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New lady moves in but she
The late September sun is already heating his bare back as he climbs the scaffold to start another Saturday’s work. “Working this much is going to kill me,” he thinks as the grinder comes to life in his hand and he begins removing the old rotten mortar between the rows of bricks. With the rising gas prices and interest rates he’s taken on a part time construction job, the worst thing about it being it’s killing his sex life, getting up early to start his day then getting home after the wife is too tired to fuck is frustrating and he’s getting more than a little horny.

He’s been working on the old three story house for more than a month already and the neighbors have finally stopped complaining about the noise and dust; at least the house that shares the back yard has been empty.

It’s already hot and the sweat is running down his bare chest leaving trails in the dust coating his lean frame as the tool’s roar fills his ears through the muffs protecting his hearing.

Without warning the grinder goes dead leaving his hands vibrating and ears ringing. From below he hears a muffled voice calling, “Excuse me!” Turning and looking down he sees a woman peering up with a look of mild disgust on her face. “What the fuck does she want, and who in the hell is she?” he thinks to himself. “I don’t remember seeing her around before.”

“What can I do for you Miss?” he asks as the fact that she’s wearing a bathrobe dawns on him.

“I’m really sorry to bother you, but I just moved in next door and the movers put the boxes with some of my clothes under a box with dishes in it and I can’t lift the damned thing. Could you please help me? By the way my name is Taylor.”

Sure enough, she leads him to the empty house in the back yard. “Fuck,” he thinks. “Now I’ll have to listen to her bitching about the mess for the rest of the month.” At least she’s gorgeous, ice blue eyes, long auburn hair that looks like she just got up, long legs poking out from under her robe and a large swell where her breasts are hiding. She leads him through the kitchen to the living room weaving around boxes the whole way. In a corner of the living room he sees a rumpled sleeping bag. “Looks like she doesn’t mind roughing it a little,” he thinks.

“It’s this box here,” indicating one at the top of a stack. Lifting it he notices her watching his shoulders as they flex to hoist the heavy box and set it down beside the stack.

“Thanks, I really appreciate your help. I hope I didn’t keep you from work too long.”

“No, that’s no problem. I just hope I didn’t wake you up to early with all the noise.”

“Oh no, I grew up around my dad’s job sites so the sound of men working is kind of relaxing to me,” she assures him.

“That’s good to hear, it’s going to take me probably another 2-3 weeks to finish this side of the house so you’ll be hearing a lot of me.”

As he is walking back through the kitchen to the back door from the living room he hears her yell, “Those fucking bastards!” Returning to discover the cause of the outburst he sees her looking in the opened box of her clothes.

“What’s wrong?”

“Would you look at these?” she asks as she holds up 2 pairs of very dainty thongs with some gooey white liquid dripping off them. “Those ass holes put a bottle of my lotion on top of my panties and the fucking thing squirted all over when they sat that heavy fucking box on top. So now I have to do laundry before I can even get fucking dressed.”

Her robe has gapped open revealing a hint of areola of one tanned tit that looks too large to be on a woman with her small frame and her cleavage that has taken on a slightly rosy tint in her agitated state. As he feels his cock slowly swell to extend along his thigh all can think to say is, “Well at least it’s just lotion and not some other white cream.” He smiles. She stutters a second then starts laughing, and as she chuckles her tits bounce up and down causing him to harden further. He catches her glance at the growing bulge in his tight jeans then she notices her robe is threatening to expose her nipples. Dropping her panties and grabbing her robe she pulls it closed and he can see the flush of color extend up her throat to her cheeks. Sensing her embarrassment he lets her know if she needs any more help to let him know, and turning, he goes back to work.

It is late that same day when the sun is setting and he is putting his tools away, preparing to leave, when she shows up again carrying two long neck bottles of beer.

“I wanted to say thanks for helping me this morning and thought you might like a cold one to wash some of that dust down.”

“Thanks.” He smiles at her and takes in her tight white tank top and gray terry cloth shorts, which are pulled up tight in her crotch showing a well defined camel toe. They sit talking for a while enjoying the warm night and cold beverage when he asks jokingly, “How much unpacking did you manage to get done after doing laundry this morning?”

“Honestly, I just said fuck it! I got dressed without underwear and went to work.” She replies with a grin of her own. “Besides who could see? I was inside all day.”

From her dust smudged cheek he guesses she hasn’t had a shower yet and is probably still without panties or bra. Then by her quickly stiffening nipples he is sure of it.

As he feels his cock slide down his pants leg again he stands and nervously says, “I really should be going, if I leave now I might still get some supper at home for a change.”

