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You may be interested in this ‘story’ which surprised even me when it happened, but as they say, ‘truth is stranger than fiction’ and I for one am pleased about that. This event happened four years ago when I was 43. I had been a widow for three years after my husband was killed in a car accident. I had no intimate male friends and very rarely went out socialising much as my husband had been a home bird. In fact he was very straight laced and unadventurous in all areas of life, though he was a good man and a trustworthy friend to me. We had no children as I couldn’t have any so now I lived alone. Like a bolt out of the blue an unexpected action on my part changed my life and I still don’t know, for the life of me, how it ever really happened.

My nephew, Simon, was 22 at the time and at University. He always used to come round as he lived only a few streets away from our house and, following my husband’s death, when he was on vacation he would continue to call round to see me and have a glass of wine or a beer. He was studying mathematics and has always been a nice, outgoing young man. It would not be a lie to say I have admired his developing looks as he has grown up to be the young man he now is.

One particular evening Simon called round quite late, around 9pm. I was watching TV and I was already in my nightdress and dressing gown and had probably had around four large glasses of wine, (a lot for me). I was always pleased to see Simon and told him to help himself to a beer from the fridge. We chatted for some time and had more to drink, even though I was quite light headed.

After a while I went to the kitchen to get some more wine. I took the bottle back to the lounge, poured our glasses and said to Simon that I needed to pop to the bathroom. As I turned to go he suddenly said ‘you look good in that dressing gown Sue, you’ve got a great figure’. ‘Why thanks’ I said and went out the door. Simon’s comment suddenly made me feel very horny and I found myself feeling quite turned on. I knew Simon liked me, even desired me as he came round when he didn’t need to. I knew, with a degree of modesty that I was attractive and I liked my looks. I must say I have quite a good figure and I do love my breasts which are a good size. I keep fit through jogging and go to the gym regularly, (my only socialising really), and have very little excess weight on me. In the bathroom the ridiculous thought of Simon making love to me went through my mind. The wine was obviously getting to me as it was so unusual for me to think like this, but I couldn’t stop thinking about it which just made me feel more turned on. I remember thinking, ‘don’t be stupid Sue, he’s your nephew’ and I thought to myself ‘come on, calm down girl’.

I tried to compose myself, finished in the bathroom and went back into the hallway, but as I went across the hall part of me wanted to keep thinking about making love. What happened next I can only put down to the alcohol as it was almost surreal and, unbelievably now when I look back, I just stopped in the hallway, took off my dressing gown and nightie and walked back into the lounge completely naked. Simon was looking at the paper and when he heard me and looked up his eyes nearly popped out. His mouth was wide open in amazement. I just said “do you like my figure now’? He just did not know what to say or do and I can recall the thoughts in my own mind saying ‘this can’t be happening, what are you doing woman’.

I found myself walking over to Simon, taking his hands and pulling him to his feet. I placed a hand on each of my breasts and then pulled him to me and kissed him full on the lips. I could feel him shaking and, moving my lips gently away from his I whispered ‘”would you like to make love to me’? I put my hands over his and moved them gently around my breasts. I could feel the wetness growing between my legs and was so turned on. Simon mumbled and was still virtually speechless, but his eyes were glued to his hands on my breasts and I found myself saying “come with me” and taking his hand and leading him out of the lounge and into my bedroom across the hall. I sat him on the bed and sat down next to him, once again pulling his face to mine and kissing him, my tongue probing into his mouth and gradually I felt his tongue respond to mine. I kept kissing him and after a minute or so I felt his hand touch my leg and rest on it. I placed my hand on his leg and just slid it straight to where his cock was hidden under the material of his trousers. It was rock hard and I felt Simon jump slightly at my touch and then, as I gently caressed him he murmured in pleasure against my lips as we continued to kiss. His tongue was now playing against mine and I eased away to say to him “are you ok with this Simon”? He nodded and said, ‘wow, yes Sue, you are gorgeous. I can’t believe I’m kissing you and you have no clothes on’. I laughed and said “My God, I can’t believe it either”.

