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We just loved showing each other and anyone else
There were six of us today, two couples and two single guys.

Me; early thirties, reasonably good looking, nice body with a little hair in the right places and a very pretty 8" cut juicy cock

My girl; early twenties, Irish, six feet tall, great body with firm b cup titties and a shaven pussy mound. Her pussy was extremely hungry if not a little big for me. But she was very game and I was introducing her to all sorts of fun.

The older woman; early forties, slightly bigger with a bit more on her ass, belly and tits. extraordinarily good cock sucker and complete whore. A lot of fun, we called her Aunty S

Her man; early fifties. The voyeur, he just loved watching ajnyone and everything. he was the lookout, and cameraman. Rarely orgasmed at the event but occasionally had to be sucked off by his woman ONLY. Loved seeing her violated

'Daddy'; early forties, great body with a HUGE cock. Made my 8" seem small. Cut with a fabulous bulging head, he could fuck and spunk for all of us....

The stranger; foreign, mid twenties, shaved average cock and balls. We had picked him up off the internet and he was spending the day with us. We had all played before so it was pretty good of him to pitch up with us.

We drove out in two cars to the spot. A well known place for outdoors fun, it was a series of meadows surrounded by hedges and small copse's where there was enough room to play. You could still see out across the fields but were sheltered enough not to be seen unless you were looking. You could walk around the edges too, sheltered from the open fields, and spy on anyone in the copse's

We were so fucking horny we went straight to our usual spot. Down went the sheets and off came the clothes - apart from the voyeur. He never took any clothes off, and was armed with the cameras - moving and still. We knew he would get some good shots and knew we would all be fucking each other while we watched ourselves later.

It was a great day for it too, sunny with broken clouds and not too hot. You want to have enough energy for a real good session. I was getting horny now, thinking about the stranger getting involved with us, knowing my girl was going to get another strangers cock right up her hungry cunt.

Me and daddy got stuck straight into aunty S, one him from behind and me from the front. I was loving her chewing on my cock in front of my girl, in some ways showing her how to do it properly. My girl was still in 'training' on how to deep throat so this was good for her, little slut that she was, she was still raw talent.

Daddy was sucking on auntyS cunt from behind and starting to work his fingers in and out of her already wet hole. You could hear the sloshing as she juiced up, and he slowly worked more and more fingers until he finally got the front of his fist working her. the more he did the more she would gag on my cock. She was a fucking expert and I let it go as she worked my shaft deeper and deeper to the back of her throat, making more of that lovely 'throat cum' as she gagged away.

I made sure my girl could get a good look. She was standing there playing with her clit. Holding her cunt lips open with one hand she really pinched at her clit while the stranger was playing with her tits. he really started to work them and I told him to do what ever he wanted with the little bitch. She loved it hard and dirty and was only there to help get spunk out of all our cocks and aunty S's pussy.....

Me and daddy pulled aunty S over to a small V shaped tree, I climbed into the V so I was a couple of feet higher up. This way aunty S could bend forward directly onto my cock while daddy was just the right height to plunder her hole from behind. I saw my girl divert her eyes as his huge cock started to enter the juicy older cunt and she reached out to grab the strangers cock as she clearly enjoyed watching this woman getting fucked. Maybe it was because she knew she would be getting it all later.

She dropped to her knees and started sucking this strangers cock, which of course made me even harder. I started to really skull fuck aunty S and felt her face bouncing off me as daddy fucked her from behind. Now I noticed the voyeur in the picture getting good close ups of his woman getting cocks in two of her holes, urging daddy to fuck her in her ass, to really open up he ass hole with that monster cock and teach the little slut a lesson. He was getting stills and movie shots of this and I knew he was loving every minute of it.

It was time to move things on so me and daddy gave each other that knowing look and pulled our cocks out. At the same time we both let it go, and aunty S took two streams of hot piss. She knew it was coming as she just loved EVERYTHING but she didn't know we were both going ot hit her at the same time. the strangers eyes nearly popped out, he didn't know this was coming and I'm sure I could see his cock grow inside my girls mouth as he watched us pissing over aunty S. Over her face, down over her tit's, between her legs over her cunt and asshole and dripping down her legs. She was loving it and her man made sure he got good close ups of her face as she gulped on my piss.

I looked over at my girl who kind of had a smile on her face. I say kind of because she had a mouth full of strangers cock and I could see the first telltale signs of his spunk dripping from the corner sof her mouth. I told her not to swallow it all but to keep some for aunty S. Once he had finished emptying his load and she had milked as much of it as possible from him, she pulled her mouth off his cock, walked over to us and took aunty S's face in her hands. She then leaned down, opened her mouth with her fingers and spat the rest of his spunk straight into her mouth, watching her lick it up from her lips......

