I hope you like it.
You know, some things are better left unexplained. Like what happens after you die? Is there really a Heaven or Hell? Are there spirits, angels or demons? Well there is two ways you can really find out. And that is to either die or listen to more of this story.
Well there is a Heaven and a Hell. And yes there is a God and a Satan. There are so many theories about them and what they’re like. But you only really know the facts if you know them first-hand. Well anyway, Heaven is predicted to be a beautiful place with pearly-white gates and Hell is supposed to be a place of fiery torment. Well Heaven is indeed beautiful and Hell is a place of torment only if you did something really fucked up to get there.
See, Hell isn’t all that bad, in fact, it is fun. Parties are thrown every night, you’re housed and fed and if you want, you can get a job at their office. The office is for keeping record of who is there and who is coming there, and is going to happen to them when they get there. Then there is the Palace of Fire, where Satan himself lives with the original demons and the Demon Sons. What is a Demon Son? We’ll get to that later.
Heaven on the other hand is one of those steady easy-going places. Kind of like a suburbia. Everybody (like in Hell) is housed and fed and there is the White Palace where God, Jesus, and angels (original and new) reside. Indeed it is a happy place but aside from the positive demeanor, those people are not to be fucked with. Why? Because those people reside with God and God created everything, even Satan himself and like creating it is just as easy to take away. But they do have fun on occasions.
There is a portal that is open everyday that can take you to Heaven or Hell. This portal is used by angels all the time when they go to Hell for parties. Yes, angels go to Hell for parties. Do creatures from Hell ever come up to Heaven? They are welcome to, but think about it, ‘What would they do when they get there?’ so they just stay on their turf. Now Hell loves it when angels come down for their parties. Why? The reasons vary.
See angels are known to be pure and perfect at everything they do…everything. Yes angels have sex. I know that you’re thinking that it is immoral and sinful. BUT in Hell, sins don’t exist, everything goes. To them, you’re only liable for sin when you’re alive, but it does affect your fate when you get there. For angels, they can do whatever they want in Hell, then go back to Heaven with the purity that they still have.
Now angels aren’t easy to get into bed (the females anyway). Most of the time, they won’t even give you the time of day if you tried. But creatures of Hell have their own methods for what they want-force. See, they have the power to get inside your mind and make you do what ever they want. Angels do too, but demons give you more temptation.
When in Hell, Angels watch their backs, not because of Satan, but because of the Demon Sons. So what are they? Next to Satan and the original demons, the most powerful creatures in Hell. See, Demon Sons were all humans in their past lives but in order to pass on to be one, you have to of been unique-very unique. They hold power over everything in Hell and no one was ever to dare cross their path because they could do anything to you-anything. They all have built, strong, muscular bodies, wings like a bat, tongues of a snake, penis-like tails and instincts of a beast. If you ever looked one in the eye, they will always make you cringe and feel inferior. They always hung together and there are only seven of them because the requirements to be one were so high. They wear all black, sometimes pants, boots, and no shirt or fully clothed with a long black robe.
It has been true for a long time that Demon Sons are genuinely sex-indulgent. They have sex everyday and all the time purely because they can. As I mentioned before they can get inside your mind and make you do whatever they want and they use that power mostly on women. As a matter of fact, half the time they don’t because in Hell, they are found by women to be beyond doubt, irresistible. You can be just going about your business but if you catch their attention, game over. Why? Because whatever they want, they get. However they have a thirst for angels. If there is a party and an angel is there, they will probably spend all night to catch it and make it theirs for the evening.
Angels are identified by their white wings, white dresses and alluring bodies. So they are easy to spot, but definitely not easy to catch. And since Demon Sons are so resolute to getting what they want, angels spend half the night running from them. So the angels that are going tonight have a plan.

“Liana, I still don’t think this is a good idea.” Dina said. Dina is an angel who’s been dead for about four years and she has never been to Hell and doesn’t really want to go now.
“Dina it will work. All we have to do is sink our wings into our skin, turn our dresses from white to black and no one will know, they’ll think we’re just some humans in Hell.” Liana explained. Liana’s been dead for ten years and she’s been to Hell before and is sure her plan of disguise will work.
“I still don’t know Liana what if the Demon Sons want us anyway, what will we do then?” Dina complained.
“Dina, you worry too much. This is going to be Deja’s first time in Hell too and she’s not even nervous.” Deja, like Dina, has been dead for four years and her plan is, if anything happens, get the heck out of there.
“Deja come on, I know you’re worried.” Dina said
“Dina it will be fine. Me, you, Liana, Angela, Mariah, Colleen and Lavina are going. It’s only a party.” The other angels except Deja and Dina have been to Hell before and know the basics.
“So girls,” Liana started, “are you ready? Change up.” As she said that all of the angels sunk their wings into their skin and turned their dresses black. They walked into the portal and descended on their way to Hell.
When the ride was over, they walked onto the entrance of Hell. There was a man who checked everyone who walked through their gate. He stopped the girls and said, “Residents of Heaven?”
“Yes” Liana answered.
He looked them up and down. “Are you sure? Nobody from Heaven has ever shown up here in black.”
“We wanted to blend in.” Liana said.
“Well I guess that explains it. Proceed on in ladies.”
The girls walked into Hell and they were taken away. Even though most of them had been their before, it is always taking when you first walk through the gate. “
“Wow.” Deja said in awe. Even Dina was blown away. Fire lit the sky that dragons flew in, everybody was dancing, and it was truly a great party.
“So ladies, here’s the deal. You see that over there?” Colleen said. Deja and Dina nodded. “That is the Palace of Fire, it is okay to go in there, just don’t get lost. Be aware, our minds can be read here and then our cover will be blown.” Deja and Dina took heed to her word.
“You see that balcony over there that overlooks everything?” Liana asked. “That is where the Demon Sons lounge.” Just as she said that a voice overtook the music.
“People of Hell, your worst nightmare is about to enter. Your Demon Sons are here!” Just as he said that, the Demon Sons entered the balcony. The crowd yelled and women screamed.
“So that’s them.” Dina said.
“Yep.” Mariah answered.
“Whoa.” Deja said.
Mariah smiled and said, “I said that when I first saw them too.” The girls looked at them in amazement and the Demon Sons let out a vicious roar for the crowd.
“Alright girls, lets take a seat before we go anywhere.” Lavina said. They took seat at a lounge area and conversed.
Little did they know, a Demon Son named Logan took flight from the balcony and went down into the crowd to find a piece of meat for the night. Logan had been dead for six years and loves every minute of it. He hovered in the air looking for a potential. Then he spotted the girls. He looked closely at them for he had never seen them before, but he liked what he saw. He smiled with mischief and flew back up to the balcony.

“I cannot find a piece of ass tonight.” Trent complained. Trent was a Demon Son residing in the balcony with others scouting for a “piece of ass”. He had been dead for ten years.
“What about her down there, the one with the big boobs?” Chris asked. He had been dead for four years.
“No I fucked her already.” Trent said.
“What about that one?” Ted asked pointing to another girl. He had been dead eight years.
“Fucked her too.” Trent said.
“Trent, you need to rest one day and stop doing everybody.” Eddie said. Eddie had been dead for four years, just like Chris, in fact they are best friends and they were in their past life too.
“Shut up Ed.” Trent said. “Besides, I might get real lucky tonight. I heard angels are crashin’ here.”
“No way!” Ted exclaimed. “They haven’t come down here in a minute.”
“Well they are tonight and I’m going to be ready for them.” Trent said.
“What’s all the excitement about?” Eddie asked.
“Angels are coming tonight.” Ted explained.
“Angels are just girls with wings. What’s so great about them?” Eddie said.
“Girls with wings? You have a lot to learn Ed. Angels are the best sex you can get while you’re dead. It’s like one of the main goals to achieve as a Demon Son.” Trent said.
“Why?” Eddie asked.
“Because Ed, angels are holy, meaning that they are pure and perfect. Perfect sex is something that we love and as soon as you get it once, you’re addicted to it. It’s like fucking a virgin who will stay a virgin forever and ever. It’s sheer bliss.” Trent explained.
“So what’s the deal?” Eddie asked.
“They are hard to get in bed and catching them is almost impossible. You’ll tire yourself out entirely.” Trent said. Eddie sat back and thought about his words and what it will be like to pursue an angel. His thoughts were interrupted when Logan flew in.
“Hey dudes!” He exclaimed. Logan was ready to tell everyone about the girls.
“I cannot find a piece of ass tonight.” Trent complained again.
“I’m not surprised. You screw everything in sight.” Logan said. “But dudes, I have to…”
“Shut up Logan.” Trent said.
“Yo, this is important. See those girls down there?” Everybody looked. “Have you seen them before?” Everybody shook their heads.
“What about them? They’ve probably just died.” Ted said.
“Come on Ted. A group of hot girls just don’t die and wind up at our party.” Logan said.
“What’s your point?” Ted asked.
“Didn’t you say angels were coming tonight?” Chris hinted. Everyone thought for a moment.
“Oh shit.” Trent started, “They think they’re smart, they almost had us.”
“But they don’t.” Logan said, “You can’t outsmart a Demon Son. We know untouched pussy when we see it.”
“You got that right.” Trent said. “So what are you going to do?”
“I’m going after them; its one thing to come here and not give us any, but to try and outsmart us? We’re the wrong creatures.” Logan said.
Eddie was surprised to hear about the visitors, then he saw Deja enter the palace. “Well I don’t know about you guys but I’m hungry.” Eddie said with that, he took flight from the balcony and went after Deja.

