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This is my first story and I dont really know what I'm doing, but I'll try.
It was a cold October night when Natalie’s son came home from a night of partying and drinking. Her son was only 15 years old and she thought he was out of control for his age. She had confronted him before with bad consequences to her confrontation so she decided to allow her son to do whatever.

When Mike walked in the door from his partying, drunk and swaying, he heard a loud moan come from upstairs. Now, Max had never much thought of his mother in a sexual way, but right now he was a drunk horny teenager who wanted pussy. He went upstairs, slowly and quietly and peeked through the crack on his mothers open door. There she was, legs splayed open for the world to see, a large 10” dildo stuck in her cunt.

He thought, ‘Damn, that thing must be 2 inches thick, atleast!’

He noticed her breath become more shallow and her moaning get louder as he watched. Soon enough his mother yelled out, “Mike! Oh yes, Mike, fuck that pussy hard!”

Mikes’s eyes widened as he heard his mother scream his name. He continued to watch, his breath becoming shallow as his mother squirted her juices all over her blanket and floor. He couldn’t take it any more, but rather than risk walking in on his mother and getting in trouble, he walked to his room. Max had never had sex, he was a virgin. He’d tried many times to get a woman but he wasn’t the best build. Now mind you, he wasn’t fat, actually, far from it. He was like a little popeye, but that’s the operative word, ‘little’. Max was a bit on the short side.

As he sat down on his bed he grabbed a magazine from underneath his mattress and got his lube from out of his desk. He slowly lubed himself up and started to jack himself off. He kept his cock in hand as he walked to the door and shut it, locking the handle. He walked back to his bed, stroking his cock slowly, enjoying the sensations as he let out a grunt every now and then. His cock was a nice 8” long and 2 1/2 “ thick.

As he stroked his cock, he put his ear to the wall, listening to his mother in the room next to him. He heard her, yet again yell his name as she orgasmed again.

Mike’s father had left their life when he was really young. Now, Natalie had had parties in the past and had been fucked nicely after each, but as Mike grew older and more aware of sex and alcohol, Natalie stopped partying. Soon the parties stopped all together as did the sex.

That night, Natalie had been extremely horny for no really good reason, she just felt the urge. A long time ago Natalie had learned that a dildo could sometimes be as good as a true prick when she thought hard enough about it. Natalie had seen her son’s prick and she had LOVED it, the only reason the dildo wasn’t his size is because she didn’t know his size to be exact.

Natalie had walked in on her son masturbating more than once and enjoyed the look she got each time before her son scrambled to put his cock away, truly it was the most beautiful cock she had seen.

As Mike went out to his party, Natalie pulled out her dildo for a long night of fucking herself to the image of her son’s cock in her mind. She started around 6pm that night. She was horny and she shoved the dildo up her ass without a second thought, no lube. She enjoyed the pain of it. She had been going at it now for about, 4 hours and decided she’d stop with this final orgasm as she yelled her son’s name one last time, unaware her son had seen and heard her.

Mike moaned one last time, his cock spurting wildly as come flew in the air. He grabbed a towel laying on the ground of his dirty room and cleaned his cock as he lay down in his bed, drifting to sleep.

Natalie had gone to the shower, washing herself sensually. The water cascaded off of her rounded 34C tits which hadn’t sagged a bit in the 35 years she’d been alive. After a nice sensual wash, she got out of the shower, heading for bed. She changed her blanket and slowly drifted to sleep under a new duvet on her queen sized mattress.

Natalie awoke the next day with a slightly sore pussy and a room smelling of pussy juice and alcohol. She looked at the ground and noticed her dirty duvet which she changed for her other. She had realized then what had happened. She looked around and there was Mr. Dildo, just where she left him the night before, next to her pillow.

She got up and with a grimace and a pounding headache, found her robe. She wrapped it around her body, not even bothering to put a shirt on underneath. She went downstairs to her kitchen and made coffee for herself as she got the paper from outside.

When Mike awoke he thought last night was a dream, atleast until he saw his lube on the desk. He pulled on a pair of boxers and went downstairs, still smelling of semen and ball sweat from his escapade last night. He grabbed a coffee and sat down opposite his mother. He looked at her in a new light, a sexual way. He looked over her high cheekbones, her narrow nose and her soft skin with quite a bit of interest now.

Natalie noticed her son checking her out as he sat down. She pretended to drop something, and bent down in front of the table to pick it up, her shaved pussy visible to her son. She heard him get up quietly and she grinned slightly as she felt a hand on her mound. She looked behind her and saw her son, one hand on her mound, exploring it, the other in his boxers, stroking himself off.

She looked somewhat pissed as she turned to head to her son, “What the fuck are you doing? I’m your mother!” she exclaimed to her son.

Mike just smiled slightly, “I saw what you did last night, mom. I know you want my cock and I know you want it bad.”

Dread filled Natalie’s face as she blushed, “You saw me last night?” she asks with a gulp to her horny son.

“I did.” He responds with a slight smirk. He pulls his prick from his boxers and moves his hands. He pushes his cock into her waiting pussy hard as he puts his hands on her hips.

Natalie moaned loudly when her son’s cock stretched her and pushed into her fully in one movement, having not expected it. She bit her lip and closed her eyes, allowing her son to pound his cock in and out of her pussy like a horny bitch.

Mike’s cock was pounding in and out of his mother hard, so hard in fact, that he knocked her off her feet and onto the ground and remounted her. Her knees were pushing into the ground, obviously bruising and he fucked her hard. As Mike was a virgin, he didn’t last long and he soon pushed his cock deep and came in his mother.

Natalie moaned deeply as she felt her son explode inside of her, although she still hadn’t reached climax. She was pissed now but her son was still hard, unbelieveably hard.

Mike’s cock slipped from his mothers pussy and soon he found it at the entrance to his mother’s ass. He wasn’t sure if she’d been fucked there or not before, but this would be her first time if she hadn’t. He forcibly pushed his cock against his mothers anus, pushing his large tool through the ring of muscle and into his mother’s ass.

Natalie moaned again, quite loudly. This had been the first time her ass had ever been violated and her ass was burning from the sensation. It wasn’t a good burn either. She felt a few tears stream from her eyes as she murmured, “That hurts..”

Mike ignored his mothers tears, knowing anal hurts the woman the first time but it soon feels better. He pushed and pulled in her ass, thrusting to his hearts content. Soon his mothers tears had left her and she was moaning in pleasure.

Natalie felt her son’s balls slapping against her pussy as he smashed her asshole. She was close to climax now, her body was starting to shudder in pleasure. He thrust into her harder than she’d ever been pumped. She felt herself tense up as an intense wave of pleasure flashed over her. Her juices squirted onto the floor, making a slightly puddle. Her son came again, this time in her ass. It was the most wonderful thing she ever felt. He pulled his cock from her ass and went to go shower, leaving her there in her stupor.

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