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After her pruchase of her first vibrator and making a girlfriend Stacy reflects on the past. When she gets home she decides to try out of her new toy but winds up getting caught yet again.
Caught Wet Handed
Chapter Three
by Simon Fear

I was driving home, with my new purchase sitting in the seat next to me, along with the paper bag with some new surprises in it. Oh I couldn’t wait to get home. I was reflecting on what all had happened in the last 2 and half-hours. My experience with Officer Summers, and now my new and very sexy girlfriend Jill. I hadn’t had a girlfriend or boyfriend for a few months now, and none of them had the sexual experiences I had just witnessed today. My last boyfriend Sammy had been a dick. Oh he had been nice and sweet, when it was just the two of us, but around his friends he had act all macho which just doesn’t work for me, and then he decided I wasn‘t the one. Also he only had an average size penis of 5 1/2 long, and he didn’t know how to use it. I have only had one orgasm with him during the times we had sex. He was always rushed and just wanted to please himself. It only took him a couple a minutes to cum, which would leave me sexually frustrated. I had given him a few blowjobs as I am pretty good at it, and I like the taste of jizz. I had hoped he would do the same for me, but for some reason he didn’t like going down on girls. The last time I had did anything for him was at a football game. I had just turned 18 and he was 19. I had been cheering, and was taking a break. He had been sitting on the bench since the offense was playing at the moment. While I was at the concession stand he came up behind me and said he was getting turned on by seeing all of us cheerleaders out there, and needed some release before he got back out on the field. Me being the girl who wanted to please her man, I happily followed him around the building that housed the public restrooms. He pulled my bloomersdown, “I had to wear those even though I didn’t have any panties on. Then he pulled his dick out and put it to my face. I happily took his manhood into my mouth as I started sucking on it. I would have liked to pleasured it more, but we were on a time limit. He was real hard, and he was pumping my face, as I took all of it in. I reached between my legs and began diddling my clit, as it was already soaking wet. Then he pulled out and bent me over, with my hands against the wall, and my ass shoved out. Sammy then plowed his penis into my pussy. I sometimes like it rough like that. He grabbed my waist as he started shoving his prick in and out of me. I could feel his body begin to tense up and I knew he would get there before I even had a chance. I wasn’t worried about him cumming in me, since I am on the pill, cause I love the feel of jizz inside me. I only do it when I have been with guy for a little while to make sure he won’t give me any STD’s. One of the girls in my squad had gotten the Clap because of that. Anyway I heard him grunt, and I felt his hot jizz fill me up. Then he pulled, and turned me around, and had me kneel in front of him. His dick was throbbing, and some jizz was hanging from the tip, and he was coated with my juices. I took his shaft into my mouth again, as he fucked my throat again. That was another thing I liked about him, he could keep going. Well it didn’t take long as he started tensing up again, when we heard some people talking around the corner. Startled he jerked out just has he began spewing his globs of gunk out, which hit in my face neck, and on my top, and a little on my tummy, our shirt are midriffs. Then the voices faded out, and he tucked his dick back in pants. “Uh sorry bout that babe, I have to get back now.” I leaned forward for a kiss, but he backed off. “Babe you know I can’t kiss you when you have sucked me. You had better cleaned up”. Then he was off back to the game. Damn here I was my cheer skirt hike up to my waist, jiz on my face and top, left out. It really hurt that he hadn’t been more considerate about my predicament. I quickly fingered myself and came, but it wasn’t very good. I wiped my face off with my fingers and sucked the jizz off them, then I tried to wipe the jizz off my top but it just speared. I looked for my bloomer and found them squashed in the mud, where Sammy had accidentally stepped on them with his cleats. DAMN. I walked around the corner and went into the girls’ restroom to clean up. There were a few girls in there, seniors, same grade as me, but they were from the other school. One of them looked at me then snickered, “Hey girls, check out this slut, she doesn’t even care who sees what she has been doing.” The other two girls turned around to see their friend pointing at my midriff. I glanced down and to my shock saw that I had forgotten to wipe the jizz off my belly. “Can’t even wait for the game to be over, and she is fucking some guy and getting his jizz on her to show off to the world.” Already being mad at my boyfriend I got really pissed and smarted off, which