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The guys, of course, had anticipated her initial resistance, so they leave her alone to come to terms with this twist while they step aside to talk. She picks up an erotic magazine and becomes excited by what she's reading. When she gasps with pleasure, they turn to find her spreading herself open, with her fingers bobbing away inside of her and snap off a few frames. The previous tension has vanished and she is now ready to explore further.

They turn up the music as she steps in front of the lights, fully dressed in a sleek silver gown that hugs her curves and trails off at her ankles. She begins to move to the beat of the music, turning and posing for them. They each have a camera, so they capture different angles. The heat from the lights begins to effect her and she removes her dress, lowering first one strap then the other. She shimmies it down seductively until she is free and tosses it aside. She continues to move for them wearing only her white satin underclothes with her silver shoes. They urge her onward through her fantasy world with "oooh yeah"; "show me your ass". She becomes completely lost - stroking her hands over her body, bending over with her ass to them. She slips her panties off her hips and nudges them down further by rhythmically pumping her legs. When the panties are around her ankles, she reaches down and grabs them, spreading her ass for them.

One guy moves in closer to shoot her from the floor - the main focus being her pussy, up the front of her body to her face framed with her hair. "Awesome", he declares. The other one concentrates on the line of her leg and her bare ass poised in his lens. The one closest to her reaches up and slides his fingers along her slit, coaxing the wetness from her. As it glistens on her outer lips, he strokes her more. She squats down, hovering her pussy in front of his lens and spreads her knees to give him a clearer shot. She continues his pace - sinking her own fingers deep inside of her. The other photographer is ready when she throws her head back and captures the raw emotion of her pleasures.

Hot and sticky with perspiration and cum, she leaves the room to grab a quick shower. The cameras silently click off, capturing her facial expressions as she shampoos her hair; and follow the trails of suds that run between her breasts, down over her stomach, disappearing between her thighs and down her back into the valley of her ass then around her legs. She is only mildly startled to see them when she pulls back the curtain. They continue to snap off shots of her naked body glistening with water droplets. Her nipples stand erect as she emerges into the cool air and she seductively rubs them against both men on her way back to the bed.

She grabs a bottle of body oil from the stand and extends it to them. They climb on the bed with her, one on each side and coat her entire body. They continue to rub her even after the oil has completely covered her, becoming more aroused themselves. The three of them become entangled as their hands grope each other's bodies, pulling off all clothing that separates them from one another. She reaches out and grabs both of them by their cocks and strokes them into a frenzy. They twist out of her grasp and one moves to hold her arms over her head while the other takes a firm grasp on her ankles. They lean in with their mouths and begin to suck and tease her nipples and her clit until she is writhing with desire for more. As one cock moves over her face, she lifts up and snags it with her mouth, taking him by surprise. While she concentrates on that cock, another one slides into her pussy sending her over the edge. A moan escapes from deep in her throat as they plunge their cocks into her. She feels the cock in her mouth begin to throb and she moves her mouth away just before he lets loose all over her chest. The other guy lays on top of her, and rolls over with her, never breaking his rhythm. He lifts her up onto her knees, positioning her ass high in the air for his friend. Before she knows what has happened, her ass and pussy are both filled with raging cocks. She cums frantically over both of them, experiencing sensations never before imagined.


2005-10-09 12:06:55
Very good, paragraphing could use a little more work, but great so far, on to the next again..


2004-03-24 10:19:02

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