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A young 13 y/o girl is forced to move from her home in the city to an old 3 story house out in the country. Making a new friend there she soon descovers that her new is haunted.
A Ghostly Haunting
by Simon Fear

Ashley Logan walked around the outside of the old house that her parents were thinking of buying. The Real Estate Agent said that a Lieutenant who had served in the Revolutionary war had built it back in 1796. The guy’s name was John Selmer. He had built the three story, five-bedroom house for his wife and three daughters who were all close to Ashley’s age. She was 13, and was just beginning to bloom. She had small b-cup tits, and she was 4 ft 11 in. She had fiery red hair that went to her shoulders. She was very cute, and was going to be very sexy as she got older. In fact guys always turned their eyes to stare at her whenever she passed old and young, married or single. Maybe it had something to do with the fact that she always wore short skirts, and long riding v-neck shirts, or blouses that she kept unbuttoned right in between her forming tits. At the moment she was wearing a low red V-neck T-shirt, and black miniskirt that just went below the bottom of her butt cheeks. She was wearing a green low-rise bra that just barely covered her nipples and hadn’t even bothered to wear panties. Her parents always scorned her for wearing such slutty outfits, but Ashley continued to wear such revealing outfits to rebel against her parents.

Now her parents were forcing her to move from the city, and out into the country, away from her life, and friends. Her parents said it was so they could live the quiet life, away from the all the daily noises of the city, but Ashley knew better. They were moving her out here, so there would not be many boys who could see their trampy daughter, and live secluded. “Well”, she thought, “it won’t change me, I’ll dress even worse around here, I’ll start wearing just T-shirts, and panties around the house, and now I can run around naked outside when my parents are gone to work. That’ll show them.” As she got nearer to her parents and the Real Estate Agent, she over heard him telling her parents about the Revolutionary Lieutenant who had built the house. “As the story goes Mr. Logan, Lt. Selmer was well liked by everyone, and he had a beautiful wife and three daughter ages 14, 13, and 11 and everyone thought it was a happy family,” said Mr. Riehnholt. “But what the people didn’t know was that Lt. Selmer began to lust after his daughters who were starting to mature. His wife was ill at the time, and couldn’t satisfy him. So then he started forcing sex on his daughters. After two years of this his wife got better, found out about and tried to stop him. Lt. Selmer and the oldest daughter were killed.

Her parents moved on into the house with Mr. Riehnholt. His daughter Vicky who was 15 and had straight black hair stayed outside. “Don‘t you want to go in with your folks and check it out?” she asked Ashley. Ashley just shook her head, “Nah, They‘ll make up their mind without me, I don‘t even want to move.” Ashley kicked at a rock and sent it sailing into the woods. “How come you didn‘t go in?” Vicky picked up a rock and threw into the woods, “I have been in there so many times, and it gets old and boring. Besides it is haunted. Ashley looked over at Vicky. She was very pretty. She had on a tight pair of blue jeans that rode low on her hips, and a short t-shirt that stopped right above her belly button, showing off her smooth stomach. Ashley could tell that Vicky wasn‘t wearing a bra as her 34 c cup tits pushed out against her t-shirt and her nipples were poking through. Ashley realized she had must be staring to hard cause Vicky gave her a weird look. Ashley averted her eye back to the woods and kicked another rock into them. “Haunted huh, I heard your dad telling my parents about the guy who built this place.” Vicky laughed and bent over to pick up another rock. Ashley stared at her ass and as Vicky was bent over she could see the hem of a pair of pink thongs above the waist of her jeans. Ashley felt her pussy getting moist but quickly averted her eyes again as Vicky straightened up and threw another rock into the woods.

“Yep, It‘s haunted all right, by the very same guy and his daughter and dog.” “His dog?” Ashley asked. “Vicky stretched her arms up high causing her short shirt to rise up to right below the curve of her tits, “Oh yeah his dog got killed the he and his daughter died. Dad of course has to tell about the history of the place according to some Real Estate Regulations. But he can‘t go into all the details about it cause it‘s so gruesome. If the people who buy the place want to know more they have find someone who knows the story. Everyone round knows it of course.” Vicky hopped up onto the lower tailgate of her dad‘s new dodge ram and sat down swinging her legs, and then offered Ashley to sit next to her. Ashley hopped up as well and sat down. “Do you know the story?” “Of course, it all happened after his wife got ill. Doctors didn‘t know what she had and had to stay in bed cause she had no energy to get. Well Lt. Selmer of course couldn‘t have sex with her. Well one night after several months of being pent up and not getting any sex from his wife, he couldn't take it anymore. He slipped out of bed and went to his oldest daughter’s room Samantha.