“Good luck with everything you eat tonight then and I’ll be looking forward to seeing more of you again.”

All he can think about while taking his shower is Taylor and how hot she looked sitting drinking her beer- something his wife would never do. It is only high end wine for her. As he comes out of the bathroom Wanda, his wife, is standing in front of the dresser mirror putting on make-up, the only thing she has on are her newest lace boy shorts and damn do they show off her tight little ass. Hugging her from behind he can feel her hard nipples press into his palms (she never wears a bra over her A cup breasts and her nipples almost always are rock hard) and his dick presses into the soft valley of her ass. Bending down and slowly kissing her neck he gently runs his hands up and down her flat hard belly. Wanda reaches behind her and tokes his swollen nuts in her hand and lifts them feeling their warmth and how swollen they are.

Then she squeezes and pulls down causing him to catch his breath. “If you mess up my hair or make-up I’m going to yank these fuckers off and take them with me to the club tonight and show them to all the girls!” she growls at him.

“Damn honey it’s been so long, you don’t have to be like that.”

“It’s not my fault you won’t get a real fucking job and make some real money for a change! My sister’s husband just got a promotion and now he gets a company car and expense account, what kind of perks does your lousy job give you?”

“Wanda you know I love my job, I get to make a difference in kids’ lives at the support center.”

Later he’s thinking over what she said about his job and the fact that she told him not to bother waiting up because she was going to have some real fun tonight. He can’t help but get pissed off. “Fuck I really need a beer and of course the damned fridge is empty!”

As he pulls into the little country bar he’s glad to see the parking lot pretty well filled up. “Maybe I can hide in a corner so I can get good and drunk.”

He’s finishing his 5th long neck when the aroma of perfume catches his attention, it’s smell causes his balls to twitch in his pants, then a soft sweet voice calls his name.

“I hope you’ll let me buy the next one.”

Looking up he stares into ice blue eyes that he has been thinking about all night.

“Taylor? What are you doing here?”

Sitting down beside him at the dark table her perfume fills his senses, causing his beer filled head to sway gently.

“Well after our beer I couldn’t help but think how good it tasted and thought I’d go out and get to know the town a little and maybe find some place fun to get another drink.”

As they sit talking and enjoying the music and drinks she slides next to him and he can feel her heat against his arm and through his tight jeans.

A slow bluesy song fills the air and she grabs his hand and pulls him onto the dance floor where she pulls him close enough to her to mash her full tits into his chest and her pubic mound against his inflamed hard on. Swaying against each other, her nipples begin to poke through his t-shirt and rub over his ribs, his hand drops to the side of her ass and she groans into his neck, both their ears burning as the temperature of their blood increases. As the song comes to an end she takes his hand, instead of returning to the table she leads him out the door and to a beat up old pick up.
“Get in,” she says. “You’ve had too much to drink so I’m going to give you a ride home.”

As she pulls into her driveway she tells him, “I need another drink first, then I’ll take you home.”

He follows her through the front door, before it has a chance to latch behind him she pushes him against it, causing the door to close with a thud. With both hands she grabs his shirt and pulls it up and over his head revealing his strong chest with a light covering of dark hair that gets thicker as it descends from his belly button and disappears under his waistband. Leaning into him she starts gently sucking on his neck. Trailing her tongue between his cut pecks she leans to his left nipple and softly pulls it into her mouth as she flicks its hardening nub with the tip of her wet tongue. As she continues farther down she undoes his pants and reaches behind him to firmly grasp his firm ass with both hands, forcing his jeans to fall below his waist. Her lips graze over his rippling abs stopping at his belly button, which she explores with her tongue.

Leaning back she can’t wait any longer and pulls his jeans to the floor, revealing his already hard cock. Its plum-shaped head extends just above his belly button; she gazes in awe at it as she wraps her hand around the shaft. Thick enough her fingers don’t touch she pushes it against him as she leans forward and licks him like a lollypop from his shaven orange sized balls to the already precum leaking tip. Taking him in her mouth she pushes forward only to feel him pull away; with both hands she pulls on his chiseled ass forcing him to give her as much of his throbbing manhood as she can take. Drawing back, leaving just the tip in her mouth, she places her hand on the length of shaft she has left wet then slides forward again. With him lodged in the back of her throat her hand is just touching his trimmed pubic hair, back and forth she sucks his cock stroking with her hand, listening to his moans get loader and more intense. Taking a breather she pushes her nose into his soft balls and rolls them over her tongue as she continues stroking him using her saliva as a lubricant.

Looking up into his eyes, “I’m ready for my drink now, please give me your warm juice.”

