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A lazy day on the water, sun shining, warm heat on the boat deck. She's lying on her towel sunning herself and gets really hot. She slips off her bikini top to reveal her full breasts to the sun. Not only the sun is graced with her beauty, the sailor below deck is treated to an eye-full when he happens to venture above. He comes to stand over her, blocking the sun on her body. She opens one eye to peer up at his silouheted frame. The expression on his face is one of pure lust. The urge to grab those mounds of flesh is strong and when she cups her hands around each one and offers them to him, he is on her in a flash. He lowers his body to hers and straddles her hips, firmly rubbing and squeezing her tender sun-kissed flesh. She arches upward as he lowers his mouth to devour her protruding nipples- sucking, biting and pulling on each alternately as she writhes from his touch.

He goes below to get a few more cold ones and while he's gone, she removes the last scraps of clothing she's wearing. He returns to see her standing on the bow of the boat, hair blowing in the wind, totally comfortable being out in the middle of the bay with nothing on her beautiful body. He walks up behind her and slides his arm around her, tips the beer and lets it trickle down over her sizzling hot flesh while he nuzzles her neck with his mouth. He moves around to kneel in front of her and flattens his tongue against her skin and reverses the stream of the cold beer. He takes a quick drink directly from the bottle and dribbles the cool liquid over her steamy clit then takes the bottle and rubs it lightly over her swollen lips. He spreads her lips apart with his fingers and holds them firmly while he inserts the tip of the long-neck into her coated canal. He watches intently as the bottle disappears inch by inch. When her muscles begin to twitch around the glass, he sees the trail of cum running from her.

She moans, squirms and grips his head to pull his mouth close to her body. He sucks on her clit, pulling it to erection while pumping her with the bottle. He sits the beer on the deck then grabs hold of her thighs and encircles his arms around her and pulls her down to straddle his face. His chin rotates against her ass while his tongue explores her sweet cave and his nose strokes her love button. He continues his tongue bath on her clit while plunging three fingers deeply into her pussy and a thumb up her puckered ass. He can hear his fingers squishing around inside her as she rides the waves of ecstasy that flow throughout her entire body. When she can take no more, she throws her head back and unleashes a torrent of juice into his waiting mouth. Her lips slide effortlessly over his drenched face as she moves back and forth against him; his tongue penetrating deeply into her spasming cavern.

The rush of musky cum engulfs him and excites him even more. His cock is hard and throbbing with desire to be bathed in her warm honey. He guides her back along his muscular body smearing her wetness along the way. The light breeze hitting the trail causes his skin to tingle. She comes to rest straddling his hips and he raises up to meet her. She moves further down between his legs and runs her hands over his hairy thighs. He smacks her lips with his cock as she greedily tries to capture it, but he pulls back out of her reach. He thumps his rod against her mouth again and she rubs it across her lips. When she opens her mouth and extends her tongue for a taste, he thumps it against her tongue then slides it down her throat. She covers the enormous head of his cock with her mouth and swirls her tongue around it. She holds tightly to the base and squeezes as to prevent him from cumming too soon. She wants to make this last as long as she can. With her free hand, she cups his balls and rolls them playfully through her fingers, pulling and lightly squeezing them as she sucks and licks his hardness. She has him in such a frenzy that his mind is confused. The feel of her hands and mouth on him is wonderful, yet he desires to release the incredible fullness that has built up within him. From the moans she hears and the rhythmic thrusts of his hips, she knows that he is near the edge.

Wanting to pleasure him even more, she holds tightly to his shaft while moving to straddle him - her ass to his face. His hands find the meaty flesh too inviting to ignore and he squeezes and kneads the handfuls within his reach. She strokes the tip of his cock against her wet slit and dips it in teasingly. Still restricting the explosion she knows will soon come, she moves slowly up and down bringing his dick completely out then plunging down on it until it is buried deep within her. They can only stand a few of these playful taunts before he is gripping her hips and bobbing her harder and faster with the urgency he feels. His cock splits her wide and she reaches down to squeeze his balls as he plunges in. He lets out a gasp of pleasure as her body wraps completely around him. She releases her grip on him and his body tenses and shudders as his hips thrust spasmically. His eruption hits her and she lights up like a rocket, sending yet another flood of her cream over him. As their mix oozes back down over his cock and puddles on the slippery deck; their screams of pleasure are absorbed into the breeze.


2004-11-24 03:25:12
great short story! good job. nothing wrong with this one.

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