I shouldn’t have and said, “Well, your boyfriend didn’t mind at all, you should ask him why he has to come to me to get his jollies off, but can’t get satisfied with you.” Oooh that did it. The girl’s face changed from amused to a scowl. “BITCH, you are gonna regret that.” She grabbed my shoulder and slammed me back into the wall. She was getting ready to hit me, so I had to act fast. I grabbed her wrist that was on my shoulder, and pulled it off, and twisted it around. I then backhanded the girl so hard, it knocked her backwards. She stumbled and turned around trying to catch herself, but there was nothing there to grab, so she landed hard on her knees. “OOFF” I didn’t want her to get a chance to come back, so I grabbed her long hair and yanked backwards causing her to have to look at the ceiling. She let out a scream, and tried to stand, so I stood on her feet, to keep her from getting leverage, and then I came down with my free hand and slapped her in the face, causing the heal of my hand to hit her nose, and my fingers hitting lips and chin, which sounded of a loud “SMACK”. That would leave a red handprint there for a while. They don’t say girls fight dirty for nothing. Being all tough shit then, I said, “Bitch you will not touch me, unless you want it coming back.” Fighting with my sister all my life, has taught me to be able to defend myself, so I can usually handle any girl my size. However I can’t handle more than one, and during this incident, I had forgotten the other two girls, who had been caught by surprise by my swift reaction. What caused me to remember was a fist coming in and docking my right eye. It was so hard, it threw me backwards, causing me to land on my ass. I looked up at the girl who had hit. Damn she must have been at 6ft tall, with 170 lbs, to her advantage. I didn’t have much time to really assess my new opponent, as she stepped forward and grabbing my neck, literally hauled me to my feet, then slammed me into the wall. She continued to squeezed my neck, at which time I got a better look at her, she had muscles, and her face looked manly. I tried to pry her hands off, but she was too strong. I knew I was outclassed in this particular fight, but I get a smart mouth when I get pissed off, so stupidly I said, “Damn, were you a boy who got a sex change?” Stupid huh, yeah it was, cause next I know, I am on the floor, holding my stomach where she hit me, trying to keep from losing my snack I had eaten earlier (and I don’t mean the one I had with my boyfriend). The first girl I had thrown down had finally managed to get footing, as she stood up, and faced me . Yep, I had busted her nose, if not broken it, as blood was gushing out. She screamed, “BITCH you will pay for that, hold her girls. The girl thinking I was beaten stepped for and grabbed my arm, but I still had some fight left. I reached and grabbed her button up shirt at the neck and ripped down, breaking all the buttons off, and exposing her bare tits. She looked like she was 32-b cup, nice and perky, with at least 1in nipple jutting out. Before she could recover from her shock I followed with a kick to her belly, causing her to fly back, and hit the wall. Cheerleading pays off with them high kicks. I tried the same maneuver with the big man-girl but apparently she was better at fighting than her looks. She caught my leg and then followed in with a punch to chest right between my tits. “OOOFFF”. I was down, and trying to catch my breath when she came over and grabbed my neck again. The first girl came around and delivered her own punch to my right eyes. It didn’t have the force as the man-girl, but since my eye had already been blackened, it smarted. “I’ll teach you slut to watch your smart-ass mouth around me.” She was getting ready to hit me again, when to my joy, a familiar voice yelled, “What the fuck are you doing.” Before I knew what was going on. The man-girl was pulled off of me, and slammed into a bathroom stall. I looked up and saw 4 girls from my squad standing there. The one who had spoken was Jessica, my best friend. She ran over to me, and held me. “What the hell did you to her?” she yelled at the first girl. I looked up and saw that the first girl was being held by her wrist by Pamela. She looked scared by now, but like me she was defiant. “You should tell your bitch to keep her mouth shut about my boyfriend.” She struggled to get free, but she got slapped by Pamela, which sent her to the floor. I looked at the stall where Trish and Yosetta were holding down man-girl. “Get them out of here, Jessica said. The third was starting to get up and realized that she and her friends were now outnumbered, and didn’t want anymore, especially after what I had given her. She ran out, followed by Pam hauling the first girl out, then the man-girl being hauled out by Trish and Yosetta. Pam got some paper towels and wetted them, and then handed it to Jessica. Very gently Jessica began wiping the blood from my nose and face, blotted around my busted lip. Damn that man-girls fist was big enough it had busted up my