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In search of a hot man, Heather and Heidi scope out the scene until they both agree that the tall, dark, muscular male sitting at the bar is the one. They slip out of the club unnoticed and after a few minutes Heidi returns to make her move. She climbs up on the barstool beside him and introduces herself. As the conversation progresses, she discovers that his name is Scott, he's the same age as she is, and best of all, he's single. They seem to hit it off very well and they begin to date. After a few dates, she invites him back to her apartment.

Once inside the apartment, Heidi puts on some soft, seductive music and turns the lights down low. She tells Scott to make himself comfortable and she excuses herself to slip into something more comfortable. She returns after a few minutes wearing a lace teddy, thigh high stockings and sexy high heels. Scott can't believe his eyes! She walks up to him and places her 38D's right in his face. He can't resist swiping his tongue across the hardened nipples poking through the thin lace. She moves her body around in front of him, pressing against his muscular chest and places a leg upon his shoulder, teasing him with a quick peek at her beautiful shaven pussy. Scott feels that familiar twitch of desire as he rubs his hands over her body. He grabs her firm ass and rounds his way around to her clit, feeling her wetness begin to flow. She runs her hands over his chest - unbuttoning his shirt as she makes her way to his jeans and opens them, releasing his massive cock. She moves her mouth over his body, trailing her tongue across his stomach. When she reaches his cock, she lays him back and sucks it as if it were her own personal lollipop. She licks and sucks until he's about ready to explode, then she pulls away and positions her pussy directly over his face.

As his tongue flicks across her swollen lips, she begins to moan with delight and drips her juices into his waiting mouth. She turns and slides her pussy onto his cock and rocks back and forth, riding him like a wild stallion. His whole body tenses as he pumps his full load deep inside her, causing her to explode in her own orgasm. Both lay still, breathing hard as the sweat puddles between their still throbbing bodies. The ecstasy is over - but only for the moment.

Once again, Heidi excuses herself to change and freshen up. Heather is in the bedroom waiting desperately to find out every juicy detail. Heidi tells her that he was great and she lies down on the bed, drained and exhausted. Heather, dressed in a long, black see-through gown, opens the door and sees Scott lying on the sofa dozing in the dark. She drops the gown and snuggles in beside him, placing soft kisses on his neck and chest. He wraps his arms around her and rubs his hands over her curves. She fondles his cock until it begins to harden again. He can't imagine that she can handle more so soon, but lets her have her way. She rolls over and pushes her hot ass up against his hardness. He pushes back and is pleasantly surprised when she sighs in anticipation. He strokes his cock up and down her soaking wet slit, lubricating it for a smooth entry. It slides in, tightening as he goes deeper sending waves of pleasure through them both. As he moves inside of her ass, he places two fingers in her pussy. She moans and groans, loving every minute of it. They reach their climax together and pause for the moment. Resting on the sofa, he can't believe that she could handle so much. She excuses herself, picking up her gown, and heads to the bedroom and begins to giggle. The two girls get dressed and open the door together. He is not paying attention and when they walk out and place their hands on his shoulders, he looks to the right, then to the left and is shocked by the realization and says "Oh my god, you're twins".


2005-05-30 16:59:18
damm i wish that me .a little short but great story 9/10 write more.

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