Samantha was truly pretty then. She was asleep in her bed, but had thrown off the covers from the heat and had only her nightgown on. Well he dropped his pants and rubbed his dick hard. Then he got in her bed and raised her nightgown up. Course back then girls didn’t shave down there and she had begun growing hair. Didn’t bother him though. He started rubbing her stomach and then her tits. Then he started sucking on them and he began fingering her pussy to make it wet. Samantha started moaning in her sleep. As soon as he figured she was wet enough he slid his dick into her breaking her hymen. She cried out in pain and woke up. He covered her mouth with his hand and told her to hush, that if she knew what was good for she would keep silent. He continued to thrust in and out of her. The pain went away and soon began to feel to good to her though she knew it was wrong. She began moaning softly trying to keep from making to much noise. As Lt. Selmer started getting close Samantha bit her lip to stifle a scream from her first orgasm. As her body tensed and her pussy clamped down on her dad dick, it threw him overboard and he shot his cum into her. He got up and left her crying in her bed as went and cleaned up and got back in bed with his wife.

He started doing this nightly but she started resisting and was fearful of him, as he would hit her when she wouldn’t comply. Eventually he couldn’t get satisfied with her, so he started on her 13-year-old sister Shelly. As the months went he had sex with both of them. Even though no one in town knew what was going on they could tell something was troubling the two oldest girls. They were getting thinner, and pale, and would show up with bruises every now and then, but they excused with falling down. They were scared to say anything against their dad. But soon even their dad wanted more, and he went after the youngest daughter Sarah who was 11. When he forced himself upon her it hurt her terribly as she was too small and she screamed waking up the mom and two oldest girls. The mom of course couldn’t get up, but Samantha the oldest, and Shelly the 13 year old went to Sarah’s room where they found their dad on top of her having sex with her while she was screaming in pain. He was trying to clamp her mouth shut and then he started hitting her. Samantha rushed at her dad pulling on his arm screaming for him to stop. He backhanded her knocking her to the ground. As he got off Sarah and stood over Samantha she wept and pled for him to leave the youngest girl alone, that she would do anything for him for this small favor. Well he had an idea to boost his sexual appetite and asked Shelly if she would promise the same thing. Shelly said she would if he left Sarah alone. He agreed and ordered them to the living room.

The three of them went to the living where he told them to strip. He sat down in his chair as they stood in front of him, then he asked them to do something that was unheard of those days. They were to have sex with each other. He told use their fingers and their mouth on each other. Sobbing they as they were told while he sat in his chair playing with himself watching his two daughters. Samantha slipped her nightgown off and pulled Shelly’s off. Then Samantha began kissing Shelly on the mouth. Samantha began touching Shelly on her stomach and small budding tits as her dad on her. Shelly knowing she had to do this began moving her hands around Samantha’s body as well. Samantha then started sucking Shelly nipples and started probing her younger sister’s pussy. Shelly was getting wet and started moaning. As Samantha continued to suck on each nipple and finger her sister their dad was sitting in his chair stroking his dick. Shelly then decided to do to her sister the same thing and began to finger Samantha’s pussy. Samantha was already wet and began moaning. Soon both girls were moaning as they got nearer to cumming. Then their dad said he wanted both of them to lick each other pussy’s. Samantha laid down and then pulled Shelly to her and made her lay down on her top placing Shelly head at her pussy and her pussy over Samantha’s mouth. Samantha started sliding her tongue into Shelly’s pussy and tasted a girls pussy for the first time. Shelly did likewise and soon they were both bucking their hips against each other face.

As their moans of ecstasy filled the room and they had orgasms after orgasms he had another idea. He whistled for his dog, a German Shepherd to come into the room. As the big dog came in the girls didn’t understand what was about to happen. He told Samantha to get on her hands and knees and push her butt in the air. She did so, then he got up and pulled his dog over to her and forced the dogs nose into her ass. The dog began licking furiously and Samantha cried and pleaded for her dad to stop. He simply told her to shut up and take that she had made a promise. She kept crying but stayed there. The dog continued to lick Samantha’s pussy and soon she came and then again. All the while the dog’s penis had grown large and was sticking out. The dad then helped the dog up onto Samantha and told Shelly to place the dog’s penis into Samantha’s pussy. Shelly did this and the dog started fucking Samantha. Samantha kept crying but she could was feeling aroused and soon she felt another orgasm building. As the dad sat down he told Shelly to start sucking his dick. Shelly moved over to him on her knees and put her mouth over his the head of his dick and started sucking. Soon she was able to get about three inches in. Her dad started groaning and thrusting his dick deeper into her mouth. Then he came spewing his jizz into her mouth causing her to gag, as Samantha kept screaming from the orgasms she was having from the dog.

