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Doc gets 'physical' during a physical
Dr. appointment gets physical

I'm an 18yr old senior in high school on the swim team. Every year we have to get a physical to be allowed to compete. Mom set it up with our family Doctor. I followed all the requirements like don't eat after midnight the day before, that kind of stuff.

Sitting in the waiting room my name gets called. Sent to an exam room the nurse comes in and has me get on the paper covered exam table. She takes my temperature, checks my pulse, and takes a blood pressure reading. "The Doctor will be in soon" she says and leaves.

After a short while the door opens and Doc comes in. He's a handsome man in his early forties with an average but fit build. "Hey Jason, I see you're here for a sports physical, seems like we do this every year".

"Well, yes we do, I've been competing since I was 9 years old."

"Ok, I see your pulse, temp, blood pressure are all good, let's get started, undress down to your underwear." Since I'm a swimmer we shave our bodies to get less resistance in the water. My body is totally smooth and hairless with a nice tan from being outside at the pool.

As I undress it is obvious the Doc is looking at my body. When I was younger he was always looking at charts while I undressed. This was the first clue that this was going to be a different visit.

Now sitting on the exam table in only my underwear my hairless body is almost totally exposed. Being a swimmer I'm very lean with a medium muscular body.

He takes the stethoscope and checks my lungs, all good there. He checks my ears, eyes, reflexes, the usual stuff. Now comes the first fun exam, he says "you need to stand at the end of the table, pull your underwear down, I'm going to check for a possible hernia." So I do.

His hand cups my ball sack which is shaven smooth. This morning when I was shaving my body getting ready for swim practice later I looked down at my pubes. Above my dick and on my balls was hair, not much as I'm not too hairy anyway and have no hair on my ass. So I figured what the fuck, shave everything.

When I got in the shower and lathered up my dick and balls the newly hairless feeling was very exciting. Many times I play with my smooth ass so while soaped up my dick got real hard. Soaping up my dick and balls with a lot of lather I started stroking my cock.

The other hand was holding and rubbing my smooth ball sack and it felt really good. It wasn't long before my cock that was getting a soap slicked jacking leading to shooting cum wads. I kept it up until the cumming stopped, rinsed off and got ready for the Dr. appointment.

With the Doc's hand cupping my balls he puts a finger in the spot between my nut sack and asshole and rubs it. "Turn your head and cough" he instructs. By the time he tells me to turn my head the other way and cough I've got a half hard-on and a little prelube glistening on the head.

Looking down at my crotch he says, "hmm, you had pubes last time I saw you, what happened?" My reply was shyly stated, "well, I was shaving my body for swim practice and just got crazy, shaved everything." His eyes opened a little more and he said "it looks good, you should keep doing it." I didn't know what to say so I just nodded.

"Now I'm going to check your prostate" he says. I'm thinking I'm only 18, why does he need to check my prostate? "Bend over the end of the exam table and pull down your underwear so I can get to you." I barely pull my boxers down and hear a squirt sound as he's lubing up his finger to stick in my ass.

I'm bent over on the exam table, it excites me as he pulls my boxers down farther and then I feel a finger pushed up into my ass. He pushes it upwards and rotates it around. Longer and longer his finger is up my ass. That's clue number 2, Doc likes boys. He's fondled my balls, he's rubbed that spot making me semi-hard, he's commented about my shaved pubes, and now he's fingering my ass way more than just checking my prostate.

By now my dick is rock hard and pressing against the end of the exam table. My nuts have drawn up tight to my body, almost straining painfully to release my boy cum. I'm sure the Doc can see what's going on with my cock. Then he speaks. "Some boys get excited during this portion of the exam, don't worry about, it's totally normal" he said as he kept fingering my ass.

Then I can't imagine why I had the nerve to say what I did but I said it, "next time feel free to use your cock to do this exam." As soon as I said it my mind started screaming at me... you dumbass!

He removed his finger and that made me feel worse. I was like Oh Fuck, I freaked my Doc out and he's going to throw me out of here. That was until I heard the click from the door lock. I'm still bent over the exam table, ass up in the air, too afraid to move.

I feel a finger going back in my ass. Ok, door locked and getting my ass fingered, maybe this isn't going to be the most embarrassing moment of my life. Soon I feel a second lubed finger entering my hole. He was moving them in and out while stretching my hole. He was loosening my ass muscles to take his man cock later. It was great, I was pre-cumming constantly.

