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id fantasized about having a guy inside me but never thought it would happen intil i was caught playing with myself one day
i was alone in the stables one afternoon when it happend, id become so horny whilst out riding, i loved the way it felt wearing skin tight johdpurs with my knee high riding boots, how the material would strain and stretch against me while my lower legs were clad in leather, how easy it was for anyone to see my erection as it strained against the skimpy white material of my johdpurs i couldnt help but rub myself against my riding crop.

id taken riding lessons as i had started working with horse stables and felt i would be better able to do my job if oi could handdle them properly, also i love wearing johdpurs and knee high riding boots, mmmm just how the stretchy fabric clings to my legs leaving nothing to the imagination turns me on so much

i was leaking pre-cum into my johdpurs, unhampered by undewear it soaked my johdpurs making them see through, after a few moments you could easilly see my pube free erection through the material, by now i wanted them to be completly see through, i wanted to be caught by andy, id seen his massive dick many a time through his johdpurs and had often made myself cum over the thought of him fucking me

i began to pee myself a little, letting it run down my legs into the tops of my riding boots, more and more i soaked myself, it was obvious i was naked underneath them.

as i slipped my hand into the top of my pee soaked johdpurs my thought turned to what iff i was caught n.......

"ahh hem"

i froze, it was andy the stable boy, i had been caught red handed masterbating myself in my wet johdpurs, i tried to compose myself but it was no use he could see what had happened

"strip" he said

i stood there looking as iff id not heard him order me to remove my riding gear.

"come on, get naked or i will tell everyone how i caught you playing with your horses dick "

"i havent played with it " i said

"yes but no one else knows that"

"now i want you as naked as the day you were born, get your clothes of f and if your lucky i might give you them back to go home in"

i stood there for a moment waiting for him to say he was joking, i soon reolised he wasnt

"come on get naked for me now"

"never mind i will just tell everyone what ive seen" he said as he walked off

"no wait, ok ok i will strip for you, please just dont tell anyone"

i felt so embarased, here i was horny at the thought of being caught, now id been caught it didnt feel the same, there was nothing i could do exsept strip for him

reluctantly i bent over and began to unzip my boots from the knee down to the ankle and one by one removed them and threw them to him, as threw my boots them to him i found i was becoming strangely aroused by the thought, i was being made to strip off i couldnt do anything but give him all my clothes

as i unzipped my johdpurs and released the clasp at the top the stretchy material pulled back to reveal my hairless area around my erection, he could see i kept myself fully shaved between my legs.

"take off your top first" he said

i did as i was ordered, i pulled off my T shirt and threw it over to him by my boots, i would do what ever he wanted as long as he didnt tell anyone what happend.



i reached to my ankles and undone the velcro straps so i could remove them for him, then came the moment of no return, i pulled my johdpurs down to my ankles, my hard wet erection sprang out of them letting him see how much i enjoyed stripping ffor another man, i took them off and threw them to him, i was now completely naked and all his.

i could see his huge bulge in his pants, he looked me up and down for a moment then picked up my clothes.

"You wont be needing these"

he went away ,leaving me vounrable with no clothes to put onshould someone come in.

when he returned his hand were empty, all my riding gear was now gone

"Get on your hands and knees and spread your legs"

"iii err ju" i stammerd

before i knew it i was pushed to the floor and my hands were being tied behind my back as i lay face down, i didnt resist.

next my ankles were tied together, i was now captured, naked and his to abuse

he rolled me so i was face up, his cock was out and very hard, he straddled my face and began to rub his big dick over my lips smearing his pre-cum all over me, he grabbed my nose and eventually i had to open my mouth to breath, as soon as i did he shoved his cock right in making me gag as his length slid right down to my throat.

i could taste his pre-cum as it dribbled out of his dick into my mouth

after a moment of holding it down my throat he grabbed my hair and began to fuck my mouth as i struggled to get my breath, i could feel his big erect cock right down my throat.

he reached between my legs and grabbed my cock, he masterbated me so fast i came almost instantly.

