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The final Part to Morning Surprise
Morning Surprise part 6 (final part)

I have never been to a fashion show, but have seen clips of them on TV. My girls had adapted our lounge to resemble a catwalk. All the furniture had been pushed back to the wall. The large teak garden table had been carried in and would serve as the catwalk.

I was instructed to sit in an armchair at the end of the table. The lights had been dimmed and a set of large spot lamps that I normally use when I am doing some building work at night had been set up pointing at the table.

My last instruction had been that under no circumstances was I allowed to touch any of the models.

I was to comment on the outfits only; they were starting with the bikinis

Tracie walked into the room, climbed up onto a chair then stepped onto the table. She did a little wiggle and stood legs apart, with her hands on her hips.

She was wearing a silver bikini which was to me three small triangles, each triangle had some string. The bottoms were tied just above her hips. The fabric was so sheer I could make out just a hint of pubic hair, it was pulled up tight and you could see the outline of her lips. The top was also small, and each triangle barely covered her nipples, let alone covered her breast, which at 32C stood so erect and proud.

She walked the length of the table towards me, turned around, and bent over, exposing her delicious little body. Her white blond hair was piled up on her head. Shiny red lipstick covered her beautiful lips. The string disappeared between her but cheeks. Standing up she said “You like”

Like It, I loved it.

She jumped off the table and ran from the room giggling.

Mel hopped up onto the chair and then to the table. She was wearing a red polka dot bikini, again in little triangles, walking towards me she pulled the bottoms up just a little bit tighter, pushing the material directly into her pussy.
The lips parted and now she had a lip on either side of the material.
Her hair must have had extensions in, blond as her mother, it hung almost to her waist, also sporting shiny red lipstick, her eyes had so much mascara, on they surrounded her huge blue eyes. She looked just wonderful.

“Ops sorry Daddy, I was not meant to do that” She pulled the bottoms out of her pussy and jumped off the table. As she left Sandie entered the room.

Sandie also climbed up to the table. She had on a blue Lycra one piece, again so sheer you could see the outline of her sex. What I can only describe as two bits of string ran from the bottoms, just wide enough to cover the nipples, but not wide enough to cover the areolas. She walked to me, turned around and I saw that the string crossed at the back and rejoined the bottoms.
As she walked her ample breasts bounced up and down, exposing the whole breast as the fabric slipped off her nipples. She had her auburn hair done in pig tails. I was starting to really like that shade of red lipstick.

Jumping down she ran from the room, the sound of the girls giggling was almost hypnotic. They were enjoying this so much, but no more than I was.

Joan was next to strut her stuff, she had on what looked like a leather bikini, one with three little buttons running down the bottoms. The top looked like a small Basque also with three buttons running down the front. She pushed her hand down the front, sliding her hand over her sex, the fabric was very stretchy, you could see it mould over her fingers. It was not leather, but Lycra.

It was the sort of thing you expect female hells angels to wear on the beach.

A new style for Joan she was now sporting a bob, just the new style made her look almost ten years younger.

“We all have one of every outfit you have seen, they are in various colours, and we really want to show off for you when we go on holiday, next week” she said.

Walking anywhere on holiday with this bunch was going to be a riot. I was wondering if my boss would allow me to sign out my personal pistol, for my own piece of mind.

I was so glad that I was wearing jogging bottoms; my cock was trying so hard to push its way out of the front.

“Day wear is next” Dad Mel shouted as Tracie walked into the room.

I have not seen hot pants in years.

Tracie climbed on the table, quickly followed by Mel also wearing hot pants.

Sandie and Joan together also entered and climbed onto the table.

Tracie and Mel had on hot pants, so tight you could see that they had no panties on, a boob tub was struggling to contain Tracie’s tits, and she embraced Mel who was wearing a vest so tight that you could see her nipples.

They turned around bent over; pulling the fabric so tight you could clearly see their sex. As they bent over both their breasts jiggled up and down.

Jumping off the table they ran out the room, leaving Joan and Sandie.

