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Names changed, slightly exaggerated, but mostly true
Judy and I met in the summer of 1984 in a sizable Midwestern city. I was in the military, and 22. She was working her way through college, and 20. We started dating; within two months we were living together, and within four months we were married. A whirlwind courtship of sorts.

After some years I left the military, and Judy graduated. The city got a little worn after a while, as did our daily sex life. We started to take longer weekend drives to visit other large cities to see what life was like there. We also started to rent porno, and we would either shop together, or one or the other would go in and make a choice to suit both. At first it was pretty standard stuff, then came some toy purchases, and as we explored each other and our fantasies, we came to the interracial set .

I must say this was more like my turn-on than hers. She would do anything to make me happy, however, so she went along with the games for a while. There was a lot of dirty talk while making love, and occasionally, it turned into some pretty hot sex. For me, at that point, there is nothing more beautiful to witness on camera (as if to believe it might happen in real life) than to watch a large and very dark black male with a large unit going down on a smaller and quite pale white female. This has remained a big fantasy to present day.

Judy and I had been on one of our road trips to the south, and we decided to take in dinner at a Moroccan restaurant. While seated, we had a few drinks, gorged ourselves, and decided we were both too tired to drive back. Out of the blue, I asked her if she would like to stay at one of the somewhat seedy motels in the area. I did not know any personally, but the yellow pages were pretty explicit to a point. You just needed to be able to read between the lines. Nervously, she agreed. We chose a place with a large, heart-shaped bed, mirrored ceilings and headboard, moodlighting, and a hot tub. I picked up a little Jack Daniels for lubrication. After some chit-chat, I asked her if she would be willing to let me watch her with a black man. Blushing,she said she couldn't, "I don't think I can do it." After a few more drinks, and after we had fantasy sex about the idea, she cleaned up, and said okay. I went to the indoor pool at the heart of the complex, and found a rather qualified looking chap. I stopped momentarily, unsure how to really proceed with the conversation. I decided to be direct. I walked up and introduced myself to Jack, and he shook my hand. We talked about swimming, the town, and what would otherwise fill about five minutes of small talk. I then came to the point of my visit with him. I explained what it was that we were intending, and why I was there. Seemingly stunned, but very much in control, he had very little expression. He suggested he would like to meet my wife first. I suggested My wife was extremely apprehensive, and I wanted to run in advance to warn her I had found someone. He told me which room he was in, and suggested to give him about an hour to prepare, when he would come knocking. My wife was both concerned and elated about the news, and insisted on lots of details. I am not one for details on guys; girls maybe.

Approximately 45 minutes past, and the knocker arrived. As he came to the door, I already had my wife prepared as naked on the bed. She rose to a sitting position to view him; from the look on her face it was obvious she was pleased. She shook his hand, they exchanged a few pleasantries, we all had a drink, and there was a period of quiet. Judy being a little bit more loose now suggested how attractive and muscular he was, and that she didn't really know what to expect might come to the door. She suggested she would insist on his being the type that would not be too aggressive or hurt anyone. He made her feel very much at ease with his demeaner. His character was quite opposite of his voluminous build. Judy came to stand on the floor, and asked Jack to stand directly in front of her. By this time he had his shirt off, but everything else was intact. She wanted to see how tall he was next to her, and there was at least 1 ft. of difference; the top of her head just about reached his chin. She asked if it would be OK if she helped him out of his clothes, which he agreed to. When she reached his G-string, he stopped her. He asked if this was what she really wanted. Without even looking at me at that point, she nodded her affirmation. He pulled her upwards and closely to him, lowered his lips, and they started a seven minute passionate kiss. The large-sized bulge in his underwear was at this point stretched to where I thought they might go flying across the room any minute. My wife's body in a close embrace with his, she was at this point getting pushed away from him at his midsection. When their lips parted, my wife immediately looked down. She knelt in front of him, and removed the shorts. Out popped what I would say is about a seven and a half inch thick dark rod with a rather sizable pair of hairy hanging balls.

