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Jane has always found it difficult to relate to people. She was a very sickly baby and for most part of her pre school life missed out on playing with and getting used to other children. By the time she went to school, she felt a total stranger and would try her best to avoid contact with people. She never talked much before, and now, being forced to communicate with children she did not feel comfortable with, she developed a bad stutter and the teasing and humiliation made her withdraw even further. The only time she felt happy and comfortable with herself was while she was doing homework and learning, or playing with her pets.

Animals made Jane feel great. They appreciated her and she could relate to them. They also found it difficult communicating with humans, and was often at the mercy of humans sick sense of humor and mood swings. Like most people that stutter, Jane did not have any problems when talking to the animals, and she could really be herself and express how she felt, and how she hated being around people.

It came as no surprise to Janes parents when she announced that she wanted to study zoology after school, but they were really getting worried about the fact that Jane did not seem to worry about anything other than her studies and her animals. Right through school she never brought any friends home, let alone boyfriends, and fashion, makeup and clothes did not feature anywhere on her list of priorities. This was very surprising giving the fact that Jane had beautiful physical features, with a pretty face and very athletic body due to all the time she spend playing with the animals and horse riding, running around and walking for miles. Many a young boy would see her as an easy target and try his luck, but she did not pay any attention to any of them.

University was much of the same thing for Jane, study hard, spend as much time as possible with her animals, and avoid any unnecessary human contact. One guy managed to get to know Jane a lot more intimate than anyone else, and through him, most of the male students, and a good percentage of the females got to know her better than she was ever aware of. Johny was her next door nabour and got an idea one day to break into her apartment and install a secret webcam. To his absolute delight he found that the shy and quiet Jane they knew from campus was very entertaining once in the privacy of her own department. Clothes were really optional when the summer heat made her feel uncomfortable, and since she did not like anything artificial, including air conditioners, her clothes would come off very quickly. It didn’t take long for Johny to realize that he could make money with this, and so the website was born. The webcam got replaced with high definition miniature cameras which covered every room and every corner of the apartment. Johny was a hero, and soon everybody started betting on when they were going to see Jane playing with her private little parts, or even better, allow her pets to do this for her, but… although Jane had no problem parading around in the nude, she did not seem to have any sexual appetite. This did not make much of a difference to the popularity of the website, because Janes body was something to be admired. Students could not get enough of those perky little breasts, and pictures of her butt with her pussy peeping through between her legs sold like hot cakes. Jane even saw one of these photos once. One of the boys was showing off the latest addition to his collection to his friends when she walked passed his desk. She saw the lovely curves of a females behind, but not for one second did the thought occur to her that it was her own behind in the picture.

If her parents were hoping that she would come out of her shell now, they were sadly mistaken, and when Jane announced that she was taking a “chance of a lifetime” opportunity to go study gorillas in Africa, they just accepted it and wished her well.

The assignment in Africa could not have been better for Jane. She felt drawn to the majestic animals as if she was a long lost relative that just needed to learn the native tongue again. She was hundreds of miles from anything remotely resembling civilization, and the only contact she had with the outside world was through her satellite phone which she used to order supplies with. These supplies would be parachuted down to her from the coordinates she gives them, and she would only see humans once every six months when she asked for her work to be collected. Unbeknown to her, she was becoming one of the most respected scientists in her field back home from the articles and video footage she would send back. Nobody ever managed to get so close to a troop of wild gorillas ever, and the insight she gained from almost living with them and gaining their trust was second to none.

