Robin goes into Raven rooms to talk to her after he found out she is a hermaphrodite
After everything had happen Raven was in her room thinking everything over....Robin walked up to the door, then knocked on it....Who is it? It is me Robin can I come in to talk to Raven....Come in Robin... Raven why didn't u tell me that u were a hermaphrodite.. Because I was afraid that everyone would hate me because of it.....I don't hate u Raven I think your even more beautiful than before....Raven starts to blush... I was holding something back out there Robin....What was that Raven?

What I was holding back was that I like to be in control of the sex..Raven u let Beast Boy fuck u in the ass and pussy....I was being nice to him Robin I won't let him fuck me again...Ok it was your idea to fuck Starfire though....Yes it was but I only fucked her because she started kissing me and I found out she was a virgin though... Yea but u gave me a blow job and I didn't ask....I know u didn't ask Robin, I did that because I wanted to... But if u noticed I didn't let u touch me or fuck me.. Yes I did and that is why I came to talk to u.....

You want to know why I didn't let u touch me or fuck me? Yes I do Raven, u know I been trying to get together with u....That is because I didn't want u to be apart of that sex orgy....Why is that Raven? Because when it come to having sex with u, your going to be my bitch Robin... What is that sub post to mean Raven? Well what I mean is instead of me giving u a blowjob your going to be giving me a blowjob, beside u fucking me in my pussy and ass... I'm going to be fucking u in your ass.... Now wait one minute what makes u think I'm going to give u a blowjob or even let u fuck me in ass? Do u want to get together to with me or not Robin... Yes I do Raven but I wasn't planning on giving u a blowjob or letting u fuck me in ass.... Robin I told u that I like to be in control of the sex that means I either get what I want or it doesn't happen and I mean it Robin...

So I either give in to what u want or don't, and if I don't we won't get together is that what u r saying Raven...Now u understand what I am talking about Robin...If u want to get together with me, You will give me what I want or u get nothing which means I go without because I don't want anything to do with Starfire, Beast Boy, or Cyborg... Why not Raven? Because I don't like Beast Boy, I only let him fuck me that one time only, Starfire is a nice person but once she lost her virginity in her pussy and ass their no fun in fucking her anymore....Cyborg is a nice guy but if I want to fuck a machine I will but a dildo on your motorcycle seat and go fuck myself....So u either do what I want or lose out... Raven your not making it easy.....You either be my bitch or go without...Fine U can be in control of the sex....You don't get it do you Robin...What do r u talking about?You said u like to be in control of the sex, so why did u say I don't get it? Because if we start seeing one other your not just going to be my bitch during sex your going to be the gf in the relationship..

What do u mean I'm going to be the gf in the relationship? Ok so you want to know what I mean when I said your going to the gf... Ok I will tell u, your going to be the gf because in every relationship I seen the guy was the one in control... I don't just want to in control of the sex, I want control over the whole relationship.... I seen your cock and it's not big anuff to make me even think about being your gf.... You know my dick is big anuff to make you my bitch, so either do it willing or I will have to be forceful... So u want me to be your gf willing or your going to make me your gf.. Yes that is what I am saying so either be my gf willing or I will bend u over and fuck your ass...So what is it going to be Robin? All Raven see's is Robin dropping his pants and underwear while he bends over the bed...So you decided to do it willing....I don't want u to ram your dick into my ass so I decided to go ahead and be your gf....I don't remember ever saying I was going to be easy with u...What if u ram that dick into my ass everyone going to hear me scream from pain....Yea I bet Starfire, Beast Boy, and Cyborg know your in her talking to me as well...Yes they do so please be gently Raven..

