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I grimace as he continues to twist and pull my nipples forcefully. They're red and swollen and are starting to hurt. For a split second, I consider asking him to stop - but I have a feeling that he wouldn't appreciate my interference. Without warning, he seems to lose interest in my nipples and walks away from the bed. He leaves the room without looking at me. I realize that I've been panting and try to catch my breath - wondering what else he has in store for me. Minutes pass and I begin to feel the wine working on me. I try to stay alert, briefly considering that my dozing off might anger him before my eyes involuntarily close.

I awaken to a loud clapping noise and a sudden burst of pain. I open my eyes, feeling groggy and disoriented. My eyes scan the unfamiliar surroundings and come to rest on a man at least 20 years my senior, dressed in chinos and a light blue, crisp shirt. He's holding a fly swatter in his hand - which he apparently used to slap my thigh. I'm indignant and am about to yell at him when I remember what I'm doing there - and realize that I'm still tied up. He asks me if he told me that I was allowed to sleep. I fail to respond fast enough and he slaps me again. This time, the blow is hard and really stings - I feel myself flinching. I stutter a meek response, to which he replies with another question. "Did you forget what I told you?" he asks, anger flashing in his eerily dark eyes. I shake my head vigorously, apologizing for my disobedience. He seems pacified for a moment and then tells me that I will have to be punished. Immediately I feel myself getting aroused again almost as soon as the word leaves his mouth: punishment. My clit is starting to pulsate and I know that I'm getting wet already.

He bends down and I see him reaching into what looks like a gym bag and pulls out a large rubber dildo. He asks me if I can think of what he should do with that to punish me. I'm not sure what he wants me to say so I shake my head, slowly, almost afraid to open my mouth. "I'm going to use it to penetrate your anus. Hard. And without lube." he says calmly. My eyes widen as I try to grasp the impending pain that is about to descend on me. After assessing my understanding of the situation, he continues:"I will force this dildo into your tight, pink puckered hole, pushing it in with all my strength. I don't care if it hurts. I don't care if you don't like it. You will thank me and beg me to continue until I am satisfied." I nod, slowly, shocked by what he's just outlined as my punishment.

He unties my ankles and positions a thick pillow under my butt, raising it off the bed. Then he takes two different, much longer pieces of rope. He ties one on each of my ankles, then attaches it to the posts at the head of the bed in a way that forces my legs widely apart to the point of hurting. I am no more exposed than before, vulnerable. He has a clear, unobstructed view of his goal - and unlimited access. He stands at the foot of the bed and looks are me, a thin dark smile crossing his lips. He tells me that he's going to have a lot of fun punishing me. He moves closer, the huge toy precariously held in his hand, and moves it between my legs. I feel the rubber tip being nudged between my butt cheeks and instinctively start to squirm. Suddenly, I'm scared and worried about just how far he's going to go - and just how much pain he's going to inflict. He puts both hands on the dildo and, without warning, leans hard against it, shoving a couple of inches into my ass within seconds. I scream out in pain as he violently stretches my anus.

My eyes fill with tears and I see him smile appreciatively. He continues to lean against the dildo with his whole weight in an attempt to cram it in, inch by inch. I start crying, begging him to stop. He looks up at me, angry, and yells at me. He calls me a stupid bitch and asks me if I forgot again what he just told me. Afraid he might do worse, I beg him to forgive me and promise to do as he asks. He nods as if to say, you'd better, and continues assaulting my anus, stretching it painfully. As if in trance, I start thanking him for sodomizing me and begging him to continue. And he does. Once the dildo hits resistance, he pulls it out half way and shoves it back it. I scream again, tears now streaming down my face and he continues to violate me. Again, I thank him for abusing me and plead him not to stop. He smiles broadly, pulls out the dildo and shoves his cock into my sore, bruised anus. He starts ramming his cock in roughly, hard, slamming it in and out of me as though his sole intention is to hurt me. "Beg me to fuck your asshole, slut!" he screams at me, and I comply. He continues until I feel his hot sticky cum oozing out of his cock and into my anus. He moans loudly as he fills me up, telling me that I should be happy to receive his seed.

He pulls out and gets off the bed, grinning as he looks into my tear-streaked face. He walks over to me and slaps my face, hard, telling me that he'll do much worse if I ever disobey him again. He unties my ankles and wrists and tells me to come with him. I do as he says, shaking and hurting, I wobble behind him. He leads me to a luxurious bathroom where a large, filled tub waits for me. Sitting on what looks like an antique chair are a stack of fluffy white pillows and a bathrobe. I feel a wave of relief wash over me and slowly walk towards the tub. His voice startles me. "Not so fast!" he says as I'm about to step into the tub and roughly bends me over the rim. Before I can say or do anything, I feel his large, thick cock head burrying into the folds of my pussy. He laughs and tells me that I'm soaked already. I feel a sense of shame now that he knows how much everything he did to me turned me on. I moan uncontrollably as he sticks his cock into my pussy, thrusting hard and deep into me and calling me his whore. I don't even question the fact that he's not wearing a condom - it seems understood that he wants to cum in me and make a feel like a cheap slut. He fucks me harder and harder, his balls slapping my ass until I feel him filling me up again, his milky white juice squirting deep into my pussy. When he pulls out he tells me to turn around and finger myself. Two fingers, he says, and I stick them into my pussy without waiting. He watches for a second or two and tells me to taste them. I bring my cum covered fingers to my mouth and taste him, slowly, licking it all off.

He smiles and tells me to get in the tub. I step in carefully, my holes hurting and sore from his painful penetrations. He gets in with me and starts kissing me, soft, gentle kisses. I'm surprised and apprehensive, wondering what his intentions are. He massages my aching nipples, slowly, carefully, and tells me that I did good. I begin to relax a little and close my eyes. I can almost pretend my anus doesn't feel like someone just ripped it in half. I could leave, but I know I won't - and he knows it too. He knows that he owns me, not just because he can but because I will let him. He whispers in my ear that he wants to watch me get fucked by a group of black men, 15, 20, maybe more. He tells me that he wants to watch them take turns penetrating my pussy and asshole, over and over, each of them filling my holes with cum. I'm frightened and excited at the same time, but I just nod and tell him that I will do whatever he wants. He smiles at me and says: "I know."


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