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Naturist kid falls in love with cute girl. Hero baseball coach be my dad, he


After school the next day, Jeff goes straight to Sean’s house.

“I thought you would be showing up soon.”

“I see. You’re in your bikini already.”

As they frolic in the pool Sean tells Jeff that Roxanne had called. “Oh, is she coming over to swim topless with us.”

“Ha. Ha.”

“Well, we’re topless too.”

“Ha. Ha. Ha.”

“So did she bare all at Black’s Beach?”

“No. Jeff, when you saw her turn around, she went back to put her top back on.”

“Why are you so sad, Sean? Never saw her naked?”

“Actually, no, but that’s not why I’m sad. Well, that’s sad too. She will not become a naturist because it makes her feel naked.”


“Read between the lines. She hates that feeling.”

“So I’m right, Sean. You’re sad that you won’t see her naked. Me too!”

“Let me continue. She’s happy for me that I’m happy as a naturist, but there aint no way she ever will be.”

“Meaning Roxanne is out of the picture now. She’s history. I couldn’t be happier!”

“Well, I’m happy that way too, but I’m seriously sad about losing her.”

“So what can I do for you?”

“That’s sweet of you, Jeff! Right now I want to forget it and play.”

After plenty of wacky fun, Sean takes a business phone call. Soon Jeff feels his own sadness as he swims alone. So he runs up to Sean’s shower. When Sean finishes his call he goes to join Jeff. As he opens the shower door, he sees Jeff with his upper back leaning against the wall, his lower back stretched forward, and his legs spread apart. Instinctively Sean says, “Excuse me,” closing the door and stepping away. Now what he saw sinks in—Jeff was stroking his hard penis. Or is he imagining that.

“Sean, please don’t leave.”

“What’s up?”

“I need help.”

“Jeff, I thought you were having a precious private moment.”

“I’m very sad too.”

“About what?”

“I need to be able to jerk off so I can ask Maria out.”

“I think I missed something there. Is this her request?”

“No, it’s something I gotta do for me. Maybe I’m doing it wrong. Can you help?”

“There’s nothing wrong with your stroke.”

Breaking down in tears, “Help me Sean!”

“I really, really don’t want to go in there.”

In agony, “Please, Sean. Pleeeease.”

Sean steps in, seeing Jeff in the same position, “Can you stop masturbating for a minute?”

Still in tears, reluctantly, “OK.”

Sean slides a leg under Jeff so he can sit on his knee and lays his head on Jeff’s shoulder. So if you can jerk off you’re a man?”

“You got it!”

“To me, what I see you do on the ball field and in everyday life proves you’re a man.”

“I need more than that.”

“Let’s think about your father, Jeff.”

“I don’t know my father.”

“Exactly. What did he do to become your father.”

“He dipped my mother, the bastard!”

“So he did a whole lot more than jerk off to prove he’s a man.”

Angrily, “He’s no man!”

“I agree. You’re far more of a man than he.”

I think this is sinking in, Sean. But let me just think about it for a while.”

“Sure thing.” Sean feels relief now that Jeff softened. He gently starts rubbing Jeff’s stomach.

“That feels great. Just what I needed. Why am I in such an awkward position?”

Laughing, “Don’t ask me!”

“Sean, I’m sorry I kept wanking when you came in.”

“I was gonna get around to that.”

“I feel so empty when I jerk off alone.”

“Jeff, I hear you. Try hugging yourself with your free arm.”

“OK. But I really rather have you there. To be honest, I really want you to jack me.”

“Well, I appreciate your honesty, I’m not surprised actually, but that’s not gonna happen. I know some one that would be happy to oblige.”

“Yeah, but he says…no, that’s none of your business.”

“That’s right!” Sean gives Jeff a big hug, then says, “We better get under the shower before we run out of hot water.” They proceed with their new ritual.



“Hello Jeff! Two afternoons in a row. You caught me by surprise this time.”

“Sean, remember the cliff?”

“Sure do. Are you ready to jump?”

“Stop it! I’m ready to make a commitment.”

“Well great! You first get a big hug.” Jeff gives him a kiss on the cheek too. “So, Jeff, do you remember what you need to say?”

“Yeah. I promise to do no harm to myself, no matter how bad I feel.”

“Congratulations, buddy!

“There’s more, Sean.”

“That’s right. Go for it.”

“I trust God will keep me safe in his arms no matter how bad things may get.”

“Wow! What wonderful words! I couldn’t have said it better myself!”

“Thanks,” tears streaming down Jeff’s face, “I’ve been praying. And I kept getting pictures in my head of God holding me the way you hold me. I feel safe in your arms. Now I know I’m safe in his.”

“Now you’ve got me crying too. Thank you little man.”

“Man! Yeah! Guess what. Maria wants to go out with me!”

“Congratulations again, Jeff! Where are you going?”

“We couldn’t figure that out. Can we go on a double date with you?”

“Who do I ask out?”

“My mother, dah!”

“Sounds like that could work out nicely. Maybe a dinner-date, so we can get to know each other.”


“So talk to your mother. If she approves, then you need to get permission from her parents. Maybe they want to come too.”

“Man, this is harder than getting married!”

Laughing, “Interesting point. Now that you’re here, Jeff, I need your help.”


“I’ve been depressed today.”

“You don’t look depressed, Sean.”

“No. That’s because you’re the silver lining in my cloud.”

“Whatever that means.”

“You bring sunshine into my heart. Agony melts away.”

“So what do you need?”

“Jeff, I want you to lay down with me in my bed.”

“Well, let’s hit it. Are we getting naked?”



In bed Jeff asks, “What made you depressed?”

“Losing Roxanne.”

Sadly, “Oh yeah.”

“We’ve been together a long time.”

“And you never got naked!”

“Please don’t go there. I need a listener right now. I know losing Roxanne is good news for you. But I need you to be sad with me. Maybe you can think about yesterday, when you thought you couldn’t have Maria.”

“OK, Sean, good idea.”

So they lay there in each other’s arms, being sad together, not needing to say much. Occasionally Sean talked about precious memories of Roxanne. Jeff felt pleased that he could help comfort Sean just like Sean helped him yesterday. Today, he’s the man.


2007-12-23 11:11:13
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2007-05-31 03:02:15
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2007-03-17 10:02:39
I had real trouble getting thru Parts 27 and 28. Beautiful work. Thank You I'm about to read 29 and 30, but I couldn't help seeing the comments here. These people should never leave the porno flicks; they can't handle anything more intellectual or sensitive than 90 minutes of pump pump cum cum.
And to think, they will decide our next election!!!


2007-03-17 08:03:01
Haven't read beyond parrts 9,10 yet but need to comment and presume you start looking at the latest one.

Re: Parts 9,10 Reader 2-28-07 -- This guys's vision of style ain't stylish and he doesn't possess it even if he's memorized Strunk and White. e.g., "I'm going to read ... in the hopes that ... critique." It should be, "in the hope that". Keep doing as you are; its a good job and a good read. Hard to imagine an asshole bitching about slight errors in style when he is reading lots of the illiteracy publishedin a porno site.


2007-02-19 12:10:51
You people have serious fucking issues. Just because your own lives are pathetic, doesn't mean you can take it out on someone who writes a harmless story. Seriously, does it make you feel any better about yourselves? Idiots.

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