A voice in the back of my mind still kept saying ‘I just don’t believe you have done this’, but I found myself saying ‘let me free this though’ and I reached down to his trousers and, finding his zip, I slid it down, pulled down the front of his underpants and eased out his cock. It was a nice size and looked beautiful and I remember thinking ‘God, Simon’s young cock is going to be deep in my pussy soon. I could feel myself seeping moist juice at the thought of it and my hand wrapped around his shaft and gently stroked him up and down. I looked at his face which had an expression of sexual excitement mixed with a sense of bewilderment which I found touching.

‘Take off your top’ I said and Simon reached down and pulled his T-shirt over his head as I continued to stroke his shaft. I stroked slowly as I didn’t want to make him cum too soon. His chest and upper body was lean and his skin was so boyish that I couldn’t help kissing his shoulder and neck and gently pressed him back onto the bed where I could rub his shaft and lower my lips to his boyish nipple. I sucked gently on it and ran my tongue back and forth over it feeling Simon quiver beneath me.

After a minute I stopped, let go of his shaft and moved off the bed to a position where I could undo his trainers and remove these and his socks followed by his trousers which I pulled off in one sweep along with his underpants leaving him lying in front of me completely naked. Kneeling between his legs I took hold of his cock again and rubbed it up and down whilst my other hands very gently cupped and caressed his balls. The tip of his cock was becoming a little shiny as some precum oozed up his shaft and Simon just lay there breathing deeply. I leaned forward and kissed his balls, then tasted them with my tongue and ran my tongue up his shaft. Standing up I lowered my mouth taking the head of Simon’s cock into me and slowly slid my mouth down his shaft. I caressed his cock with my mouth and lips for some time, but took great care. I knew I would love to taste Simon’s cum and swallow every mouthful, but I also desired, for the first time, that every precious drop of his sperm went deep into my pussy and with that in mind I stop sucking him, got onto the bed and gently guided Simon on top of me.

I held his stiff cock in my hand and eased it towards my pussy. I said, “make love to me darling" and as he slid slowly into me I grasped his buttocks and pulled him deep, just holding him inside me. It felt so good and I whispered, “God, you feel good Simon”. “You do too Sue” he gasped and I pulled his lips onto mine for a long kiss and let my tongue slide deep into his mouth. I then lifted my legs and brought them up so they rested on Simon’s shoulders, raising my bottom off the bed and enabling Simon’s cock to penetrate deep inside me. “Thrust into me darling” I said and Simon started to gently slide in and out of me. I was able to look down and watch his gorgeous shaft, glistening with my juices, slide into me and then out. “Your cock looks lovely sliding into my pussy” I whispered and I felt Simon’s cock stiffen with excitement as he thrust more firmly.

For several minutes Simon thrust into me and I moaned quietly and when I said to him, “Darling, I want your cock to explode inside of me and fill me with your cum”, it was just too much for him and I felt his body tense up and groans escape from his mouth and suddenly his cock was jerking powerfully inside of me, spraying his seed deep into me. “Yes darling, fill me” I gasped as I held his head and felt his spurts inside me, warm and hot against my pussy walls and then I felt Simon beginning to subside and I felt him press down to feel his cock as far into me as it would go as if trying to get the last few drops as deep into me as possible. He moved slowly for a while longer until, spent, I lowered my legs and he lay on top of me. I hugged my arms round him and held him so his now semi hard cock stayed inside me. “Oh darling, that was wonderful”, I said, kissing his face and lips.

“Wow Sue”, he said breathing fast, “I can’t believe I’ve made love to you”.
“Mmmm, you were totally fantastic” I said. “Would you like to stay the night my darling and sleep with me as well as make love” I asked. “Yes please” Simon gasped. “Good” I said, “because I want much more of you, but you had better phone home to say you will be staying out”. “Ok” Simon said and he gently lifted himself out of me and scrambled for his mobile and while he made the call to his mum, I took his spent cock in my hand and lowered my mouth on him to suck gently. I couldn’t help thinking what my elder sister would do if she knew I had her son’s cock in my mouth. Simon, with difficulty, said he was probably going to stay at a friend’s house and would be home tomorrow, then he hung up. I sucked him gently for a few minutes making sure I had cleaned his cock of any cum and then sat up and pulled Simon towards me for a long, slow and delicious kiss. As our lips met he moved his hands up to cup my breasts, his thumbs circling my nipples, making them tingle with pleasure.