The dog finally came in Samantha and she felt his cum flowing into her and as she tried to get up she realized she couldn’t because he had gotten knotted inside her and as he tried to pull out it would cause Samantha to have another orgasm. So as their dad wanted to watch this, he picked Shelly up and placed her in his lap facing Samantha the dog and rammed his penis into Shelly’s pussy. He began fucking her. She started moaning and she came real quickly and her small tight pussy clamped down on his dick causing him to cum inside of her. Then he sat there with his cock going limp inside Shelly while watching the dog try to free himself. Finally the dog pulled lose and laid down licking himself. Their dad was tired and told Samantha to clean herself up that, she was disgusting and picking Shelly carried her to his room where he slept in bed with her. For 2 years this went on. Every night he would watch the two oldest sisters have sex with each other and then have the dog fuck one of them while he fucked the other. He never fucked the girl who had sex with the dog on the same night though. And he always slept in the room with the daughter he had sex with at night. He never slept with his wife after that.

Well after two years of being bed ridden the wife was starting to get better, and she knew what was going on. She knew that her husband was raping her daughters, and that is what people think made her get better. She wanted to stop her husband, but couldn’t as long as she was sick. Finally one day she could hear the sounds going on downstairs and determined to stop it, she forced herself out bed. Little did her husband know was that for past few months she had been practicing walking in her room at night so that when the time came she go downstairs and surprise him and stop him. She crept downstairs from the third floor and as she got to the last step she peered around the corner and was shocked at what she saw. Shelly was on the floor doggystyle being fucked by the family Dog, while her husband rammed his dick into Samantha’s pussy. Raged over flowed her and she rushed at her husband and knocked him off of Samantha and started hitting him with all her might screaming, “You bastard, how could you, how could rape my darling girls.”, over and over.

At first Lt. Selmer was confused at what had happened, then he got angry and shoved his wife off throwing her to the ground. He stood and kicked Mrs. Selmer in her stomach, “Fuck off Bitch.” He grabbed her by her long and dragged her across the room where he pulled his knife out of desk. Samantha saw this and ran to her, “No daddy, please don’t kill mommy please.” He backhanded her, “Shut up, I’m not gonna kill, I’m gonna show you girls how ya’ll were conceived.” He took his knife and cut his wife’s gown off of her leaving her naked. He then got on top and rammed his dick into her pussy. She of course was not wet and it hurt her terribly. She screamed and clawed at him, but he responded by slamming his fist into her face, breaking her nose and several teeth. Samantha could not stand to see her mom get hurt and seeing the knife that her dad had thrown to the floor she ran to it picking it up and stuck it into his back. He screamed out and threw his hands out knocking Samantha down. He jumped up and reached behind him and found the knife and pulled it. Blood flowed from the wound but it did not hit anything serious. Furious he grabbed Samantha by the neck and picked her and flung her against the wall, and then began kicking her. Samantha’s screams stopped as she fell unconscious, but he kept kicking and hitting her. He was so mad that he had noticed his wife go to the gun cabinet and pull out service pistol, which he always kept loaded. She pulled back the hammer pointed the gun at him and shot. The blast was loud people said, you could hear it miles away, cause their closest neighbor who lived at least a mile away heard it and felt something was wrong.

In the Selmer living room Lt. Selmer had stopped beating his daughter and was clutching his side as he turned around to face his wife. She was still holding the pistol but it was no good, as guns back then fired only one shot at a time. Clutching his side he ordered his dog to sick his wife, and Family German Shepherd leapt at his wife. She threw her arm up holding the gun to block the dog but he bit down on it and threw her to the floor shaking his head trying to rip her arm out. Lt. Selmer now furious at the betrayal of his daughter and wife, he turned back on Samantha who started to come to. He picked her and put her on the table spreading her legs, and began ramming his dick into her pussy, while repeatedly driving his knife into her breasts and stomach. Suddenly the door burst open and Mr. Croswick the neighbor who had heard the shot strode through and saw Lt. Selmer fucking and stabbing his daughter. He had brought his own musket because he at trouble and he took aim with that musket and fired. The bullet hit Lt. Selmer in the head and fell down dead. Mr. Croswick then ran over to the dog and pried his jaws off of Mrs. Selmer’s arm and threw the dog to the side. The dog ran at Mr. Croswick but he kicked him, and then drew his own pistol from his belt and shot the German Shepherd. The dog yelped and raced out the front door. Mr. Croswick then helped Mrs. Selmer up and told her he was going to ride into town and get the constable but he would stop back at his place and his wife come and help her.