Little did Deja know that she was being pursued. She decided to leave the company of the other angels and venture out on her own. Wandered through the halls of the palace and looked at all the pictures on the wall. She saw some of the maids and wasn’t surprised to find that they were literally ‘French maids’. She knew they got screwed everyday. Then she found the Demon Sons wing and was tempted to venture in. She thought about how they were all on the balcony and that she would be fine.
Eddie was still following her and watched her as she ventured into his wing. She passed doors with their names on it and stopped in front of Eddie’s. He sent a mental message for her to open up the door; it worked. She extended her hand, turned the doorknob, and walked in. There was red everywhere, a great bed with a black fur blanket and another door that looked into the balcony.
Deja looked around for a minute and decided to let her guard down. Eddie’s eyes got wide as her dress turned to white and her wings emerged from her skin. She stretched them out, happy that they were free again. She went over to look at some pictures whereas her back was turned to the door. Eddie crept in slowly so she wouldn’t turn around. But unfortunately…his leg hit a desk and Deja heard it.
She didn’t even turn around to see what it was or who it was, she just took off and Eddie followed right behind her. She was scared because not only she was on the run from something; she didn’t know where she was going. Plus, Eddie was hot on her tail. Even so, she didn’t stop her flight, she kept on going.
Then she realized that whatever it was, it was gone. She stopped in a hall full of statues of soldiers. The only light was a large crystal that hung from the ceiling. She was scared because she had no idea where she was. She turned her back to one of the statues and before she knew it, the statue reached out and grabbed her. She was scared out of her mind now.
Eddie walked out of the darkness smiling. “You know, when you’re in the Palace of Fire you shouldn’t turn your back on anything. And since you’re an angel, it definitely applies to you.” He walked closer so he was face to face with her. Deja couldn’t believe it; her first night in hell and she gets captured. But Deja didn’t know that there was a specific reason that Eddie was attracted to her, Eddie doesn’t know either.
Deja looked down at the floor while he was in front of her, but Eddie took his tail and lifted her face up, making her look at him. “You came to our party in disguise, which was kind of smart, but you would’ve never gotten away with it, you know why?” Deja shrugged her shoulders too scared to say anything. “Because we never fucked you.” Eddie answered. He took his tail and began to lead it down her neck and onto her chest. His dick began to grow hard from it. Then he led his tail back up to her face and moved it back and forth across her lips. Deja was tempted to stick her tongue out and lick it for she began to feel attraction to him, but she held it.
Eddie could see that she wanted to by reading her mind and tried to slide his tail into her mouth but Deja held her lips tightly shut. “Listen, you are to do what I want, I’m your master.” As he said that Deja looked deep into his eyes and thought, his words sounded so familiar. Then it dawned on her.
“Eddie?” she asked.
“What? How do you know my name?” Eddie asked.
“It’s me, Deja!” She said. Eddie thought for a moment and Deja gave him a flashback of his past life. Then, he remembered. Eddie looked at Deja and smiled a huge one.”
“Oh shit!” He exclaimed. With a wave of his hand, the statue released her and they hugged each other for the first time in about twenty years.
“Oh my God! I can’t believe it is you!” She said.
“You’re an angel!” Eddie said.
“You’re a Demon Son!” Deja said back.
“You look great!”
“So do you! Love the bat wings!”
“Thanks.” Eddie said. “Man, where do I begin?”
“I don’t know.” Deja started. “How long have you’ve been dead?”
“Four years.” Eddie said.
“Me too! Old age?” Deja asked.
“Yep.” Eddie said.
“Me too! Is Chris here?”
“Yeah. He is a Demon Son too and so is Marty. What about Mariah?”
“She died a year before I did, in fact, she is here with me.” Deja said.
Eddie caught a puzzled look on his face. “She is?”
“Yeah, why?” Deja asked.
“I’m not the only one who knows angels are here, everyone does.” Eddie explained.
“What?” Deja exclaimed. “Oh my, I have to get back immediately.”
“No, stay here.” Eddie begged. “They’ll be fine. They can fly can’t they? Besides, we need to catch up on things.” He extended his hand, making Deja feel less tense. To her, it was just like good old times.
They continued on for the rest of the night and talked about almost everything. The old friends were reunited again and to them, it felt so good.

The girls were still out in the crowd talking and some dancing. Lavina decided to go get everybody drinks. She made her way to the bar. What she didn’t know, was that Logan had been watching her the whole evening. When he saw her on her way to the bar, he made sure that he was going to get there before her. He did and decided to pose as a bartender.
Lavina got up to the bar and sat on the stool. Logan eyed her body up and down; he wanted her badly. “Hey.” Lavina said.
“Hey, how may I help you this evening?” Logan asked.
Lavina thought for a moment, “Six pina colodas please.”
“Six? You must be a heavy drinker.” Logan joked.
“I’m with friends.” Lavina explained.
“Oh. Are you new? I haven’t seen you around here.” Logan asked. A hint of worry went across Lavina’s face, but then it disappeared.
“Yeah I’m new.” Lavina said.
Logan smiled and said, “I would watch my back if I were you; people around here like fresh meat.”
Lavina looked Logan in the eye for a moment then looked away. “Well, here are your drinks.” Logan said, handing Lavina a tray of six pina colodas.
“Thank you.” Lavina said as she went on her way. She met the girls at the lounging area and handed them their drinks.
“Thanks Lavina.” Colleen said as she began to drink.
“You’re welcome.” Lavina replied.
“You know, I got to hand it to you Liana,” Dina started, “I thought this plan wouldn’t work but we’re doing okay.”
“Thanks Dina.” Liana said.
“Where’s Deja?” Mariah asked.
“She went into the palace.” Angela said.
The girls continued to chat on, but Lavina had a weird feeling, she thought about the bartender and how she got that weird feeling from him. Then she heard a voice whispering into her mind. We know who you are. That’s exactly when Lavina was ready to jet-set.
“Guys? I think we should get out of here, like now.” She said.
“Why?” Angela asked.
“Something just doesn’t feel right to me.” She said.
“Well okay.” Liana said. “Let’s go get Deja.” With that, the girls set their drinks down and went to find Deja.
Back up in the balcony, their conversation was heard by Logan and the others. “They are going to look for the other one.” He said.
“You know where she is?” Trent asked.
“Eddie went after her.” Logan said.
“Okay, here’s what we do. Find out where Eddie is and find out if he has her or not. If he does, we’ll ambush them when the girls get there. Got it?” Trent said.
“Got it.” Logan said. “Follow them.” As Logan said that, “He, Trent, Chris, Marty, Ted, and Brian took flight to put their plan in action.

