This story is half true half untue the true half is the animal and bi part of our relationship the part about her brother is un true.
My name is Kevin the time is 8pm and I have just arrived at my girlfriends house to babysat for her while she went out to do some shopping and help with a bachelorette party for her friend. I am twenty three years old the one I am to watch over this evening is her brother andrew he is thirteen. My girlfriend her name is missy she is twenty years old and vary vary kink in the bedroom but that is a story for another time. I am bi sexual and she is aware of it and is ok with it.

I walk to the house and enter the front door. In a chair sets missy watching tv.

Me: Hey sorry im late traffic is horrible.

Missy: That's ok. I would stay and chat but im pressed for time. Andrew is playing videogames in his room so he should not be a bother.

Me: That's ok I understand. And he is never a bother he is cool.

(note) If you are wondering why I am watching her brother it is because the mother works a lot to support them since there father left.

Jessica walks out the door kissing me on the lips on the way out. I walk to the bed room to see her brother playing video games so I walk back to the living room and start watching tv. Seeing as there is nothing on I turn the tv off and turn on the dvd player and begin watching a nice porno knowing his sister let him watch them I did not care if he saw them. His sister lets him watch them when he likes the only person not knowing is there mother. I started to get a little hungry and ordered some pizza as I watched the move. Knowing he only like pepperoni and cheese on his pizza that's all I ordered on it. Her bother a few minutes after come in where I was at wearing only white underwear and a t that went to the waist band of them. Him and me always was good buddies and stuff he climbed up on my lap and set the skin of his smooth legs rubbed against mine since all I was wearing was boxers basketball shorts and a t with basketball shoes. The feeling of his skin touching mine made a small chill run threw me to my cock. He looked at the tv then me and spoke.

Andrew: I like this one.

Me: Really?

Andrew: Yes.

I gazed down to see a small bulge in the front of his underwear. The sight of that sent another more sharper chill threw me to my cock. Was I having sexual desires for her thirteen year old brother I thought to myself then spoke.

Me: So andrew you in the mood for pizza?

Andrew: Yeah.

Me: Well it's on its way go grab a shower and when you get back we can eat alright.


Andrew slid from my lap and walked threw the hall and into his bed room. He walked out with clothing in his hand and entered the bathroom. I took a deep breath and begin thinking to my self. What's going on I felt like I did when I first seen missy in a bathing suit. The doorbell rings out.

Me: Who is it?

Voice: Pizza man.

I got up and opened the door turning the tv off to keep what I was watching under wraps.

Pizza man: Your totle is twenty one Fifty.

I dig threw my wallet and hand the guy twenty five.

Me: Keep the change.

Pizza man: Thanks.

I take the pizza and close the door locking it behind me. I set the pizza on a table near by waiting for andrew to finish his shower. Knowing he took a while in there a lot I decided to turn the porn back on and jack off a little. As I was stroking my hard seven inch cock there black lab walked in and started licking me on the head and shaft of my dick. I moved my hands and allowed it to proceed licking me. Me and my girlfriend was into animals so it was nothing new to her to find the dog licking my dick or me sucking it off. Like I said we are a vary kinky couple always looking for new ways to spice it up. But back to the story as the dog licked me and the porn held my attention I never herd her little brother walk out of the bathroom.

Andrew: Hey.

I was shocked and amazed he was standing only a few feet from me. I stumbled up and put my still hard dick away and set back down. He was wearing blue boxers and an orange t shirt.

Me: Umm how long was you there.

Andrew: Don't worry I play with myself a lot to when I watch these and also let the dog lick me some times.

Those words shocked me yet also kind of made me a little harder than I was. I grabbed the pizza box from the table and set back down on the couch the porn still running. After eating I stood to take the box and place it in the garbage. When I come back I was shocked to find him jacking off his dick about three inches long and a little fat about like my finger. His boxers and t on the floor next to the couch. I stared at it kind of shocked but yet kind of aroused. I walked to the couch and set down thinking he may stop but I was wrong. Out of the silence of the room except for the porn I heard him say.

Andrew: Join me

I again was shocked but also more hard than ever I stood and removed my shorts boxers and shoes then my t shirt and set back down. I started slowly jacking my hard cock again starring down at his every now and then. Then it it me I was wanting to be with him. The next words spoken was a shock to me yet I never even thought about it I just spoke with no thought to it.

Me: Want me to help you?

He looked at me and with a common like expression spoke.

Andrew: Sure. And I can help you to.

