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We started off the next session with Andy continuing his demonstration of where to touch a woman in order to light her fire. He slowly lowered the straps of my bra one at a time and asked me to tell the class how that made me feel. I replied, "It gives me a fluttering in my stomach, a feeling of anticipation." I drew a sharp breath when both of his hands gently cupped my breasts and pushed the fabric of my bra away. He stroked my nipples lightly with his thumbs, causing them to swell and twist tighter and tighter. The camera was right there to capture the visible changes for all eyes to see. He squeezed the mounds of flesh then lowered his mouth to my hard red nubs. When his tongue made contact with my skin, quickly flicking the very tip of my protruding nerve cluster, I arched towards him and let my head drop back, enjoying the torment he was causing. He closed his teeth firmly onto one nipple then pulled back, straining the skin. I let out a low moan in response. His tongue went to work teasing the bit of flesh captured inside his mouth, then worked its way out and around, bathing the entire area. He began to suck and draw my firm mound deeper and deeper within his mouth - his tongue and teeth adding extra sensations as he licked and bit. All the while, he pinched and taunted the other breast with his hand, making my heartbeat pound wildly from the stimulation. My moans became louder and he knew from the rocking of my hips that I was definitely lit. Once again, my pussy was dripping and I was craving his attention there. Instead of satisfying me as we both wanted him to, he released me and turned to address the class.

The flushed faces and unmistakable tented laps told him that this most recent demonstration had created just the reaction we were hoping for. He instructed the class to pair up in male/female couples. Since there were slightly more males than females, there would be a few groups who had to share. The women were told to remove just their shirts, sit back and relax. We reminded the guys that they weren't to touch the women anywhere except the shoulders and breasts and we kept our eyes open for any deviations as we moved throughout the room talking our students through their task. Soon the room was filled with the sounds of lustful slurping and soft feminine moans. Our eyes met across the room and we grinned to each other. Satisfied that this particular lesson had been mastered, we called for everyone to take their seats. We had to raise our voices a few times to capture the attention of the more eager participants! Each student was given a few moments to regain their composure, then directed to write a detailed account of their experience. To add a little twist to things, we had the men remove their shirts and had the women perform the same stimulation to them. We took advantage of the opportunity to come together once again, and I attacked his tight little nipples with a vengeance. I knew he liked it when I was rough, so I bit and pulled and pinched and sucked each of them equally until they were flaming. He pulled me away and I gave him a sultry grin as I rubbed my hip against his crotch. I was purposely teasing and baiting him, wanting to excite him as much as he had excited me. However, we were forced to turn our attention back to our class and suppress our own desires for the moment. Before we knew it, our time was up for that day.

We rushed home right after class, hell-bent on putting out the fires we had stirred in one another. Andy approached me from behind as I stood in the kitchen...not the conventional place for sex, but then again, we are not a conventional couple. Wrapping his arms around me, he cradled me with his body. As his thighs pressed against my ass, his cock sensuously rotated across my cheeks. I pushed back, gripping his hips to draw him closer. His hands traveled possessively over my stomach, tugging my shirt loose from my waist then slipping underneath to caress my soft skin. One hand traveled upward to push my bra out of his way while the other maneuvered below my waistband. My reaction was immediate! His touch, his warm breath on the back of my neck and the feel of his hardening cock nestled against my ass...on top of the emotions from the day...made me quake with desire. I fumbled to unbutton his pants with only my instincts to guide me. His cock sprang free as I worked his clothes down and I could feel the heat intensify as those hard 8 inches snaked up under the back of my skirt. He slipped his hand past the elastic of my panties and spread his fingers across my silky mound. He pushed lower and found my clit already swollen and standing out. My knees gave out when he flicked and pinched my button then teased me by dipping a finger into my pussy. He was aroused by the heat and the wetness, but he wanted to get me off completely before we fucked. He removed my panties and skirt, then after unbuttoning my shirt, he unhooked my bra. Each nipple received a light kiss as he lifted me onto the countertop. H�, he parted my swollen pussy lips then crammed most of his other hand and arm deep inside me. I howled and my pussy twitched, but he didn't wait for me to adjust to the invasion. He wanted my cum and he wasn't about to wait any longer. Andy thrust his arm rapidly within my spasming walls while his fingers poked and stroked my magic G-spot. He knows how to drive me crazy and without breaking his rhythm, he began sucking my clit and simultaneously wedged a finger into my ass. That's all it took....I was done....cum started spewing from me in great torrents. He was ready for it and let what he couldn't catch in his mouth shower over him. I shouted out his name as my whole body shook with my release. He gradually slowed his movements to allow me to catch my breath, yet I was still shaking and panting heavily when his mouth captured mine to share the sweetness coating his tongue. Together we moved off the counter and I hurriedly stripped the rest of his clothing off before he took my place. I squeezed and kneaded his muscular thighs and ass leaving raised lines where my nails grazed over his skin. I could see the effect that had on him and I dug them harder into his flesh while my mouth plunged hungrily onto his cock. I licked the cum that was already collected at the tip before sucking the rest of his shaft deep into my throat. I drove him wild when I slipped my tongue out and trailed it briskly across his balls. I sucked and pumped his cock, causing a trail of wetness to escape and run along his crotch. His balls were hard and hot and he felt the urgency begin to boil. My mouth was making him crazy and he grabbed me by the hair to pull me off. He wanted to sink his throbbing muscle into my slippery cunt and fill me with his sizzling cum. We fell together onto the cool tile floor, our arms and legs tangling in our haste. He grabbed my knees and shoved them past my shoulders and, in one stroke, buried his entire cock inside me. He shuddered, I screamed as our bodies pounded together, frantically driving into each other as deeply as possible. My pussy clenched tightly around his cock then started pulsating as I released yet another stream of fiery liquid. His strokes quickened and his whole body tensed. I felt his cock jump inside of me as he threw his head back and yelled my name and thick hot streams of cum jetted against my inner walls. We collapsed in the puddle we had created, trying to catch our breath and regain coherent thoughts. If this was how teaching was going to effect us everyday, we both silently wondered if we would survive!
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