Life in the jungle would have been almost impossible for any human being, let alone a sexy young girl, but Jane was able to adapt much like her beloved animals. Since she wasn’t aware of her almost celebrity status back home, and the fact that she would probably get anything she asked for, she would be too afraid to request much personal stuff in fear that the expensive equipment she asks for would not be granted. When her clothes started getting old and torn, she simply stopped wearing them, and would eventually live in nothing more than just something wrapped around her hips, basically just to protect her butt when she sat down. She was blissfully unaware what a heavenly picture she was moving around tracking the gorillas. Her body was now toned like a gymnast, and her skin a beautiful golden brown from indirect sun under the vast jungle canopy. Her breasts would make any women green of envy, every man hunger with lust, and every artist grab his brush to paint a portrait of those perfect curves. Her nipples stick proudly directly ahead, and she would sometimes get a strange pleasurable feeling when a leave or twig accidentally brushed against them. She would however not spend too much time examining this feeling, her overwhelming desire to learn more about the gorillas smothering any hint of sexuality. She has always been blessed with virtually no body hair, and as she moved around the jungle navigating the many obstacles you would catch a glimpse of the cutest little pussy any man, or women, can imagine. The outer lips were almost too thick compared to the size of her body, and when she stood upright, they would fold over her virgina, completely hiding the delicate folds of flesh inside. It would just be her clitoris that kept on popping out like a naughty gorilla baby wanting to explore the world. When Jane squatted down for a pee, she would use two fingers to open the outer lips, revealing a sight that any man would probably give his right arm for. Pulling the outer lips apart was like watching a bud open into a beautiful flower. It was as if the inside folds of delicate flesh were under huge pressure and popped out as soon as the restraints were removed. Once or twice a grass stem would brush against the hood covering her clitoris, or the virgin skin around her pussy hole, and this would send a shudder through her tiny body, but that is as far as she would allow herself to go before it was back to business and the serious scientist in her took command again.

Jane was now 24 years old, and she woke up on this particular morning with a strange feeling that something terrible was going to happen. By the time she reached the troop of gorillas it was all over. She realized with shock that one of the females was killed by a predator and cried when she stood next to the bloodied remains. She knew the female had a baby, and she would find him a few hours later hiding from the rest of the angry males. He had nobody to protect him now, and would soon die from either a predator, or one of the gorilla males that would see him as a future rival. His life was going to end soon either way, and Jane could simply not bear the thought of leaving this helpless little thing as he cowered between the vegetation, his whole body shaking, staring at her with big frightened eyes. That night was the most horrible night Jane had in her entire life, the little gorilla was still a very tiny baby, and could not eat any solid food. Nothing Jane tried would make him eat or drink, and she watched the life slowly leaving his body. He would still look at her with those big eyes, but she wasn’t sure if he could still register what was going on around him. When she cuddled him he would eagerly lift his head expecting his mothers nipple, but he would still refuse to eat. Two days went by, and all she was able to do is force water down his throat. Her heart was torn in threads, she would give anything to help the little thing survive. She finally fell asleep from sheer exhaustion, and had terrible dreams about starving animals. She woke up, her whole body tingling, and she felt an overwhelmingly pleasurable feeling like nothing she had ever experienced, and it was with shock and amazement that she discovered the little gorilla was sucking on her breast. She did not realize this immediately, maybe the sensations she was experiencing made her mind a bit fuzzy, but her overwhelming desire to help the baby gorilla caused her body to lactate, and her juice was eagerly sucked out and consumed.

Jane couldn’t stop herself from lifting the baby gorilla and moving him to her other breast. The feeling was just so good that she could not resist the temptation to feel him sucking the other nipple. She felt a funny warm feeling in her pussy and looked around guiltily even though she new there was nobody around. Jane new that some women experienced orgasms when they breast fed their babies, but she never thought the feeling could be this good. For the next few weeks, little Jack (this is what she decided to name him), would have no problem getting a bite to eat since his adopted mother was just too eager to put a nipple in his mouth.

Little Jack grew up far too quickly and soon, too soon for Janes liking, he did not want to suck her nipples anymore would eat solid foods in tead. Jack grew up to be a strong young teenager, and getting interested in much more than just the birds and the bees. Jane new that he would never be able to join the troop again, he was bound to be a loner for the rest of his life, and any attempt to get anywhere near any of the females would mean a certain and brutal death. Jane often thought that she may have done him the greatest injustice by not allowing him to die as a baby, and would feel very guilty when she saw him looking up to listen to the noises coming from the troop not too far away. Her studies was getting more intense, and she was spending a lot of time with the troop documenting the relationships between members of the troop and how their status gets determined by their size, and by alliances with other members of high status. She was amazed to see the resemblance in behavior to humans, and were fascinated to witness truths made and broken, and lies and deceit as much a part of their lives as it is with humans. One subject Jane was particularly interested in was the sexual behavior between males and females, and she would spend countless hours documenting every expression, every single body language and gesture until she could understand these as if it was a spoken language.

