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She slipped into town, without anyone having a clue. No phone calls ahead, no planning, just a mad, impulsive decision made in the dead of night. She was waiting in the shadows as he approached, totally unaware - his mind focused on the tasks he must face when he got to work. She stepped into his path, the movement causing him to look up. Shock and disbelief crossed his face as he realized that he was not imagining this, but she was actually standing in front of him - in the flesh! He was at a loss for words - never in a million years would he have expected this. They speak on the phone each day, and surely she would've given him some clue if she was making the trip. Not this time - she wanted to surprise him! When his shock subsided, his delight in seeing her took over and he grabbed her into his arms. Their reunion was sweet, since it had been many, many months since they were last together. Though he was supposed to be at work in a few minutes, they turned and walked to her car and drove to her hotel. He made a call once they got there and informed them that he wouldn't be in.

After all the questions were answered about how, why, when, why, how...she came to be there, they forgot the reasons and simply enjoyed being together. He flopped down on the bed and she crawled up beside him. He smelled and felt wonderful to her, his body hard and strong. She had wanted to press against him for so long, the ache inside, growing by the day, could now be satisfied. As they talked softly, their hands began to explore, getting reaquainted with each other physically. It didn't take long for clothes to start being stripped off as their passion built. They had been denied this physical closeness for so long, they couldn't wait any longer. The touching turned into groaping, and soon their hands were moving at a fevered pace over each other's naked bodies. He pulled her on top of him and pressed the length of his warm skin against hers, tangling his fingers in her hair as they kissed deeply - running his other hand down over her ass and pushing her down firmly against his cock. She began to rock on top of him, rubbing her clit on his hardness, making him slick with her wetness. "Oh yeah...give me that stuff", he breathed in her ear. "It's all yours...come get it", she moaned. He rolled her off to the side and propped her up on a pile of pillows. Moving between her legs, he pushed her knees back to get a good look at her dripping pussy. "Oh, I can smell I've got to taste you!" and he dove in for the treat. She arched her back at his touch and moved with his probing tongue. His fingers pulled back her lips so he could get to the sweet meat inside and she pressed up further in anticipation. "Oooh, you want this, do ya?" "Uh-huh," she panted. "Well, you're gonna get it!" and he plunged his tongue deeper, sending her off on a ride. Her reaction was expected and he held her hips more firmly to avoid injury! He moved his mouth over her clit and swirled and pressed on it with his tongue as he slipped two fingers inside her pussy. He knew this would make her crazy! He continued to suck and bite her clit while his hand plunged deeper and harder with every thrust. She pushed down against his fingers and sprayed her cum everywhere. When he felt that warm gush begin to bubble inside of her, he moved his mouth lower to catch the shower. "Hmmm, soo good! Give me more." She did until she couldn't spray any more and everything in a two foot area was soaked. After she caught her breath, she said that she'd like to take a shower. "Oh, no..., you're not washing all that good stuff off yet, we have things to do."

"I want to see you stroke yourself with my cum-soaked panties. I've heard you talk about it, but now I want to watch!" She fumbled through her suitcase and found a pair of red silks and ran them up along the insides of her thighs to her dripping pussy lips then soaked up the cum that covered the bed as well. When they were dripping with her juice, she handed them to him and he put them to his face - taking the full scent into his nostrils, then ran them over his neck, down his stomach, across his ass, then finally wrapped them around his cock. It was just as she had it pictured - and more!!! The expression on his face was one of pure pleasure. Looking straight into his eyes while he did it, made it even better. He coaxed and stroked his cock until it was very swollen, then stroked it even harder. She didn't say anything, but spoke to him with her eyes, telling him, "Do it for me...mix your cum with mine....I want it!" He did mix their cum...shooting streams of his hot white cream into the already soaked fabric. When he finished, he motioned for her to come and stand closer. When she complied, he held the panties open for her to step into. He slowly raised them, an inch at a time, smearing her skin with the contents. She trembled at the feel of the wetness against her skin and felt her muscles twitch with desire again. "No, no, have to get dressed now, we're going out." So, out they went and walked among the crowds of people, emitting the scent of sex to all who came near them. They got some questioning glances...but that was okay, it was part of the thrill.
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