Judy was always a big fan of blowjobs. I always had a difficult time focusing enough on the feel of it to get off in her mouth as she preferred. So, finding the first fantasy to fulfill, she went right to work on him in her mouth. She has the type of hands that were thin with long fingers, very dry, and somewhere between soft and rough. They always drove me crazy when they touched me just about anywhere on my body. She utilized her assets on him until it seemed he was at his fullest.

Jack took my wife by the hand and led her to the hot tub area. Still holding her hand, he led her in first, and sat right in front of her in the water. I was sitting in a chair nearby, but could not see what was happening directly. As I remember I think it was a bubble-bath, or Jacuzzi tub. I could tell by the look on my wife's face in several moments what he was doing; massaging her vaginal opening and clit. The look in her eyes as she gazed at him, and the head gestures she made when she closed her eyes told me she was more than ready for him. A minute later he moved directly on top of her, looking down at his manhood, and maneuvering himself properly. My wife helped guide him to the opening of ther nether region. It was again clear when he entered her by the sound she made, the look on her face, and the way she clutched for him. She pulled him close to her; all the way in. They laid there together for a few minutes as she adjusted to his size, and Judy started to enjoy the reality of the mental fantasies we always shared. Five minutes or more passed.

Jack whispered something in Judy's ear, she nodded, and he climbed off her, tolk her by the hand, and lead her from the hot tub to the bed. I could now tell that they were both primed and ready, and it was about to happen. I did see my wife was in another place cognitively, and probably didn't realize I was there. Was I nervous? Sure I was, cottonmouth and all. Half of me wanted to see her taken, but the other half was concerned he would be better. I decided I would just enjoy myself, and allow her the full pleasure as well.

They kissed a few more times, and moved into a 69 position for some time. There was a lot of heavy breathing and some moaning as well. Pretty soon the excitement in the room became too much for my wife, she removed her mouth from him, and turned around to mount his pole. She took it firmly in her hand, and slowly I began to watch Jack's large unit disappear completely within my wife's pink patch. She tossed her head back more and more until her whole body had come to rest on him, her hand now removed. There was very little gap between them; large black balls and little white ass. I took a deep breath. They went at this for a while, until my wife laid down upon him, still riding him up and down. They were long strokes where she took him out to the tip of his penis, and went all the way back down on him. The rhythm was not too fast or too slow, and she now had both hands resting on the sides of his shoulders for leverage. I couldn't say anything; I couldn't even move. I was both possessed and frightened. It was really happening, and my emotions were in a twirl. She commensed to build quickly now to her orgasm, and as I heard him come, I was further surprised that she remained fully on top of his unit while he exploded inside. This was one of the fantasies we occasionally had; black-baby pregnancy. And with each and every one of the fantasies, he came inside (as did I).

There was a brief respite where both my wife and Jack got cleaned up and used the bathroom. We all had another drink and spoke about the event. Everybody was quite positive up to that point. My wife reached for him, kissed him again, audibly suggesting she wanted to be taken missionary style. She laid down on the bed, spread her legs as wide as they would go, took his waist in her hands, and guided him into her again. She was already extremely wet by just the thought of what she wanted from him. I sat there in a chair at the edge of the bed and could see not only how shiny his rod was from her ecstasy, but the amount of juice that was flowing from her onto the sheets. They were whispering what must have been naughty things in each other's ear, as there was a lot of grunting and nodding. It seems they were both working on living their own fantasies by now. His rhythm was slightly faster now, her hands firmly wrapped around his butt, pulling him inward. She was controlling the action! Something must have really clicked between them because within just another few minutes, he pulled out of her quickly, her taking his root in both hands, and jerked him all over herself. There was so much! There is a large pool on her stomach, a big splotch at the top of her vagina where he exited, and a sizable splatter on her left breast. With a big smile, and his seed-spitting now terminated, she proceeded to rub him all over herself. She took two fingers and put a large mass inside her. She rubbud in a good deal on her breasts, leaned forward, and stroked the remainder onto her ass and crack. She laughed. She asked me if I was enjoying myself as much as she was. I nodded, but didn't really know what else to say. I did not want to spoil the moment .