Walking towards me, they stopped did a twirl, which caused the short skirts that they were wearing, to raise up. Under the skirt they had on tiny thongs.

The blouses they had on looked silk, just they way it clung to their bodies, was erotic, not so you could see through them, they just moulded themselves to the breast below. A tantalising glimpse of what lay underneath.

They hurried from the room.

I do remember that when the girls were little they really loved dressing up, they used to do the same thing.
Parading up and down the kitchen. This is the first time that Joan has joined in. The look of happiness on her face showed how much she was enjoying joining in.

“Dad it’s evening wear next” Sandie shouted from the doorway.

Tracie came in wearing a very tight black bodice and a calf length chiffon skirt that flared out as she did a twirl.

I have always been a sucker for old fashioned films were people dress for dinner, in elegant evening wear.

She did a twirl showing me a black pair of stockings underneath. I was looking but could not see any panties.

She was giggling fit to burst as she ran from the room.

Mel came in she had on a full length red gown, with her height the heels she was wearing must have had a 6 inch heel, she glided across the table. All elegance, it was not dissimilar to the gown she wore to her first prom.

The matching gloves that came to her elbows set the whole outfit off a treat.

I had to pinch myself, is life really as wonderful, amazing, fantastic as this. I ran out of superlatives to describe how happy I was feeling right at that moment.

Sandie also had on a full length gown; she must have had impossible heels as she looked almost as tall as Mel. It was an iridescent blue that shimmered as she walked. The top barely covered her breasts, they looked like orbs supported by a little blue fabric.

I love watching all the girls tits jiggle as they walk.

Sandie knows that I like black on her, with her pail skin and blond hair, black really stands out.

The dress was velvet, with a little silver sparkle. She was gliding down the table. I had to think when do women learn to walk so elegantly in high heels?

Very thin straps supported the bodice, which came to just above her nipples; a v in the front was doing a good job of showing off her ample bosom.

A diamond pendant and matching earrings finished off the ensemble perfectly.

She was even giggling like the girls, giggling was obviously catching. Jumping down was not easy with those heels, but she managed it and ran from the room.

Sandie came in and gave me a mug of tea “Dad the next show is night wear, but we are going to do it all together, this time.

A few minutes later they all came in; they had a silk dressing gown that came to mid calf. As they climbed up onto the table, I was thinking I hope that table can take the weight of four beautiful women.

Tracie opened her robe; underneath she had on a black basque, with red edging, a small pair of panties. The top really looked like a juggling act; her tits were perfectly balanced on top. She had on high stilettos in patent leather, with a silver heel.

She came over to almost touching distance, bent over ran her hands from her ankle to her pussy. Giggled and ran off.

Nearly all the blood in my body was somehow inside my cock, it felt huge and so desperately wanted to fuck someone. Pre come was leaking onto my stomach.

Mel opened her robe; inside was a pink teddy with matching see through panties, the heels looked huge; They seemed to force her sex forward at an impossible angle. When she spread her legs directly in front of me I so desperately wanted to jump up and rip her panties off and bury my cock inside her.

I had started to sweat; little beads of sweat had broken out on my forehead. I had to dab at myself with a hankie.

“Do you think that Dad likes what he sees”? Mel said causing all the girls to burst out laughing.

Tracie dropped her robe. She also had on a teddy in white, those panties must be split crutch as I could see what looked like a small string of large pearls hanging from her pussy. She gave out a moan as she walked to me, she spread her legs, and yes they were beads.

She pulled out a string of beads, each bead getting bigger as they came out. She pulled them free, ran her tongue the length of the beads and ran off.

Joan dropped her robe and my eyes nearly fell out of my head. Fuck she looked wonderful.

A black PVC outfit, that was tight at the waist pushed her breasts almost out of the top, her nipples were proudly standing at attention beckoning me to come and touch them.
A suspender belt supported a black pair of very sheer stockings a black pair of PVC knee high boots completed her ensemble. I was mesmerised by the size of the heels, they must be eight inches.
No panties at all, she spread her legs wide, showing me every thing.

“When we go away on holiday baby we are going to tease you all day, then we are going to fuck the living daylights out of you every night. You will be the envy of every man” Joan said.