nose and lips as well as my eye. “Damn Stace, what did you say to them?” I looked at her and smile, “I told her she was satisfactory in the bed, and that was why her boyfriend had come to me.” I pointed at the smudges of dried cum on my shirt, and belly. Jessica looked at me, then back at the Squad girls. Then we all started laughing. It me to do so, as my chest felt I had been hit with a hammer. Jessica helped me up, and steadied me. “Sammy left you frustrated again didn’t he?” I merely nodded yes. There was nothing any of girls in the squad didn’t know about the other. “Did you bust that girl’s nose like that....and knocked the other one against the wall...damn.” I stumbled a little and Trish caught my arm holding me. in her sweet quiet voice she said, “I guess you forgot to tell them not to mess with you when you sexually frustrated?” I looked at her and she smiling. I smiled back, “NA, I didn’t feel like warning them, I had to release my pent up urges somehow, so I thought I would just kick there asses.” Pamela laughed then, “You probably would have done just that, if it hadn’t been for that gorilla type girl.” I laughed, well if ya’ll would have waited for a few more moments, I would have had her too.” Jessica smirked at me with a sly grin, “If you want we’ll go out and get them, and have them come back.” I looked at her, “NO NO No no...that’s OK, I think I have had enough fun for one night.” The other girls started laughing again. Just then two more girls from my squad Brittany, and Brianna came in. When they saw me they looked shocked. “Brittany said, “Jessica what happened?” “Three girls thought they could get an advantage on Stacey and she taught them not to mess Panther girl who’s sexually frustrated.” Bri looked shocked, but Brittany started laughing, you mean those three girls running off. One had a bright hand print going down her face, with a bloody nose, and the other one was holding her stomach and her shirt together. I couldn’t tell if anything was wrong with the big girl.” Jessica looked at me, and I guess I must have looked pretty bad, cause she had worried look on her face, “Stace we need to get you sat down, and have the field nurse look at you, can you make it to the bleachers?” “I think so, if you will first help me to toilet, I think I am going to be sick.”

Later on I was sitting on the bench watching the girls have fun cheering. They would all come by and check on me, and see how I was doing. I looked for Sammy hoping to have him come and hug me and show me he cared. I couldn’t find him, but Trish came by and saw me looking. “Hun I know your looking for Sammy, I saw him down by the concession stands, and I don’t think he was there for a soda.” I saw the worried looked on her face. I got up still hurting a little and started walking that way. Jessica and Pam called out and told me to wait. “Sweety, you’re not going anywhere by yourself, what if those girls are still wanting trouble?” I smiled, “Then I will teach them another lesson. I need to do this, I have to see for myself.” Jessica frowned but nodded, “Trish just told us, and I understand, but your not going alone.” I smiled at, thankful for her friendship. We walked to the restrooms again and very quietly, went around the corner. Sure enough there was Sammy plowing his cock into this cheerleader from the other team. She was butt naked, and Sammy had his pants down to his ankle. I screamed at him, and caught them by surprised when I yanked the girl away, and slapped her across the face. She got up and was about to lay into me when she saw Jessica and Pam standing back behind me. She quickly grabbed her clothes up, but Jessica and Pam were faster and they caught hold of her. Pam got in her face, “Bitch you don’t mess with around with our boyfriends without paying the price. Sammy having got his pants up, started saying, “Girls enough of this, I won’t....” He didn’t get to finish as I slapped him hard on the face. He shut up. Pam jerked the clothes from the girl’s hands. “Wha...What are you going to do,” she asked. She was real scared. “Nothing much, just going to teach you a little lesson. Jessica walked off with clothes, and returned a few minutes later. While she was gone, I started in with Sammy, “You bastard, why?” “Well I like my girl to be sweet and innocent, and after what I heard about earlier, I knew you were to tomboyish for me...UGhhooof”. Sammy doubled down holding his crotch, right where I had just kicked him. He stared at me, and then ran off, saying something like crazy bitch.” Jessica returned just shortly after with a bewildered look on her face. “Damn Stace, what did you do, never mind. OK Pam lets let our little slut friend go now.” Pam looked at me with a sly smile, “OK but what about this one here?” I reached over up under her skirt and pinched her ass. She giggled then started walking the naked girl around the building. She really began freaking out, “Wait where are my clothes, you can’t...” Pam shoved her out in the open. We then walked off, leaving her there trying to cover her tits and pussy.