It is late in the afternoon on a hot beautiful summers day. Jane is watching the leader strutting his stuff to impress the females. She knows from his body language that he is horny and looking for a female, but it is almost as if he can not make up his mind. He looks almost board with the talent around him. She looks at his penis. It is half erect, and he grabs it and pulls on it every now and again as if it is irritating him. She can see that the point is moist with lust and for a split second, she wonders what it will feel like to be taken by a beast so strong and savage. She quickly refocuses her mind and look up from his groin to find two pair of black eyes looking intensely directly at her. This comes as a shock, because she became used to being pretty much ignored by the animals although they allow her to be amongst them. The big male was still looking straight at her, and in her peripheral vision she could see his penis moving in anticipation. Jane can not believe what is happening to her, not only is the huge male making a move on her, but she is actually feeling her heart pounding, and a strange feeling in her loins. She finds herself almost wanting to send the “I am available” body message that she has seen the females do. She is angry with herself, packs up her equipment and start walking back to camp. Back at camp Jack greets her with his normal playful self, but Jane is not in a mood for this. After dinner she turns in to bed and fall asleep feeling ashamed about her absurd reaction that day.

Jane is sleeping, but it is not a very restful sleep. She is dreaming about gorillas, lots and lots of gorillas, and they are very aggressive, scary and she feels uncomfortable. She feels vulnerable, she has never felt it necessary to wear clothes when she is with the animals, but suddenly she feels that they are aware of her nakedness. She tries to cover her breasts with one arm and her pussy with the other hand. A big shadow falls over her, and as she looks up, she sees the biggest male she has ever come across. He looks directly at her and she becomes aware that his penis is almost fully erect. She cant help but look at it, its stature demands to be noticed, and she looks at the glorious monster of a cock which is pointing directly at her. Jane stirs in her sleep, and this causes Jack to wake up. He becomes aware of a strange aroma, and sniffs the air to determine where it is coming from. It excites him, although he does not understand why, he feels the urge to find out what it is. The smell is coming from his keeper, and he moves closer to inspect. In her dream, Jane is now finding herself wanting to tough the big males gigantic penis. She feels the passion building between her legs, and feels herself loosing control over her own actions. Jack is now standing right next to her and is looking at her, perplexed about the new smell coming from his keeper. He knows her normal smell very well, and has never detected this from her. He looks at her naked body, she is lying in the fetal position, her legs pulled up high against her chest, and he can detect that the tantalizing aroma is coming from the little bulge that is sticking out between her legs. He moves closer to inspect. In the moonlight he can see a small drop of liquid that has formed where the lips come together at the bottom of her pussy, instinctively he sticks out his tong to taste it. Jane immediately reacts as his tong touches her pussy lips, but her reaction is inviting Jack to explore further, and he licks again, this time covering almost her entire pussy with his tongue. At first the roughness of his tong makes her pull back involuntarily, but soon the wetness and warmth of his breath causes the blood to rush to her groin area. Her pussy lips swell even more, and with every lick, her clitoris looses a bit more of its inhibitions, and slides out of the protective hood to play. In her dream Jane wants to feel that big gorilla cock in her so badly she aches for it. She feels the wetness between her legs and the pressure on her clitoris, and for some strange reason, without anything even touching her body in her dream, she feels herself building up to an orgasm. In her dream she stares at the big black penis as if hypnotized, unable to do anything about the waves of spasms that rock her abs. She wants to step forward and grab the penis that is bobbing up and down teasing her, but she can not trust her knees. Jack is now really getting excited about the sweet juices that is oozing out of his keepers pussy, and he licks eagerly all around the delicate skin. When he finds that there is more inside her little hole, he pushes his tongue inside her, and explore every nook and cranny to get it all out. Back in her dream Jane has to hold on to a nearby branch, her legs simply wont hold her anymore, she hasn’t stopped looking at the beautiful penis and has blocked anything else out of her vision. When Jack runs his tongue over her tender clitoris again, it happens, her whole body starts to convulse as if she is getting some kind of attack. For a moment Jack is startled but the smell coming from his keepers pussy is now overwhelming, and the enjoyable stirring of his own penis makes him dive in for more. As the full impact of her orgasm rips through her body, Jane grabs her tits with both hands and squeezes them as she struggles to breath, her fingers find the two nipples and she twists them until she cries out in pain. The pain in her nipples somehow intensifies the glorious feeling in her pussy, and she twists her own nipples again and again, each time moaning loader from pain and ecstasy. Jacks penis is now fully erect, he doesn’t know why, but instinct makes him want to connect his penis with this smelly bulge on his keeper. He fumbles around not knowing what to do, pushing his penis head against her lips, and rubbing it against her clitoris that is now almost dangling around outside the hood. This is enough to push Jane totally over the edge, and she orgasms with a few last cries as she totally abuses her own tender nipples.

