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In preparing to slip into the body suit and shoes, her senses awaken at the mere thought of feeling them grip her; the vision of how it will look on her; and mostly - at his reaction. There is no doubt that she will be more critical than he will be, so she must like it herself before she'll show it to him. Of course, when that time comes, she will be concerned also with everything else about her appearance in addition to the clothing. She'll make sure she’s tanned and shaven very close on all surfaces and then silky from lotion; the finger and toe nails painted with a dripping, glossy coat of red; hair done just so; a bit of make-up for a touch of flare. The process of the pre-dressing preparations will take a couple of hours to complete and during that time her mind will constantly be envisioning the look on his face when he sees her for the first time. The emotions will play through her beginning with the shower and continue until he walks through the door. There will be a mixture of tingling throughout her body as she begins to pull the suit up each leg. Her pussy will throb when she feels the edges of the open crotch touch against it and her nipples will jump out as the fabric encases them. She cannot keep from running her hands over her body, just feeling the smoothness and watching the trail her hand burns on her flesh. She imagines it to be his hand and feels the fire from his touch. This all has an enormous effect on her glands, and she feels the involuntary pulsations begin to ripple through her pussy - followed by the warm wetness that trickles from it. She lightly glides her fingers between her legs, just enough to spread the scented flow. She spends a great deal of time in front of the full-length mirror, turning from side to side, bending over, pulling her legs apart - so that she can see what he will eventually see. A glance at the clock tells her it's time to finish up, so with moments to go before his arrival, she pulls the shoes out and sits on the edge of the bed. She watches as her black lace-wrapped foot slides in over the gold inner lining, then nestles snuggly into the shiny black leather. She props each foot against another chair to fasten the buckles - each stretch causing her pussy lips to be squeezed together and her nipples caressed against her legs. She turns her foot to the side and runs her hand over it and up her leg, enjoying the variety of textures. When she stands and walks once more to the mirror, she feels still more wetness seep from her inner folds. She feels tall and sleek and extremely sexy. The intense anticipation of opening the door to him has her entire body quivering. When she hears his whistle as he comes down the hall, she takes one last glance in the mirror, fluffs up her hair and slowly moves to open the door. She watches closely, as she holds her breath, for any tiny signs of arousal that might play cross his face - in his eyes, his breathing, and/or his pants - just knowing that he likes what he sees and is turned on by it will be her reward.

She opens the door at the sound of his knock. It is very dark, only dim flickers of light dance from the candle flames. She too is dressed to the dark, wearing a sleek black cat suit that hugs her body like a glove and shiny black 6" spiked heels. Her nails are glossed in red to match her painted lips. Her hair is swept up away from her face to reveal the soft skin of her neck. The fire shimmers off the gold earrings that dangle from her lobes.

She takes his hand and guides him in, then latches the door firmly behind him. She grazes his upper body with her long, sharp nails - causing him to shiver from her touch. Breathily she whispers in his ear, "Come in, I have something for you." Taking his hand again, she leads him across the room to a soft cushioned chair. He sits down and relaxes - relaxing as much as one can when the senses are heightened - but he tries to look casual. She walks to the stereo and turns on soft music. For now, all is calm.

She lights a few more candles so that the glow will illuminate every side of her. They can see each other clearly in the soft light. She walks to where he is sitting and leans over the back of the chair - her chin on his shoulder, her arms crossed over his chest. She turns her head and slowly licks a hot trail across his neck to his ear. Her hands move down and squeeze his hard cock through his jeans. He breathes in the scent of her and grows even harder. Her hands don't linger for long, just a tease. She walks around the chair and stands in front of him. Slowly she raises her leg, running the tip of her shoe along his leg and places her foot against his crotch, pressing gently yet firmly against his balls. Their eyes are locked and she continues adding pressure with her foot until she hears him inhale sharply. She smiles and sensuously runs her tongue over her lower lip, then bites it like she wants to be biting him. Her hands slide up the length of her body where he wants his hands to be.

She moves away a little bit because the music has picked up it's beat. Her body moves in rhythm, with her hips swaying and swinging, her knees parting when she squats and sticks her ass out toward his face; her arms raising up over her head. As the pace increases and she gets even more into it, she takes hold of the top of the suit at the neckline and tugs it down off her shoulder. She keeps gyrating to the music as she reveals more and more skin. When she gets her left arm free, she slides that side down to her waist leaving the fabric draped diagonally across her upper body. He sees that she has on a black lace bra and the smooth flesh of her breast is bubbling at the top. He wants that skin, in fact, he wants to see more, but he must wait.

As she slide the material off the other side, she raises her shoulder and rolls it towards her mouth. While looking directly at him with smoky eyes, she swirls her tongue across her skin, then rolls her head back and pulls the cloth away. She slithers the rest of the suit down inch by �nees are pressing against his thighs and he can feel the heat of her skin through his pants. She raises up his shirt and rubs her chest against his. She presses her breasts against his skin while she nuzzles her cheek against his neck. Her hands are stroking his nipples, pinching and pulling them to erection. As she glides back down, she brushes his exposed cock with the wet crotch of her panties, then pushes her clit against it. She squirms and rocks until her clit is swollen and they feel the wetness drip from her lips.

She moves off his lap and positions a small table right in front of him. She sits on the table and puts her feet up on the arms of his chair and pulls her panties aside. His eyes are level with her pussy and he can see the cum glistening on the folds. He tries to lean up to lick it off, but the 6" spike against his chest stops him. She leans back and releases her hair, letting it fall freely while she shakes it out. She slides her hand back down over her body to her pussy and spreads her knees further apart. With two fingers she spreads her lips then sinks them deep inside. From the look on her face he knows she is rockin'. He speaks to her softly, asking for her to give him that sweet stuff. She plunges her fingers in harder and faster, pushing back on them from inside until she gasps at the feel of her cum bubbling around her hand then spilling out. She keeps going, getting lost in the sensations until the entire table is slick and cum is dripping like rain onto the floor. He removes one of her shoes and catches the flow in it. When it is overflowing with cum, he raises it up to his mouth and dips his tongue in. She takes the shoe from him and sets it aside.

She gets down off the table and takes him by the hand and leads him to the bed where she strips the rest of his clothes off and pushes him back. She slides her panties off then rubs them over his legs and chest. Then she wraps that smooth wet silk around his cock and begins to stroke him. She bring him to the point of eruption and stops, then climbs over him and slides his cock into her slick, hot tunnel. Instantly they are moving together with hard, rapid thrusts - banging together in a frenzy of passion that they cannot control. She reaches for the shoe and as she feels him explode inside her, she pours the entire contents over his body, showering him completely with her cum. With a wink and a grin she whispers, "Happy Birthday, honey."


2004-02-18 23:54:22
Yawn.... this is a boring story.

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