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Last summer I bought my new home and I lived there as a single guy. My neighbors were Mitch and Sylvia. He was 33 and she was 31. In a few months I would also be turning 31. We all kept in fairly good shape, and Sylvia's butt really had my attention. She was brunette with shoulder length hair and medium size titties. She often wore shorts that showed a wonderful shape of her cute butt. Also, her skirts and dresses were just the right length to tease without creating a scandal.

After a week of living there, they invited me over for dinner. I showed up at 6:30 with a bottle of wine to have with our dinner. Sylvia said, "Thank you Jeff for the wine," as she pulled the chicken from the oven. She wore a short summer dress about four inches above the knee and a slight hint of cleavage.

We sat and ate as we talked about living in this town. They gave me a lot of advice about things like the supermarkets with the best deals and a good mechanic that won't rip you off. After dinner we all had a second glass of wine to finish off the bottle.

As we were drinking they talked about swimming in their pool. Sylvia asked, "Jeff, do you want to swim in our pool?"

I answered, "Well I don't have my swimsuit with me. I could leave and be back in about 5 minutes."

Mitched replied, "Well, that's OK Jeff, we can wait, right Sylvia?"

Sylvia replied, "Well if you want to, that's ahhh - - We never wear swimsuits in the pool. You can if you want, we don't care. Make no mistake, this isn't a sex thing, were just nude. When Mitch and I took a trip to the Caribbean a few years ago, we spent time on a clothing opptional beach. Most of the people there were either nude or topless. We took our clothes off and have been doing it ever since. Seriously, go get your suit if you want, it doen't matter to us."

Thinking about this situtation made me a little nervous and also excited. My interest overshadowed any feeling of being uncomfortable.

Mitch took Sylvia by her hand and as they were walking away he looked at me and asked, "Jeff, are you coming with us?"

I said nothing as I followed the two of them out to their pool. Since Sylvia said this is not a sex thing, It is fortunate that I jacked off just before going over there. I was not confident in my control over my dick in that situation. Once outside, the two of them walked over to a table covered by an umbrella shade. Mitch took off his shirt and pants and stood there with a bare ass and cock. Sylvia pulled the straps of her dress down off her shoulders and pushed the dress lower and lower down her body. She stepped out of her dress standing there with no bra and a pair of light blue panties. Her tits were cute and perky. She had a nice little body.

This was intense, so I was more than just a little happy about what I was seeing. I walked towards both of them as I took off my shirt then my shoes. With some hesitation I dropped my pants with my boxers still on. Then I closed my eyes and finally took off the boxers. I stood there with my bare cock for both of them to see. Without staring or overreacting, Sylvia appeared happy about my nudity. Standing there in her light blue panties she reached in the air and stretched, "I love to go skinny dipping." Then she slowly began to bend over and remove her panties. Then she stood upright and I could see that she was completely hairless down there.

Both Mitch and Sylvia used the stairs to descend down into the water. I followed soon behind them. As we swam in the nude my bare lower half felt free and liberated. After ten minutes of swimming Sylvia got out and stood at the edge of the pool. Mitch and I looked up at her with the slit of her hairless cunt in plain view. I knew that I would be masturbating later that night thinking about her.

We got out of the pool and joined Sylvia at the table. Mitch gave her a couple of pats on the ass as he said, "We forgot to have dessert, let's go inside and have desert." We put on our clothes and went inside. After eating I stayed for a few more minutes. I needed to get home to stroke my penis. So at the right moment I said, "Thank you and good night". With in ten minutes, I was releasing my load while thinking of Sylvia's cunt.

For the next five to six weeks I would visit them occasionally, especially on the weekends. I would see the two of them and then swim naked in their pool. There were a few times when I would be at the pool with only one of them. Being naked there with only Sylvia or Mitch felt a little odd. However, it was just like Sylvia said, "This isn't a sex thing." It wasn't sexual for them, but I had a different attitude and had to jack off before each visit.

One Saturday I was visiting at their home having lunch with only Sylvia. After lunch we were ready for the pool. She was wearing a light colored, medium length dress that showed her legs quite nicely. We were sitting in the livingroom as Sylvia was looking through her purse trying to find some lip gloss. Her legs were at an angle that made me think about her panties. Even though I had seen her bare crotch many times, the sight panties under a short skirt or dress was very pleasing to me. As she kept looking in her purse I kept looking at her legs. Her legs kept moving back and forth in a way that I might be lucky to see a flash of panty. I sat on the floor while I adjusted my sandals. Then her legs moved where I saw her panties which was a nice thrill and I wanted to see them again. She found her lip gloss and just as the second sighting of her pink panties came into view, Sylvia saw me looking up her dress. I was embarassed and a little scared that I might have .destroyed our friendship.

