Main character has group sex, plus some one-on-one time with the littler twin
Chapter 4

One day, I was late for gym class (we can see where this is going) and ran scurried into the locker room to change. I decided to seize the opportunity to masturbate alone. As I unzipped my fly and pulled down my jeans, I felt my semi-erection pop up from under my boxers. Oh, how good it felt to have my cock out in open air at school again.
I spied a jock strap on the floor and put it on. As much as I loved the Nemis twins’ bodies, I loved my own just as much. Just as I was getting into the rhythm and experienced the first burst of pleasure from my penis, I heard a dick-softening grunt from the showers. Was a teacher in here? I would be pretty screwed if the coach caught me whipping it.
I pulled up my pants quietly, jock strap still on, and inched over to the showers. I peered my head around the corner. The sight before me pleased me to no end. The girl I had been crushing on for a few weeks now, Amber Goulart, was sprawled out on a bench with her pants off next to my things. She was licking my gym shorts and had my deodorant up her pussy.
Damn straight, this girl was into me. I formulated my next action. Obviously, she was into me or she wouldn’t have broken into my locker to get my things. I stripped naked except for the jock strap and, when her eyes were closed, I knelt down in front of her. She had put down the deodorant and was straight-up fingering herself.
When she began to moan uncontrollably, I knew she was climaxing, so I began to lick her pussy and hand, hopefully to heighten her feelings. It must have, because she didn’t notice me grabbing her around the waist and rubbing her ass.
Suddenly, she jerked up. She had noticed me. I looked her square in the eyes and asked, “Will you go out with me?”
She threw me on the ground behind me and jumped on top of me. She tore off her shirt and kissed me hard, running her hands down my bare chest.
She broke away to say, “When I saw you with Eric Nemis fucking each other’s brains out in the gym the other day, I thought there was no hope left…”
“Don’t you love bisexuality?” I said, rubbing her boobs and wiggling out of my jock strap.
She moaned and put a condom on me that she pulled out of nowhere. I didn’t wait for her to tell me what to do. I shove my penis into her pussy and she rode me, her pussy already wet from her previous orgasm.
Suddenly, I heard footsteps behind me. Oh, God, who was going to catch me having illegal underage sex with this beautiful, slender girl.
None other than Ryan and Eric Nemis.
“Care to join us?” I asked.
The Nemis’ pulled off their bottom garments and we all stood up.
“This is going to be a treat for me,” Amber said excitedly.
I approached her and began to make out with her. Then, Eric the amateur attempted to slip his penis into my asshole, but I had to help him in. Now it was Ryan’s turn to make a move. He decided to do Amber up the ass. She gasped as I sunk my own penis deep into her hole and Ryan pleasured her the other way.
I was in heaven. Eric had his hands spread across my chest, ramming me in the ass as I passionately kissed Amber’s soft lips and glided in and out of her pussy. I also wrapped my arms around Ryan’s masculine shoulders as Amber rubbed my ass and felt Eric’s dick in my entrance.
We rocked back and forth in one motion, and I experienced my first orgasm during group sex.

Chapter 5

I had finally invited a Nemis to my house. Little Eric had consented to join me on a little “play date” of sorts one Saturday. Ryan had a baseball game, and Amber was not in the mood.
As fragile Eric entered my domain, I shut the door behind him and locked it.
“You’re in my world now, Little Nemis,” I called him by his nickname.
He smiled with anticipation. On the TV I had a sex-tape of Amber and I playing, while my screensaver showed countless self-porn of myself.
I brought the boy over to the mirror, and we just looked at each other standing there, him in basketball shorts, and me in slightly tight jeans. I could see the small outline of his flaccid penis. Still looking in the mirror, I guided my hand toward the region, and felt his penis through his sorts, which gave a sudden flinch. So it began.
I commanded the boy to strip naked, which he did. In front of the mirror, I embraced him, and kissed him hard. I pressed my clothed figure against his naked body and he began to grind against my jeans.
I grabbed his ass and stuck my finger up it. I rubbed his nipples and stroked him gently. It amused me to pleasure the amateur. He threw his head back when he reached orgasm, and came all over my shirt.
He collapsed on the floor. As I unzipped my fly, I said, “Now return the favor.”
He looked puzzled, so I told him to finish the job of removing my undergarments. Eric pulled down my pants, then rubbed his lips over my boxers before pulling them down to my ankles. He was kneeling before me with his head at my waist, and he looked up at me for approval. I nodded my head.
He stared at my pulsing 6-incher and grasped it with one hand. I had never been sucked before, so when he wrapped his mouth around my cock and swirled his tongue around the head, I melted. I caught I glimpse of us in the mirror and felt excited even more. First, because he was sucking me in such a perfect position to me, and second, because I had so much power over Little Nemis, which made me feel so strong; I liked it.
I collapsed into a chair and spread my legs wide. The boy followed me, sucking passionately at my cock. I grabbed his head and pushed myself deeper, as he was being slightly shy about it. Now, he put one hand around my waist and another hand, finger extended, into my ass.
“Blow me, Eric! Blow me hard Little Nemis!” I shouted.
He responded with a few hard sucks and I put my hands around his shoulder blades. At last I threw my own head back and lifted my legs as my semen shot down his throat.
I was satisfied as he lay back on the floor.
“Thank-you,” he said.
“You’re welcome.”


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