My pussy was aching and as we kissed my hand slid to my clitoris and rubbed it. Then I eased back from Simon onto the bed opening my legs. “Want to lick me” I said? “I’d love to” Simon replied and lay down on the bed with his face close to my pussy and I could look down at his gorgeous buttocks and back. “Run your tongue up and down my pussy” I gasped and watched a Simon’s tongue probed along my crack tasting my juice and gently probed just into me, half an inch and running over my clit as it reached the top of its journey. I held his head and with a little pressure encouraged him to push his tongue in a little further. Then I reached down and held my wet pussy lips open and Simon’s tongue lapped up the wetness inside. My clit was burning and the knowledge that my handsome young nephew was licking me to orgasm just brought me more quickly to a totally wonderful orgasm. With some abandon I just moaned and groaned as the waves washed over me and Simon, feeling my orgasm shudder through my body as he licked and probed pushed his tongue as deep as he could until I slowly subsided and relaxed in a fulfilled heap. I pulled Simon up and onto my body. I reached down and found his reinvigorated cock and guided it back into my pussy. Then, with him deep in me we just kissed and talked as the night progressed. Occasionally Simon would thrust into me for a few minutes to keep himself hard, but I didn’t want him to cum. I told him I wanted to feel him inside of me all night long. We talked about how much we had liked each other and how neither of us would ever mention this to anyone else. It was quite late when we fell asleep together,

I woke first the next morning. And as I came round from my slumber I felt a warm glow flow through me as I saw Simon fast asleep next to me. Suddenly, though I was worried. “Oh God”, I thought. “I’ve had sex with my sister’s son”. Feeling guilt and also thinking that maybe Simon would feel differently the morning after, I eased out of the bed and padded into the bathroom. I closed the door and rinsed my face looking into the mirror as if the face I saw was a criminal. I suddenly felt my nakedness and went back to get my dressing gown which was lying exactly where I had dropped it the previous evening. As I picked it up a voice startled me. “Morning Sue”, said Simon walking over to me. He was still naked and he kissed me softly on my lips and pulled me to him. “Can we still make love again today or have you changed your mind” he asked uncertainly. His look of worry melted me immediately. I put my arms round him, dropping my gown and just said, “ Yes darling, I demand you make love to me several times today”. I hugged him and he suddenly took the wind out of my sails by saying “I was thinking last night that I love you, just so you know”.

I took Simon’s hand and lead him into the kitchen. “Lets get some coffee and toast” I said. I put some bread in the toaster and put the kettle on. “Sit down here” I said to Simon, pointing to a table chair. He sat down and I just took his semi hard cock in my hand and stroked it as I looked into his eyes. As soon as he was hard I positioned myself over him and lowered my pussy onto his shaft until I was sitting on his lap with him deep in me. Gently I eased up a little and got into a gentle motion of impaling myself on his cock as Simon’s hands ran over my shoulders and breasts teasing the nipples with his thumbs. The toast suddenly popped up and I eased off Simon leaving his shaft glistening wet. Suddenly the toast vanished from my thoughts and I was down on my knees with that cock in my mouth and my hand stroking Simon’s testicles. I took in a good portion of its length and as I sucked I eased a finger underneath Simon’s balls and along until it pressed against the tight skin of his anus. I heard Simon’s breathing deepen and his cock became even harder as I did this which encouraged me to pushed gently at his tight entrance. My mouth and lips worked around and along his swollen cock head and shaft. I removed my finger and pushed it into my pussy making it wet with my juice before returning it to his anus where, with the wet lubrication, I was able to push my finger in slowly about half an inch. Simon gasped and I could feel his explosion was not far off and my finger pushed a little further into him. I felt so liberated and sexy with this young beautiful man and this seemed so natural to touch him and give him pleasure. Simon erupted into my mouth, his cum shooting to the back of my mouth and I swallowed as more hot liquid pumped from his cock. His cock jerking against my lips made me feel so good as he held my head and finally emptied himself. I swallowed the last few drops and quickly rose and, once again, slid down onto his still hard shaft enveloping it in my pussy. I pressed my lips to his and pushed my tongue into his mouth so he could taste his own seed. When our lips parted Simon said “this is unbelievable”. We both just laughed, but I didn’t let his cock stray from my pussy for some time.