Eddie and Deja were still conversating when he started being mentally talked to by Logan. “Ed, do you have her?”
“Yeah but…”
“Good! Her friends are looking for her right now. We’re going to ambush them.”
“Logan, you don’t understand…”
“We’ll be on our way.”
Eddie tried to explain to Logan but it was too late. He couldn’t find a way to tell Deja what was about to happen. “Um Deja?”
“Yeah?” Deja replied.
“I know that it’s been a while and all, but could I have a kiss?” he asked.
“On one condition, you have to roar for me.” Deja bargained.
Eddie smiled and let out a vicious roar and Deja smiled. “Now can I have my kiss?” Deja nodded her head and leaned in close to Eddie, but before their lips could touch, the unspeakable happened.
“There you are!”
Deja looked up, and there was Liana with the girls. “And what are you doing? Oh my God! You let one capture you and you’re about to kiss him?” She said.
“I…” Deja started.
“No! There is no excuse for something this unspeakable!” She grabbed Deja by the arm. “And why are you in white? Your wings are clearly visible? I come up with a foolproof plan and you just ruin it! Ruin it!” She pulled Deja up and carried on some more.
While Liana was in her rage, the other Demon Sons came up behind Eddie. “Good.” Logan said, “We got them right where we want them.”
“Oh I’ve had it! We’re going back to the portal because you ruined everybody’s night!” Liana ranted. Angela noticed that Eddie was not alone anymore. The Demon Sons smiled at her and drew in closer.
“Liana?” Angela tried to warn.
“Not now Angela! Do you know how much trouble you could’ve got us in? We’re lucky that there is only one!” Liana said.
“We’re not so lucky.” Angela said. The girls looked up and found that she was right. There were indeed surrounded.
Deja stared in amazement as the Demon Sons drew in. She turned to Eddie and he looked down. The girls turned to Deja and Liana was still carrying on.
“No angel comes to Hell and gets caught on her first night! We could be dead meat right now!” Liana said.
“Well, we wouldn’t exactly call you dead meat.” Trent said. Liana finally looked up and saw that they were all trapped.
“Oh God.” Liana said.
“Oh man!” Dina blurted out. Scared, her dress turned back to white and her wings emerged. So did the others.
“Uh oh.” Lavina said, “This is definitely not good.” Logan smiled at her and she recognized him as the bartender. Then, she realized where the voice and the strange feeling came from.
“It was a trap.” Colleen said. “Deja, you got us set up!”
“No! I know him.” Deja said, pointing to Eddie. “I knew him in high school…we were lovers.”
Liana gasped. Ted’s eyes got wide, “Get the fuck out!” he said. The girls looked at Deja in awe.
“Thanks a lot Deja. Like that really lessened the intensity of the situation. We’re even in bigger trouble now.” Liana said.
“How was I supposed to know that he was going to be a Demon Son when he died?” Deja argued.
Lavina looked at Liana and said, “She’s got a point.”
“It still doesn’t matter!” Dina cried. “They are still going to get us! I bet you that Deja is the only angel that knew a Demon Son in her past life! And I bet that we are the only angels to ever get ambushed! God, they must think we’re complete idiots!”
“Well, you are the only angels to ever get ambushed.” Trent started, “But we don’t think you’re idiots; complete ones anyway.” His friends laughed.
“You take that back!” Liana said, approaching him.
He got in her face and said with a low growl, “Make me.”
Liana showed her bravery and said, “Try me.” Trent looked at her for a moment surprised that she stared him directly in the eye.
“Liana? Is that your name?” Trent started, “You should know that it is very bad to look one of us in the eye. And depending on your situation, I suggest you take a step back.”
“You are by far self-absorbed.” Liana said.
“And you are by far the sexiest piece of ass I’ve seen tonight. And I’m digging your legs.” Trent said looking her up and down, smiling. Liana rolled her eyes at him.
“Come on Liana, stop!” Dina begged. “This is as bad enough as it is, we don’t need you making enemies.”
“You’re not making enemies.” Logan said, “I’ve already made friends with one of you.” He said, looking at Lavina.
The girls looked at Lavina. “He was the one that gave me our pina colodas at the bar.” She said and looked at him. “They were quite good by the way.”
“Thanks.” Logan said.
“Well, I hope you know that you’re not getting any of us tonight.” Liana said.
“And why is that?” Trent asked.
Liana looked at Angela and winked at her. Angela nodded and took in a deep breath and let a tremendously loud roar; just like theirs. It shook the ground. The Demon Sons looked in awe at what Angela did.
As her plan of distraction succeeded, Liana yelled, “Fly!” With that, she grabbed Deja’s arm and the angels took off at incredible speed.
“Get them!” Trent shouted. The others followed his order and the Demon Sons took off after the angels. They all flew through the skies of Hell and the angels were fast. The Demon Sons finally caught up with them, but it was too late; the girls had gone back through the entrance of Hell and up the portal. The Demon Sons stopped right in front of it.
“Shit.” Trent said as he looked at the portal.
“Why did we stop?” Marty asked.
“I ain’t going up there dude. God’s up there.” Trent said.
“He’s right.” Logan said. “I’m not that hardcore.” The others shook their head in agreement for they knew they were powerful creatures, but it was the purest fact that God created everything, and they knew not to fuck with that.
“Well I guess this is it.” Ted said, shrugging his shoulders.
“I guess so.” Trent said, “But we were this fucking close! We almost had them!” Trent stood there and realized defeat, as did the others. Once again, the angels got away.
“Look!” Chris said looking up. Something was falling down from the portal.
“It looks like a note.” Brian said. Indeed it was. The note landed at Trent’s feet and he saw that there was a white feather attached to it. He opened it up, and it read: BITCHES!
He showed the note to the others and they got a little ticked off. “Fuck this man,” Brian said, “I’m going back to the party. The others nodded their heads and went back inside. Eddie looked back up at the portal and wished that he didn’t tell them that he had found Deja.

“That was so close!” Colleen said as the angels got back to Heaven.
“You got that right.” Mariah said.
“Deja I’m so mad at you.” Liana said.
“Yeah Deja, this is your entire fault, you ruined my night.” Dina said.
“Well excuse me, but if I remember correctly, you didn’t want to go there in the first place.” Deja snapped.
“She’s right, we were almost dead tonight.” Liana said.
“What’s all the fuss about?” Deja asked, “They were hot! That’s what you been turning down all this time?”
“We can’t just let them have us.” Colleen said.
“Why?” Deja asked.
“Because Deja,” Liana started, “We’re not just girls anymore, we are angels. Everything that we have is perfect.”
“That’s all the more reason to be with them.” Deja said.
“We couldn’t just let them have us. If we just surrender, they would just think of us as another score. Why do you think we’re so important to them now?” Liana replied. Deja thought about what she said for a moment.
The girls approached the White Palace ready to call it a night, but Deja wasn’t going to let the subject just drop. “We can still be with them and have them think highly of us.” She said. The girls looked at her, realizing there was some truth to what she had said.
“Besides, I know you have a crush on Logan, Lavina. Every time he looked at you, you practically blushed.” Deja persuaded.
“Don’t listen to her Lavina.” Liana interfered.
“But you like Trent.” Deja said.
Liana turned bright red. “That repulsive, rude, sexually forward creature? I don’t think so!” Liana said trying to cover up.
“Whatever.” Colleen said. “You like him.”
Liana looked at her and said, ‘I’m going to bed.” She walked into her room and shut the door. The others followed her lead and went to their rooms. Deja stood out in the hall and wondered if she could ever get them back down there.
She opened the door to her room and walked inside. She laid on her bed and thought of Eddie. Then she realized even dead, he still had the same affect on her as he did when she was fifteen. Nothing hadn’t changed.
The next morning, Deja ventured into Liana’s room for more debate. Liana was standing in front of her mirror, plucking loose feathers from her wings.
“Good morning Liana.” Deja said, standing in her doorway. Liana turned around, and looked back at herself in the mirror.
“Oh look, it’s the rebel angel.” She said. She plucked the last loose feather and went to go sit at her vanity. Liana was considered as a self-proclaimed beauty queen. Not that it’s her fault, it ran in her family. She had a blue-collar upbringing as a child, flawless as a teenager and became to be what you would call a “Stepford Wife”. You know, a man’s perfect woman. But in cases, Liana can get down and dirty if she wants to; you just got to seduce it out of her.
“You’re still upset?” Deja said, walking inside and sitting on one of Liana’s lounge chairs.
‘Your being irresponsible almost made us their dinner last night. We would probably still be down there now if I hadn’t got us out.” She said.
“Oh please. You were so up about going down there with your ‘foolproof’ plan.” Deja said.
“It would’ve been foolproof if you hadn’t messed it up.” Liana said. “Those dastardly creatures would’ve done whatever they wanted to us. I can’t even stand to think about it.”
“What is up with you and them? They are cool.” Deja said.
“They are repulsive.” Liana snapped back.
“So you are telling me that you didn’t feel anything when you were face-to-face with Trent?” Deja said.
“How could I feel anything toward that rude thing?” Liana said. “No respect whatsoever.”
“Neither was the note you dropped down there.” Deja said, smiling.
“Well…they deserved it.” Liana said.
“Why can’t we go back?” Deja whined.
“Deja, I’ve already went through the notions with you. I’m not starting this again.” Liana said.
‘Whatever.” Deja said. She got up and left out the room. She decided to work on her next targets; the other girls. She walked through the halls of the White Palace looking for them, until she heard their voices from the terrace. She walked out there to find that they were eating breakfast.
“Hey Deja.” Mariah said.
“Hey.” Deja responded. “How is everybody this morning?”
“Well I’m still recuperating from what happened last night.” Dina said.
“Oh, get off it Dina.” Colleen said, “It wasn’t that bad.”
“To tell you the truth,” Lavina started, “I had fun last night.”
“You too?” Mariah said. “I thought I was the only one.”
“I cannot believe you two!” Dina exclaimed. “I hope that all of it will never happen again.”
“What’s up? Have you and Liana jumped on a bandwagon? From what I recall, you died deep-throating your husband’s dick.” Angela said. The girls giggled at her remark for it was entirely true. Dina was very loose when she got married and died the same way. Even though she died in one of the most “parent advisory” situations, she was married so it wasn’t really wrong. It was a well-known secret to her husband that she was the best deep-throater, bar none. As an angel, she tries to shed the image.
“Do you have to bring that up?” Dina snapped.
“Yeah.” Colleen laughed.
“To be honest,” Lavina said, “I want to go back tonight.”
“Me too!” said Colleen.
“Me too.” Mariah said. All the others nodded their heads in unison, for they wanted more of the Demon Sons company.”
“Are you crazy?” Dina cried, “They’ll jump us the first chance that they’ll get!”
“Exactly!” Mariah said. Everybody laughed.
“So let’s go tonight!” Deja said.
“What about Liana?” Colleen asked.
“Yeah Deja, what about Liana?” Dina said being smart.
Deja shot her a look and said, “I’ll take care of Liana…and you too.”
Dina looked away as if what Deja said didn’t faze her.
“Then it’s settled.” Angela said.
The others nodded in agreement. The girls were happy to release their suppressions. Deja was happy to find that she achieved the almost impossible. But now, what to do about Liana and Dina?

