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Based on a true story
I manage a small team working on different IT projects, there is always a lot of pressure to get things done but because we work in the background we don't get the recognition we should do from the company. So I have always ensured my team are well treated. I expect them to work hard but treat them as adults and if they need time off then I turn a blind eye so long as I know where they are. This means I have a very tight knit team who pull together and put in the extra hours if needed. It was an all male team, IT tends to be that way, I was reluctant to let Alex join our team, Alex was only 22 didn't have a lot of technical experience but was very bright and had scored well in the pre interview test, I was impressed by Alex's performance and was happy when she joined the team ...... (Yes, Alex being short for Alexander) Alex broke the mould as IT went, she was absolutely stunning, baby blue eyes and a great smile about 5'5" strawberry blonde hair, curves in all the right places and she wore clothes that showed her figure off as well. You know the sort of thing, mini skirts, blouses with just one more button open than was necessary, showing some cleavage and glimpses of bra. Tight white trousers clearly showing her thong underneath ..... you get the picture .... you couldn't help but look and Alex really didn't seem to mind. She knew she was hot and the effect she had on men and was cool about it. Alex was also in a stable relationship she was more than happy to join in the office banter but that was as far as it went and very quickly established herself as a very capable team member.

Things worked very well over the next year and as we were coming to the end of a particularly difficult project I was keen for the team to let some steam off. As this happened near the end of a week I took the team out for a few drinks as a reward with the intention of letting them go home early. It was a hot day and Alex looked stunning in a short demin skirt and tight white t-shirt with a plunging v-neck which showed her ample cleavage. I got a call as we returned to the office and I had to check my e-mail as the rest of the team continued to chat and laugh. I'm not sure how it happened exactly but Alex was kneeling on her chair and being spun round laughing merrily. I wandered over to tell the team they could go when I noticed Alex wobble and look like she was about to fall, instinctively I reached out to steady her, the touch of my hand on the soft skin of her arm caused a spark of electricity between us and out eyes locked, without any hesitation I picked Alex up into my arms and kissed her. It seemed the most natural thing in the world and I was oblivious to the rest of the team standing around. We continued kissing, exploring each other's mouths. I can't explain my actions on that day as I am happily married and had never thought about being unfaithful however that day was different and I carried Alex into a meeting room and laid her down on the table all the while planting more kisses on her. Breaking our embrace I ran my hands down Alex's body cupping her firm breasts and seeing her nipples harden through her bra and t-shirt. I stood between her spread legs and pushed her mini skirt up revealing a black lace thong. I cupped her pussy feeling the heat and wetness between her legs. Alex lay there breathing heavily not encouraging me but not telling me to stop either. The blood was rushing through my body and my large cock was getting hard and becoming uncomfortable in my trousers. I ran my hands up Alex's body and under her t-shirt pulling it up as I reached for her breasts. Alex instinctively raised her arms above her head and the t-shirt was soon discarded on the floor. Her white bra followed leaving me to feast on her firm 36C breasts topped with hard pink nipples. I pushed her breasts together and kissed both nipples as Alex moaned in pleasure, my hard cock ground against her still panty clad pussy.

I stepped back and admired Alex's nipples which were now hard puckered and very wet. My hands went down to grasp the top of her black thong and pulled it down, Alex pulled her knees up and I quickly tugged her thong off of her legs completely and it joined her other clothes on the floor. I gasped as I spread Alex's legs and looked at her pussy, it was completely shaven her lips were swollen and puffy with sticky moisture clearly visible. I wet my index finger and gently traced the outline of those puffy lips, Alex moaned in appreciation and I slipped my finger between her lips getting it even wetter before bringing slowly to the top of her ussy to reveal from it's hiding place a hard little clit. Slipping my finger back into her pussy I bent down to kiss and suck on Alex's clit. Alex pushed her hips up, damn she was going to cum soon, I kept sucking on her clit not letting up even when Alex's bucking got harder and harder. As Alex's moans got louder she finally screamed "Yess ......Yesss .....I'm gonnna cuuummmm" before squirted in my face. I'd never made a girl squirt before and was secretly quite proud. As Alex came down from her climax I caressed her breasts and unzipped and dropped my trousers. My boxers soon followed and I took my large 10" cock in hand Alex looked up and a broad smile came over her face "Are you just gonna hold that monster or fuck me" She grinned. " Don't worry, I'm gonna fuck you good and hard" I replied. I rubbed my large purple head up and down her pussy lips mixing my pre-cum with her cum "Please ....fuck me" She groaned and I stabbed my hips forward pushing 3 or 4 inches in, Alex gasped as she felt the thickness of my cock I pulled back so just the head was in and then stabbed forward again only harder Alex's pussy was wet but tight and I could feel it clamping around my hard cock. I was determined that Alex would have all of my cock so I pulled back once more before pushing forward slowly but hard finally my pubes rasped against Alex's hard clit and she looked up to see all of my cock buried in her. She caught my eye and smiled letting me know to fuck her and that's just what I did, pumping my cock in and out of her shaven pussy and and faster. I licked my lips trying to concentrate on not cumming holding Alex's arms down by her side her large tits flopped up and down in time to my thrust. I knew I couldn't keep this up for long and could feel my sperm boiling up in my heavy balls. From nowhere Alex came on my cock screaming in pleasure as I continued to thrust into her, this was too much for me and I bellowed "Take my fucking cum you bitch" before pushing my cock as deep as I could and unleashing a torrent of white hot spunk right into her womb, it felt like I couldn't stop cumming even as I slowed my thrusts down I pumped more spunk into Alex. Finally as my cock began to deflate and it slipped out, Alex's pussy let out a series of fanny farts and huge globs of spunk ran out between her lips, Alex reached down and scooped some spunk up with her fingers before licking them clean. We both smiled at each other and mouthed "Thank You"