She quickly closed her legs as she applied the coating to her lips. She did not seem upset at me, but did show a body language that wanted to get away from anything sexual. This was a very awkward moment for me and I did not know what to say to Sylvia. Then she smoothed the situation over with trying to show a happy disposition. She started talking about some subjects to avoid the reality of me looking up her dress. This helped the situation but now she clearly knows that I think about her crotch in that special way.

After the tension of the moment had passed, Sylvia said, "OK Jeff, time for the pool, let's go."

We stripped naked and got in the water. Even though we were swimming naked together she was avoiding me. She had her back turned to me and slowly moved towards the other end of the pool. I think she still felt uneasy because of my sexual interest that she had discovered.

After a few minutes Sylvia got out of the water and picked up her clothes. She said to me, "I will be back in a few minutes as she walked naked toward the house with her clothes in hand.

I got out of the pool and five minutes later she returned wearing something different. It was a white dress with blue trim that was halfway up her thighs. This dress also complimented her shapely legs. She brought some snacks from the refridgerator and asked, "Would you like something?" I was not really hungry so I only took a few grapes and reclined on the lounge chair.

Then I realized that she was still thinking about what happened and maybe a little disappointed in me. She avoided looking at me and appeared as if she was about to say something. She looked down with one hand on her forehead. I could not shake the feeling that my looking up her dress fucked everything up.

While I was laying naked she stood in front of me not saying anything. Finally, she took a deep breath and said, "Let me tell you something that I did about a year ago that involved this dress that I'm wearing. Now it's one thing to be nude in some places like this, but out in public there are things that we have to be careful about. Doing things that society says we shouldn't can be a little fun. Last year I had this fantasy and I acted on it. I decided to go to our local mall wearing this dress with no panties.

I was very interested in this titilating story and she continued. "As I walked by the many shops, I past a shoe store. I thought that I wouldn't dare sit in that chair while a salesman kneeled at my feet. I walked away and enjoyed the air tickling me under my dress. I kept thinking about the shoe store and finally found the nerve to go in there. I sat down in one of the chairs and a young salesman assisted me. I think he was a college student and this was probably a summer job. When he helped me try on my first pair of shoes my knees were about two inches apart. With every pair he brought me, my knees got farther and farther apart. On the forth pair of shoes, I saw the lustful expression on his face. He knew what I was doing and luckily I was the only customer in the store. When he returned with the next pair of shoes, the box holding the shoes was placed right in front of his crotch. I knew he had a major hard-on which he was trying to hide."

This erotic confession from her was making my dick stir with excitement. Then she continued, "At that point the salesman knew that I was playing a naughty game. I leaned my head back and closed my eyes. My knees were wide apart and my crotch was completely exposed to him. I kept my eyes closed and I did not watch to see if he was looking. I assumed he was looking right at my pussy. I quickly paid for a pair of shoes and left the store with my cunt totally dripping with excitement. When I got back home I laid back in that lounge chair and masturbated for almost an hour."

When Sylvia said she was masturbating, my cock got harder and now I was completely erect. It was obvious that she new about my erection even though she was not looking at it. Then she sat in a chair next to me and said, "When you were looking up my dress, I was reminded about what I did that day last year." Then she opened her knees slightly and asked, "Is this what you wanted to see?" She opened her knees a little wider and asked me, "Do you like looking up a women's dress? She teased me as I got a few quick glances of her panties as my dick remained hard.

Then she took off her dress and kept her panties on with no bra. Sylvia finally commented on my penis. "Oh my!!! That story about the shoe store must have had quite an effect on you. Then she sat beside me and placed her hand on my knee. Her hand kept moving further and further up my thigh. Then her finger tip slowly reached out and pointed to my erection. She said, "Yum, I really like that." Her finger moved closer and closer to my cock until she finally touched the tip.

I felt a little wrong so I asked, "What about Mitch?"

Sylvia replied, "Oh please, don't mention him."

She began tapping it lightly as the sensations got more and more intense. As she was handling my erection she started to ask me questions. "Is this what you wanted that first night you saw my bare pussy?" While undergoing such intense pleasure I did not feel like talking. She kept talking as she handled my cock. "I'll bet you jacked off that first night after you saw my bare ass. That's right, you're a horny bastard that likes to look up a women's dress. You like to see panties, isn't that right? You jack off because you keep thinking about my bare pussy, isn't that right." I nodded my head and mumbled, "ahhmmmm". I didn't feel like speaking, so I just sat back and relaxed.