he then milked me of my cum and turned me around then sat on my back, my arse cheeks were pulled open while he fingered my cum up my tight butt hole to lube me up

he pulled me up on to my knees, with my hands and feet still bound and my face against the floor he began to rub his huge well lubed cock up and down my ring probing it deeper and deeper till he began to work himself right up inside stretching me open as he forced his member inside my tight virgin arse

i could smell his musky pre-cum and taste it on my lips as i lay there with my arse cheeks parted wide open waiting to have my anal virginity taken as i got raped sensless, i was all his, my butt hole, my cock, my naked bound body was his to fuck

"aaaaaaaarrrrr" i yellped

"aaaauuhhh rrrrrrrrr uhhhhhhhh uuuuuuuuuuuhhhhhhh"

he was inside my virgin arse stretching me as he slid his length futher and further up me

i was practiclly paralised as he pushed himself right up me till his balls touched mine.

God he was fucking huge, he pulled all the way back out before pushing himself all the way back in, i writhed round on the end of his dick trying to stop him pushing in so hard

"please your too big aaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr uuuuuuuuuuhhhhhhhhhh"

"please stop"

"Be genttle uuuuuuuuuhhhhhhhh yourrrrrrrrrrrrr uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu stttttttttttt ssssssssssssssssstttt uuuuuuuuuuuu stret uuuuuuuuuuuhhhhhhhhhhhhh spliting my ass open p........ uh pl.......e.....uuuuuuhhhhh please

"i am being gentle bitch heres fucking you hard"

with that he began to work his length up my ass like id took cock up there all my life.

as i yelped in pain he pounded his huge dick in and out of my voilated hole

"god your tight bitch"

"im gonna enjoy fucking your arse open"

It was then i reolised this wasnt going to be a one off, my arse was going to be getting cock up it quite a lot now hed got me

He just laughed and began to pound away at my arse relentlesly making me moan in pain and pleasure

Every thrust up me consumed my mind making me dizzy as i was ragged open by his huge dick,

i could feel my stinging arse i was becoming stretched, as i was able to acomidate his all of his dick in my arse without it hurting as much, i began to relax and enjoy his cock pumping in and out

"oooooh you like this bitch dont you"

to my amazement i said through gasps of breath

"yes uuuuuuuuhhhhhhh yes uuuuuuuuuuuuuhhhhhhh fuk me uuuuuuuuh fuk me please i love your cock up me"

he rammed right inside me and held himself there as he spasmed and fiiled my anal passage with squirt after squirt of cum

as he pulled out his cum gushed out of my gapeing arse hole and run down my legs, still tied up all i could do was let his cum run out my arse.

i lay there as my stinging arse twitched as if it was still being fucked by his monster cock
i tried to clench my ring tight to stop myself from leaking but i was so stretched and sore i couldnt, my arse was broken

i was pulled up by my hair on to my knees, i could see his cock still quite hard with cum all over his lovley big bell

he rubbed it all over my face before forcing it into my mouth to be sucked clean

"clean it for me bitch" he said

obediently i sucked it as i took his length into my mouth, big globules of sperm come out of him coating my teeth with sticky proteen, i licked it from his balls to the tip of his helmet, but while his length was right in my mouth he grabbed my hair and held himself right down my throat and began to fill my mouth with pee

as i gagged from the pee running down my throat into my stomach he pulled out and peed allover my face and body soaking me.

i felt completely abused as his warm pee splashed over my face and run down my naked body

i was then taken into the house were i was shaved from head to toe, then i had a collar padlocked onto me and i was chained to his bed by my collar my arse was going to get pleanty cocks up it before the night was over but thats another story

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2009-09-03 18:16:33
Nice story dude :)


2008-07-18 11:48:18
should've had someone sucking his cock as well

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2008-06-17 15:38:39
i wanna suck u off


2007-03-18 17:43:40
No no I'm sure that the last sentence should have actually read; "then I woke up, and that was the end of it"


2007-03-17 20:35:14
Yeah....stop jacking off while you write retard.

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