Anyway, the authorities got there and saw the scene and the dead girl and her dad. They found the dog out in the yard dead. No charges were brought up against Mrs. Selmer for shooting her husband or against Mr. Croswick for killing Lt. Selmer, since it was all down in self-defense. Mrs. Selmer did not want to put her husband in their family burrial plot so a deep hole was dug at the edge of the woods and his body along with the family were just tossed in and covered up. No marker was placed on his grave. Mrs. Selmer buried her daughter in the family plot, and then taking her two daughters moved out of the house and in with her sister. For two hundred years people say that the ghost of Lt. Selmer can be seen and heard here. People going through the woods have seen his ghost walking around. You can also hear the German Shepherd barking some nights, and people have claimed to have seen both of the together walking on the property or through the woods, and even in the house. Samantha’s ghost has also been seen, people have said that they see a girl her age looking out the windows sometimes still naked as she was that night. I saw her myself last year, I came in here to clean a little bit to get ready for my dad to show the place off and as I was coming down the stairs I saw her standing in the living room naked looking at me. Then she vanished.”

Vicky smiled at Ashley. Ashley just laughed, “You made that up to scare to me, well it didn’t work, I don’t believe in ghost.” Vicky frowned, “I’m not making it up, you can find the newspaper clipping in the library. Course it doesn’t go into all the details, but it did happen. And girls our age who have lived here in the past have claimed to have felt something touch sexually, or even raise their skirts, or pull their covers off them at night and something heavy get on top of them.” Ashley looked back at the house. “Even if that really did happen I still don’t believe in ghost.” Vicky just sneered, “If ya’ll stay here long enough you’ll see. No one had ever stayed in this house for more than a year, and that was a record.” Ashley just laughed, “If you knew my parents then you would know that ghost wouldn’t keep from buying a house they wanted if ghost really do exist. Besides I can’t believe that their dad made them kiss each other and have sex with other.” Vicky gave Ashley a puzzled look, “You mean you have never kissed another girl or had sex with one?” Ashley blushed, “No, I have just kissed guys, but I’m still a virgin.” Vicky smiled, “would you like to kiss a girl?” Ashley’s blush turned deeper, “I uh I don’t know.”

In truth Ashley was curious about kissing another girl, she had heard it was more common these days. Vicky smiled, “If you want I will kiss you, then you will know if you like it or not.” Ashley looked at Vicky, “Um ok sure.” Vicky put her arm around Ashley’s waist and moved her head close to Ashley. Ashley closed her eyes and leaned in and then felt Vicky’s lips touch her. Ashley’s heart was beating fast and she felt her pussy getting very wet. When Vicky broke the kiss and pulled back Ashley kept her eyes close savoring the kiss. “You liked it didn’t you?” Ashley opened her eyes and felt her face getting red hot. She managed only to smile. Vicky giggled, “You wanna do it again?” Ashley nodded her head. Vicky leaned in and began kissing Ashley again and then to Ashley’s surprise she felt Vicky’s tongue slide past her lips and her mouth. Ashley loved the taste of Vicky’s mouth and slid her tongue into Vicky’s mouth. Both girls were soon french kissing each other passionately as their tongues dance with each other. Ashley didn’t even realize what Vicky was doing until she felt her hand slide up under her shirt and pull her bra below her tits and start rubbing them. Ashley moaned not caring that both her tits were now exposed. Vicky’s hand that was around Ashley’s waist slipped down inside the back of her skirt and started caressing her bare butt cheeks. Vicky started to slightly tweak Ashley’s nipples and they both continued kissing. Vicky’s other hand slid further into Ashley skirt as her finger slipped between her butt cheeks and Vicky began rubbing Ashley’s butt hole. Ashley squealed in delight as she had never done anything sexual with her ass before.
Vicky continued to rub Ashley’s tits and nipples, which were hard, and slightly pressing against her anus. Ashley then used her own hand and lifted Vicky’s shirt above her firm Tits and began rubbing them and tweaking her nipples which were at least a half inch long causing Vicky to moan. As both girls were started to get into the motion they heard front door open and Vick’s dad was still talking to Ashley’s parents. Luckily the back of the truck was facing away from them so neither of their parents saw them quickly break their kissing and pull their shirt back down. Ashley didn’t have time to pull her bar back up over tits so she left it under her tits. Besides she thought, I like the feel of the my shirt brushing against my nipples. They remained seated as their parents approached them. “I’m telling you Mr. Logan you can’t beat this price for this style of home, it’s a bargain.” Mr. Reihnholt said. Mr. Logan saw his daughter and Vicky sitting together on Mr. Reihnholt’s tailgate. “Well I see you have already made a friend and we haven’t even agreed to buy this place.” Ashley blushed but Vicky piped up, oh she’s great Mr. Logan I can show her around the school and I know she’ll fit in. The school system here is small so the 8th grade is in the high school here.” Mrs. Logan looked at her daughter, “Well what do you think Ash, do you like this place, you should have seen the inside the room are at least twice the size of your room back home.” Ashley shrugged, “I guess it’s ok, I know I really don’t have a say in it.” “Now Ashley lets not be rude here,” her dad said. Mr. Reihnholt started laughing, “It’s ok Mr. Logan, I have met many family’s with kids her age and most of them hate moving away from what their use to, but the school here is good, even though its small. Plus you don’t have the noise like in the city and hardly any trouble out in these parts, you get to know most of your neighbors.”