“Did you mind me touching your anus” I asked. “It was fabulous” Simon gasped. “Wow, would you like me to touch you there”? “Do you know, I think I would like you to do that, but first, lets have some toast. I eased off of him and we prepared and carried out little snack to the bedroom. Simon sat so that he was always touching me which was so sweet and one hand caressed various parts of my body while the other held his piece of toast. We just lay together and touched each other for some time. We dozed a bit more until my eyes opened and Simon was just lying on his side staring at me and gently caressing my skin.

“Can I look at your bottom” Simon asked? I didn’t answer, but just turned to lie on my front so he could examine my buttocks, back and legs. I open my legs a little and felt his finger trace a path in the crevasse between my cheeks pausing to stop and feel at my anal sphincter. I felt his finger push against the tight skin. “One second” I said. I jumped up, popped to the bathroom and grabbed some KY jelly. I dashed back to the bed and gave the jelly to Simon.
With the help of the jelly his finger began to ease into my hole, slowly at first and then, in small, ever-deeper thrusts. I buried my face in the pillow and whimpered as he pushed very gently, easing it in and out until most of his finger was sliding right in. My bottom arch up and I gently eased my legs up so that Simon could get his finger as deep as possible. It felt absolutely electric and I reached underneath me with one hand and started rubbing my clitoris as Simon’s finger slid in and out of my anus and, to my absolute delight, Simon positioned himself so he could slide his cock into my soaking hot vagina.

‘Oh God Simon, that’s so fantastic’ I moaned as he thrust his cock in and out of my pussy and his finger in and out of my anus. I couldn’t believe I was doing something I had never done before and was enjoying it so much. My husband would never have touched my anus even though the thought of having it touched and even anal sex had been a somewhat secret erotic fantasy of mine for many years. I never dreamed I would have it fulfilled. Simon kept pushing his finger in for several minutes and I just knew I was going to get him to try and put his cock in my anus. I gently pulled away from him and turned round to face him. Reaching for the jelly, I took a handful and began to rub it along his cock shaft. He was so hard and stiff again and I smiled at him, leaned forward and kissed his lips and said ‘I’d love you to put this in my anus and slide it in and out like you did with your finger”.
“Really” exclaimed Simon. I’m not sure if he was shocked or really surprised that I’d let him.
“Would you like to” I asked him?
“Like to, God, Sue, I would do anything with you, especially if it gives you pleasure. Wow, I’ve often dreamed of having anal sex, but I never have”.
“Darling, I haven’t either”, I said, taking his hand and squeezing some jelly over his finger. “Play with me a bit more with your finger to open my hole” and I lay back and eased a pillow under my lower back and lifted and spread my legs raising my bottom up so Simon could guide his finger to my anus. His touch was electric and I watched his face as his finger gently pressed against my sphincter and slowly eased in about an inch. He eased it back and forth slowly for a few thrusts before easing it deeper into me. I gasped in pleasure and Simon, obviously gaining in confidence eased his other finger into my pussy which was just so wet it slipped in without resistance. He kept up the most wonderful thrusting as his other fingers rubbed over my clitoris and I felt the burning sensations inside my pussy as I began to move towards an orgasm.

“Oh keep doing that darling, you’re going to make me cum”, I moaned and just lay back enjoying the sensations of my anus and pussy being probed at the same time. The sheer pleasure of Simon’s touch and the absolute sexiness of what was happening, his finger probing deep in my hole, brought me rapidly to a gasping pitch and I moaned in short gasping bursts as my whole body suddenly began to shudder with the most fantastic orgasm I can remember suddenly washing over me. It seemed to go on forever and I must have leaked so much juice as I could feel Simon’s wet fingers in me. My body and legs were shaking as I let out a loud cry of sheer ecstasy as ripples of pleasure pulsed powerfully through me from my swollen clitoris.

Slowly I subsided, breathing heavily and moaning in sheer pleasure. “Oh darling, that was wonderful, but don’t stop” .
“That was wonderful Sue”, said Simon. “I just loved watching you cum. You are so gorgeous”.
“Thank you darling, but I want that cock of yours inside of me so take your finger out”. Slowly Simon took his finger out of my anus. I passed him the jelly and he squeezed some out and rubbed it along his stiff shaft and over the swollen head. He then rubbed a large blob around my anus.
“Ok darling, just push gently against my hole” I said, legs spread wide as Simon kneeled between my legs and placed the tip of his cock against my hole. I braced myself as he pushed his rigid shaft forward and after a few attempts at steady pushing my sphincter opened and accepted the head of his cock. God, my hole felt stretched wide and I told Simon to stop for a moment. After a while I said “ok darling, push in a little further”. Simon was so gentle and just eased into me so slowly. I felt he was truly filling my hole as it opened up. Just like with his finger he eased in and out in small movements until after a few minutes his shaft was almost completely inside of me.