Anyway after that I hadn’t dated another boy. Now I had Jennifer, and I knew she would be good to me. As I neared home, thankfully I saw no one was home yet. Good. I looked at the time, and saw that it was 3:10. I had about 50 minutes before Sheryl was due home. Stephanie wouldn’t be home till 5. She was my other oldest sister, twin to Sheryl. I pulled into the drive, and grabbed my two bags, and my purse, and ran inside. I ran upstairs, and threw my stuff on the bed. I opened the one bag that I had my new vibrator in it. I looked at the other bag curious about what was in it but figured I could look later. I took a pair of scissors out of my desk and cut the hard plastic that contained my new toy. Luckily Jill had thrown in a new pack of C-cell batteries as I had forgotten to buy some. I took the bottom of and put the batteries in. I then switched in on and felt it come to life. As it pulsed in my hand, I could feel my pussy getting wet again. It was now or never. I pulled my clothes off, and stood there naked, looking at myself in the mirror, holding my toy. Oh was I going to have fun. I quickly pulled a T-shirt out my drawer, one that went down to my knees and put it on. I switched the vibe off, to save the batteries, and ran downstairs. Once in the living I looked outside to make sure no one was there, and then hurried out the back doors. We have a good size backyard with a dug in swimming and deck, along with a privacy fence. I have skinny dipped out here many of times. I wanted to try my toy out here, as I could hear a vehicle pull into our which would alert me. I was wearing the long T-shirt, so I could quickly pull it on, act like I had a bathing suit on underneath. I went over to the lounge chair and pulled my shirt off. I laid down, and spread my legs. I began caressing my tits with my hand, slightly pulling and pinching each nipple. “MMMMM yes you like, don’t you.” I then slowly trailed down my tummy with my fingertips until I was above my nether lips. I trailed around my pussy, causing my body to shiver. I began thinking of Jill in that hot little outfit of her. “MMMM slide your fingers into me Jill, make me hot for you.” I slowly pushed my finger into my quim, feeling how wet and hot I was. “MMMM yes baby, slide your fingers in and out, soaked me up with juices.” I could hear the sloshing noises, my pussy was making. “Ohhh play with my clit Jill, please play it.” I slowly began rubbing my clit, making my juices flow down to my ass. “Ohhh Jill, please fuck me with my new, I want you to fuck me, stick in me, I need you.” I slowly pressed the head of my fake penis into my wet hole. “OHH God it’s so big, push it in Jill, make me cum.” I kept pushing the penis into me, oh it was tight down there. I then reached down with my other and switched in the vibe. “OHHH FUCK YESS, UGGHHHh!!!” My orgasm exploded out, as my body went rigid. Juice was gushing out of my vagina soaking my hands, arm, and thighs. “AAAHHH fuck, ohhhh shit, yesss!!!” I was screaming out in ecstasy as I lifted my ass off the lounge chair. My orgasm had barely started going down when another racked my body. “AAAAHHHHh FUCK, OHHH Jill FUCK ME GOOD!!” SMASH. I jumped up at the sound of glass breaking on the pool deck. There standing not too far from me was my mom, and both sisters. “MOM...wha..I....whe...UGGGHHHh!!!” I had forgotten to take the vibe out, as another powerful orgasm hit arching my back into the air as juice squirted out from my pussy. I jerked the vibe out, but my orgasm was still going. I clasped my pussy as juice gushed out between my fingers. I didn’t even get to come off it, when I got slapped in the face. “What the hell are doing Stacey, where did you get that, who the fuck is Jill, wait till your father hears of this.” I looked up my mom with tears streaming down my face from her slap. She was outraged. “Mom, whe... when did...did you get...home?” I could barely catch my breath. My mom slapped my face again, “You don’t worry about Stacey, out here acting like a slut fucking yourself for the whole world to see.” I was crying by now, one from the slaps, 2nd from making my mom so angry at me, and 3rd because of the trouble I was now in. “Mom I’m sorry.” “Not as sorry as your going to be.” She reached down and picked up the vibe I had dropped, but threw it back down when she felt my juices coating it. “This is just a disgusting display of...of.. well I don’t what but it’s