
Slowly my prick penetrated her narrow hole.
O Adri my hot prick now fills your cunt. It feels delicious. I started to withdraw and push my prick into her hot cunt.
Adri adapted to my rytm and we heaved together. Adri I want to fuck your doggy style. Adri turned and bent over the table and I inserted her from behind. I felt her tots and fucked furiously.
Suddenly I got very excited and I burst in an orgasm and flooded her cunt.
O Theo that was delightful. You have a very nice prick and you fucked me very good. But I want you to fuck me again. Aynt Adri gave me Viagra pill. I took it and after about one hour I got very exited again.
We went to Adri’s room and I lied down beside her in bed. We kissed passionately. Adri caressed my penis and it got erect again. Now I want you to fuck me in my ass hole Theo. I put my finger in her ass hole and felt her.
She got very exited.
Put it in! I tried to push my penis inside but het hole was toot tight.
She gave me some vaseline and I lubricated her hole.
I tried again and my penis slid into her very tigh ass-hole. I felt great. I started to fuck her and pushed my penis in and out.
Adri cried from exitement. Push faster! After a delicious few minutes I felt that would came again.
I withdrew my penis and pushed it deep into her cunt. I exploded and flooded her a second time.
So I had had her in all her holes and she loved it.
Adri wanted still more and began pulling my dick and licking and sucking.
I became stiff again.
She sat down on my prick and she gave me a delicious ride. My prick went in and out her isatiable cunt and she bounced up and downwards.
She yelled Ah Ah do me do me. I withdrew my prick and said I wanted her doggy style.
She moved on all fours and I stuck my prick into her cunt from behind.
I slapped my balls against het buttocks and felt her big tits.
She bumped her behind backwards and we got in a nice rythm.
I came again and exhausted we fell asleep.
Next morning I wanted to fuck Adri again.
First I began to lick her cunt.
She moaned and reached for my erect prick.
She pulled it back to life.
I penetrated her again.
Then I withdrew.
I said i want to fuck you between your tits.
I inserted my prick between her tits.
She pushed her tits together.
I glid in and out between her tits.
She kissed and licked the head of my penis.
I pushed harder.
She yelled in extacy.
Then I flooded her boobs and her face.

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fucking aunt and fucking ass hole story. bull shit.

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2009-09-13 20:23:01
The thing thhat really messed it up is when she gave him a sixteen the pill would have a horrible affect on him by pumping too much blood in his cock...

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