All he can do is groan as she again takes his purple head into her mouth and starts sucking, drawing his semen from his ball, jerking with one hand and pushing his balls into his groin.

Faster and faster she strokes, flicking her tongue around the slick head until she feels him swell in her fist and then he is groaning, “Oooohhhhhh fuck!”

The first spurt lands on her tongue, hot and slightly sweet, her wet pussy spasms, the second shot more intense than the first drops down her throat as she continues stroking his shaft and sucking the engorged head, the third and most intense hits the back of her throat with such force her eyes water but she isn’t about to stop now. “My god he tastes so fucking good,” she thinks as he continues filling her mouth.

Unable to take any more he pulls her from the floor and crushes her in his strong arms pulling her mouth to his lips. The kiss they share serves to keep his manhood from shrinking, her passion is intense and she feeds him her tongue.

Stepping out of his pants he picks her up, cradling her in his arms. “Where’s the bedroom?”

As he sits her down on the soft mattress he pulls off her blouse, revealing a lacy half cup bra gladly presenting her soft tits and aroused nipples to his appreciative gaze. From his knees he leans into her, kissing her collarbones, moving between her full breasts, purposefully avoiding her nipples. Leaving little red marks on the exposed bottom of each tit finally he rises to her nipples and draws one slowly in, just touching its tip with his tongue while brushing the other with his fingers. Moving to the other nipple he pulls it into his mouth sucking hard, trying to draw as much of her flesh into his mouth as will fit, then he releases the pressure and as he draws away from her, gently scrapes the sensitive nub with his teeth.

Standing he pulls her feet up and places them on his chest rubbing them firmly, pulling one to his mouth he tickles her arch before pulling her little toe into his mouth sucking on it as he is about to her clit while gazing intensely into her eyes.

Reaching forward he unsnaps her shorts and pulls them off her long legs, leaving her laying with her bra and panties, her hair spilling over the covers, arms up over her head causing her breast to lift higher on her rib cage, legs spread to accept his presence between them. The rosy hue to her chest tells him she’s aroused as does the hardness of her nipples, but the damp spot at the center of her panties lets him know just how ready she is. Falling to his knees he slowly pulls her panties off, as they near his face her scent catches in his nose causing his semi-hard cock to throb and regain its previous hardness.

Her auburn hair is her natural color, as the stripe of above her smooth labia attests to, completely hairless her lips spread open showing her enlarged clit and wet opening just below.

Less than an inch from her womanhood her can’t believe how good she smells. “Just how a woman should smell,” he thinks as he takes one lip in his mouth and gently sucks it in before giving the other the same treatment.

All around her pussy he licks leaving her outer lips as slick and wet as her inner. Softly licking her between her wet pussy and oh so pink anus slowly sliding up and lodging his tongue in her hole, he hears her moan and she spasms trying to trap him in her. Upward he moves, finally stopping just below her clit, letting his hot breath pulse against her most sensitive spot until he can’t wait any longer and closes his lips around her and sucks it in slowly rolling his tongue over it, pushing the hood back to expose more of her raging nerve endings to his work.

As he slides his finger in her she gasps and her back arches up leaving only her shoulders and gorgeous ass on the bed, in and out he slides his finger while firmly holding his tongue on her pulsing clit, working her first orgasm of the night.

Firmly grabbing him by thehair she pulls him up. “Please let me feel you inside me!” she begs.

As he slides inside her they kiss, plunging their tongues into each other’s mouths, fighting each other for the other’s breath. Gently he withdraws, stopping with little more than the head lodged in her then firmly and swiftly he advances again and again. She can feel the ridge of his hard cock sliding against her walls and with the culmination of each forward thrust he grinds against her clit swiftly bringing her to the edge of another climax. Continuing his thrusts he leans back and takes her nipples in his mouth again, pulling each one into his mouth as he swabs his tongue over the tips.

Again her breaths are coming shorter and her chest is turning a deeper red, signaling to him that she’s about to cum. Speeding up his motion he stands and looks down on her watching the junction of their coupling. As her head rolls from side to side, her eyes turn back in her head and he feels the tightness in his balls causing him to hope that he can join her.

As her orgasm sweeps over her she feels him harden further inside her and knows he is going to cum with her; grabbing his hands she stares into his eyes as the moment joins them, her grasping spasms and his pulsing thrust pounding together raising both their pleasure to heights neither has experienced before.

Lying on top of her, running his fingers through her hair as she slowly strokes his side and back, he can’t help but think back to the morning and how pissed he was to find someone had moved into the house in the back yard and now how glad he is it is Taylor.

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