Still bent over the exam table with my ass available to the Doc he removes his fingers from my hole. In a second I feel hot breath and immediately his face between my cheeks. Doc is licking my ass, tongue darting into my hole.

His tongue is in my hole, it is open after his finger fucking and he has a long tongue so not only is he licking my outside asshole but he is tongue fucking me. Darting in and out of my butt his tongue feels awesome, it is less stretching than his fingers but his tongue reaches into me and he pops it in and out then flicks it on my hole. My cock grows harder with every tongue lick, my pre-cum is now dripping on the floor under the end of the exam table.

Cheeks spread apart and now there's a tongue in my asshole. Never felt this before, been playing with other boys since a child but not to this point. I had no idea what I was going to experience in 'length and girth' dimensions. But now I also realize Doc is going to use this exam as his personal exam of my body. And I don't mind.

His tongue leaves the asshole exploration it has been on, I'm laying there wondering but excited about what he may do next. I hear the squirting sound of the lube and look back at the desk. My gawd I've never seen a cock that big and I've seen many in the showers after swim practice, it has to be almost 10" long and fat.

Moving over to me I can feel a slight pressure at my bung hole. It is his massive man cock, the head barely pressing against my outer butt hole. It is all slick with lube they use to get in you to check your prostate. He's all lubed up and about to enter my tight ass.

I've been with boys before but never anal, always just oral with maybe a finger in my ass, but not a huge 10" cock entering my virgin butt. The head of his cock pops in past the first muscle ring of my ass. He barely presses in to me, but I know more will be going in. He continues to push in my butt muscles slowly relaxing to accept his huge cock inch by inch.

Holding the edges of the exam table I feel his hard cock sliding into me deeper and deeper. I've never been in this situation, getting fucked by a huge dick with my ass opening to accept his massive dick.

But I'm loving the feeling. My cock is hard, still dripping pre-cum, and my balls are so pulled up into me it almost hurts. He is gently moving his cock slowly in and out of my ass, not rough or fast. I can feel him as he pulls back that he nearly pulls out of my hole then presses slowly back into me until I feel his balls on mine. I know he's buried his cock totally as deep in me as he can.

My mostly virgin asshole has this 40'ish monster dick buried in it, I'm hurting but liking it at the same time. He's got his lubed cock all the way in to my ass, his huge dick pressed in me where I feel his balls hit my balls.

His hands grab my hips and that's when he starts to really fuck my ass. I'm bent over the exam table clutching the sides, that damn paper making noise, with my family Doc fucking me in the ass. He's not just fucking my ass, he's ramming his big cock in me while pulling my body to him with real force. His fat cock in my tight ass, big hands on my hips, and a motion of slamming that fat cock in my tight ass, this was very exciting.

"Hey Doc, I think I'm going to spew on the table and floor." He stops the in-out of his dick in my ass and says, "not yet, I want to taste your boy cum." He slowly pulls out his dick from my butt. "Ok boy, turn around and scoot to the end of the table."

I do, my legs hanging over the table edge, my dick bouncing in the air. There I am, no hair anywhere on my body, my hard dick flopping around, and my Doc half naked, just out of my ass, looking at me.

Could be scary. But when he kneels down and swallows my boy cock immediately let's say I'm feeling OK. My position has changed, before I was getting my butt violated, though I enjoyed it, and now I'm about to get my dick sucked.

His mouth takes me full length immediately, I feel his lips tighten around the base of my dick. A few sucking strokes and he let's my cock pop out of his mouth. My dick spasms a few times bouncing around in the air. Doc takes his tongue and laps at my ball sack before sucking one then the other nut into his mouth. My sac is so tight he can put the whole thing in his mouth swirling his tongue around them wildly.

With his right hand he grabs my dick and jacks it up and down. Two fingers on his left hand enter my loosened asshole. My body is in ecstasy, my ball sac swallowed and getting tongued, my cock being stroked, and two fingers up my ass pressing into my prostate.

"Oh Doc, that feels too good, I'm about to cum" I can barely mumble. His mouth moves from balls on to my cock, first licking the pre-cum from the head then slamming my cock deep down his throat. Using his mouth and tongue he strokes my dick with the hot wetness and smoothness inside his mouth.