Mr. Logan scratch his chin and looked at his wife, “It is a good bargain and very nice and roomy, plus plenty of yard space, how many acres did you say Mr. Reihnholt?” Mr. Reihnholt looked up, “10 caress, 2 of them is this yard around the house you see plus the other 8 surrounding the house out in the woods. 2 acres to the east and west of the house into the woods and 6 acres to south. There is even a nice fishing pond out south in the woods that’s on this property, it an acre big with a pretty good size creek that flows through it. During the rainy seasons it will flood pretty badly, but it won’t reach the yard as its up hill from the pond.” Mrs. Logan took her husbands hand, “I think its perfect Hun, and I love it.” Mr. Logan looked at his wife, who was very beautiful and smiled, “Then its settle Mr. Reihnholt, how soon can we close the deal?” Mr. Reihnholt smiled, “As soon as we go back to my office, and I fix up the paper work and just check your credit credentials, we could close it today.” Mr. Logan smiled, “Alright how bout you go and fix the paper work, while we stop and get something to eat, and then we’ll meet back at your office to sign the papers.” “Sounds good to me Mr. Logan shall we say one hour from now then, I’ll have everything ready for you when you get. I had forgotten that you guys had driven two hours to get here, and probably hadn’t eaten yet. Come on Vick how bout helping your old man with paperwork.”

Vicky smiled, “Sure daddy,” Then whispering in Ashley’s ear, “You’ll love it here, plus we can finish what we started later once you guys get all moved in, that is if you still want to.” Ashley felt a tingling in her pussy as she felt Vicky’s warm breath in her ear, “I would love that.” Vicky then seeing that none of the adults were looking she slid her tongue into Ashley’s ear and gently pinched Ashley’s butt, then jumped off the tailgate and got into her dad’s truck. Ashley not wishing to leave, sat there for a moment when she heard her dad calling, “Come on Ash, lets get a bite.” Ashley jumped off the tailgate and got in her dad’s 2005 Chevy Impala. As she looked out her window as they drove off she saw Vicky blow her a kiss from her side of the truck before they passed out of sight. “You know dad, I think I might just like here.” Mr. Logan looked at his daughter in his rear view mirror and smiled, “I hoped you would.” As he started the car Ashley looked back at the house and then saw something as they drove out of the driveway. It looked like a large German Shepherd standing at the edge of the woods watching them. “Hey dad, see that dog there.” Her dad looked to the side back at the house and saw the dog before it turned away and disappeared into the woods. “Must be one the neighbors dog just out running around.” Ashley managed to smile as she thought to herself, “Yeah that must be it, that ghost story Vicky told kinda shook me up, but there really isn’t any such thing as ghost.” She turned on the DVD player in the back seat and started watching her movie as they drove out sight of the house. If she had looked back she would have noticed that the dog had come back out of the woods, but with a new companion, A man dressed in odd clothing staring back at them. And if she had looked at the house as they left she would have seen a small girl staring out of the second floor bedroom window, watching them as well. No she didn’t see them, cause after all ghost don’t exist, right?

To be Continued.......

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