Finally, she stuck her tongue out and licked my hard shaft. She continued licking as her hand began to rub my balls. Then she placed my cock inside her mouth and began to suck. I just let her do whatever she wanted. She sucked and fondled as my pleasure increased. She began to rub my shaft on her tits as I saw her nipples touching the tip of my penis head.

She went back to sucking my cock and fondling my balls. After another minute of sucking I stopped her and said, "Let me eat your cunt." She laid back on the lounge chair and smiled with anticipation. I got close to her crotch and pushed her thighs apart. My tongue went down and tasted her snatch. I slowly moved my tongue up and down her slit. Then my hands went up to feel her tits. I rubbed her fleshy breasts and felt her nipples between my fingers. As I felt her nipples, my tongue continued to lick her cunt.

My tongue, lips and face enjoyed her hairless snatch. Her female scent was great and I kept sucking her cunt. My tongue and lips grabbed her clitoris as I intensely sucked. The stimulating of her clit made her head sway back and forth. I sucked and licked as my hands returned to feeling her tits. Then Sylvia rolled over and got on her hands and knees and said, "OK, do it Jeff."

I grabbed her hips and brought my hard dick to the enterance of her cunt. Slowly, I pushed inward and started to pump. My hands kept feeling her ass as I fucked her from behind. Each thrust of my cock felt fantastic. I moved in and out of her for another minute and then wanted to try a different position. As I pulled away from her she had another idea. Sylvia said, "Lie down here." When I lied down she straddled me in a sixty-nine position. She immediately started sucking my dick as I began to eat her pussy. She was enjoying the cunt taste left on my dick. I held her lips apart with my fingers as my tongue poked and licked her.

She was moaning and then tensing with muscle jerks. Her butt was shaking as I was getting close to ejaculation. Her body relaxed so that she could go back to sucking. As she sucked and licked my butt lifted off the lounge chair because I was just about to burst. My first shot went into her mounth and with that signal she began sucking twice as fast. Then five seconds later she sucked slowly as my cum dribbled out of her mounth.

Sylvia stood up, looked at me and said, "Jeff - - -Thank you so very much." Then she dove into the pool and I followed her. For the next few days Sylvia visited my home for fucking and the sixty-nine treatment. I wondered how I could be Mitch's friend when I'm having sex with his wife. I tried hard not to think about what I was doing to Mitch.

The next weekend Sylvia was away visiting friends. I went over to their home to visit with Mitch. We started watching a ballgame on TV. The score became so uneven that it was no contest. We got bored and decided to go swimming. Mitch dropped his clothes at the edge of the pool and dove in. I took everything off and was in the pool about a minute later.

After five minutes Mitch got out of the pool and put his shorts on. He said, "I'll go get some drinks for us." He returned with a miniature cooler filled with beer and soda. I got out of the pool, took a soda and lied down on the lounge chair. Mitch had a beer and was tapping at the pull tab before opening it.

Mitch became serious and said he needed to talk to me about something. He stood there and said, "Jeff, - - - Something is wrong with Sylvia and I'm not sure what it is."

I became nervous from this talk about Sylvia. I tried to be calm as I asked, "Well like what do you mean?"

He replied, "Ever since last weekend she has been hard to talk to. Something is really bothering her and she won't tell me what it is." I knew exactly what this was about as I tried to play dumb. "Now Jeff, you talk to her a lot. Has she said anything to you?

I answered, "Well nothing of any real importance."

Then Mitch explained, "I know that something happened with Sylvia. I'm pretty sure you know what it is. Now I know that it was you and Sylvia - - - - and everthing is gonna be OK. I just need to know what happened. You and Sylvia did something is that right.? You know that I'm a very open-minded guy, right. ----- so just tell me."

He knew something and since he really was an open-minded guy I figured that I would tell him something. I would just tell him part of what happened. I took a deep breath and said, "Sylvia sucked my dick."

His eyes opened wide as he said, "Really - No shit." Now with a bit of a smile on his face he said, "Wow that's really something. Now did she ask you or did you ask her? Oh wait, that doesn't matter. Now the main thing I need to know is ---- did any part of you touch her pussy? She gets horny sometimes and things get out of control - - - I understand."