I retch over without thought and took his small penis in hand it was hard yet small to my hands I slowly stroked him. He started smiling as he reached over and took my cock in his small hand and begin stroking it slowly The feel of his hand on my dick was weird feeling yet I loved it again I thought to myself. I am jacking off a thirteen year old boy in exchange for him jacking me. I love it and I don't want it to stop. After that the tension went away and my mind exploded with sexual ideas. After a minute of masturbating one another I moved from the couch to the floor and opened his legs. I took his small dick in my mouth and sucked it slowly licking it all even taking his balls in my mouth as well. He squirmed around a little as I sucked him. He rubbed his small hands threw my hair then ask.

Andrew: Can I try to put it in your ass.

I slid my mouth from his dick and got on my hands and knees in the floor. My legs spread to give him the best view of my ass. I felt his hard small dick press against my ass hole then just the head slid in a bit and back out. He then spoke is a down depressed voice.

Andrew: Im sorry im not big enough to go deeper in you.

Me: It's ok you have a great dick and I like it.

Andrew: Really?

Me: Yes.

Andrew: Can I suck you since I was unable to fuck your ass.

Me: Sure and I will even give you a bit of anal pleasure as well because I really like you and am having a lot of fun.

Andrew: Ok

I laid back on the couch his small naked body climbing on mine in sixty nine position. He took my dick in his mouth and sucked it slowly. The feeling was great. I used my hands and spread his small ass and slowly licked his tight ass hole. He squirmed a bit again but nothing more. He kept sucking the head of my dick and rubbing my balls with his hands. After a few seconds of licking his tight ass hole I pressed it till it slid inside. I tongue fucked his tight ass causing him to moan and breath heavily. After I slid my tongue out I sucked my pinky finger then pushed it inside slowly causing him to moan louder. I slowly finger fucked him for about five minutes his ass tight but loosening around my finger. I slowly pull out and he removes his mouth from around the head of my cock and slides to the floor.

Me: Vary good andrew. Im close to cuming.

Andrew: Pleas cum on me ill shower again so you wont get caught. And if you wondering I promise I wont tell I loved this.

Me: Ok

I set up spreading my legs and starts jacking off. He leans in to lick the shaft up to the head then to the balls as I stroke it.

Me: Ok andrew im about to cum.

He gets close just as my dick explodes hot cum all over his small body. His face chest and even a little on his dick. At this point I thought to myself this is great and vary worth the risk. As I finished Cuming on him a car lights flash threw the window on the door. I get up to see that his sister is home a little early.

Me: Hurry go get a shower your sis is home.

Andrew: Ok.

As he grabs his clothes and runs to the bathroom I stumble getting my clothes on. I open the door to greet her.

Me: Hey missy welcome home.

Missy: Thanks.

She walks in and sets on the sofa. I set down beside her and we start talking.

Missy: Wheres andrew? Did you two have fun?

Me: Yes a lot. He is in the shower right now.

Missy: What did you all do?

Me: Watched a porn flick and ordered pizza.

Missy: I see that.

Looking at the pizza box and the porn movie still playing. I thought to myself a lot the decided to risk it all and explain what had happened.

Me: You know how we are always looking to spice things up in the bed room?

Missy: Yes.

Me: Well tonight I experienced something that was so good.

Missy: What?

Me: Well not sure how to say it so here it goes. I had sex with andrew.

Missy: What really?

Me: Yes.

She gave me a weird look then a sigh of relief.

Missy: Well at least now I can talk to someone about it.

Me: About what?

Missy: Well this past two months I have been having sex with him as well. It started with playful touching then led to him using a vibrator on me it was so good.

Me: Wow.

Missy: I never told you because I was scared of how you may react due to his age or being my little brother.

Me: I love it and I think he could be good for us in the bed room as well as us good for him.

After a little more common chit chat about her evening I left and since then our sex life has been better we have added other family members in on our fun as well. If you liked it pleas tell me I would love to write more and I have much more to tell so pleas tell me what you think and be honest thanks for your time.

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2011-12-08 05:28:09
Best. Line. Ever: "Sure and I will even give you a bit of anal pleasure as well because I really like you and am having a lot of fun."

Also, yeah you should tag this as gay. The girl never actually gets involved. This is just two boys.

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2011-11-29 19:26:31
you need to work on your dialogue and making it sound more real. Who would actually say 'I'm going to give you anal pleasure"? i mean really. Just say you're going to finger his ass.

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2011-06-27 21:14:19
Ab fab my godloy man.

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2011-05-02 05:49:07
Sketchy, also it's gay so why did this not show on the tag?

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2009-07-09 07:12:46
Did you never learned how to use periods? You know the little [ . ], and you could use som more grammar knowledge as well. Your story was OK though, but I missed som details.

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