After another cleanup, it was time for Round 3. My wife managed to get him hard by just stroking and talking to him, and was getting ready to mount him again. She very specifically told me she wanted both of us at once, and to get behind her. I tried, but it was just in such close contact with another man, I could not get myself excited enough. She was visibly disappointed. She switched positions and asked me to come around to the foot of the bed again. It was then I suggested to Jack that she very much liked it in the ass. It was the one place he had not been, and my wife said nothing as she moved toward me, and he behind her. Again the entry timing was clear based on the look on her face and the noise she made. He had his fingers between her legs, most likely stimulating her clitoris at the same time. Try as she might, she was unable to blow me for more than a second or two before I fell out of her mouth, defeated by another orgasmic moan. It still wasn't working; nothing was. I was excited, but could not get hard. She had both hands on the edge of the bed, her head now all the way down, and her ass high in the air while he took her deeply, the rhythm increasing. I came around to see how they looked together from behind. He had both his hands around her hips, shoving himself all the way into her to his balls. His fingers were soaked from her, and she was dtripping all over the sheets. Without missing a beat, he changed positions, and was now on top of her from behind, as if riding her. I could clearly see his meat disappearing into her, with that same glistening dick he had before. What seemed like an hour of fucking was probably only about 10 minutes when they both reached their climax, and he uncontrollably relieved himself all the way inside her. The two were completely connected with no space, and she was rotating her hips in an up and down motion to stroke in the remainder of his sperm. He pulled her into his lap still firmly planted inside her, and they both laid there with a smile on their faces until he went soft. They looked up at me and asked how it was for me, and I said, "probably not nearly as good as it was for you." They both smiled, looked at each other, and laughed.

Well, I asked permission for Jack to sleepover for the night, and he agreed. I awoke several times to hear them going at it most of the night, and in assorted positions. I was OK with the sleeplessness; it was just a matter of whether to get up and turn on the light to watch, or just listen to them together. He must have busted three or four more nuts, and she had about six or eight more. In the morning they showered together, Jack shook my hand, and he left. Beforehand, there was a parting Kiss where Jack explained that if Judy was hers, he would never have let her be with anyone else. He also commented on her beauty, which made her blush again.

Judy and I went to the front desk to check out and pay the bill. We drove a short way to a local diner for breakfast. We sat down in a quiet corner and reminised about the night's activities. She mentioned she did not know it could be that good, nor did she believe it actually happened. She was clear that she was very pleasantly surprised about the man that entered her room that night, and fucked her brains out in front of her husband all night long. Although we had talked about doing it more often, we never did. She was very concerned that it would create arguments, or that she might actually start to like black men better. She did tell me I was as good as he, but it was obvious the lie did not work on me. Her sounds throughout the experience gave away the best sexual encounter she'd ever had.

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Judy will now become a black cock whore, she will not be able To say no to any black cock men who ask her to fuck her. She Will be lost to you now and will only fuck black cock. You have opened a very dangerous door, and Judy has walked through it and will never step back into just being your sweet wife again.

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Judy will now become a black cock whore, she will not be able I as no to any black cock men who ask her to fuck her. She Will be lost to you now and will only fuck black cock. You have

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Here is a tip for any man who's wife is wanting and threesome or another lover. Simple day to her after she has asked you... Yeah but he has to fuck me as well haha. That will soon shut her up.

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2011-12-16 13:46:24
Just because the sights and sounds made it "look' like he was much better doesn't mean she would have thrown you to the curb. I have watched my wife with seven different black men and each time it is SO hot. Only two of those seven were asked back a second and third time, though, and although their size and stamina made he cum several times with each meeting, we continued to have a great sex life. Black OR white, a new lover is going to excite her unless he is a total dud.


2010-07-17 16:53:58
I've shared my beautiful wife with several other men and I have written a couple of stories about our adventures under my name Charlie Sanders, but I'. not that great a writer, the stories are true, however/

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