A British expression best describes what I was and that is Gob smacked!

The part of the brain that allows you to talk was not functioning, I was still sweating, but now it was pouring from me.

“We have only one more surprise for you, and that needs you to put the blind fold back on” She came over to me and fastened the blind fold back in place.

“Can you see anything Daddy” Sandie said from off to my left.

“Not a thing Hun” was all I could say

I could hear the furniture being rearranged.

I felt a pair of hands grasp my jogging bottoms and start pulling them off, I lifted my hips to allow them to come down. My cock if it could make a sound would be screaming for attention.

A pair of hands grasped my cock and it was soon engulfed by a very wet mouth, someone spat at my cock, I felt the spit land on my helmet, a hand spread the spit the length of my cock, and then I was wanked while being sucked.

The mouth started bobbing up and down, I could not last long. I just had to come so hard. I shot load after load, huge gobs of come sprayed every where as the mouth was lifted off my cock.

The blind fold was taken off.

I opened my eyes, to look directly at my younger sister Sue, her face was covered with my spunk.

“Fuck Sue what are you doing here? I am sure the girls are trying to kill me by shocking me so much, can my heart with stand so much.

Sue was my baby sister, born fifteen years after me. We always thought that my Mum and Dad had made a mistake when she was born.

At twenty two she was in her prime, like all my family she was tall at 5’ 11” she had a wonderful pair of tits, that drew your eye to them all the time. A wonder pear shaped arse, I have often watched her walk and thought if only she was not my sister. She was a tease and as her elder brother I have on many occasion had to put the fear of God into local lads as to what I would personally do to them if they touched her.

She had dark brown hair that was so rich in colour she could have been in commercials for hair products. It also had copious amounts of my come spread all over it.

Joan looking at my face, which must have shown the signs of my shock, tried to put me at ease. “Sue is coming on holiday with us babe, I have rebooked all the accommodation and I did not want one of the girls to have a room alone so I invited Sue to join us”

“What about everything else, the outfits the sex” I stammered

“Sue has been out in the hall acting as our wardrobe lady, while we put on the show for you, she was with us when we went shopping for all the clothes. She has exactly the same outfits as we all do”

I was looking at my sister more closely now, she was wearing a purple copy of what I have come to call the house uniform. A small purple bra that did not cover her nipples. A small suspender belt, purple stockings and a tiny thong.

I have never seen my sister’s nipples before, her tits looked even bigger than I had thought. She was bursting out at the front. As she stood up, I looked more closely. She had what looked like a small forest between her legs. That would have to go I thought. Maybe I will trim it into a landing pad like Tracie.

“Steve I have always known that you had a big cock, but that cock of yours is some monster. As a little girl when you used to bounce me on your knee I could feel it. I have wanted to see it and feel it for such a long time. Seeing it makes me want to feel it buried deep inside me, my cunt is dripping waiting for you to fuck me”

Holy shit, I was reaching to pinch myself again.

Having a hot sister is something and yes I have thought what it would be like to suck on those tits and fuck her.

Come and play with us Daddy Mel said

Tracie, Mel, Sandie Joan and Sue were bending over the sofa, each of then were pulling their lips apart and playing with themselves.

I had five pussies to play with. I started with my sister; I just wanted to taste her.
She was right she was dripping; I ran my tongue along her pussy, dabbed in into her arsehole. I inserted a finger, first one then two and started to frig her while I tongued her arse.

She started to come, even before I got my dick in her. That’s always good as it can be a struggle getting my cock in. I stood up and pressed my cock into her.

“Steve fuck me baby, fuck me hard” she was screaming. I took up a bone jarring tempo and it was not long before she was screaming again. The shudders than ran through her body were coming fast and close together. “Oh god Steve your cock is magnificent, why did I not do this sooner”? She was screaming.

I withdrew and Sue collapsed onto the sofa.

“Who is next girls”

“Me, me” became a cacophony shouted around the room.

I moved over to Tracie she still had the beads buried inside her cunt.