disgusting. That thing is going in the trash, and you are going to your room until your father gets home.” Sheryl then walked up to me, and carefully helped me up, “Mom don’t get so senile, most girls nowadays are experiencing with these things now.” Sheryl held onto me as I was still woozy from my orgasms. “Don’t you back talk me young lady, in my house you will obey the rules your father and I set up. If you don’t like it you can move out.” Sheryl looked shocked, but only she was able to stand up to our mother, “Mom do not get at me, or Stacey, she is a woman now, and she will be trying new things out with her body.” Mom got outraged again, “She is just a child still...” “Mom, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to upset you, honestly Im’ sorr...” Mom just turned her back to me and started walking back to the house, “I don’t want to hear Stacey just get to your room. And throw that damn thing away, if it is not...well your father will decide.” Then she was in the house. Sheryl held onto me, as Ashley walked up and took my other arm, and helped me into the house. They walked upstairs and into my room, and sat me on the bed. Sheryl took a napkin off my dresser and began wiping the tears off my eyes. Ashley went to the closet and pulled out a pair of or purple P.J. bottoms and a black T-shirt and laid it beside me. Bless them, even though we have all fought each other over the years, we always stood together, sisterly love, I have never thought anything bad about them, and I loved them. Sheryl looked at me, “Hun what were you thinking?”, she asked softly. “I thought no one would be home early, and I went outside so I could hear the vehicles pull up. How long were ya’ll...” Sheryl smiled, “From the aaahhh fuck, ooh fuck me Jill.” I groaned, “Oh shit, I can’t you all saw that.” Ashley then spoke up, “don't think anything of it sweety, I thought it was sexy as hell, seeing all of that.” I blushed. “When did you buy that thing, what gave you the idea?” I looked up, “Today, I have been wanting one since, well..”, I looked at Sheryl, “I’m sorry sis, that day three months when I came home early and you said you weren’t feeling good, I had already been in once and saw you in the laundry room. I thought that was the sexiest thing I saw, and I wanted one.” Sheryl looked, and I was afraid she was going to get mad, but then she smiled, “Somehow I thought you knew.” It was Ashley’s turn to looked shocked. “You were doing it this house, and you never told me?” Sheryl looked at Ashley, “don’t tell me you don’t have one.” Ashley began blushing, “Well actually I have a few.” She reached into her purse and pulled out a small 3 inch silver vibe, from her purse, “but I have never been so foolish to use it at home, especially where mom or dad or one of you could catch me.” Sheryl laughed the hit Ashley with a pillow. Ashley then grabbed another pillow, and tried to hit Sheryl with it, but she ducked, and I got hit, so I then grabbed one, and hit Ashley with it. Then it erupted into a good pillow fight with my sisters, all of laughing, cept I was still naked but I didn’t care. Then we heard the front door close. Sheryl threw her pillow on the bed, “Dad’s home, get dressed Stace, Ashley and me will try to talk to him after mom is done.” Sheryl walked out, followed by Ashley, but then Ashley stopped in the door, and looked back, “Oh Stace, you dropped this.” She pulled my vibe out of her purse and tossed it at me, “I like yours, it’s cool.” She winked and walked out. I quickly put on my clothes that Ashley had pulled out for me. Then I grabbed my vibe and threw in the paper bag I had brought it home in. I grabbed the other paper bag, and went to my secret hiding place. I had cut out a section of the wall in my room a few years back. I could pull the panel out by two little finger hole I had put in it so I could pull it out. Then to hide the cut lines in the wall I had put a poster over it. It was a poster of Kevin Sorbo and Lisa -------- from the series of Andromeda. I loved that show. I thought Kevin was hunk and Andromeda, and Trance were very sexy. I placed my bags in there setting them down on a stud that went horizontal, so nothing would fall down into the wall. I put the panel back on and re-tacked the poster back up, and then laid on my bed, waiting for my Dad to come and give me my punishment. What a day this had been.

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