“Fuck me darling” I groaned as I lay there not believing my lovely nephew had his cock in my anus, Simon began to move in and out, his cock sliding about halfway out before he thrust slowly back in. The ring of my hole tingled as Simon’s shaft rubbed against it and I held my legs up high and apart as Simon leaned over me as he fucked my hole. He leaned down and again our lips met. Simon whispered softly “Can I come and stay with you and make love often Sue” he asked? I raised my hands up and held his face close to mine, his cock oh so slowly moving in and out of my anus, and said “my baby, I hope we can have a long long time to do all sorts of things with each other. You can stay with me whenever you want. Now fuck me darling”
Simon smiled and kissed me and then thrust more firmly. My hole was really open now and taking his length right in. I held Simon ‘s head as he thrust and I looked into his face as his breathing increased. “Cum in me baby please” I whispered and a few seconds later Simon’s cock shuddered and exploded into me sending his hot sperm into my anus, his body stiffening and groans of pleasure leaving his lips. I remember thinking my nephew has now cum in my vagina, my mouth and my anus. Less than 24 hours earlier this would have seemed completely beyond anything I could imagine, but I was so contented and glowing with my darling man having satisfied me completely.

After we had recovered Simon continued to lie on me and we just kissed gently for quite a long time. After a while his spent cock, now flaccid, plopped out of my hole. I could feel Simon’s cum trickle out around my hole and decided it was time we both had a shower. We still had the rest of the day and several more weeks of Simon’s holiday left.

Looking back it was one of the most wonderful periods of my life. Simon would come to see me every holiday and quite a few weekends in between and we were just like lovers, which we had to be careful to hide and that, I can tell you was difficult. In fact, it still is. Simon eventually finished at college and got a good job which he had to move south for. I didn’t mind too much and I go and stay with him often, which is almost, but not quite, all the time and we share the most exciting sex life possible. There is nothing we haven’t done with each other and writing and sharing this story about us is part of the erotic journey we have been making and will excite both Simon and myself to see it in print, but perhaps I will write about those experiences another time. We also love each other’s company and have many social outings whenever we can. Simon now wants me to move in with him completely and we are trying to work out how we can live together without family finding out. Whether its right or wrong, he says he loves me. After four years with him I know he means it. The thing is, I love him too.

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2013-07-27 06:53:43
Great story,so exciting, and loving story accompanied with a great fucking!When u have such experience,u feel urself like in a dream because before ,you would have never imagine the possibility of fucking ur own nephew and vice versa.I fucked my blood nephew,at that time aged 17 and me 42, ayear ago.I m married with 3 children who are on their own.Nobody in the family suspects our incest liaison.I have the chance that my husband has to travel very often yearly,because of his business.I only once nearly got caught because I was pregnant of my nephew.Fortunately,after 2 months .I lost a lot of blood ,loosing the fetus.We were at a loss what to do because my husband was overseas during 2 monthsduring that period.Afterwards,and till now Im on the pill.

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2013-03-04 21:06:06
This is a very good and loving story about fucking your aubt and her fucking you, I see nothing wrong with that as both are over 21 yrs. of age. I had the opportunity to fuck my step-mother when she was 44 and I was 25 and my father had died of a heart attack, She was needing a good fucking a few weeks after his death, and I was available to help her out and this continued for about 5 years before I had to move to another state for my work, but we still get together when I get back home, So don't feel bad about fucking your aunt.

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2012-11-06 17:04:47
Excellent! Thanks for sharing.

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2012-09-22 19:20:18
You remember a good time with your nephew> This is one good story and is well played out by both of youI had a similar experience with my nephew but it didn't turn out as good as yours.Keep up the good works.

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2012-02-09 15:40:16
I can relate. I'm in a similar age gap with my mother's younger sister, who is my favourite aunt, and I've longed to lose my virginity to her.

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