I flicked my tongue over her arse, while I reached underneath her to her clit; it only took a few minutes before she started to spasm and come over my tongue.

“Aunty Sue, wait till you have Daddy hard in your arse and one of us is applying a rampant rabbit to your cunt, your going to go into multiple orgasm” Mel was telling her.

I looked over at Sue who had recovered her breath, she was sitting in an arm chair, legs spread over the arms playing with herself.

How many orgasms can women have in one session I was thinking? Why is it a man can only come so many times before he is drained.

Mind you if a man can keep coming and coming, then your prick will start to look and feel like a peeled prawn. If you lived in this house it would.

I moved to Mel who had two fingers inside her mother on one side and two fingers inside her sister on the other. They were rocking backwards and forwards to some silent beat.

Mel was wet as hell, it took no effort at all to push myself into her, it must have hit her cervix. “Oh dad that feel fantastic, can you push a thumb into my arse” she said. “Daddy, daddy, daddy” she moaned as I thrust into her.

I pushed my thumb into her arse, I even tried prising open her arse with both my thumbs, only after a few minutes orgasm after orgasm rocked through her small frame.

I was having serious doubts as to whether I could continue to satisfy so many women.

I felt like a bull among a prize herd of heifers. A very happy bull I must admit.

Mel was spent, she had no energy at all, and I picked her up and sat her in an arm chair.

Joan and Sandie got up together “Honey I want you on your back” Joan told me. I lay down in the centre of the carpet.

I was holding my very erect cock for her to lower herself down on, I felt her sopping pussy engulf my cock, when Sandie came and squatted over my face.

Joan was bouncing with gusto on my man hood, with an increasing sense of wild abandonment and Sandie was pushing my head back into the shag pile in a rocking motion, she would sit up every now and again and slap her pussy a couple of times then sit back down hard.

I loved the sounds coming from this room, Sandie above me was keening to herself, Oh God, Oh God, Oh God here I come Daddy, she came on my face with a gush, it was like being pissed on, I have no idea how many fluid ounces she sprayed on me, but it felt like a lot.

Joan was now thrashing herself into her own orgasm, I did not want to hold back any more, my balls tightened and I felt the rush of come shoot into her womb.

Sandie climbed off my face, I think she was a little embarrassed with the amount of come that came from her.

Looking around I could see that Sue and Tracie had adopted a classic sixty nine position and were busy eating each other, another source of loud moaning and groaning.

Sue had moved from the armchair, and was on her hands and knees moving towards me, her tits had flopped forward out of her bra, swinging from side to side as she advanced. On reaching me she waited for Joan to climb off me and then started sucking our combined juices from my cock.

I was still hard and I could not figure out why I was not limp.

“Steve I hoped that you would not mind but in the tea that we gave you was a drug called Snafi, it’s an impotency cure, it’s designed to help old men get it up, but for you it will keep you hard for hours” Joan was grinning at me as was all the girls faces In the room.

I looked down at my cock and advertised my cock had not deflated at all, Sue was sucking me into her mouth, pushing more and more of me into her throat. I was wondering when she learnt to take a guy to the back of her throat so well. I obviously had not scared all the local boys away from her.

“Steve I want that fat cock of yours buried in my cunt again so much” Sue said pushing me onto my back. She had straddled me and was lowering herself onto my cock again.

Mel was up and as she ran from the room she shouted “I am going to get Mum’s rampant rabbit to use on auntie Sue, when you have dad in your arse and we use it on you your going to come in buckets”

On Mel’s return she instructed Sue to put me in her arse; Sue confessed that she had never had a cock in her arse.

“You are going to love it” Tracie said. Let me tongue your arse for a while to get you lubed up” Tracie moved so that she was lying down between my legs. When Sue lifted off my cock and positioned herself over Tracie, it looked so fantastic as I watched Tracie’s tongue first lick Sue’s cunt a few times then push into her arse.

“I think your ready Sue” Tracie said moving away.