Eddie woke up the next morning, tired from his daunting night. He had trouble sleeping because Deja was all he could think about. He had remembered the times that they had shared as teenagers. Going through the memories made him miss her a lot. He was so lost in his thoughts that he didn’t even fondle the French maid when she came in for his laundry.
He went down into the dining hall where all the other Demon Sons were. They sat at the great end table barely saying a single word. They were all upset from what happened last night. They sat there and picked at their breakfast in pure quiet. Usually, breakfast was a complete ruckus; and they liked it that way. They would talk with their mouth open, throw food and fuck the maids on the table. In fact, the maids were stricken that the Demon Sons didn’t even make one look or sexual gesture at them. Frankly, they thought that all the boys were sick, so they just left it alone and did their job.
“Stupid angels.” Brian mumbled while eating. “Made me so fucking mad that I didn’t even bone any girl last night.”
“You too?” Ted asked, “I thought I was the only one. Who else?” Everybody raised their hands, even Trent; and he could fuck at great talent without even wanting to.
“I feel so weird.” Chris said. “And I don’t like it.”
“You know what? Fuck breakfast, I’m going back to my room. What about you Trent?” Marty said.
“Bitches? I can’t believe they called us that. And they had a white feather attached. That shit is rough.” Trent said. He was still taken by what Liana had done to him. He hissed with his snake tongue and still felt bad.
“I’m going upstairs.” Eddie said as he got up from the table.
“I’m right behind you.” Logan said, getting up and following behind Eddie. They left the dining hall and headed back to their rooms.
“So you knew that one, huh?” Logan asked Eddie as they walked through the halls.
“Yeah dude.” Eddie answered.
“So what was with you guys?” Logan asked.
“We were just two people with a problem.” Eddie said.
“Were you going out?”
“That was the problem.” Eddie said.
“An affair?”
“Yep, an affair.”
“Totally understand. That’s why I like being dead, you don’t have to deal with that shit anymore.”
They went into Eddie’s room and sat around. “So I guess you like Lavina.” Eddie said.
“Yeah, that black dress just did something for me. And I loved her neck.”
“Why?” Eddie asked.
“Necks are my thing because that’s where I like to bite.” Logan said.
“I like that too.” Eddie said.
“Oh man, biting that neck while I just piledrive her? I can’t stop thinking about it.” Logan said.
“Deja can just bring a good feeling to sex. It was never bad with her. And now she is perfect at it? It just keeps playing through my mind.” Eddie said. “I just got to get her back down here.”
“That loud-mouthed one was a trip.” Logan said, “I knew Trent wanted her.”
“Yeah, he likes difficult ones.’ Eddie said.
“We have to get those girls down here. But how?” Logan questioned.
“Well there is one way.” Eddie said.
“No way dude!” Logan said.
“Come on, man, its not like they are going to be mean.” Eddie said.
“Logan thought for a moment and said, “Well, then lets do it.”
Eddie smiled and the two took flight from his room and out through his balcony. They soared through the skies of Hell on their way to the portal.
As they flied, Brian saw them through a window of the palace. “Where are Eddie and Logan going?” He asked Chris.
“I don’t know. You find out you got wings and you use them every chance you get.” Chris said.
“Go figure.” Brian replied.
When Eddie and Logan reached their destination, they stopped right in front of it. They stood in front of the portal and looked up at it. “So I guess this is it.” Logan said.
“Yeah.” Eddie replied.
The two got their wings ready and ascended on their way to Heaven for the first time. Nervous as heck, the Demons flew their way up, making history.
The portal came to an end and Eddie and Logan found themselves at the pearly-white gates of Heaven. Logan looked up in amazement. The gates opened and the two walked on in.
Like in Hell, in Heaven, there was somebody that checked you at the entrance. The man looked up and saw the two and there wasn’t one trace of shock in his face.
“Welcome to Heaven! Residents of Hell I believe?” He said.
“Yeah.” Eddie said. “You aren’t appalled to see Demon Sons up here?”
“Here at Heaven, we don’t make people of Hell that are visiting, outsiders.” He said.
“Oh.” Eddie said.
“So what are you here for?” he asked.
“We are here to see some angels.” Logan said.
“Got away again huh?” he asked.
“Yeah.” Eddie said.
“Well you can find them at the White palace. You’re welcome to do that, but if you want to do anything sexually, take them back down with you. Agreed?”
“Agreed.” Eddie said.
“Well proceed on in.”
Eddie and Logan went in on there way to the White Palace. They decided to take flight to it and while in the air, nobody even stared at them in confusion. They got to the White Palace in quest to find the girls. There was a receptionist at a front desk so they approached it.
“Creature of what kind?” she asked.
“Angels.” Logan said.
“Name of the angel?”
“Deja Johnson.” Eddie said.
“Deja Johnson? Fourth floor, her door has her name on it. You can take the elevator.”
“Thanks.” Eddie said.
They walked over to the elevator and it opened. They went inside and pressed the button for the fourth floor. The doors closed and the elevator went up. It stopped on the second floor and the doors opened to show a little girl who looked to be about six. She looked up at the two with a completely straight face and then walked in.
“Could you press six please?” She asked.
“Sure.” Logan said, “Wow you look young. How did you get here?”
“Cancer.” The girl replied.
“Well then you are a little trooper. Kick-ass kid.” Logan said. Eddie looked at him and he smiled.
“Thanks.” The girl said. Logan pushed the button and the doors closed. “Why are you here?”
“Angels.” Eddie said.
“Got away huh?” The girl said. Eddie and Logan looked at each other then down at her.
“They’re pretty literal with stuff up here.” Logan said.
“No secrets are kept at all.” The girl said.
The elevator stopped and the doors opened to the fourth floor. “Well this is our stop.” Eddie said.
“It was nice meeting you.”
“The same to you.” Logan said. He and Eddie walked out of the elevator and down the hall. They read the names on the doors and finally got to Deja’s.
Eddie reached out his hand and turned the door handle. They both walked inside and saw Deja looking out her window.
“Hey you.” He said. Deja turned around and saw them.
“Oh my God! What are you doing here?” She said.
“We came to get you.” Eddie said.
“Ever since what happened last night, our day has just been fucked up.” Logan said.
Deja got up to give Eddie a big hug. She wrapped her arms around him and whispered, “I can’t believe you came all the way to Heaven for me.”
“I missed you.” He said. “You have to convince the girls to come back tonight.”
“They are already convinced. Except Dina and Liana.” Deja said.
“Figures.” Logan said, “She’s crazy.”
“I know.” Deja said.
“So where is Lavina?” Logan asked.
“I’ll call her.” Deja walked over to her dresser and picked up the phone and speed-dialed Lavina.
“Lavina come to my room. I have a surprise for you.” Deja said, looking at Logan.
Deja hung up the phone and the door swung open to her room. Of course it was Lavina.
“That was fast.” Logan said, looking at her. Her eyes got wide as she closed the door.
“What are they doing here?” Lavina said with eyes focused on Logan.
“They came to visit us!” Deja said.
“Because,” Logan started, “You screwed up last night and that has been screwing up our day; so Eddie and I decided to come and get you guys.”
“So that means you missed us?” Lavina said.
“No, that means we have unfinished business.” Logan said.
“Well, we all agreed to coming back earlier on today.” Lavina said, “You really didn’t have to go out of your way, being that creatures of Hell never come up here.”
“And now we know why. You people are way too calm up here.” Logan protested.
“Yeah!” Eddie joined in, “When we were flying on our way over here, nobody looked at us in a weird way or anything. In fact, we held a conversation with a six year-old on the elevator.”
“We don’t want to make you feel uncomfortable.” Deja said.
“Whatever, you people need to learn how to scream once in a while. Come to Hell and learn.” Eddie said.
“Yeah, a girl named Britney gives free lessons. And believe me, she’s a pro at screaming.” Logan added.
“How do you know that?” Lavina asked.
“Because I fucked the shit out of her.” Logan answered, not the least bit ashamed. Lavina looked down as soon as he said that, wondering if that is in fact all he wanted her for. Logan just stood there as if there was nothing out of the ordinary about it. When he became a Demon Son, feelings were just out of his nature.
“Where are all the other angels at?’ Eddie asked.
“They are in Mariah’s room, just talking.” Lavina asked.
“What about Dina and Liana?” Deja asked.
“In Dina’s room being themselves.” Lavina answered.
“How long are you guys going to stay?” Lavina asked Eddie and Logan.
“For the rest of the day.” Eddie answered.
“Good.” Deja said smiling. She laid down on her pink, plush carpet and looked up at Eddie. Eddie smiled and laid down in front of her, whereas they were face-to-face.
“You flew out on me last night.” Eddie said.
“I didn’t want to, Liana grabbed my arm.” Deja said.
“You could’ve pulled away.”
“Everything happened so fast.”
“Whatever, you should’ve did something. Besides, I wanted to sink my teeth into your body so bad.” Eddie said, hissing his tongue.
“I guess being a Demon Son increased your sexuality tenfold.”
“Yep, my sex is so fucking amazing. I would probably be too much for you.”
“Don’t even go there.”
“Go where? You like to be dominated anyway.”
“That was when I was human. Have you ever thought to see that I may be different now?”
“How can I? Everything about you now makes me think of the past. The way you look at me, your smile, and your ears still turn red.”
“No they don’t.” Deja said in denial.
“Then why are they red now?” Eddie said. Sure enough, Deja’s ears were bright red. Eddie laughed and began to play with her. He got closer to her, stuck his long tongue out and began to lick her ears. Deja pushed him away, giggling and told him to stop playing.
“This isn’t a game.” Eddie said with a grin. “Come here.” Eddie continued to fondle with Deja and they began to have an arousing tome on the floor. Deja was so happy that things were still the same between them.
Across the room, Logan and Lavina were engaging in a little fun of their own. They were both sitting on Deja’s bed, discussing things.
“How many times do you have sex in a day?” Lavina asked.
“It’s like a breakfast, lunch, snack, and dinner thing.” Logan answered.
“Oh.” Lavina said.
“What about you?”
“I haven’t had sex since I died.”
“Damn. How do you go through with that?”
“I just satisfy myself.”
“Do you miss it?”
“Yeah, but it’s not really that big of a deal to me.”
“I have to do it at least three times a day.”
“How many have you done so far?” Lavina asked.
“None so far.” Logan answered.
“I’m saving my strength because I’m going to fuck an angel tonight.”
Logan grinned and moved his tail to go up Lavina’s dress. She pushed it away and he began to mess with her by doing it some more. Lavina laughed and enjoyed her self.
To everyone’s surprise, the door to Deja’s room opened, revealing the other angels.
“Oh my God!” Angela exclaimed as she walked in. The other girls followed in behind her.
Eddie and Logan looked up and the angels looked at them in disbelief.
“What are they doing here?” Colleen asked.
“Shut the door.” Deja instructed.
“Why are they here?” Mariah asked
“They wanted to visit.” Lavina answered.
“Demon Sons just don’t visit Heaven.” Angela said.
“They wanted to see us.” Deja said.
“Where are the others?” Colleen asked.
“They are back in Hell still moping about last night.” Eddie said.
“They’re still upset about that?” Angela said.
“Yeah, they liked you.” Logan said. Eddie looked at him and Logan winked.
“They do?” Mariah asked with a smile on her face.”
“Yeah.” Logan said. “All they can talk about is how much they want to fu- I mean, be with you.” The angels melted by his words. See sometimes, if you really want an angel, there are the simplest things that can win them over. And in Logan’s case, complimenting is an example.
Deja and Lavina looked at each other and shook their heads. Girls can be so gullible.
“See guys?” Deja said, “They’re not that bad.”
“I can’t wait to go down there tonight.” Angela said.
“But what about Liana and Dina?” Colleen asked.
“Don’t worry; I’ll take care of them.” Eddie said.
Happy about their awaiting night, the angels continued on in the company of the two Demon Sons. They talked, laughed and enjoyed each for the remainder of the day.
As the sun began to go down, everyone was still in Deja’s room, now sharing past-life experiences.
“Hey, the sun is going down.” Angela said.
“Finally.” Colleen said.
“Well guys, let’s go.” Deja said.
“We got to get Liana and Dina.” Mariah remembered.
“Come on; let’s go to Dina’s room.” Lavina said.
Everyone got up and headed out. They exited Deja’s room and went on down the hallway to Dina’s.
Deja opened the door and walked in. Dina and Liana were on the bed and their eyed got wide when they saw that the angels were accompanied by Demon Sons.
“What in the world are they doing here?” Liana yelled.
“They were here all day.” Deja answered.
“Why?” Dina asked.
“Because they missed us.” Angela said.
“They didn’t miss anybody, it’s just another trap!” Dina said.
“No it isn’t. They have been with us all day and nothing bad has happened.” Mariah said.
“I cannot believe you brought Demon Son’s into the presence of Heaven!” Liana said.
“It’s not like they aren’t welcome here.” Deja said.
“It’s not their place to be here.” Liana said.
“We are going back and you two are coming with us, like it or not.” Colleen said.
“There is no way I’m going back there!” Dian said.
“You’re coming with us.” Deja said.
“No we’re not!” Liana protested.
Eddie tapped Deja on the shoulder and said, “Let me handle this.” He walked over to Dina and Liana who were firmly planted where they stood. He got face-to-face with them and said in the simplest of terms, “You two are coming with us to the party tonight. You are going to have fun and let on to anyone that you like. Understood?”
The angels looked at the three, waiting for an argument, but there was nothing. Silent, Dina and Liana nodded their heads. Eddie looked back at everybody and smiled.
“How did you do that?” Deja asked.
“Mind control.” Eddie said, pointing to his head. “Can’t angels do that too?”
“Not to each other.” Deja said.
“No wonder you have sex so much.” Lavina said.
“That’s not the case; girls just want to fuck us.” Logan said.
“Well alright,” Colleen said, “Let’s head out.” Angela said.
With that, everyone left out of Dina’s room; Dina and Liana following exactly as they were told, they headed out of the White Palace. For the first time in Heaven, angels and Demon Son’s flew together through the sky. It was in fact, history.
They all approached the portal, braced their wings, and flew down.