Mitch's reaction helped me feel relaxed so I gave a full confession. "I ate her pussy and then I fucked her." He started to shake his head in confussion as he asked, "I thought we were friends, how could you do that? When I said that something happened, I thought that you two had an argument or something like that. Being an open-minded guy doesn't mean you can fuck my wife." He started screaming and was really angry.

Not only was it clear that I had destroyed our friendship, but I was really scared that he was going to hurt me. He was standing and I was still lying there naked. We were both the same size and I know that I could defend myself, but he had the out of control anger. Then Mitch said, "Sylvia and I had something special and you completely fucked that up. You have destroyed my life."

He kept screaming as I began to apologize. "Mitch, I'm sorry. I'm so very sorry."

He seemed to become slightly calmer while there was still noticeable tension in his voice and body. He was still holding his beer can and yelled, "You Son of a Bitch". As he said that he threw the unopened beer can against a brick wall and the foam exploded all over.

My heart was pounding as he said, "You totally fucked up my life and now you owe me. You're gonna make it up to me - - - right. You are going to come over here and suck my cock."

At that point my fear changed to an unexpected shock. After a few seconds I explained "I'm not gay. I don't do that."

Mitch replied, "That doesn't matter. I want some fucking payback and you are going to give me what I demand." I briefly considered running and jumping over a section of fence. Since I was naked the fear of snagging my ball sac on the top of the fence made that idea quickly fade away.

I tried to calm him down. "Mitch, I'm really sorry. I really wish it never happened. I'm so sorry."

This did no good. He replied, "You're sorry - - - were you sorry when her mouth was going up and down on your dick? Were you sorry when she was spreading her legs for you? With a clenched fist he added, "You are going to blow me, is that clear?"

I was not gay and sucking cock was not something that I thought I would ever do. The curiosity was always there, but I liked women better. The curiosity was not enough to make me go looking for that kind of sex. If I ever did it I knew that he would have to look very similar to me. That means height, weight, body shape and cock. Mitch and I were similar in many ways.

Mitch looked at me and said, "I'm losing patience with you. Don't make me ask again. You better get on your knees and open your mouth before I fucking kill you." I was nervous and not quite ready for the idea of a penis in my mouth. I knew that doing this would help me get out of here in one piece. I rationalized that this would be a way to satisfy my curiosity and stay alive at the same time. He removed his shorts which left us both naked by the pool.

I was nervous as I got on my knees and got closer to him. My hands moved to the sides of his thighs as my mouth hesitated in front of his cock. Then my head moved forward and I stuck out my tongue. My tongue touched the head of his penis. I licked it several times and then placed his cock inside my mouth. His shaft was starting to get bigger and harder. Then my nervous feeling suddenly changed to arousal.

As I began to suck my hands moved to touch his balls. Now he was hard and the shaft poked the insides of my mouth. I kept sucking as my arousal kept increasing. My hands fondled his balls as my lips massaged his handsome cock. Now I was completely hard. My hand moved down to my penis where I felt a little bit of precum at my tip. I rubbed this as I sucked. I couldn't believe how hard I was from sucking a dick.

By now it was hard to hide my enthusiasm for cocksucking. As I kept sucking, "Mitch asked me, "You like sucking cock, don't you?"

I couldn't lie as I answered, "Oh fuck yes!!!"

Then he added, "This won't be the last time you suck my cock. Am I right?"

I answered with enthusiasm, "Oh yes please."

I see that cocksucking is making you hard. After fucking my wife, don't expect me to return the favor. You just keep taking care of yourself."

As my mouth held his cock, I kept one hand on my erection. As I rubbed my penis my pleasure kept intensifying. I sucked and stroked at the same time. His hardness was inside my mouth and I could not stop sucking.

My penis was very hard and needed more stroking. I quickly spit in my hand for lubrication and returned to sucking and stroking. His cock moved in and out of my mouth which my tongue, lips and cheeks were all enjoying. Before this point, the only hard penis I had ever felt was my own cock during masterbating.

My cock was so excited I couldn't last any longer. As I kept sucking, my dick started squirting out cum right between Mitch's legs. My sucking was slowed down for a few seconds until my cumming stopped.

Then I returned to taking care of Mitch. I wondered what I would do with his cum when it was in my mouth. I had swallowed my own cum a few times from curiosity. So I guessed that I could do it here also. I kept sucking and stroking him. Mitch was getting close and I was ready. Then I felt the cum shooting into my mouth. I kept his cock in my mouth until he was done cumming. Then I got the cum together all in one spot in my mouth and swallowed. It tasted like sex and it was a little bit salty. Mitch said, "Now we're even." Now it seemed that Mitch was OK with everything.