I can feel the cum welling up inside me as he continues to move his mouth all the way from the tip to the base of my cock. Each time I can feel the head of my dick pressing through to deep in his throat, he doesn't gag in the least. My ass lifts slightly as those first tiny pops of pre-cum let him know I'm going to be flooding his mouth with hot boy cum any second now.

Now I'm bucking into his face as if I was fucking, harder and faster my hips move. His fingers, still buried in my ass, are moving feverishly pressing harder up in me. In a muffled tone I alert him that I'm about to cum, he in turn sucks me even harder.

The feeling of a thick wad of cum leaving my balls and working its way up my pole is unmistakable. My cockhead grows in size and gets hotter than before, Doc jams me deep into his throat where I can feel his chin on my balls and his nose in my crotch.

Two small but strong spurts of cum leave my dickhead. His throat is like a vacuum suctioning out my spew, the first of the major amount floods out as he gulps it down. The feeling of the tight suction and pulse like moving of his throat muscles draws wad after wad that seems to last forever.

I'm seeing stars, my hips locked hovering above the table and dick so hard it almost hurts. With every spurt his fingers massage my hole while his tongue strokes my cock as his throat gulps down every drop of what seems like an endless orgasm.

My hips lower back to the exam table top and my body relaxes even though there are several more small but intense ejaculations. Still deep in his mouth he removes his fingers but continues to lightly suck me. That was the most shattering sexually exciting orgasm I had ever experienced. He kept my cock in his mouth as it lost its rigidity to being only half hard, twitching a little but softening in his wet mouth.

"Jason that was great, you came very hard and quite a bit, I had a hard time swallowing it all" he tells me. I said, "Doc, that was the hardest orgasm I've ever had, my body is tingling." "Good" he says, "I enjoyed eating your cum, now I'm going to give you some of mine."

Standing up he walks over to the cabinet and lubes his cock again. Returning to the exam table where I'm still on the edge legs dangling over he smiles at me making me feel more at ease. Grabbing each leg behind the knees he lifts my legs up and apart, resting my ankles on his shoulders.

Feeling his cock sliding up and down my crack he soon positions the head at my bunghole. This time he doesn't move inch by inch, as soon as the head enters my hole in one hard thrust he rams his fat long dick deep inside me. My body naturally reacts and my hips move up to take him in and press into him.

He's fully buried up my ass, I look down and see my tight hole gripping the massive Doc cock that is completely in me. All I can see is his pubes pressed into my ball sac. Then he begins pumping my hole, pulling way out then jamming full hilt back into me. My hole stretched open and accepting him ass pounding my bung.

Pushing my legs back to where my knees are nearly beside my ears he really starts to pump hard. Now he's pulling completely out of me and like a stabbing motion jams himself into my far deep asshole regions. He does this for quite awhile.

The look on his face is pure excitement as he pounds my tight boy butt with his huge man cock. Letting my legs down he wraps them around his waist. This allows me to use them to pull him into me deeper and harder than before.

The exam table is rocking with his thrusts, my legs locked around his waist pulling him in me hard. His hands move down to my hips and we begin a concerted motion. With each thrust I pull him in with my legs, he rams his cock in me while forcefully grabbing my hips towards him.

I can feel his cock getting harder and his face beginning to contort. Having just felt this myself I knew he's about to cum in my hole. His thrusts get harder and faster, almost violent but sexy at the same time. Harder and faster we both move, me forcing him into my ass with my legs and him pulling me onto his dick with his hands.

"Oh Jason I'm going to fucking cum so hard up your tight ass boy, you ready?" "Uh-huh" is best I can mutter. With a few more hard thrusts, seemingly deeper than ever, his body stiffens and I can feel his cock get hot.

He's now buried so deep in me and not pulling in and out but gyrating so far into my ass no more could be in me. The twitching of his dick becomes obvious so I start clenching and releasing my butt muscles. This action massages and pulls the cum out of his massive dick. With each clench I can feel a flood of man cum shooting from his dick filling my ass. It is hot and feels like a hose shooting pulsating wads up in me.

Wad after wad is being pumped into me before he relaxes, his body collapsing down on mine. He stays there as his cock goes from huge to semi-soft then pulls out of me. As he pulls out I can feel a glob release from my ass and hear it hit the floor. He must have cum a gallon up my ass.