Back in Hell, the other Demon Sons reluctantly got ready for another party. Even through the hours of the day, they still couldn’t get over what happened to them. The Demon Sons met each other in the hall that led to their party balcony, and waited for their intro.
“Here’s another party.” Ted said.
“Yeah, I wish that they were coming back.” Brian said.
“Resulting from the episode last night, I doubt it.” Chris said.
“Hey, where are Eddie and Logan?” Trent asked.
“I’m not sure. They were flying together earlier on today and I haven’t seen them since.” Chris said.
“Those assholes better not be doing something stupid like going to Heaven to get the angels or something.” Marty said.
“Hey dude, think about it; a Demon Son in Heaven!” Trent chuckled.
“Yeah, Eddie and Logan going through the pearly-white gates.” Chris joked.
“Like that’ll happen.” Brian said.
The Demon Sons engaged in laughter to something that they thought was most idiotic, unaware that the idiotic had happened. They were truly in for a great surprise.

Eddie, Logan, and the angels entered Hell through the portal and walked on to the gates. The man who stood by the gates recognized the angels from last night.
“So you were angels.” He said.
“Yeah.” Colleen said.
He looked at Eddie and Logan, then back at the angels. “You went up to Heaven and got them?” he asked.
“Yes we did.” Logan said.
“And they are calm?” he asked.
“We all came to an agreement.” Eddie answered.
“Beats me how you did it, but proceed on in.” he said.
They all walked through the gates into Hell; the party was the same as the night before, but seemed even better. “It’s good to be home.” Logan said as everybody walked on.
“Where are they?” Angela asked.
“We haven’t been announced yet.” Logan said.
“Oh shit! We haven’t been announced! Come on man!” Eddie said as he began to take flight. Logan followed right behind him. The two took off to the Palace of Fire to get to the other Demon Sons.
“What do we do now?” Dina asked.
“Just wait.” Deja said.
Eddie and Logan soared through the halls of the palace to get to the others. They found them in their usual spot.
“Where have you two been?” Trent asked.
“It’s a surprise.” Logan said.
“Whatever man, you could’ve been late for our intro.” Marty said. “No surprise is all that.”
“You’ll see.” Eddie said.
The music was blaring through the party and the announcer came in over it. “People of Hell, bow down to your masters, for your Demon Sons are here.” The women screamed at the top of their lungs and unexpectedly, so did the angels.
The Demon Sons entered the balcony and let out their sadistic roar. They took their seat and the music began again.
“So where’s our surprise?” Trent asked.
“You think you can handle it?” Eddie asked.
“I can handle anything.” Trent said.
Eddie and Logan looked at each other and smiled. “Look at the crowd.” Logan said, “You’ll see a big difference.”
Trent, as well as the others scanned the crowd and their jaws dropped when their eyes landed on the angels.
“Get the fuck out!” Trent said in awe. “How did you…what did you…they’re here?”
“We went to Heaven to get them.” Eddie said.
“You did what?” Chris said.
“Logan and I went to Heaven.” Eddie said.
“You did?!” Brian said.
“Yeah.” Logan said.
“And you got them to come?” Ted said.
“They wanted to come back.” Eddie said. “So it was no problem.”
Smiles appeared on the Demon Sons faces. They couldn’t have been happier.
“Lets go get them.” Marty said. With that, the Demon Sons went on with what was to be an unforgettable night.

