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This is just a short story, or a "quickie" as I call it.. Enjoy
This is just a short story, or a "quickie" as I call it.. Enjoy

A Day at the Office

This is a day I've dreamt of. For months, I've watched Allison as she worked from her desk. I've watched her as her ass moved in those business skirts and slacks. I've watched every curve of her body. How her breasts stuck out from the tight sweaters and blouses she wore. She was always playful with the guys. A natural flirt.

I've always wanted to fuck Allison since the day I first saw her. What guy wouldn't? She had a body that any guy would give their left nut for. And she always walked around with an air of confidence that almost screamed "I can fuck any guy I want and you can't do anything about it!"

Today was the best time for me. Her boss was overseas on a business trip, so she could wear more casual clothes. Today she wore black leggings and a black pullover sweater. The leggings hugged her shapely legs, which made up for the bulky sweater covering up her breasts. And I found out that she would be spending most of the workday filing old accounts. That meant she would be spending a lot of time in the file room, which was the only isolated room in the whole floor besides the restrooms!

I spent most of the morning preparing for what I wanted to do to her. I knew she was a creature of habit, going to the file room at set points of the day. I also knew that the file room doors were left open during business hours. Anyone could go in there at any time.

By two-thirty, I knew it would soon be time for her to head to the file room again. I watched as she started getting files ready for her to bring with her, then I took my afternoon break.

The restrooms on the floor were across the small hallway from the file room. Most folks don't take their afternoon breaks until three, so I knew not too many folks would notice that instead of heading to the elevators or to the men’s room, I went into the file room.

The file room is filled with racks upon racks of old files. In the far back of the room was the copying machine. It was out of the line of sight with the door, so in order for you to see the copying machine, you had to go through the door, down three rows, then turn right. Many of the file boxes weren’t put up on racks yet, so I hid myself behind one stack of boxes and waited Allison to show up.

Sure enough, a minute later, she entered the room. I could hear the clicking of her "fuck-me-now" pumps against the concrete floor as she walked towards the copying machine.

Sweat started beading down my face. This was something I’ve wanted to do for a long time! And how here I was going to do it!

I crept out from behind the boxes, making sure I was ever silent. The anxiety made me hard. I could hear her hum a sweet melody as she set up the pages to be copied. I got to within inches of her, and I could smell her perfume. She pushed the copy button. The copy machine was extremely noisy. You could hear it all down the hallway. It made for the perfect cover for me.

Before she could turn around, I snaked one hand across her mouth and another on her back to shove her against the machine.
"SHHH!" I said to her ear. "Not a sound!"

With one hand still on her mouth, I struggled to pull her slacks and panties off her in a couple of tugs. It wasn’t as easy as I hoped it would be. But I managed to finally pull them down past her hips. Then it was another task to open up my fly. Fortunately, I was rock hard, that part wasn’t difficult for me.

"Nice ass," I muttered into her ear.

She did have a nice ass. Well rounded, aerobically-toned, and even had
a hint of a tan line. I let my hand linger on it for a few seconds.
But I knew I had to rush this. Allison let loose a whimper when she realized what I was about to do, but she couldn’t do anything about it.

I pushed her over the machine as far as possible then stuck my hard cock into her pussy. She let loose a muffled grunt as she felt every inch of my rod enter her. Her pussy was nice and tight, every bit as I hoped it would be!

As I pumped her pussy from the rear, I finally let my free hand snake underneath her sweater and underneath her bra. Her breast was a handful, and quite warm underneath that wool. I could swear I heard her moan in pleasure just briefly as I continued to pump my cock into her.

I pumped her pretty hard, and as I got near to peak, she started to whimper with each thrust. I wanted this to last a long time. Forever, if it was possible. Just the feeling of power and control I had over her, the sensation of her being fucked by me at work. It was incredible. But I also knew I had to rush things. Anyone can walk into the file room and see me fucking Allison. The last thing I wanted to have happen was a coworker find out what I’ve been doing.

Finally, I let loose a grunt as I shot my load into Allison's pussy.
She grunted herself as each drop of sperm was shot up into her. Then I heard nothing, except the whirl of the copying machine and her heavy breathing. I gave myself one last feel of her bare ass before pulling up her panties and slacks again, then making my way to the men’s room.

I stayed in the men’s room for a couple of minutes so that I could calm down. I looked like a nervous wreck! I was sweating up a storm! It was a good thing I was wearing black slacks too, otherwise folks would have seen the wet spot around my zipper where it rubbed against her rear.

I returned to my desk with just a minute to spare from my break. One of my coworkers asked why I looked like I was in a rush. I simply told her I stepped outside for a few minutes and didn’t want to be late getting back from my break time.

It took a few more minutes before I saw Allison come back from the file room. Clearly she wasn’t the same Allison I saw just fifteen minutes ago. Gone was the pious "I can fuck anyone I want" look. Instead she looked almost paranoid, as if she was saying "Oh my god, did anyone see me get fucked?"

Later that day, I was about to get in my car when I felt a hand snake around me from behind and cover my mouth. I turned around and saw Allison in front of me.

"I had no idea you would do actually do that!" she said with a grin.

"Did you like it?" I asked as I traced a hand across her face. "I mean… did I hurt…?"

She took my hand in hers. "No, no, it didn’t hurt. It was just soײ different! And you’ve always wanted to do that to me?"

"Ever since I met you," I told her. "Thank you darling."

"Don't thank me yet," she said with a chuckle. "Now it’s YOUR turn to live out one of my fantasies!"

Thanks to RJC

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2013-08-30 18:49:42
Meh. Could've been better. More detail in talking about Allison and the office than the actual fucking.

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2011-10-27 08:18:33
You are so awesome for helping me solve this myestry.

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2009-01-11 03:53:40
those comments above were so gay i thought it wuz shit it shud ave bn more dangerous and someone should have joined it


2007-11-09 21:57:47
suck my chode


2007-07-06 23:09:16
To the guy that responded to the guy that said rape never happens, he was talking about in an office... You never hear about rape happening in an office, do you?

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