In her dream, the realization that she was lusting so badly for an animal suddenly dawns on Jane, and she wakes up with a jolt. Jack jumps away when Jane suddenly wakes up and sits upright. She feels the wetness between her legs and touches her pussy lips. She doesn’t realize what Jack has been up to , and feels utterly ashamed about her dream. She gets up and walks to a bowl of water to wash herself. For the rest of the night, she sleeps like a baby, her tired body now relaxed and satisfied, and she wakes up the next morning refreshed and feeling good, determined that she will forget about what happened and go on with her research as if last night never happened…

Jane is suddenly very aware of every little detail around the mating procedures of her gorillas. She studies and documents their body language and the sounds they make in the finest detail. It is almost as if she can now fully understand the language of love the beasts are using, and will translate this to English and send it back home. Once or twice a male colleague would make some or other rude joke about the work she is sending back to them, but everybody agrees that she has a rare insight and talent to work with those animals. Jane becomes aware of very interesting little affairs going on in the troop, and she finds it very amusing how they play cat and mouse with each other, and find little games to play to make their sexual interludes more interesting. Previously, she would have thought these things to be purely co-incidental, but as she becomes more in tune with their behavior, she finds that there exists an extremely kinky streak in them… or is her own mind starting to play games with her?

It is five weeks since the incident and that terrible dream, and Jane has convinced herself that she can not be blamed since she has been alone for so long, and since her only contact has been with animals, it is probably only natural that something like that would happen. She is determined to ensure that it never happens again. That night, before she falls asleep, Jane is reading through her notes of the day. The dominant male had an amazing sexual appetite that day, and Jane was able to predict his actions almost exactly all the time. She eventually falls asleep with the book still in her hands. It is not long before the images of the day starts playing off in her dream, except this time, the dominant male, which she has named Mobi, is interested in one very special female… Jane watches him in her dream getting restless, and she knows exactly what is brewing in his primitive mind. She looks around to see which female is going to be the lucky recipient of that giant cock, but surprisingly, she doesn’t see any of them around. Jane is still perplexed by this when she hears the unmistakably noise coming from the big brute that she knows means only one thing. She looks up, and if it wasn’t for the fact that she was sitting flat on the ground, her legs would have surely given way from under her. Mobi was standing about five feet away from her, his cock standing erect, she could swear it was longer and thicker than her arm, and he was looking straight at her!

As always, Jack is lying at his keeper feet, and is awaken by that same exiting smell that made him lick her juices until she woke up. This time he knows where it is coming from, and slowly moves closer to the source. Jane is lying on her stomach, her tight ass a perfect half round ball in the moonlight. Jack can smell that the odour is coming from between her legs, but he cant get to it, and he is too scared to even try to move her legs. In her dream, Jane is trying to make herself as small as possible, she tries to blend in with the jungle behind her, tries to cover her almost naked body with whatever plant material is in reach. The thought of Mobis body lusting after her both excites her and scares her. He is such a big brute, and she is sure he will tear her apart if he got hold of her. Once again she feels the tension building in her groin, she can feel her nipples straining against the skin as if they want to burst through it. She becomes aware of a musky odour in the air, and realizes that she can smell her own lust. Mobi is still staring at her, but she becomes aware of another feeling, a much more intense feeling, and it is coming from inside her pussy!