“I think Eddie and Logan told them.” Angela said as she saw the Demon Sons looking at them.
“Well, I guess this will turn out nice.” Colleen said.
“We can’t be together the whole night, let’s spread out.” Angela said.
“Okay.” Mariah said. With that the angels split up and Mariah headed out into the crowd.
As she walked through, she constantly kept her eyes focused on the Demon Sons; particularly Brian. She eyed up at him and he looked at her. She smiled from the fact of catching his attention.
Mariah decided to make a bold move by motioning for him to come to her. When she did, Brian smiled, pointed to himself and mouthed the words, “Me?”
Mariah nodded her head and smiled back. Brian descended from the balcony and into the crowd where she stood.
Mariah was nervous as Brian landed in front of her. “Well look who it is.” He said. “I thought you angels weren’t coming back after what happened last night.”
“We changed our minds.” Mariah said.
Brian eyed her body up and down. “Are you wearing white because you’re a virgin?” he asked.
“No, because it is holy.” Mariah answered, “That could be the case since I haven’t had sex since I died.”
“Really? Then you came to the right person.” Brian said.
Mariah smiled and watched his eyes searching her body. “You see something you like?” She joked.
“I like every inch of you.” Brian said, biting his lower lip. “The music is too loud. Come on; let me take you someplace quiet.” He extended his hand. Mariah smiled again, knowing exactly what he meant. She took his hand and they took flight.
Brain led her into the Palace of Fire and to the Demon Sons hall. They walked past all the doors until they got to the one with his name on it. He opened his door and held it open for Mariah to walk in first. His eyes were focused on her ass as she did. In fact, his dick was already hard from the idea that he was actually about to fuck an angel.
He closed the door and came up behind Mariah as she stood in the middle of the room. He wrapped his arms around her waist and began licking her neck. Mariah bit her lip, for she remembered how pleasuring sexual activity was. Her pussy was wet already.
“What do you suggest we do?” Brian whispered seductively into her ear.
“Whatever you want.” Mariah answered, lost in pleasure.
Brian moved his tail between her legs and up her dress to feel how wet she was. The end of his tail touched the crotch of her panties and felt that they were indeed soaked.
“Are you going to let me have your pussy tonight?” Brian said. He reached his hand down and lifted the front of her dress up, then slid it back down into her panties. He felt how aroused she was and began to rub her clit. Mariah moaned in delight.
Brian was so turned on by her sounds that he rubbed her now pulsating clit even more. Mariah’s moans got even louder as his fingers rubbed her pussy. Then slowly, Brian slid his hands from out of her panties. He put his fingers up to Mariah’s lips, making her taste her own juices. Mariah knew what it would taste like because it is a rarely known fact that angels taste like honey. She just decided to keep it to herself and let Brian find out on his own.
Brian led Mariah to his bed and laid her down on her back. He got on top of her and began to kiss her lustfully. Brian’s tongue was very arousing to Mariah and her pussy got even wetter. He began to slide the straps to her dress down; far enough so he could see her white lace bra.
Brian took it off, revealing Mariah’s full, bare chest. He palmed her breast in each hand and Mariah moaned in delight. Then he bent his head down and began to lick her nipples. He flickered his tongue over the right one until it became hard, and then circled his tongue around the left one until it was hard. Mariah held his head, loving every minute of it.
Brian then got up off of her, and pulled the rest of her dress off. He eyed her body and now only seeing it covered in white lace panties, his dick became even harder. Brian slid the panties off, uncovering Mariah’s delicious looking pussy. She was bald and her skin was smooth as silk. Brian growled, taking all of her body in. Then he began to take off his clothes.
As he got undressed, Mariah looked at his body in amazement for he was so built and muscular. Brian stripped down to his boxers and grabbed Mariah’s legs to prop them up. He got back over top of her and began kissing her again.
They both entwined tongues for at least ten minutes and loved every second of it. Brian began to lick and bite on Mariah’s neck, and then trailed down to her shoulders, over her breasts, and down her stomach. He smiled at her when he began to lick down to her pussy. Mariah waited in anticipation as he kissed around it, teasing her. Brian began to slowly run his fingers over her clit and massaged it with his fingers. The feeling felt so good to Mariah, she moaned even more.
Brian then took two fingers and slipped it into her pussy and began fingering her. Mariah sunk her fingers into the bed and moaned louder, “Oh yes! Oh God, don’t stop!”
“You like my fingers don’t you?” Brian said as he put in another finger and began working her with three.
Mariah nodded her head and slid her hand down to where her clit was and began to rub it. The sight drove Brian wild and he watched it as he fingered her. Mariah was getting even wetter and Brian could feel it on his fingers. He watched in desire as Mariah rubbed her swollen clit. It looked so tasty to his eyes. Quickly, he pushed Mariah’s hand away and began to suck on it. Mariah moaned more and grabbed his head to push it down further.
Brian licked and fed into her juicy pussy and realized something. “You taste like honey.” He said.
“I know.” Mariah smiled.
“Is it just you or?”
“All angels taste like honey.”
Brian ate Mariah’s pussy some more and Mariah was just lost in ecstasy. He fed on her for like fifteen minutes. Mariah spread her legs open even wider so he could get more of it into his mouth.
When Brian was finally sated, he rose up and licked his lips, he hissed at Mariah as he did. At that moment he slid off his boxers, and Mariah looked at his dick in amazement.
“No wonder you have sex all the time. That thing is huge!” she said.
“Yeah, it’s big.” Brian said. He bent over Mariah and kissed her again. He began to work his way in. Mariah held her breath as she felt the head of Brian’s dick parting her pussy lips. Even though had only gotten three inches of it in, Brian began to stroke her. He then realized what all the fuss of angels was about because this was the best pussy he had ever entered. Mariah was majorly tight and her walls contracted around his throbbing dick.
Taken by the feeling, Brian began to go deeper and harder, thrusting himself into her. Mariah moaned and held onto him as she was lost in lust and didn’t dream of being anywhere else.

Angela was sitting in one of the lounging areas, waiting for her caller. She caught Marty’s eye and he decided to venture out for her. He descended out into the crowd to make his way to her.
Angela didn’t know that she was being sought after while she was sitting by herself in the lounging area. She gazed at all the people and wondered what they did to get there. She also saw how accustomed they were too. In the lounging spot next to hers, two people started having sex. They didn’t even care that Angela was right in their view.
Angela blushed at the fact that she was watching two people engaging in sexual activity. Then she remembered what a Demon Son was probably going to do with her. Angela was so lost in her thoughts that she didn’t even see Marty come and sit next to her.
“Hey.” He said.
Angela was jumped a little and said, “Hey. You startled me.”
“I can see, you were looking at that freak fest.” Marty said, pointing to the couple having sex.
Angela pushed his hand down and said, “It’s not polite to point.”
Marty looked at her, smiled and said, “Other people being polite is the last thing those two are worried about.” Angela laughed at his joke. “I’m shocked that you angels came back.” He said.
“Well, we saw things in a different perspective.” Angela said.
“And what would that be?” Marty asked.
“Just have fun.” Angela answered.
They looked at the fucking couple for a minute. The woman began to scream in pleasure as the man stuck his dick up her butt.
“So you do this a lot?” Angela asked.
“Do what?” Marty asked.
“Have sex.” Angela said, motioning her head to the couple.
“Yep. It’s a pastime down here.” Marty said.
“I can tell.” Angela said.
Marty looked at Angela’s long legs; she had them crossed. He bit his lip and said, “How do you like to have sex?”
Angela blushed and said, “I don’t know. How do you like to?”
Marty got closer to her and whispered in her ear, “Well, I like to get my prey really hot,” he began to rub Angela’s legs and then uncross them. “I like to make sure her pussy is dripping wet,” he licked the nape of her neck and then bit it. Angela let out a little moan. “I like to touch and lick all over her body,” He moved his tail to lift up the front of Angela’s dress some. “I like to finger pussy enough to make her come before I even penetrate her,” He took his hands and put them between her legs and felt the outside of her panties. She was indeed moist. “I like to hear her moan,” Marty pushed the crotch of her panties aside and slid in two fingers. Angela moaned in total desire. He fingered her and bit on her neck; his dick was so hard from all of it. “When I do penetrate her, I make sure that she is yearning for my dick as much as it wants her pussy.”
Marty fingered Angela more and her moans had got even more intense. With his other hand, Marty pulled Angela’s face to his and he began to kiss her. They explored each other’s mouth with their tongues in total lust. Marty pulled away and licked at her lips with his tongue.
“Take me.” Angela moaned.
Marty looked at her and bit his lip, “You want me to take you into the palace and fuck you?”
“You want me to do whatever I please with your body?”
“Then tell me to fuck you.”
“Fuck me!” Angela moaned.
With that, Marty took his fingers out of her. Angela wrapped her arms around his neck and he took flight to the palace. He flew through the doors of the balcony that belonged to his room and laid Angela on his bed. He kissed her some more and then began to undress her. First came off her dress and then her satin bra and matching panties. Angela then decided to undress him, taking off his shoes, pants, shirt and then underwear.
Angela was taken by his body and how built it looked. Her eyes wandered down to his penis and her jaw dropped.
“Whoa, is that thing nine inches?” she asked.
“Ten actually.” Marty said. “Your body looks so fucking hot.”
“Thank you.” Angela said. She started to kiss Marty again and he began fingering her again. She sucked on his neck and he did the same in return, making Angela feel so good. Marty kissed and licked down her body, and Angela moaned more.
Marty started fingering Angela again, and she could barely stand it. She rubbed her breast while he made her even wetter. Marty could tell by her sounds that she was about to orgasm, and he was right. Angela grabbed his shoulder and let out a little scream as she came.
When she did, Marty slid out his fingers and licked her cum off them. He paused for a moment, and then licked his fingers again. “It tastes like honey.” He said.
“It’s an angel thing.” Angela said.
Marty got in between her legs and started to eat her out. He licked at her pulsating clit and nibbled at her lips.
“OH! Don’t stop! It feels so good!” Angela yelled.
Marty flickered his tongue over her clit and she screamed in orgasm again. Angela grinded her pussy on to his lips in total ecstasy, never wanting him to stop.
“Fuck me!” she yelled.
“You want my cock now?” Marty asked, teasing her.
“Yes! I want your cock!” Angela said.
Marty then decided that she was ready for him and started on to give Angela a night of eternal fucking.