Sue lifted up and moved back to me, I grasped my cock by the base and held it steady; Sue’s arse was directly over me now. I quickly looked at her face, to see if she was worried, but the look on her face was pure joy. She came down slowly; I felt the resistance of her sphincter, then she used a bit more pressure and I was in. Her huge intake of breath made me look up at her again. She was smiling back at me.

I was engulfed in the heat of her, and God was she tight, she was getting more and more of me into her, when Mel applied the rampant rabbit to her clit. Sue lost it at this point and started to thrash from side to side and bounce up and down onto me like her life depended on it.

“Oh God Steve this is fantastic, all those years wasted when I could have had your cock buried deep inside my arse and cunt” Her head was whipping from side to side as she thrashed with me in her arse. Her muscles were contracting as she came, in waves. Mel, who had been using the rabbit on her aunt, withdrew the rabbit and instead started tonguing her aunt’s clit. This caused her to spasm even more and sprays come all over me.

Snafi may keep you hard but it does not give you any more spunk, I was drained of it, my body wanted to spew something but I had nothing left.

Sue climbed off me with trembling legs, as she stood up I could see that her arsehole was still extended and looked huge, gaping open wide.

“While you get your breath Steve, we are going to entertain you sit back and relax” Joan carried a box into the room and put it down in the centre of the floor.

I got up and sat back in an armchair, If I was not so fit I think the girls would have just fucked me to death.

Squealing with pleasure the girls each reached into the box, and withdrew a rampant rabbit. They took up a position in a semi circle around my chair. The Snafi was still working; my cock was still as hard as a rock as I watched these beautiful women play with themselves.

We spent the rest of the day sucking, fucking each other until we had to draw a halt from being sore and weary.

We are now planning on building an extension as a sort of play room.

The holiday was a riot, can you imagine walking into Heathrow airport with five beautiful women, wearing high heels, small mini skirts, the smallest thongs imaginable. A micro boob tube with no bra. The wobbling and click clicking as they walked was hypnotic, drawing crowds as we walked I felt like a film star, not a policeman.

The porters I hired at the airport to supervise the luggage would have each given me a years salary just to watch the girls walk in.

In high spirits in expectation we were all of us on a high.

A small commotion behind me was the only disruption to the departure. I heard a loud slap and someone hitting the floor.

Some idiot had put his hand up the back of Sandie’s skirt when we were walking to board.

Tracie had struck the hand with a Shuto (knife hand block) and followed it with a Tettsui (Mace fist blow) to the centre of his chest.

I was quickest to react; a young man of about twenty was lying on his back in pain, obviously finding it hard to breath.

Stooping down next to him I instructed Joan to call security. While I advised him to stay exactly where he was otherwise I would have to put him back down and if I did that I would have to hurt him badly.

I have been teaching the girls gymnastics and karate since they were toddlers. No one fucks with my little girls.

Tracie explained to the officers from the metropolitan police what had happened. Joan and I showed them our warrant cards and they promised to hold the guy and his party until they had missed their flights.

We would not be pressing charges. The bruise and pain in the boy’s chest should deter him from doing it again.

Arriving in Tenerife was easy. We have all been there before; the hotel sent two limo’s to pick us up.
Being regulars at the Intercontinental hotel we always got an upgrade of room. The three suites had a connecting door, a bonus for our planned bed hopping antics.

The girls could not wait to show off their new bikinis and strut about the pool.

Joan suggested to blowing me so that I would not get a hard on while sitting around the pool. The girls got down onto their knees and each took it in turn to deep throat me. It was like a contest to see who would be the winner of the spunk prize. Today it was Sue my sister.

I told the girls to get ready. But I wanted to be at the pool ready when they walked in.

I put on a pair of trunks and a t shirt and headed for the pool.

Arriving at the pool bar I ordered a beer and sat back waiting for the girls to arrive.
It did not take long before they announced their arrival.

We have all seen wildlife films when animals are grazing; they always have a look out for prowlers. When the prowler gives out the warning all heads come up as one. That’s exactly what happened. Someone had seen the girls approaching and made a sound, as one every male and many female heads turned to watch them.