It was time to move on and we all went down to the sheets. Aunty S had to start with the stranger again, coaxing him up so he could deliver some more spunk, and me and daddy were going to have some fun with my girl. On her knees she took both our pissy cocks in her mouth and started to work them over. I knew she loved daddy's cock and loved watching her getting hold of it. Then again so did I and I knew I was going ot have my go on it too. She worked us both and kept us hard for what seemed like an age. I was looking around, and saw aunty S going to town with the strangers cock.

For the first time I also saw someone new who had been watching us from just up the path. I had been so taken to the scene I had almost forgotten we were outside. the voyeur had given us the nod that we were being watched, so I made sure we turned so he could get a good look at my and daddy's cock being gobbled up by my young slut. I told her and she made sure she gave an even better show, playing the young slut being face fucked by two older guys. I could see the watcher playing with his cock through his pants, though he never took any clothes off.

Back to us I dropped to my knees and started to share daddy's cock with my girl. As we were both bi she loved watching me suck on cock, and to do this with her was even more horny for her. I knew we were getting close to the end and wanted her to explode when she finally came. We knelt there for a while taking it in turns to suck back as much of daddy's cock as we could. I couldn't manage it all but she could if he really pushed her head onto him which he did so she was literally gagging and spluttering pre come out of the corners of her mouth. We licked up his shaft together and made him moan as he had two hot mouths working his monster cock - just the way he liked it.

By now aunty S had managed to get the strangers cock up again and it was time for us all to get into one pile. We lay my girl onto her back and daddy was the first to get his cock straight up her cunt. Because she was a little bigger inside his cock filled her up nicely . As she lay there aunty S climbed on top of her face and started to grind her gushing pussy down onto her face. I climber on top of her chest facing aunty S and pushed my cock down towards her face as well. She took it in turns to lick my cock and lick auntyS's dripping cunt. She took my cock and rubbed it all over the open cunt in front of her and I could feel aunty S's swollen clit on the tip of my cock.

In the meantime my girl grabbed the strangers cock and started to jerk him off as hard as she could. This was her idea of heaven as she had as much cock and cunt as she could get a hold of. We fucked there like this, while the voyeur took all the pics he wanted, directing us so he could get the best angles. He knew we would love watching this later so we listened to his direction....

Unsurprisingly the stranger was first to go, he made those jerking movements just before he was going to cum and I quickly changed my position so she could pull his cock toward her mouth. Just in time as he started to spunk freely over her face and aunty S's ass. Once he was milked I was back in place, sloshing my cock over my girl's now spunky face. I pushed up aunty S a little and managed to get my cock up her ass. Right over my girls face I fucked her until she squeaked she was ready to cum. Of course I pulled away so she could squat right over my girls face as she gushed into her mouth. Her man getting right in close to capture his woman cumming straight into the mouth of a young hot Irish girl.

Once done it was just me and daddy left. Well I couldn't hang on any more, flipped my girl onto her knees while daddy pulled back. I face fucked this bitch like it was my last time and spunked so hard into the back of her throat she actually choked on my cum. I didn't care and held her there, milking myself into this little cum dump as she gagged and choked. Jyst as she thought she wasn't going to get any air I released her. Daddy had meanwhile slipped round the back and was quickly having a go on her asshole. This helped with the gagging of course, and once I was done he was ready. I told him to come round the front and as he finally let go I got down next to my girls and we both lapped up his cum as it spurted out time after time after time. We were both covered in it and finished by licking each other clean while everyone else sat back and watched.

After that it was time to go back to the house and watch ourselves, and of course wind ourselves up for the next session......wanna hear about it???? :)

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2012-12-20 11:27:15
Can I reference this arlctie from my site? I find myself coming to your web site more and more often to the point where my stops here are practically daily now! Thanks once more for putting this online. I unquestionably liked every bit of it.


2008-09-07 21:21:01
seems this story jumped around too fast without a good climax on anything. actually it didn't do anything for me and that iyself is kind of unusual since reading sesx usually makes me horny. sorry but it needs lots more sex buildup and detail. good try though.


2007-11-25 21:17:04
nice i wish i could join in


2007-11-22 19:13:53


2007-10-25 01:14:23
It could have used a bit more detail. Like visuals were good but it lacked texture and smells....what noises were there. how did the bark feel under your feet as your gripped it with them while she sucked you? Visuals are nice but you lack the other four is a SENSual act for a reason

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