It was only then that I became aware that the rest of the team must have followed us into the meeting room and watched everything, six other men were furiously wanking their cocks black, while and yellow, as I stepped back the rest of my team descended like a pack of hounds on Alex. "Not in my pussy" She said "It's still too sensitive, please cum on my tits or in my mouth" and before long Tony had his black cock buried in her mouth, two guys came really quick shooting long ropes of cum over Alex's tits another guy blew over her face and hair while she sucked Tony's cock Once they were spent they zipped up and left. King a Chinese guy knelt across her chest and tit fucked her while Alex wanked Steve's cock with her hand. All the sucking was too much for Tony and he grunted that her was cumming, Alex didn't stop sucking for a second and Tony busted in her mouth. Alex swallowed his load down, seeing this was too much for King and he grabbed his cock, pumped it a few times before blowing his load over both of Alex's nipples. Alex then turned her attention to Steve and taking small 5" cock in her mouth sucked hard on his cock, Steve's load soon followed Tony's as Alex gulped it all down and then it was just me and Alex again as everyone else had left. I scooped up the cum from her tits and face and she greedily ate this off my fingers. My cock was beginning to recover and was getting hard again, Alex saw this and leaning forward took my cock in her mouth whist her hand slowly pumped it up and down. "Fuck Alex" I groaned" Keep doing that and I'll have to fuck you again" as my cock grew stiffer and stiffer back to it full 10 inches. Alex stopped sucking but kept stroking it up and down. "I always knew you had a big cock, I've wanted this for ages" She breathed, "You are gonna fuck me again" before wrapping her soft lips around my cock head and lashing me with her tongue. I couldn't help smiling and as I played with her breasts, thinking how lucky her boyfriend was to have such a sexy girl as this to come home to. After a few more minutes of intense sucking my cock was rock hard and slick, Alex took it out of her mouth but still kept stroking up and down it's full length. "Are you ready to fuck me again?" She asked "You bet" I replied and went to spread her legs apart. "No .... not in my pussy .... I want to feel this cock in my ass" She said. I was shocked but if that was what Alex wanted then who was I to refuse, anyway I had often dreamed of fucking her ass when she had bent over in the office and now that dream was coming true. "You're absolutely sure ... This is a big cock and it will hurt you." I said. Her reply was to turn over and spread her ass checks and say "I just love anal" Wow, I didn't need to be told again I spat into my hand and rubbed this into her tiny pink rosebud, pushing my finger in her rosebud felt tight, I didn't believe it would take my cock and I rubbed the head of my cock between her pussy lips to get some extra lubrication. Taking hold of my thick cock I pushed the fat head against that little pink rosebud. I felt some resistance as Alex moaned softly and stretched her ass cheeks even wider, I pulled back before trying again, this time pushing even harder all of a sudden her ass opened up and the head of my cock slipped in I pushed harder still and half my cock was inside her. Alex continued to moan while I held still amazed at the ease with which Alex's ass had taken my cock. She didn't even let out a yelp of pain when the head had slipped in, she really must be an anal queen. I pulled back before pushing forward slowly again I did this a few times and Alex reached underneath her to rub her clit. "Are you ready for the fucking to begin?" I asked Alex. Her reply was to moan "Ohh God .....Yeesss Fuck meee hard pleeaase" taking a firm grip of her hips I thrust forward going deeper than before, keeping the pace going I soon had all 10 inches buried in Alex's ass, I picked up the pace some more pulling all the way back before slamming back down, my heavy balls slapping against her swollen pussy lips and all the while Alex was rubbing her clit furiously. I kept pounding and Alex began to scream her orgasm getting closer as I buried my cock to the hilt into her ass Alex came and jets of her cum splashed onto my thighs. Alex lay on the table like a rag doll while I continued to pound her ass, balls deep each time, I could feel the spunk bubbling up my long cock. I was nearly ready to blow my wad deep in her bowels. Finally I couldn't hold back any longer and I shouted "Ohh fuck ...I'mm cummming" as I pushed my cock all the way into her ass trying to fit my balls into her ass as well. I then unleashed jet after jet of hot spunk deep into Alex's rectum. I stabbed forward a couple of more times as even more spunk came out of my cock before easing out leaving Alex with a stretched out, gaping asshole. "Shit ... that was fantastic" was all I could say. Alex rolled over and smiling motioned me to her face, taking my slimy cock in hand she began to suck and lick the head, I screamed in shock and pleasure as from nowhere another burst of spunk shot out of my cock. Alex sucked harder making sure there was no more before swallowing it down "Thank you for the best fuck I've ever had" She smiled. "It's me who should be thanking you" I said. We continued to chat and I helped Alex to clean up, there was so much spunk running down her legs from both her pussy and ass, we kissed one last time, before we went our separate ways.

That weekend I couldn't of nothing else but the incredible sex with Alex and doing it all again however it wasn't to be as when I went into work on Monday there was an e-mail from Alex saying she was resigning with immediate effect. I tried calling and e-mailing her but she would not respond and she never did come back to work. I ended up leaving the company soon afterwards myself as my team was never quite the same after that performance.


2007-12-17 21:28:54
That sucked big time.


2007-12-15 13:35:47
Are you sure alex didn't have a dick?


2007-06-06 17:33:37
guys, they work in an IT department. what the author fails to mention is that both he, and alex, not to mention all of their co-workers, are incredibly over-weight and probably balding(even alex). her 36C tits can't hold a candle to her 82DD stomach.


2007-05-10 05:44:42
she qs here I'n next


2007-02-22 16:35:37
You fucked Alex /////////////////

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