Colleen was wandering around the palace in boredom, since she was alone. Chris had followed her there and was watching her every move. Tired of wandering, Colleen went to sit on this loveseat that was near-by.
“Are you lost?” Chris said as he came from around the corner, Colleen had just turned.
She smiled and said, “No.”
“Then how come it looks like you don’t know where you are going?” he asked.
“I was just wandering around.” Colleen answered.
“You shouldn’t wander around the Palace of Fire. Somebody could just scoop you up and have their way with you.”
“So you’re telling me that I’m defenseless?”
“Listen, I can do whatever I want, when I want, and I can handle myself.” Colleen snapped.
“I doubt it.” Chris said.
“Why is that?”
“Because I can just do what I want to you right now.”
“I would like to see you try.”
Chris then vanished and Colleen was alone. Disappointed at losing her company, she got up and started wandering some more. She walked through the halls of the palace until she reached the hall of the Demon Sons. Curious she wandered down it and heard moans coming out one or two of the rooms. I guess you know what and who they were.
She walked past every door and stopped at the one with Chris’ name on it. Holding a smile, she turned the doorknob and walked in. There she saw that he had a great-sized king bed, a balcony, and a fireplace with a black bear-skin rug. She turned off the lights in his room and walked over to the fireplace. Colleen blinked her eyes and there appeared a lit fire.
She sat down on the bear-skin rug and watched the flames and the embers dimly light the room. The mood made her feel calm and relaxed. She closed her wings onto her back and enjoyed the atmosphere.
“It took you long enough.” She said. Nothing to her surprise, Chris was standing behind her watching.
“How did you know I was back here?” Chris asked.
“I’ve been dead for six years and that’s long enough to know that no Demon Son will leave an angel to herself in the Palace of Fire.” Colleen said.
Chris walked over and took a seat next to her. Colleen looked at him and smiled.
“I had no idea that I would be sitting next to an angel in front of an open fire in my room.” Chris said.
“You never know.” Colleen said.
“So why did you come to my room?” Chris asked.
Colleen smiled and said, “What do you think?”
Chris smiled and began to kiss her shoulders up to her neck. Colleen turned her head to meet his and began kissing him. It felt good to both of them.
Colleen then laid Chris down and straddled over top of him. His dick started throbbing. She kissed him some more and bit his lower lip. She sat up and began to lower the straps of her dress. Her breasts were exposed and Chris could see that her nipples were hard. He lifted up his hands and began to palm her breasts. Colleen bent down just enough that he began to suck on them. Colleen moaned as he circled his tongue around them.
Chris grabbed Colleen’s ass and rubbed it against his dick, which was dying to be released from his pants.
“You want me to ride your cock don’t you?” Colleen whispered.
“Yes.” Chris said.
Colleen got up off of him stood up and took off her clothes. When completely naked, Chris licked his lips as he saw her body glisten from the fire. Colleen got on her knees and went to unfasten his pants. A shiver went through Chris’s body as she grabbed his dick.
She straddled back over his body and he grabbed her hips and brought her down on his awaiting dick. Colleen winced a little as Chris began to enter her pussy. She tried to get use to size of his dick since she was so tight. I didn’t take her before long until she started to move. It felt too good for Chris and soon, he grabbed her hips and began to bounce her up and down on his dick.
“Oh! Fuck me harder!” Colleen moaned.
Chris obeyed and brought her down even harder. A frenzy of moans escaped her mouth and she loved all of it. Her pussy walls contracted around his dick and the feeling brought all kinds of different pleasures to him. Colleen and Chris continued to fuck the hell out each other for the rest of the night.

Dina decided to release her inhibitions tonight and let herself loose. She gazed up at the Demon Sons balcony and stared at Ted. He stared back at her and smiled. Dina chose to be daring once in her dead life and flew up to the balcony.
Ted smiled in amazement as he saw her fly to him. She landed on the balcony and walked over to him.
“Hi.” She said, practically blushing.
“What’s up?” Ted answered.
“I just wanted to come up here since I was staring at you the whole time.” Dina said.
“That was a bold move.” Ted said, “Usually, it would be me coming after you.”
“Really?” Dina said.
“Yep. You look hot tonight.”
“Thank you.” Dina thought for a moment and chose to be daring once again. “I’d probably look even hotter if you take me to your room.” She tried to hold back blushing and nearly made it.
Ted smiled at her statement and said, “You took the words right out of my mouth.” He extended his hand and Dina took it and they went to his room.
When they got there, Dina was a bit nervous, but tried not to let it show. Ted closed his door and went to grab her, but she playfully pushed him away.
“Come here.” He said. Dina got on his bed and he joined her. Ted went to grab her again, but she pushed him away. “Quit playing.” She gave in as he succeedingly grabbed her again and giggled. Dina pulled his head to hers and began to kiss him hungrily.
She then pulled away and asked, “Am I making you feel good?”
“Yeah.” Ted said.
“You want me to do something that’ll make you feel really good?”
Ted nodded his head and Dina decided to do something that she hasn’t done in years. She pulled him to sit on the edge of the bed. Then she undid his pants and pulled his dick out.
Dina got on her knees to do something she hadn’t done in years. She was a pro at it when she was alive, but she hoped her skills had carried on with her to her next life.
Ted’s dick was fully hard. She rubbed his head with her hands and then eased them down to the shaft. In anticipation, Ted grabbed the back of her head and began to pull her to it. Dina didn’t resist, she just went with flow. The head of his dick made his way into her mouth and she realized how easy this was for her. She sucked on his head and it wasn’t before long until precum began to ooze out. She then went down even further to fit all of it into her mouth. She did and realized that she was still a master at giving head.
Ted could feel himself touch the back of her throat and that drove him crazy. What really set it off was when she began to deepthroat his entire dick. He frowned as she came up off of it for air. Dina saw that he was in total ecstasy.
“You like the feeling of me sucking your dick?” She teased.
“Yeah, don’t stop.” Ted said, pulling her back down. Dina sucked him off for twenty minutes until her mouth grew tired. She could usually go longer but she hadn’t done it for a while.
“That was the best blowjob I’ve ever gotten.” Ted said.
“Your welcome.” Dina said as she got up and began to strip completely naked.
She bent over next to Ted and said “Fuck me.” Ted obeyed and got up behind her and stuck his dick into her pussy. Dina pushed herself onto him, trying to fit all of him in. Ted took hold of her hips and started to stroke her.
Her pussy felt so good on his dick that he began to shake a little. Dina relaxed as he fucked her and moaned continuously for hours on end.