Jack can not stop himself from risking getting into trouble. The smell is driving him nuts, and his animal instinct takes control of his body. He touches the inside of his keepers thigh with his tong, and to his surprise, her leg moves, revealing just a glimpse of her pussy lips. He tries it again, this time the other leg, and froze as his keeper moves both legs apart, and pushes her but up in the air slightly. Jack can not really appreciate the picture in front of him. He doesn’t really notice the arched back of his keeper that flows into two perfectly round but cheeks that are pushed up in the air. He doesn’t notice the sexy line running from just above her anus down to where the gap widens and the gorged pussy lips sit, quivering in anticipation to be touched. He doesn’t notice the little clitoris button peaking out from under the hood as if it is stretching to get into his masters fuck hole itself. What he does notice is the sweet juice that is coming from her hole. He looks in fascination as a little drop starts forming and slowly growing too heavy to resist gravity. A thin strand of viscous liquid forms behind the drop as it moves down to the ground, it hangs suspended for a few seconds before the strand breaks. Jack doesn’t understand what this is, or why it’s slowly oozing from his keepers pussy, but the smell coming from her little hole is driving him, forcing him to discover instincts that laid dormant for a long time. He bends down to get his nose closer, and draws the smell slowly in through his nose, savouring the sensation as the molecules tease his sensors. He becomes aware of another strange sensation, and looks with surprise at his own penis. He has never seen it this big, and touches it with apprehension, he likes the feeling of this, and starts tugging at it, his legs feeling unstable as the pleasure mounts. For no reason that he understands, he moves his penis closer to his keepers pussy. The area just below the hole is now wet with the same beautifully smelling juice, and he wipes his penis through it. His keeper response with a soft moan, and he almost falls over backward, but when he realizes that she responded favourable to his touch, he regains his confidence. He positions himself between her legs, her butt is now sticking up in the air as if it is searching for something, and he starts pulling the head of his penis through her pussy lips. He thoroughly enjoys the sensation, but it is the response from his keeper that really fascinates him. Every time his penis touches the velvet folds of skin, she moans, every time a little loader. He is not sure if she is awake, but the intensity of her smell confirms to him that she is definitely aware of his member exploring the outsides of her pussy. His penis has started excreting its own juices, and the combined effect is that the area around Janes pussy is one slippery mass of precome, human and animal.

In her dream, Jane feels like she is going out of her mind. Mobi is standing less than two feet away from her, his enormous penis almost poking her in the eye, but it is the feeling that he is fucking her with his eyes that is filling her every being with fear. She can feel a penis touching her tender wet pussy even though she knows it is not possible. She tries to cover her nakedness, but the feeling of arousal is increasing every second. She feels the soft tip of a penis brushing over her clitoris head, and she cant help but to cry out in ecstasy. As if hypnotized, she stairs into Mobis dark piercing eyes, while the phantom penis is circling closer and closer to her eager hole. She tries to break free from the spell, but at the same time, as if she has no control over her own body, she starts gyrating her hips to trick the penis into her hole.

Jack himself is in a state of hypnosis as he watches his keepers butt gyrating around his penis, giving the impression that it is sniffing the air for prey. His penis head slides around her soppy lips effortlessly, and suddenly, as it slides past the little pussy hole, his keeper rocks back violently, and in one quick movement, his penis gets buried inside her hot glorious depths. Jane immediately response with a raw animal like scream of lust as she is impaled by the stiff shaft, Jack himself not to small by any measure, and she immediately starts riding the cock by rocking her body back and forth. She is still staring at Mobis black eyes, still confused about the very real cock she feels in her pussy even when she can see Mobis own cock in front of her, but she doesn’t care any more. It only takes seconds for both Jane and Jack to orgasm, and they both fill the quiet night with their loud moans. Jack fills his keepers pussy with his load, and watches her every fiber vibrate as she comes. She slumps forward as if she passed out, and Jacks penis slips out of her hole. He watches in fascination as his own come starts oozing out of her pussy, and starts licking the strange tasting liquid. Jane starts waking up, and Jack quickly moves out of site, somehow feeling that he did something wrong.

