This is a true story, I did not edit any names, I will not state any last names though.
This story is about the time when I lost my virginity. The names and locations have not been changed, but I won't reveal too much detail about the person's identity because she might find and shoot me. ( She would too. ) Please comment and rate! This is my first story and if people like it I'll make more.

I sighed as I arrived at my first day of school. I was now in the 11th grade, I was 16 and looked forward to another year of copping classes and probably failing. After that day I decided I liked the classes I had that day, the teachers were nice and some were even pretty sexy. When lunch came I met up with my friend Josh. He may be gay but he's the coolest homosexual I know, and one of my best friends. We sat down at an empty table thinking no one would bother us, but we were wrong. We were eating lunch and some girl came up and sat at the other end of the table. At first look I thought she was pretty cute, I've never seen her before so I just assumed she was a freshman. I know pretty much everyone in the school and get along with everybody. She didn't talk and no one else sat with her and talked wih her so it was pretty awkward with one other person sitting at the end of the table eatting. I thought nothing of it and went on with my day. I got out of school early because of the C.O.P. program that lets you go to work and get high school credits for it. How easy is that ya' know? Even though I didn't have a job I left anyway.

The next day was awkward too. I had different classes each day and wasn't sure what they'd be like. I got to lunch and met up with my friend Caitlin, whom I've known for a few years but really became friends with in Summer School. We sat down and talked, but there was the girl again sitting by herself at a table with a few people. I laughed to myself then put my attention back on Caitlin.

After lunch I looked at my schedule and went to my class. I sat down as the teacher was passing out all the papers you need to get signed ect. ect. Then she walked in. The only desk open was the one behind me to the right. Once I got a closer look i noticed she was a little prettier then when I first saw her. But she was no model. She didn't talk much at all and seemed hyper. I knew once she got used to the school she would be annoying as fuck so I tried not talking to her much... It really pissed me off when the teacher grouped me up with her, and 2 other random people I was only aquainted with. Her voice sounded like nails on a chalkboard at first but then it calmed down after a few minutes.

As I suspected, she got annoying as fuck. The second week of school she started writing notes to me and flirting. When I recieved the note and it had the words " I was wondering, you don't have to, but I'd like you to go out with me." ( Corrected her spelling, she was in reality a pretty stupid girl. ) I sighed and wrote back "Sure...." only because I had not had a girlfriend in a few weeks and I was bored after school. She wrote back "YAY! where do you live." I put down my street name and her jaw dropped when she read it. " I live on the same street!" Was her reply. I gave her my number and she gave me mine, then we parted ways after class. I went home and watched some T.V.

I recieved a call at about 3:45 PM and it was her. She told me to walk outside and look for her. I paused the tv and opened my front door. I couldn't see her at first but then i caught sight of her. She told me to come over her house. I did and we sat on her bed watching a movie for a while. She got up and opened her closet pretending to be looking for something then closed the closet door and came over to me. She spread her legs and walked in between mine. I grabbed her hips and pulled her closer. We kissed for a few minutes then went back to watching the movie. We did this on and off for the next two weeks, hanging out at each other's house and watching movies. I got brave one day and slipped my finger into her pants, it was the first pussy that I'd touched that I could remember. She unbuttoned and unzipped her pants but didn't remove them. I rubbed my fingers over her mound then slipped my finger between her slit. She started moaning softly and her breathing got heavy. in only a few seconds my fingers were covered with her juices. I started finger fucking her with two fingers, but didn't have much space to do so because her pants were very tight. I'm not sure if she came or not by the time my fingers got tired because she was very quiet but I could tell she enjoyed it.

After a few days of this she was using her hand to rub my side. I didn't really pay attention much while I did this because she was always trying to make out with me and i was trying to watch tv.

