I get some one-on-one time with the bigger twin in the school bathroom
Chapter 3

One day in math class, it was a hot and sweaty day, so my penis ached to touch another sexy body. I sat down in my seat behind Ryan Nemis, a seat that I was always thrilled to sit in. Once Ryan sat down, I casually stared at his broad shoulders and defined shoulder blades. I pretended to get something out of my bag so I could take a peak at his ass.
Ryan was a little more opposed to being sexual with me, so I would normally try to either use Eric or catch Ryan alone. However, I was sure today would make anyone horned up, so I decided to give him a shot.
While on the ground, I inched my hand up towards the top of his pants. I carefully felt the contours of his butt when he whipped around to see who was feeling him. I gave him a sexy smile and sat back in my seat, opening my legs wide. He sort of stared at me, his brown eyes locked in mine blue. I wanted to break the gaze, but I was determined to make sexual eye-contact, if that was possible.
Finally, we broke our stares and I immediately notice that he was rubbing himself lightly. I felt a surge of pleasure, and when he turned around, I reached down around his body and grabbed his balls. He coughed with pleasure. I wanted so badly to bone him right there in the classroom, but refrained for as long as I could.
I decided I needed to feel him. I called him to turn around and gestured that I wanted to tell him a secret.
Rubbing my face against his, I rubbed my lips over his cheeks and whispered, “I want to right now.”
He pulled away suddenly, looked me in the eyes, and said, “Me too.”
I imagined him standing up right there and sitting in my crotch as I felt his body and masturbated him. I wanted so bad to screw the kid.
Then it occurred to me that the bell hadn’t rung yet. I informed Nemis of this and we both rushed off to the bathroom for some fun. When in the bathroom, everyone had left and the bell had rung, so we decided to strip-tease each other.
We both just tore off our shirts and stared at each other’s glistening bodies. I was a little thicker and meatier than Ryan, so I dug myself just as I enjoyed the shirtless image of my partner and his lean, compact, muscular physique that made me want to fuck all over it.
After looking each other up and down for a minute, I sat on a sink and unbuttoned my fly. He lay down on the ground looking up at me as he did the same. Silently but breathing quickly, we both unzipped our flies. Ryan’s erection popped up, stretching his silk boxers.
One bonus about Ryan over Eric is that his penis was bigger and thicker. Eric was average at 5-6 inches, like me, which I sort of liked. I felt equal and sometimes a little more powerful than Eric because we were about the same height and had similar bodies.
Ryan was a different experience. He was a little taller than Eric and me, despite their being identical twins. Not only was his stature bigger, but so were his genitals. His balls were fuller, along with the thickness of his erection. Ryan’s pubic hair was an attractive shade of dirty blond, just darker than his head hair. The way his happy trail led to his belly button was to die for.
Also, even though Ryan was a little shier and less willing to let go sexually, he seemed more experienced. I was the weaker one in our relationship, unlike with Eric and I. It was a different experience and I most definitely enjoyed it.
On the sink, I lifted up my legs so the outline of my bulging genitals showed through my jeans. I fingered my asshole for him through my pants. I saw Ryan lick his lips.
He bent his legs in a diamond shape on the ground and slipped his pants down, but not off. Soon his boxers went down, revealing his tanned cock and ass. I wanted to jump down and be all over him, but we were teasing for the moment, and it was a cruel but irresistible torture.
Ryan stroked himself slowly. I hopped off the sink and went over to a urinal. I figured pretending to piss with no shirt on and my pants half down but boxers outlining my ass would be kinky enough.
I looked back at him. He had stripped all his clothes off and was walking over to me. He hugged me from the back and pressed his naked body against mine. Only half-naked. I felt his penis through my boxers and felt sheer sexual bliss.
Once my own dick was uncovered, the twin stroked it for me and with the other hand felt my face. I licked his fingers and rocked my hips against his cock. He rewarded me by picking me up by my shoulders.
He demonstrated shocking strength for such a compact and thin boy as he pinned me against the wall and got me on his those shoulders I was only imagining about feeling back in the classroom. Now I felt them flex under my thighs and his short blond hair prickle against my balls.
We caught ourselves in the mirror and I moaned. I hopped off of him and he stood me in front of him. I willing let him half move half feel me into place. He laced his legs through mine with him behind me and us both standing. Then he bent me over, bent his legs and stood up again, sending his penis into my ass.
I felt amazing pleasure in places I never had before. His penis head flared out right in my core, so when he thrust his enormous shaft with the incomparable strength of his hips, he sent me to heaven. My friend then staggered to a toilet seat and sat down, still in me, and we spread our legs a little more to heighten the feelings.
As he thrust, he felt his penis in my entrance with one hand and jerked me off with the other. I grabbed on to his thighs and enjoyed his pleasuring.
That was when the door to the bathroom opened. We were too far in to stop, and we were such an attractive pair I figured we’d be doing our intruder a favor. A freshman-looking boy came in he didn’t notice us until he was halfway through the room, as we were in a stall. We he caught us, he just stared in amazement.
Our being discovered only made us hornier, and finally we came to climax. My seed spilled all over Ryan’s big hand, and a little shot past the boy, who shrieked lightly. I heard Ryan moan my name as I felt his warm cum fill me. I slipped him out of me and we both lay on the floor in each other’s arms.
The small boy was now playing with himself through his pants and tore them down to reveal his little early-stage erection. He walked into the stall and closed the door.
I looked at Ryan and we snickered at the amateur. After looking at each other for a while, we kissed gently. Then we cleaned ourselves off and dressed to return to math class.

To be continued...

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