Jane wakes up feeling utterly ashamed and humiliated by the thoughts of her dream. She touches her pussy, feeling the extreme wetness, but totally unaware that what she is feeling is a mixture of her own juices, and that of her beloved primates. She looks around worryingly that somehow somebody may have been watching her, and then quickly move over to a bowl of water to wash herself.

Jane suddenly starts noticing a complete change in Jacks behavior. She sometimes catches him watching her every move very intensely, reminding her about those contract workers she had to walk past to class every morning while she was still a student. Although she never paid much attention to dress in a sexy way, she could feel them undressing her with their eyes, and she always tried to get away from them as quickly as possible. She also gets the idea that Jack is a lot more intelligent than what she would expect from him, and would see him playing with every day tools that are lying around the camp site as if he is exploring ways to use them. She thinks back about the day when she first found him as a tiny little baby, unable to fend for himself and not able to eat anything. She thinks about those weeks when she breast fed him, and blushes as she looks down at her tits and her nipples involuntary getting hard thinking about the sensations she felt while the little mouth was sucking on her.

Jack now starts disappearing from camp every now and again, and this worries Jane a lot. The troop would not accept him as one of them, and he is sure to be killed the moment they spot him. He would normally only be gone for an hour or two, but one day he disappears and when he isn’t back the next morning, Jane starts fearing for the worst. The troop was not far from her camp, and with a heavy feeling in her chest she packs a few bites to eat and sets off looking for him.

It doesn’t take long before her body is glistening with sweat, the air is sticky, and little drops are running down her chest forming wet lines around her tits. As usual, she has very little clothes on her body, with a little backpack on her back, and what little is left of a skirt she bought when she was still at varsity. The “skirt” is now just a piece of cloth kept around her lower body with a string, and as she walks climbing over rocks and tree stumps, her beautiful butt is sticking out from under the small piece of material. Any nude photographer would have the time of his life following her in this very natural environment, pushing the button of his camera every few seconds as the delicate lines of her pussy lips peeps out from under her butt cheeks as she negotiate the obstacles in her way. Jane is not aware of this, but a dozen or so dark, piercing eyes are watching her every move. They silently follow her, intensely concentrating on her small athletic figure moving through the forest. The own bodies tense in anticipation.

Jane suddenly becomes aware that the forest is unnaturally quiet. The normal sounds she is so used to is not there to reassure her, and for the first time since she took on this project, she feels scared. At first, she tries to brush off the feeling that something dangerous is waiting for her around every corner, but then she just cant shake if off anymore, and she quickly starts moving towards a small clearing not far from there where the sun is able to pierce through the tree canopy, giving some sense of safety. She reaches the clearing and sits down on the ground to get something to eat in an effort to calm her nerves.