Liana was in Trent’s room looking around. She ended up here from walking around the palace. She opened one of his doors that led to the bathroom which had an enormous tub. Liana began to fill it with warm water.
As the water ran, she got undressed. She took off her dress, then her bra and panties. When the bathtub was filled up, she stopped the water and got in. Liana laid back and relaxed in the water. Then the door to the bathroom swung open and there was Trent.
“What are you doing in here?” He said smiling.
“Taking a bath.” Liana answered.
“And why is that?” Trent asked.
“Because I was hoping you would join me.” Liana said.
“Why do you want me to join you?” Trent asked.
“You already know the answer to that question.” Liana said.
Trent began to undress and Liana watched. When he was naked, he got into the water, sitting where he was facing her. Liana smiled as he sat sown.
“You know, that was pretty fucked up what you did last night.” Trent said.
“I’m sorry.” Liana said, “It wasn’t my intention to hurt your feelings.”
“It didn’t hurt my feelings. It was just fucked up.” Trent said.
“Well I said that I was sorry. I would think that you would be thick-skinned about it.”
“Are you trying to call me soft?”
“No. You just seem to be taken by my childish act.”
“Cause it was rough and total disrespect.”
“Don’t come in my face about disrespect when you were about to ambush me.”
“There is a fine line in between disrespect and wanting some pussy.”
“There is also a fine line in between being powerful and being a plain asshole.” Liana fired back.
Trent stared at her and said, “You’re lucky you can get away with being smart because you’re naked.” He smiled.
Liana smiled back at him and said, “Well I said that I was sorry.”
Trent said, “Come here; let me wash you. I can make up for being mean.”
Liana turned with her back facing him and he washed her. The feeling of the washcloth against her skin was so relaxing to her body. Trent then began to bring the washcloth in front of her and rubbed it against her clit. A little moan escaped from Liana’s mouth and he did it some more. She turned her head to Trent and bit his bottom lip. Trent then kissed her and rubbed her pussy now with his hand.
To them, the water seemed to get even hotter as Trent kissed her neck and bit on it. Liana turned around and got on his lap, she could feel how hard his dick was. She kissed him some more as he grabbed her breasts and palmed them. Trent bent his head down and suckled on each one until her nipples were hard.
“Stick your dick in my pussy.” Liana moaned. Trent followed her orders and slipped his dick into her. Liana flinched as he penetrated her but didn’t want him to stop. Trent eased her onto his dick and it felt so good to him.
When she finally relaxed, Liana grinded her hips onto Trent’s dick and he moaned. He moved her hips back and forth and she was ready to come already. She screamed in orgasm and Trent was ready to give her another go.
Liana got out of the tub and got on Trent’s bed, waiting for him. Trent took the hint and went to her.

Meanwhile, Lavina and Logan were in Logan’s room having pina colodas. They have been together since the night started. They were both lying on Logan’s bed.
“I love your legs.” Logan said.
“Thank you.” Lavina said.
“I can’t wait to get in between them.”
Lavina paused and said, “I don’t know how to respond to that.”
Logan smiled, took her drink, and sat it along with his on the dresser. He kissed Lavina and began to take off her clothes. He undid his pants and pulled his throbbing dick out. Lavina was wet from excitement. Logan opened her legs and began to enter her. Her tightness was so arousing that that he thrusted deeper into her. He began to stroke her, loving the feeling of her pussy.
“It feels so good!” Lavina moaned. “Fuck me harder!”
Logan pounded into her even harder and Lavina held onto him to meet with his thrusts. Logan was lost in lust for Lavina’s pussy was the best that he ever had. He bent his head down and began licking her breasts. Then, he pushed Lavina’s legs up so that her knees were touching her chest and stuck his dick inside her deep.
“Is this too much for you?” Logan asked.
“Do you want me to stop?”
Logan and Lavina’s night carried on and he did the most indescribable things to her that she would remember forever.

Eddie was looking for Deja. She disappeared when he was up on the balcony with the others. The Demon Sons were now all occupied, except for one.
Eddie flew over the crowd in search for Deja but no results. He searched everywhere to no appeal. He took on the fact that she left him, which was something she used to do when they were teenagers. In disappointment he headed back to his room feeling alone. As he got to his hall, he heard the moans of the other angels coming from the Demon Sons room.
He then saw that the door to his room was open. He smiled, walked in, and shut the door behind him. As Eddie walked in, he saw that the door to his balcony was opened and to his relief, there was Deja standing on it.
“I thought that you left.” He said.
Deja turned around, smiled and said, “Now you know that I wouldn’t leave you.”
“How would I know that?”
“Well I’m here aren’t I?”
“Come in here.”
Deja walked in from the balcony and shut the door. She walked over to Eddie and he held her in his arms.
“I want to see you naked.” He said. Deja smiled and they both began to undress. When completely naked, Eddie grabbed Deja and started to squeeze her ass. Deja kissed him and he caught hold of her tongue with his teeth.
“Lets sixty-nine.” Eddie said. The two got on his bed in the sixty-nine position. Eddie got down first, laying on his back and Deja got on top. Deja took the head of his dick into her mouth and licked her tongue around it. Eddie was turned on by it and pulled her ass down and probed her pussy with his tongue. The feeling of it made Deja’s pussy even wetter, so she sucked his dick even harder. Eddie then licked and nibbled on her lips, which was something Deja always liked.
Deja began to taste precum on his dick and licked around it, spreading it out with her tongue. Eddie took a playful bite out of her dripping wet pussy. Deja arched her back and pushed her ass further toward him, feeding him more. Eddie began to devour her entire pussy like there was no tomorrow. He realized that she tasted like honey but was too busy feasting to make mention of it.
Eddie began to feel the head of his dick hitting up against Deja’s tonsils and squeezed her ass to show her that it felt good to him. Deja started to deepthroat his entire dick. Eddie took one hand off her ass and used it to grab her head so he could make her go faster. Deja didn’t resist and gave him exactly what he wanted. The feeling of her tongue on his dick was too much than he could bear but the last thing that he wanted was for her to stop.
Eddie then blew hot air on her pussy and rubbed her clit with his finger. Deja began to moan uncontrollably as he made her get close to orgasm. Her body tightened up and she let out a low scream. Her pussy juice trickled out and Eddie lapped up each drop. He was so aroused by her orgasm that he wanted to give her more. Eddie hungrily ate at Deja’s pussy and she screamed and moaned his name. She came soon again, but he wasn’t sated. He ate more of her pussy and Deja was too busy moaning she couldn’t suck his dick anymore so she just stroked it.
Eddie ate her for the next twenty minutes until he finally stopped. He wasn’t tired; he just knew that Deja could barely take it anymore. Deja got off of him and turned around so they could be face-to-face. She saw that her come was all over Eddie’s lips and she kissed him to savor the taste of it. She kissed him some more and he bit at her tongue. That made her so hot. Into their kiss, Eddie was dying to feel himself inside of her badly and Deja wanted exactly the same.
Eddie took hold of Deja’s hips and brought her down on his rock-hard dick. With only the head in, Deja quickly rose up for he was so huge. He made his grip on her firmer and slowly brought her back down. Eddie gave her time to get all the way down on his dick and he just enjoyed the feeling of how tight she was. When she finally adjusted to him, her body then relaxed and she realized how good Eddie’s dick felt by just sitting on it.
He then began to move her hips back and forth and Deja moaned in ecstasy. Eddie then got a tighter hold of her and began to make her bounce on his dick. Deja’s moans got louder for the feeling of him inside of her was just as she remembered. Quiet exhales of air escaped Eddie’s mouth as Deja’s pussy went down on his dick.
“Fuck me harder!” Deja moaned.
Eddie took heed to her word and brought her down on his dick harder. Deja bit her lip and stared at him in lustful passion, never wanting this to end. “I love the way your pussy feels.” Eddie said barely.
“I love the way your dick feels.” Deja moaned.
Eddie smiled and said, “You always have.” Deja grabbed on to his shoulders, ready to climax. Eddie could see that was about to come so he fucked her even harder. Deja screamed and collapsed on Eddie, but he made her go up and down on his dick. Deja then broke free of his hold and rolled off of him; lying on her stomach.
Eddie got aggravated in a playful way and climbed over top of her.
He whispered in her ear, “Why did you stop?”
“Cause I wanted to.” Deja said, messing with him.
“Well I didn’t.” Eddie took hold of her ass and entered her from behind. “I’m going to impale you.” He said. Eddie stuck it in real deep so he could hear Deja cry out. He then propped himself up on his elbows and then began to pound her hard. Deja moaned and took her punishment to the fullest. Eddie knew that she was so lost in lust that he could make her do or say anything.
“Are you a slut for my dick?”
“Yes!” Deja moaned.
“No. You know the drill. I want you to say it.”
Deja hesitated for a moment and he fucked her even harder to make say what he wanted. “I’m a slut for your dick.” she moaned. Eddie smiled because even though she was in her next life, she was still the same.
He could feel himself swelling up inside of her and he knew that he was ready to come. He let out a low roar and exploded. He collapsed and Deja did too.
“That was good.” He said.
“Yeah it was.” Deja said.
“But you know that I’m far from finished.”
“Yeah, I know.” Eddie growled under his breath and went on to do anything and everything he could to Deja for the rest of the night.


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I doubt this story will ever be read by anyone anymore but can't knock it for being written by a 10th grader. Was the best thing I've ever seen by this person at the time. Really amazing stuff came out of her mind.


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I didn't care for it.


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This was an interesting after life allagory. Shades of John Milton's Paradise Lost with some modern twists and turns. I suspect your theology is off but that's okay, it's just a sotry. I love your warped mind as well and that's okay to. Nice job writing. Discriptions were excellent and conversations believable within the context.

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