Raven has fun with her new girlfiend
Robin walk's back into the room as he hand's Raven her drink....Are u thirsty? Yes I am thirsty may I go get me a glass of water? No u may not, your drink is in between my legs so start sucking to get your drink.....Robin drops to his knees and start sucking on her cock.....Raven can u go back in your room please? Why Beast Boy? Because I am trying to watch tv.... Then watch tv and don't worry what Robin is doing.....He was sucking harder and faster swirling his tongue around her cock..... Raven is he better than u at giving blow jobs? He is learning this is his first blow job ever so no Starfire he not as good as me yet.....I got him to love having my cock in his ass now he going to learn how to swallow my cum.......Starfire I'm trying to watch tv so I don't want to listen to u and Raven talking about how her girlfriend is sucking her cock... Beast Boy this is a girl thing u wouldn't understand u hear Cyborg complaining about listening to what we are talking about... That's because I don't want to lose out on fucking u again Starfire.....

So why does it bother u Beast Boy? You want to know why it bothers? Yes I want to know why......Because I don't have a girlfriend, You have Cyborg.... Even Raven has a girlfriend, all I got is nothing....Beast Boy how can I say this your not my type.... Starfire u just like a having a huge cock inside u.... Yes I do..... Raven has Robin.....Oh fuck yea suck that cock bitch....Raven why Robin and not me? Beast Boy just saw Raven sitting there enjoying Robin sucking her cock....RAVEN WHY ROBIN AND NOT ME? Beast Boy I was being nice by not saying anything.... What do u mean by that? Raven don't say it... Beast Boy I can't stand u... Your joke are stupid I only let u fuck me that one time because I felt sorry for u... I didn't think any girl would ever fuck u....The reason I want Robin is because he not u..... Beast Boy just sat there staring at her.....All I see u as is a friend and that is all Beast Boy......Raven u r mean what u just said to me wasn't right...You wanted to know why I want Robin and not you so I told u after u yelled your question at me the second time....Oh God yes start swallowing bitch........I can get a girlfriend if I try.... Then prove it Beast Boy and Tara doesn't count...

Beast Boy sit there thinking how he could prove he could get a girlfriend.... Robin was licking Raven's cock clean after he swallowed her cum....After Robin was done cleaning Raven dick.... Beast Boy how many girl do u know that like it when the guy they are dating that can change into different animal's? Not counting Tara.....Beast Boy was thinking....You can't think of any can u? Ok no I can't Robin, but that doesn't matter as long as it count some where else.... Well u don't have it down there either.... I wasn't talking about that Raven.....Good thing u couldn't satisfy anyone with your cock....See Raven that's what I mean when u say something that doesn't need to be said at all... Beast Boy I'm not going to lie about that to u....Ok so I can't think of any girl who would want to date me....See at least u can watch me use Robin until u fine someone....

No thanks I rather be alone instead of watching u fucking Robin....Come on bitch let go to my room, I'm horny......Robin got up and start walking to Raven's room.... Raven walked in first, after she enter her room... She start to get undressed.... When Robin walked into the room Raven was laying on the naked....So r u ready to have some fun?
Yes I am but what kind of fun r u talking about? I'm talking about where u go and fuck me.... Hell yes I'm ready for that Raven.....Robin got on the bed and slide his cock into her pussy fucking her hard and faster....OH yes that feels wonderful u know how to satisfy a girl bitch....Oh god your cock is bigger that Beast Boy and I love it fuck me harder bitch...Robin start pounding Raven pussy...Oh yes you know how to fuck your boyfriend bitch....That's it fuck me harder just like that I am so close to having an orgasm.... So keep it up bitch fuck me harder and faster....oh god yes slam that cock into me bitch....

Raven was moaning loudly as Robin slammed his cock in and out of her pussy ...Raven was close to her orgasm.. Robin was fucking her harder and faster he wasn't taking it easy, because he knew she wanted him to fuck her hard and rough....Robin felt Raven pussy clamp on his cock as he felt Raven have her orgasm.... OH god u know how to make me cum bitch....As Raven was having her orgasm, Robin was fucking her harder and faster.... He wasn't stopping until Raven told him to stop fucking her.....Robin was close to cumming...While Raven was laying there in the after glow...Don't stop bitch keep on fucking me... I feel u all the way inside me....

Raven started feeling Robin cumming inside her pussy.... Bitch did I say u could cum inside me? No Raven but u said not to stop fucking u and I haven't stop fucking u..... Well u haven't stop but next time u better wait to cum until I tell u to do u understand? Yes but for me to do that I would have to stop for a little while though Raven.... You better learn to hold back without stopping..... But how am I sub post to learn how to do that Raven? You want me to be rougher on u? Than I am now... No Raven I don't want that... Then u better learn how to do that quick.....Oh god I am close to my second orgasm bitch.....

Bitch why r u going soft? Raven I came twice...I am trying last to u cum again Raven.... You better last bitch, because if u don't u will regret it bitch.... Robin was fucking her harder and faster...Robin felt Raven pussy clammed onto his cock as she had her second orgasm....While Raven was having her orgasm, Robin was still fucking her.... Now get off of me bitch... Robin pulls his cock out of Raven....Oh that was wonderful... Now lay down next to me I might want to fuck u again...When we wake up you r going to move all of your stuff into my room, that is if I don't fuck u went we get up that is...So I'm going to be staying in your room with u....Yes because I don't want to wait for u to come to my room for me to fuck u or for u to fuck me.... Ok Raven I understand....

Robin turn's on his side with his ass facing Raven.....Raven smile's as slam's her cock into Robin's ass... Robin look's back as Raven tell's him to go to sleep....When Robin wake up he feels Raven fucking him....I was wondering when u were going to wake up..
Robin look's at the clock...Raven it is only 7am....Your going to learn to be getting up early from now on because I am horny in the early morning.... I thought I was going to be moving my stuff into your room....You are going to be moving your stuff into my room.... But right now I'm fucking your ass bitch... Raven started slamming her cock into his ass hard and fast....Robin was moaning as Raven fuck his ass rough.... I knew u would enjoy me fucking your ass bitch... Please fuck me harder Raven pretty please..
Raven start fucking him harder and faster...As Robin was enjoy Raven fucking his ass..
You love it don't u bitch? OH yes I do... Robin feels Raven filling his ass with her cum....

Now get the fuck out of bed.... Why Raven? I got what I want so now go get your stuff and you better do it one trip as well bitch....Robin get's out of bed and starts to get dress... What are u doing? Getting dressed Raven... Did I tell u to get dress... No you didn't ... Ok then go get your stuff... Robin start walking out the door... Cute ass Robin... Is Raven awake? Yes she is Starfire...Raven can I come in...Come in Starfire... Raven Beast Boy left last night.... Why did he leave? His note said to see if he can find him a girlfriend....He will be back then.. Yea but what is Robin doing though? Oh he is moving his stuff into my room...Why is he doing that? So I don't have to wait for him to come into my room so I can use him any way I want... That sound like the right thing to do... How does he like getting his ass fucked? He love's it Starfire....

let me know if u like it and if u do I will CONTINUED with part three

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