I noticed her hand and with my free hand i un buttoned my jeans and told her to put her hand to use. I grabbed her hand and slid it into my boxers. She wrapped her short fingers around my 7 and a half inch cock. It's pretty big around and she couldn't wrap her whole hand around it, leaving space untouched. She slowly started to stroke my cock and i got hard in her hand. This was my first ever hand job, and she wasn't doing too good. She had a habit of telling me i could do things if I wanted, but what she meant was "Do this now." We were alone in the house this day and she decided to take it a step further. She whispered in my ear " Take me if you want to." I was usually submissive but then she pressed on and kept saying it. I finally told her "Okay." and she got up and started stripping, once naked she got on my bed and waited for me to strip. I was pretty shy and I turned around slid off my pants and kept my boxers on. I slipped on a condom and went over to her. She spread her legs and i could see her wetness was covering most of her inner thighs. I pressed my cock against her lips and leaned forward a little bit to readjust myself. All of the sudden i felt a warmth surrounding my cock and I realised I was in her. I felt like punching myself in the face and said to myself in my head. " Fuck, just fucken' great. I finally lose my virginity and it was on accident!" I quickly recovered and started to slowly pump in and out of her. I leaned on top of her and rested my hands on either side of her chest. Once I was pushing farther I felt her hymen and found out she was a virgin too, we never told each other we were virgins. Her eyes widened as I pressed harder. She was now in pain and i let up a bit.
" Are you okay? I'll stop if it hurts."
"No!" She said " Take me now. I want it." I nodded and pushed forward as hard as I could. She just about screamed when her hymen tore. I let her get used to the pain for a few seconds before I put my own needs before hers and started fucking her tight hole a bit faster. This went on for about 10 minutes before I pulled out and told her I wanted to try a new position. I sat back on my bed, my shoulders against the wall and told her to ride me. She agreed and sat on my cock but only grinded.
" Ride it up and down don't just grind" I said to her.
" I can't do it for long I have back problems." She said.
I knew it was a load of shit and that she just didn't feel like doing any work because when i was fucking her before she just laid there and did nothing. I told her to get on her hands and knees.
" You're not fucking my ass" She said.
" I wasn't going to." I replied.
She was starting to piss me off by now and so she layed back down and we went back to the missionary position only at a different spot on my bed. I started sliding my cock in and out of her cunt again, not caring if she liked it, but just doing it for my own pleasure. It lasted another twenty minutes before I felt my cock starting to pulsate and throb. I only lasted a few more strokes before I pushed myself all the way in her, and started cumming. It was the most I've ever came before and I was happy it was in a condom rather then in her pussy. The thought of having a baby with her would've been a nightmare. She noticed that i was still for a few seconds and grinned.
" You came didn't you."
" It took you a while."
" I know. "
I pulled out and took the condom off and threw it away. I was proud that I lasted 40 minutes my first time. I asked her if she wanted to suck the rest of my cum off but she said she didn't like giving blowjobs because the last time she did she had cotton mouth for two days. FUCKING BUlLSHIT I thought as I was really getting frustrated with her now. I've talked to a lot of people about their sex and never once did I hear them talking about getting cotton mouth from sucking a cock.

I sent her home and took a shower. then went on wih my daily activities. Happy that I finally lost my virginity I smiled for almost the rest of the day. I had to keep it a secret from my family because they said before that, that if I had sex in their house they would be really pissed off.

What my friends told me was true about taking a girls virginity. They told me that when I take it she'll be attached to me and very clingy. I hated the fact that they were right because now I was annoyed 24/7.

More chapters are going to come. Since this wasn't my first encounter with the bitch from hell.
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2007-10-12 08:45:49
Stupid fucking story, go and fuck your self....Ass hole


2007-08-09 23:27:31
incentbitch513 u r the asshole


2007-04-03 13:36:43
i feel sorry for her, your the asshole from hell not her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...


2007-02-22 17:24:17
Thanks for the flaming, I wrote it exactly how it was. And YES, It took me 40 minutes. Sorry for those of you who don't have as much endurance as I, I feel sorry for you.


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***Twstd&Dmntd4Lfe*** bck at chu peeps.......this is
GRADESCHOOL because thats where you belong

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