Then we swam in the pool and relaxed for the next hour. I gladly returned the next day for more cocksucking and Mitch definitely appreciated it. I began to think about a possible threesome with Sylvia and Mitch. However, I would feel strange if a women watched me suck cock. What I had, were visions of her sucking while getting doggy style fucked.

The middle of the week came around and I arrived at Mitch and Silvia's for Wednesday night dinner. After eating and swimming we put on our clothes and went into the livingroom. Mitch and I were wearing shorts and shirts while Sylvia was topless with only panties on. I made no effort to hide the fact that I was looking at Sylvia's crotch. I kept looking because I love the way panties shape the female crotch.

Mitch and I were standing about an arms length apart. Nothing was said, but a lot was known about what the others have been doing. Some things were still kept secret and some things not.

Sylvia was walking between us and then came and stood by my side. She held my arm and pulled herself closer to me. Her nipple touched my arm and then her whole breast pushed up against me. Mitch's view of this was clear and I was a little concerned. She held her tit against my flesh as her lips got close to my ear. I wondered if she was having this contact with me in front of Mitch on purpose.

Then Silvia whispered something in my ear. "Jeff, did you suck my husband's cock?" I was shocked at her question and yet my dick got a bit of a jolt. At this point it was clear that these two had been telling eachother everything and I was being used. To be honest, being used like that gave me great pleasure. She asked again with a slightly louder voice, "Was his erection in your mouth?" They were playing games and I was happy about it. I could not seem to smile so I only gave a slight nod of my head. Then she asked, "He is my husband - - - we are married. Do you think it was OK to do that?" She clearly wasn't upset, especially since we all knew that she spread her legs for me.

Sylvia continued, "Mitch has no control, he will put his dick in anything that shows interest. Like that secretary at his office. I asked Mitch if one day I could eat her pussy. I am really looking forward to that." She walked over to Mitch as he was taking off his shorts. She casually kneeled in front of Mitch and began to touch his cock. After thirty seconds of touching and licking her husband, she asked me, "Are you going to just stand there or are you gonna help me get my panties off?"

I quickly dropped my shorts and got down behind Sylvia. After a quick pat on the ass I pulled her panties down to her knees and then off her feet. I was half erect as my hand moved around her to feel her breast. One hand had her tit as the other moved up her thighs to touch her fleshy cunt lips. I rubbed her clitoris as she was holding Mitch's balls and sucking his dick. I could feel the wetness from her pussy on my fingers. As she sucked I began to finger fuck her. At this point, we were both completely erect and I wanted more than just my finger inside Sylvia. My dick would have to wait some more. I got on my back under Sylvia's pussy. I started to move my tongue on her lips and tasted her sex. I licked and sucked her clitoris with a lot of force. My tongue rubbed, licked and probed, then after three minutes of stimulation, she was starting to get off. Now It was time to please my dick.

I got directly behind her ass and rubbed the head of my penis on her vaginal opening. She was well lubricated as I slowly pushed myself into her. My penis moved in and out of her as she gave her husband oral sex. I loved holding her buttocks as my cock kept thrusting into her. Then Mitch interupted and said, "Time to switch." We changed positions with my dick in Sylvia's face.

Mitch held his wife's buttocks as she put my shaft in her mouth. She began to suck fast as Mitch fucked her from behind. My cock felt wonderful in her pretty mouth. I couldn't keep my eyes off the shape of her ass as he kept pumping her. Sylvia had no inhibitions as she sucked and fucked us both.

It was clear from Mitch's face that he was close to cumming. Then he hit it with faster and faster thrusting filling her cunt with his load. I was also getting close to exploding. She sucked and sucked until I was almost ready. She used her hand to stroke me about ten times and then went back to sucking. I said, "Oh shit, I'm gonna cum ---I'm gonna cum." She kept me in her mouth as I began to shoot inside of her. She sucked a few more times as cum fell from the sides of her mouth.

We had more of these meetings including twosomes and threesomes. That was the advantage of having sex freaks as neighbors.

The End
Thank you for reading my story. If you like my style read the other stories by 69licks.

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I admit I would have loved to have sucked his cock until his hot juices started to shoot but I admit it got kinda freaky there for awhile. Sucking on a cock just intrigues me. I gave you a 10/10


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good story.....needs a follow up with a foursom

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