He walks over to the sink and washes his dick of my ass juice, the lube, and his dripping cum. Looking back over at me he can see how thrilled I got getting drilled. My cock was hard and sticking straight up, balls pulled tight, I needed another cum.

"Slide up the table Jason" he instructs and I do so. He walks over to the side of the table with the tube of lube in one hand. He pulls my head over to the edge of the table and rests his semi-rigid dick on my cheek. Even half hard it is massive and heavy. My tongue starts to lap at his balls as I moan lightly, my cock getting harder by the second.

He squirts a large glob of lube on my cock and begins to slowly massage it. I'm still lapping at his ball sac sucking one at a time into my mouth. The weight of his big dick is lessening, I look at it and realize quickly it's because he's getting hard again.

My tongue begins to lick the length of his now throbbing dick hovering over my face. Up and down from sac to tip my tongue dances along the underside of his thick man meat. Whenever a bit of pre-cum would glisten on his cockhead I would lick it off like a hungry animal. All the while he slides his lube slick hand up and down my cock and rubbing my balls when he got down to the base of my dick.

Eventually I took him into my mouth, it wasn't easy given his girth. The head was purple, throbbing, and swollen, constantly putting out tiny gobs of pre-cum which I licked up every time.

Grabbing the back of my head he slowly tried to press his hard member in my mouth. I gagged because it was so large but my throat eased slightly. Still couldn't get more than half in my mouth but that didn't slow him down, he pressed deeper and I had to accept it.

Pumping my face furiously with his cock, hand grabbing my head forcing me to take it, and the other hand jacking my dick I was delirious with excitement. Apparently he was too because I could feel him getting harder and harder.

As he got harder I got harder, which he noticed, and started jacking me faster. There it was again, that feeling of cum building up to a blastoff. He also was getting close as his dickhead grew bigger and more pre-cum started flowing. This got me even more horny.

My cock began to twitch, I was close to shooting my cum again. Doc pulled my mouth down on his fat dick as deep as it would go. He then pumped himself into my wet mouth faster and faster, I could feel he was ready. At first there was a little bit of cum in my mouth, then a huge deluge of hot, thick, salty man cum. I tried to swallow as much as I could.

The feeling of him cumming in my mouth was too much. He squeezed the head of my cock and pulled hard on my shaft sending my cum flying everywhere. Cum flooding in my mouth and squirting from my dick we were cumming together. As much as I tried gulping his goo I could feel it dripping out the corners of my mouth.

Hot jism was shooting from me and landing on my chest, I could feel the heat of each wad. Doc was drowning me in his cum as I gurgled sucking him and his spew.

Eventually we both stopped popping our wads, my cum all over myself and the exam table and his cum flowing out the corners of my mouth as I tried to swallow it. Doc bent over and licked me clean as his hard dick slowly softened in my mouth.

"Jason, you are healthy as a horse" he proclaimed. "And you are hung like a horse" I replied.

He concluded, "you passed your physical perfectly, but I would like to see you next week for a follow-up." Pulling my pants on I looked up and said, "sure Doc, as long as I get a prostate exam every time I'll cum to every appointment!".

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2008-03-14 10:28:33
You're a rocket scientist aren't you...

A male dr. fucking a male boy in the ass is a little queer?

it's totally queer dumbass.


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nice but a little queer


2007-11-09 13:27:27
Oh my ass is sore. last night J and i got together and he fucked me silly.

i hate that i can't throat him because he's so big.

after he sucked my clit and made me cum twice he fucked my cunt getting me really horny.

then came the big show. lubing his hard big dick, pulling me over and up into doggie position, he pushed into my tight ass.

j has little romantic feelings. as the purple head entered my puckered outer hole he was spanking my buttcheeks hard.

soon he pressed deep in me. it takes some serious acceptance to take a 9-10" big diameter dick in your ass.

so guess what, there are many guys with big dicks, a size queen like me loves them, and pain is plaesure!


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BTW - I've been fucked by several guys with 10" cocks (not at the same time though I'm considering it).

In fact this thursday I have a date with a guy who has that large of a cock. he will face fuck me, ram it up my pussy, and eventually cum deep in my ass.

do you think only guys in porn have big cocks? like every guy who has a big dick runs to california to be in porn?

puny penis bitch, shut the fuck up!

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