The unmistaken sound of a twig that breaks under foot startles her, and she swings her head around to see what it was. On the edge of the clearing she sees a big male gorilla, she recognizes him as one of the troop, but his gaze and body language causes a shudder through her spine. She talks softly to calm both herself and the big animal, and slowly starts moving in the opposite direction. Another sound causes her to swing around again, and she sees another big male gorilla on the other side of the clearing. She realizes that she is in big danger, and starts looking around for an escape route, but to her horror, big, threatening male gorillas are appearing all around her. She decides not to wait to see what they want and make a dash for it, trying to squeeze through a small gap like a front row rugby player, but the gorillas quickly close the gap, and push her back into the clearing. She keeps on trying, but they are now pushing her around between them like a bunch of bullies on a school playground. She becomes aware that in stead of just pushing her around, the males have actually start groping at her body with their hairy hands before pushing her to the next waiting, groping hands. She starts fighting with all the power in her tiny body, fear now taking control of her, survival the only instinct that controls her. Suddenly the pushing stops, and she lands in front of one of the hairy bodies, when nothing happens, she looks up, and to her amazement, she recognizes Jack! She quickly glances left and right to see what the other gorillas are doing, but all eyes are fixated on her. She can not understand this, why are they not tearing him apart, why are they just standing their looking at her? She is still trying to work out what is going on when Jack starts stroking her body. She is totally confused, not knowing what is going on, but thankful that the rough pushing around has stopped. The big hairy hand moves down to her crotch area, but she stops him and speaks to him in a stern voice to knock it off. This doesn’t have the effect she thought it will have, because Jack pushes her back so hard that she falls flat on her back, and before she can get up, gorilla hands have grabbed her arms and legs and are pinning her down. Struggle as she might, she is held down so tight that she barely moves, but she is not one to give up easily. She wriggles her body this way then that way, kicking with her legs and trying to free her arms, then she hears a noise coming from Jack, almost like a command, and the two gorillas that are holding her legs, promptly pull them apart to reveal her little pussy. For a few seconds there is absolute silence in the clearing, Jane is stunned by this behavior by the animals, and the gorillas are looking at her cute little female part as if fixated by the sight of it. She knows this can not be happening, it is not possible, this is another fabrication of her own sick mind, and the only explanation is that she must be dreaming again, and al she need to do is to just wake up!

She starts wriggling around again trying to force herself to wake up from this dream, and watches in horror as Jack starts moving his head closer and closer to her pussy. She tries to close her legs, but the gorillas just pull them wider apart. She is now almost doing the splits, and her pussy is sticking out like an over ripe fruit that fell from the tree and is now lying half squashed on the ground, ready to be licked up by a lucky passer by. Jack cant understand why the smell from his keepers hole is different today, and sticks out a tong to investigate. Jane is almost besides herself from fear, screaming at Jack to stop, she watches him sticking out his tong and feels the first rough touch on her pussy lips. She pulls back sharply, but she is held so tight that she hardly moves. Jack starts exploring her pussy lips with his tong, and as if they are watching and learning from him, the other gorillas move closer, and within seconds, Jane feels the sensation of six or more gorilla tongs licking every exposed part of her body. She is still fighting for all her life, but cant help to shudder every time a warm tong moves over her small nipples, and before long, they are as hard as little rocks! Jane is still feeling horrified, but slowly, another feeling is taking control of her, a feeling she is trying to fight as hard as she fought the gorillas, but she is having about as much success with this as she had fighting the gorillas. She gasps as she is lifted into the air, and now hangs suspended by gorilla hands, three or more gorillas quickly moves into position to get access to the new exposed body parts.

Jane has never experienced anything like this in her entire life, nor did she ever think it could be possible. The feeling was totally overwhelming. She had six, seven eight gorillas caressing every part of her body with their tongs. Her screams are now interrupted every now and again by a load moan as a tong slides over her clitoris, another circling her anus, slightly putting pressure to enter, others on her nipples, the small of her back, her navel, she finds it almost too much to bear. Jack is starting to get very excited himself, that smell he was looking for is starting to come back, and he somehow realizes that it has something to do with the way he is touching his keepers private parts. He intensifies his efforts, pressing a little bit harder with his tong, and shrieks with delight when his tong slips into her pussy hole, where he discovers a good mouth full of that precious juice, like discovering a tree stump full of honey! With Jacks tong buried deep inside Janes virgina, another gorilla discovers her clitoris, and within a short time he makes the connection between him licking the little knob, and this strange female being making loud encouraging noises. Jane feels her orgasm building in her body, she is almost painfully aware of every tong exploring her body, her nipples can not grow any larger or they will explode, and as one gorilla tong partially penetrates her anus, her orgasm explodes.