I'm not going to be gently with u at all...But everyone will hear me screaming..That's the whole point of me ramming my dick into your ass...So they know our leader is getting fucked up his ass and that he is becoming my bitch....What u want everyone to know that your fucking me...Yes because once I'm done fucking u in the ass and we walk out their going to know that your my girlfriend...Right before Robin could say anything Raven slammed her dick into Robin ass all the way in, all anyone heard was Robin screaming in pain... Starfire came to Raven's door ... Raven is everything alright? Yes why do u ask Starfire? Because we just heard Robin screaming in pain... Oh that's because I just slammed my dick into his ass....WHAT YOUR FUCKING ROBIN IN THE ASS? Yes I am Starfire... Ok enjoy being her girlfriend Robin...See Robin once they know that I'm fucking your ass, they know who the boyfriend and who the girlfriend is... This isn't fair Raven, when do I get to fuck u? When I want u to fuck me is when u will fuck me, now shut up and take it like a bitch...But u fucking my ass hurt like hell...Well shut up and let me fuck your ass, just lay there and take it sooner or later the pain will go away so be quiet about it...

Dam your ass is tight Robin... Your the first person to fuck me in my ass..I'm going to be the only one to fuck u in the ass and mouth...Raven slams her dick into Robin ass, after a while he start to enjoy the fucking Raven is giving him...Raven was fucking Robin harder when a knock the door... Who is it? It is me Cyborg. What do u want Cyborg...How long are u going to be Raven? Don't know Cyborg, Robin ass is tight I might just fuck it again after I cum...But you been fucking him for 10 minute now...I will be done when I get done.. why don't go fuck Starfire while I'm busy with my girlfriend... Fine Raven hope you are enjoying your boyfriend fucking u Robin.... GET LOST CYBORG.... See Raven they r treating me like a girl instead of like a guy....In our relationship what are u Robin? I'm the girlfriend because your the in change and not me... That's right so I can careless about how they treat my bitch understand? Yes I understand Raven..Good...

Oh god your ass is tight Robin... Raven your fucking me harder and harder when r u going to be gently and go nice and slow....I'm not planning on being gently bitch the whole point of me fucking harder and faster is to show u that I'm always in charge....What do u mean Raven? What I mean is the only thing your going to be in charge of is the team, everything else I'm in charge of... So u know what I mean as for what u eat I decide and when u fuck me or when I want to fuck u I decide that as well bitch... the only thing u need to worry about is how we r going to fight the bad guys understand that? Yes I understand Raven....Good.... Robin feels Raven slamming her cock in and out of his ass, he start moaning loudly....Oh you like it don't u bitch? Yes I do, I love it Raven... Then say it Bitch....I'm your girlfriend......

See doesn't feel better when u admit to being the girl in the relationship....Right before Robin could say anything Raven started filling his ass with cum..... Raven pulls out of his ass, now get dress we're done for now bitch....But I'm still horny though so can I please fuck u? No way your fucking me right now, I got what I want and what I want your ass...So u meant it when u said that u decide when I fuck u or when u fuck me...Yes I did mean it, so get dressed and hurry up...Before u ask why the reason I want u to get dressed is because I want to show off my girlfriend...As Raven and Robin walked into room with the others Raven was smiling....Raven how was it fucking Robin in the ass...oh it was wonderful slamming my cock in and out of his ass, I loved it when I filled his ass with my cum.... Starfire why did u ask anyways....Because we know Robin was enjoying it at first.... Yea Raven, you were making him your bitch even if he didn't want to be.... So are you going to be the new leader..... No Cyborg I'm not the new leader Robin is still in charge of the team, He just not going to decide what to eat or when I fuck him or when he fucks me....See he got hard from me fucking his ass as Raven pulled down his shorts and underwear.... Raven u didn't let him fuck u....If I let him fuck me then I wouldn't have been able to show off my girlfriend....Your Girlfriend now that is funny Raven..... I'm not joking Beast Boy, Robin is my girlfriend... Aren't u? Yes I am Raven I'm your girlfriend.... Now do u believe me Beast Boy? Yes... So is Robin going to be dressing as a girl from now on? No way It's more fun humiliation him in front of everyone....

Raven can I pull up my pants now? No u can't now go get me something to drink.... Raven your not being nice why won't u let him pull up his pants? Beast Boy why do u want him to pull up his pants? I don't like staring at someone else's cock.... Whatever Beast Boy.....

let me know if u like it and if u do I will CONTINUED

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