The clicking of the heels and the sway of their hips as they walked had people mesmerised, all of them a sarong over their hips, a t-shirt that was skin tight they found six sun beds together and started to get themselves comfortable.
They were the most beautiful women in the hotel by far. Looking around me I counted hundreds of male and female heads staring intently at my women.
The men with abject lust, some of the women dripped hate and a few also had lust in their faces.

One after another they stripped off their t-shirts, which was accompanied by a sharp intake of breath from what was an audience. Taking the sarong off and starting to apply sun block to every part of their bodies. Each bikini was of such a light material you could make out a pimple. Let alone pussy lips.

Many men had to reach for a quick towel to hide an instant erection.

I sat watching them for some time, the hotel staff was being drawn out of the hotel. One minute there were about five men walking about offering to collect drinks. The next thing you know there were about twenty guys walking about, or just hovering next to my girls.

I decided to go and join them. I walked out from the bar and made a beeline for my girls. They had left an empty sun lounger right in the middle.

I looked around and smiled at everyone. Some people would not meet my eye, but looked away in embarrassment. Others had a hungry look, that said please invite me to come and join you.

As one the girls got up and started to apply lotion to every part of my body. I felt like a king.

Tracie was rubbing oil into my right leg, Mel had my left, Sue and Joan where doing my chest and Sandie was applying the oil to my back.

We had been lying there in the sun for about an hour, when Mel said “Dad can you rub some oil into my back please”

I got up and poured some oil into my hand, I started rubbing it into her shoulders, and she lifted up slightly so that I could do a quick flick over her breasts. She grinned at me the whole time.

Moving down to her bottom had male eyes from all around the pool straining to get a look. She had on one of the tiny bikini bottoms with a little bit of string between her cheeks. I did this part of her slowly with a hand on each cheek. I moved in a slow circular motion.

She was purring away to herself.

“Thanks Dad that's was wonderful” she said

“Me next, Me next was taken up by all my girls”

They flopped over onto their fronts like seals at a seal colony.

After I applied lotion to all the girls. I sat down for a well earned rest. I looked around every now and again, the over riding feeling I was getting was, envy and lust.

I lay back and closed my eyes, I must have dozed off.

I could hear crying and the words “Daddy Oh Daddy” coming from somewhere.

“Mum Dad moved his hand” was the next thing I heard.

I tried to sit up but could not move. I opened my eyes.

Standing over me was Joan, Mel, Sandie, Tracie and my sister Sue.

“Oh God Mum Dad’s awake”.

I felt something in the side of my mouth, my senses started coming back but I could still not move.

Joan came and put a hand on my chest “Relax love you have been in an accident” she said

I looked around and could see that I was in a hospital bed. I had tubes and wires all over me.

“You were chasing a bank robber at high speed when a tyre blew on your patrol car, it put you in a spin and slammed you into a wall” Joan explained to me.

A doctor came in and shone a torch into my eyes.

“They are still doing test but now you’re awake it will be easier” Joan was crying in fact all the girls were crying.

“There is some spinal damage and you are paralysed from the neck down” she said.
The doctor ordered everyone from the room while he did some tests.

An hour later Joan came back in, she took my hand and sat on the bed.

We talked for a while.

I asked how long I had been in the hospital. She said that it was over a month. I had been in a coma all that time.

She did remark that I must have been having very erotic dreams, while I had been lying there. She said it had become a little bit of an embarrassment at first, as they had not covered me with anything other than a flimsy gown as. I always had a raging hard on, which every one could see.

She had found a solution by pulling the screens around and giving me regular blowjobs.

She said as she left that she suspected that the girls and my sister Sue and even some of the hospital nurses had also been giving the same treatment.

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You can go to the City clerk, if they still have it, or state Vital Statistics office, which keeps oraignil BC's and file a a motion to amend the record on the basis of a fraudulent signature!You can give up your rights if you want and have them voluntarily terminated!! Even if the BC is amended they are going to do a DNA and if you are the father they will go after you for child support!You go to your probate or family court and file a Petition for the Termination of Parental Rights! Then a date is set for a hearing. The childs mother will be notified!

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