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In her first case before the notoriously unforgiving Judge Victor Randolph, she stands, quaking inside with fear, behind the Defense Counsel table as she prepares to present her opening arguments. Little does she know that before this trial is over, she will have learned many, many things about the inner workings of the local legal system.

She's a great attorney, but is still intimidated by the judge. He reminds her of an old owl, perched high up on the bench, glaring down at her, making her feel like vulnerable prey. Her voice betrays her, for when she opens her mouth to speak, only a small, constricted sound emits from her lips. Impatient with her nervousness, Judge Randolph, bellows, "Speak up, Counselor!" She jumps and fumbles the papers laying before her, clears her throat and begins once more - this time her voice is audible throughout the courtroom. When she finishes her statement she takes her seat. As she is adjusting her skirt and crossing her shapely legs, she feels eyes steadily watching her. She looks toward the bench only to see his head quickly turn away. Throughout the afternoon's testimony, she feels the heat of his eyes on her, raising her curiosity. She steals a glimpse of him now and then, intrigued when she catches him looking her way, his eyebrow raised over the brim of his glasses and a lustful look in his eye. The judge calls a recess at the end of the day and she gathers up her papers and strolls from the courtroom, left with her own thoughts for the evening.

Later at home, sitting on her couch, papers surrounding her, pencil in hand, she attempts to work on the case but finds her mind drifting off to the events of the afternoon. Absently she begins to nibble on the end of the pencil, her tongue lazily rimming it while she is lost in remembering his eyes, his stern yet sexy voice and envisioning what delectables may be hiding under his black robe. She feels the long-forgotten stirrings of lust in her loins and leisurely her hand slips to her crotch to stroke the wetness seeping through her panties. All too soon, the phone rings, jolting her back to the present, her mind fully focused on the case once again.

Meanwhile, Judge Randolph has spent the evening indulging his fantasy of plunging his rock-hard cock into the wet lucsiousness of the steamy lady lawyer who has captivated his thoughts since he first laid eyes on her earlier in the day. Never before had he experienced such distraction during a proceeding. He thought once again of her long, gorgeous legs stretching out from beneath her sedate suit. More than once that afternoon, he had fantasized about feeling them entwined around his body. Now that he is alone in his study, the wife having gone to bed early, he further indulges his desires by unzipping his trousers, freeing his member and palming it to eruption.

Courtroom 9:00 a.m.

All rise as the Honorable Judge Victor Randolph is announced and enters the courtroom for the second day of the trial. He demurely scans the room seeking a quick glimpse of her. His face flushes slightly when their eyes lock briefly across the room. Today she is dressed a bit more feminely...4 inch shiny black heels, soft gray dress that hugs her curves, hair pulled back softly at the nape of her neck. During her cross-examination of the witness, she steps from behind the counsel table, pacing back and forth in front of the bench, stopping abruptly in front of the witness stand, drilling the witness mercilessly. After prosecution objections arise several times, the judge gives her a warning for her tactics and line of questioning. Despite the warning, she continues grilling the witness, raising several pertinent points in her case. The judge calls a lunch recess, but before leaving the courtroom, he hands a note to the bailiff then slips out to his chamber. As she snaps her briefcase closed and prepares to leave, the bailiff approaches her and hands her the paper. She opens it after he walks away. It reads...."My! VR".

A shiver of tension courses through her body, and she prepares to do battle with him over her performance in the courtroom. With her defenses up, she makes her way to the private chamber of Judge Randolph and knocks. His raspy, gruff voice permeates through the thick heavy door, bidding her entrance. She cautiously turns the knob and steps into the darkened room and sees his imposing form seated behind the desk, eyes locked on her voluptuous curves. Braced for the tongue-lashing she assumes is about to come her way, she icily says, "You wanted to see me?" He moves around the desk, his cock already at half-mast under his robe. "More than you know," he mutters under his breath. Before she knows what's happening, he crosses the room and slides his hands around her waist, pulling her against the length of his body. Shocked, she fumbles for words to protest his aggressiveness, but he silences her with his hungry mouth. She succumbs as her own desires flare within her and soon they are entangled in a frenzy of lust. They move together to his desk and with a swipe of his hand, the papers are sent fluttering to the floor. He lays her back as he presses his thigh between hers, rubbing against her feverish triangle. His hand disappears under her hemline and begins a roving adventure up her leg. He is surprised to find that her stockings end mid-way up her thigh and to his delight, he encounters nothing but soft, tender flesh above them. He feels the wetness seeping over her folds as he dips his finger into her slit. Sliding it in and out, he feels her body melt. She finds his raging cock, hiding underneath the robe and slides her hand up and down, squeeze it firmly as she strokes. Obviously she hasn't lost her touch, which is evident by the way his cock grows and hardens in her grasp. Before she knows it, he raises her up to sit on the edge of the desk, her legs parted, her dress shoved up around her waist, her garters stretched tightly with her bare ass on the desktop. He stands before her and opens his robe and touches the inflamed head of his rod against her eager slot. She hunches her hips forward as he rams all the way inside of her, sending her off instantly. It's been a long time since either one has enjoyed the feeling of another's skin and they both get off very quickly. Cum gushes over their bodies, dripping onto the desk, and splashing over their skin. They rub it in as a reminder of their lunchtime rendezvous and looking prim and proper return to the courtroom where the case resumes.

As the case comes to a final close, the Judge rules in favor of the Defendant. She notices him wink at her as the verdict is read, and is left to wonder which of her talents was the deciding factor.

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2012-05-02 03:26:53
LMAO she need not wonder which of hewr talents won the case for her........... she should know it was her cunt that did it

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