The best game of the season, came after the buzzer.
My name is Jamall, and i'm 17 years old. I'm what you might call a stud on the basketball court. My high school team the Lincoln Heights Wolverines are currently undefeated, and i'm one of the top 100 recruits in the nation. With my popularity so high i could get any ho i wanted. But lately i've been getting bored with the average sluts from are school.

One day i saw her, a cheerleader from an opposing school. She was a JV cheerleader so she must have been 15 or 16, long red hair and piercing hazel eyes.Tits the size of a large oranges and an ass that looks like it would fit perfectly to the palms of my hands. Four feet five inches tall and weighing 85 pounds their was not an ounce of babyfat left on her body. I asked my friend Tyree if he knew her name, and he did. He said her name was Maggie, and she was a total prude. His friend at her school said she never put out for anyone, and was a total loner.

I knew then what i wanted to do. I got a couple of my teamates together and devised a plan. After the game we were hanging out in the foyer as the cheerleaders were ready to leave. Just before they left i walked up to Maggie and asked her if she could help me find my contact, that i had pretended to drop. As she followed me into a dark hallway Tyree grabbed her from behind and forced her into the teachers lounge. We then took out johnys piece and held it to her head. She was crying by now, and had a look of fear in her eyes as tears ran down her face.

"Shut up bitch, or i'll kill you" i exclaimed.

" Please, i have no money, and people know where i am" she whimpered as she choked on her tears.

"No they don't bitch, your a little loner, and your coach took a head count right before i snatched you, it'll be at least a few hours before they realize you ain't on the bus, right boys?".

"Sounds about right" Tyree said.

"Nooo." She yelled

"Not yet johny" i yelled as he started to rip of her clothes.

"I got a few questions first"

"First off how old are you"

"16 in a month" she whimperd.

" Perfect, now are you a virgin"

" y y y ye yes" she whispered.

" What was that bitch" I yelled as Johny dug the gun into her temple.

"Yes" she said, much louder this time, however her voice was still shaky.

" Good, thats all about to change tonight though."

"Please no anything but that" she squeeled as Tyree stuck his hand up her uniform feeling her perfect tits through her bra.

"Stand her up Johny" i said.

John quickly obliged as he forced her to her feet.

"Don't say a word bitch, or we will kill you"

She listened, and as i undressed her uniform piece by piece, all you could hear was the sound of her tears, and sniffles, as she continued to choke on her tears. She was naked now, completly helpless in a dark room with three well endowed black athletes.

"Have you ever seen a cock before" I asked.

"N n no" she responded.

As she answered i unzipped my pants and revealed my 13 inch throbbing black cock for her to see.

"Lick my balls bitch" i ordered

She hesitently started to lick my ball sac, and boy did it feels so good. I couldn't help myself, and without warning i grabbed her head and forced the full length of my cock down her throat.

Man you should of seen her squeel, tears now fully streaming down her face as she tried to wiggle out of my grip, but it was no use as a just thrust my cock back and forth each time further and further down her throat. After about 2 minutes of my cock torture i unloaded my cum down the back of her throat. As i finished she fell to the floor gasping for air. She can only pray Tyree and Johny will be more gentle.

Unlucky for her they were not, i just watched from the back of the room as they ripped into her throat for their own pleasure. It was a real sight to see and it helped me regain my hard on, just in time for part two.

As johny finished by shooting his load all over her face i started for her pussey. I just looked at it so small, and pink, never seen or touched by a man before. Uncharted waters, i stuck a finger up her vagina and she winced.

"It's only a finger bitch, just wait for the cock." i told her.

"Please no, pleassse!!!" she screamed.

It was to late as i plunged my cock into her virgin pussey. You could tell by the look on her face that Maggie felt the stiff cock dig into her insides as i raped her with several hard quick strokes. It was a almost a relief for her when i grunted and filled her with my semen. At least it was over, she must have thought.

Wrong!!! Tyree, and Johny hadn't even started yet, and they went at her like dogs at a steak for at least an hour. When they were done she just lay on the ground, no longer an ounce of her former self.

Just one last hoorah before we let her heal her wounds...

"Tyree, Johny, gag the bitch." i asked

"Why" they asked.

"You'll see" i told them as they did what i asked.

My cock hardened once again now had it's sights on Maggies asshole. I quickly lubed up my dick before i slowly thrusted my cock into her. All of a sudden, Maggie awoke from her daze and you could see the mix of pain and shock in her eyes as my cock ripped apart her ass. Being my third time that night and all, it took me an awful long time to cum, maximizing her pain. When i was done i just unloaded in her asshole and threw her to the floor.

We were done now, her physical pain was over, so we just cleaned her off, cleaned the crime scene and threw her in Tyrees car. We drove off to the front of her school, and dumped her their, before we drove off i threw a hundred dollar bill at her and said:

"Clean yourself up bitch."

We never heard from her again.

THE END!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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2011-10-07 04:40:26
We never heard from her again. We did hear from the police and the district attorneys office and the state Dept. of Corrections, where we are serving life sentences now, because we were three stuped ass holes.

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2009-11-30 23:10:13
Your writing sucks!

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2008-09-12 17:29:47
Best comments:

"I bet he raped his mother too, right when shes tried suckling him. Such content must be deleted."

"I can believe you are 17 years old. With writing like this. You should have a talk with your english teacher. et some help with your story telling!"

"Beyond shitty. Go back to grammar school noob"

These were funny!

First one sounds like a religious dude on a porn site
Second one sounds like they are too serious
Third one is funny because the word "noob" is used


2008-02-24 09:44:15
Beyond shitty. Go back to grammar school noob


2007-12-01 11:13:39
more detail and a longer story would have made this storry beter. 5/10

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