In stead of easing off on the caressing, like any human sex partner would normally do after a female orgasmed, this just drives the gorillas over the edge. They feel the tension in her body, feel the muscles contract under their tongs, and they smell the intense smell of human lust oozing from it. As if on command, their penises become stiff fucking monsters, and Jack is the first one to plunge his member into her. Jane is still tender from her orgasm, but they show her no mercy, and she is pumped full of gorilla penis. She is still being suspended in mid air by the gorillas with her legs spread wide, and this position makes it possible for Jack to bury his full length up her pussy. Jane totally looses herself, the feeling in her pussy so intense, the situation so bizarre that she feels like she is having an out of body experience. She sees her own body being ravaged by these animals, she experiences the sensation of it, but the reality is just too farfetched to accept. Jack comes with a loud roar that causes a flock of birds in a nearby tree scatter to safety, and Jane feels him filling her pussy cavity with spurts of hot come. The behavior of the gorillas now resembles something of an eating frenzy, and no sooner does Jack pulls out, and the next gorilla eagerly sticks his penis in her. Jane is in a state of semi consciousness, as if the brutal fucking has overloaded her senses, and she is only able to make soft moaning noises as the next orgasm is slowly building in her. She feels yet another gorilla pumping her full of hot come, and wait eagerly for the next, fresh penis to penetrate her. A gorilla positions himself as he saw the ones before him did. His penis is throbbing in anticipation, the veins staining under the skin. He clumsily tries to insert his penis, but can’t seem to get it right. Another tries to push him out the way, but he angrily barks at this rude intruder, and at the same time trusts forward as hard as he can. Jane screams at the top of her voice as he drives his penis straight into her ass by mistake. In his haste, he had his penis pointing too low, and in stead of entering her pussy, he buried his big penis almost all the way up her ass. Jane tries all she can to pull away, but with no success. The gorilla is now beside himself from excitement, feeling the extreme tightness around his cock, and he starts pumping as if his life depends on it.

Tears are running down Janes cheeks, the pain in her anus intense. She has never had anything up her tight little hole, and this gorilla penis is enormous! She realizes that there is nothing she can do, and that hopefully the male will orgasm soon so she can get this thing out her ass. The male is having the time of his life, and still doesn’t realize that he is fucking the wrong hole. Others try to push him off, causing him to loose concentration for a second or two, and this delays his own orgasm. Jane becomes aware that the pain is not so intense anymore, and that the feeling of the big cock pumping in and out of her ass is almost pleasurable! She is very surprised when she feels her body starting to tense with the first stage of yet another orgasm. She starts riding the big cock, the feeling of her stretched anus being brutalized now exciting her. Her pussy juices start oozing again, and doesn’t go unnoticed by a bystander who eagerly starts licking it up. Before long, he too discovers the honey pot, and sticks his tong up her pussy as far as he can, drinking the juices as quickly as Janes body produces it. The big cock is now pumping so fast in and out of her ass, Jane feels like it is going to push right through her insides. It feels as if she has about twenty inches of hot, bulging cock up her rectum, and with this thought, Janes body convulse with the most intense orgasm she ever had.

Jane doesn’t know how many cocks she had in her after this, the memory is just a blur of pumping cocks, licking tongs, and orgasms. One or two other males also penetrated her ass by mistake, but now she was riding them like a pro. After much time, the last male had shot his load up her pussy, and they put her down on the ground. Janes body was absolutely spent, every ounce of energy gone. She looks up to see Jack sitting on a rock watching her as if he is the master of proceedings. She is amazed to see the other males behaving almost in submission to him! Can this be, why did they accept him, and as if that is not enough, why do they behave as if he is the dominant male? A thought crosses her mind, but it is so absurd that she dismisses it immediately. Can it be that he bought his position in the troop with her body? No, her mind must be as fucked as her body… but how do you explain this behavior otherwise? Can it be that she has been sold as a human whore to a troop of gorillas, can it be that she has a gorilla male as a pimp?

Jane was allowed to return to her camp after this, and for the next few days she was left alone to ponder about what had happened to her. Jack was nowhere to be seen, and she realized that he had been accepted fully into the troop. Her young body soon started aching for some action again, and she couldn’t help but to fantasize about what sick sex game her pimp was going to dream up for her next. Her body would react to these thoughts almost immediately, her nipples poking the air, her pussy excreting its sensuous odour, and her anus contracting in anticipation. Just outside of sight, hidden by the dense forest, a pair of dark eyes was watching her every move, catching the smell of her lust on the breeze, and a primitive mind was plotting and scheming in a way that should not be possible….

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