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Over a period of several months I have come to know Belinda in a very intimate way. She has allowed me to see her naked from the waist up and has responded positively to my approval of her body. Now she is a bit bolder but still very reluctant to expose herself more. Removing her pants is not permitted. But she likes to have her ass rubbed and grabbed and takes every opportunity to present it for my approval and touch. But when we are alone the button at the top of her jeans is off limits. She guards her pussy carefully. She must be very aware of how she excites me as she will sit on my lap and move her thigh against my stiffening cock, and will shyly smile when she does this.

Now she is fourteen, and I have given a lot of thought to our “affair”,, which in any reasonable sense should not be. I resolve that this is improper and must be ended. And then I waver as I think of her sweet face. And how joyfully innocent she is. In my mind this is a rare privilege not granted to many men. I think back to the days that I lost my virginity to a woman ten years my senior and how excited I was to have sex with pretty Betty a waitress at a local restaurant. Although she was only twenty-eight she had six children. I used to go there for morning coffee with my college friends and I would tease her, asking her out etc..One morning I was there before my friends and she came to my booth and said, “Why don’t you ask me out now?, You’re friends are not here.” Yes, I was only eighteen and a virgin, but of course she knew this, what could I say but ask her out, and she of course accepted and the date was made. She would meet me away from her house and husband. I picked her up at the appointed time and we went to a secluded place to park. She very quickly removed her clothes to expose her breasts and pussy. I think that my face is red now with the memory of how hard I was,, and how fearful,,, she unzipped my fly and pulled my cock out,, She opened the door to turn on the light in the car and told me how big I was, Of course this did make me feel better. And quickly we “got down to business”, I was eighteen, and so hard,, and so horny,, I wanted her now so much, she took my cock in her hand a guided it into her. I was eighteen then,, I’m over sixty now, and with a lot more experience. I know now that I am “well endowed”, so Betty was not lying, but I may as well have stuck my cock out the window of the car, I could only fuck on side of her cunt at a time and at eighteen years old I could not work up enough friction to cum, but she did repeatedly, and about an hour later said she could take no more and finished me off by hand, which of course did not take very long...Soon after that I had another “affair” with a young woman and it was nice, she introduced me to my very first blow job, at the time I thought I would blow her head off,, but I didn’t even puff out her cheeks, there was cum drizzling down her chin and she wanted to kiss me and I wouldn’t do it. She also wanted me to “kiss” her pussy,, but I wouldn’t do that either. Yes dear reader, if we could only turn back time.

Sorry about the diversion from the main story but it is only meant to show you how I felt at twenty-five and what had led me to feel that way. I could relate to the “fear” that Belinda felt and also to the urgency of her passion. So I managed to rationalize and convince myself that I would not do her any good to stop the relationship we had started. It would only serve to confuse her.

So came the next time that we had time to spend alone in the garden shed. We both knew that we had most of the day to ourselves without the threat of interruption. By now we had entered into a ritual of baring ourselves from the waist up and holding each other closely, and I would lick and suck her breasts and nipples. She would rub her pussy on my thigh and would throughly wet my pants with her sweet juices. Today we would have to have a talk about where this was headed. Perhaps many of you would not understand the feelings here as you are young, but you older readers will remember what the late sixties and early seventies were like. There was still then an innocence with girls of this age. An unspoiled quality and a vulnerability that made them all the more precious. She was of course very cognizant of the difference of the sexes, and she had sexual feelings as well. But a lack of knowledge of the mechanics of sex. But before we could begin to have a conversation about where this was headed a car horn sounded from her driveway and she hurriedly dressed and ran from the shed to the house.

I pulled on my tee shirt and gathered some tools to work in the garden, it took me a moment to calm myself and to let my stiffness recede before I walked to the garden to do some weeding. The mid June day was warm and quite pleasant and I worked for a couple of hours and then decided to treat myself to a beer in a frosted mug. I went to the back door and left my shoes on the steps and entered the house. I slowly poured the beer into the frosted mug from the freezer as I knew from past experience if I tried to hurry this process I would end up with a glass of foam and before it settled the crisp coolness which I enjoyed would be lost. I took the first sip and it was then I heard girlish giggling from outside the screen door. I stepped back so I could see through the doorway to the outside door and there was Belinda, but not alone. She and her companion entered the house and she introduced me to Tracy. Tracy was as dark as Belinda was light and was lacking a head in height as well. She had short very brown hair that framed her round pretty face. Her eyes were a remarkable blue.

“S,ss,,-sometimes, m-muh-my father would g-g-g-give me a taste of his b-b-buh- beer,” she told me in a kind of pleading way. This little imp was certainly a forward kind of child she had only just met me and wanted to share a beer. I looked at Belinda and could see from her eyes that there was more going on here than what was on the surface. “You may have a little sip”, but you must not tell anyone I said, “I, k-kuh-can keep a secret,” she confided and she took a small taste of the chilled beverage. I offered the same to Belinda and she too had a sip which I’m sure made her feel deliciously adult. Then Tracy nearly floored me with what she said next, “D-d-duh-do u-u-u you think my tits whu-whu-will get as big as Belinda’s?” and she pulled her top off for me to see. Her just forming breasts were of a lighter shade than the rest of her body but the tan lines were not sharply defined it being early spring yet. Her young breasts were more of a subtle swelling on her chest than what she would surely develop later in life, and her nipples looked swollen and puffy not the firm and defined nipples that belonged to Belinda. Seldom am I at a loss for words but I was at a complete loss then. All I could do is stare and I could feel my erection returning to my pants. This was not lost on the girls either. I had noticed many times that Belinda would steal subtle glances at my crotch but this diminutive harlot was boldly staring. I knew then that the two of them had been talking about the happenings in the shed and perhaps much more. Belinda was twisting her hair around her finger, a sure sign of how nervous she felt. But as nervous as she was I could see that she had her upper arms pressing her breasts from the sides and her nipples were very prominently showing through the thin material of her white tee shirt.

“Muh,, muh, my bru, brt, brother says they whu, whu, will grow,” she confided “Huh, huh, he likes to thu, tuh touch them.”

Now regaining a bit of my composure I ask, “What else does he touch Tracy?”“Oh,” she replies, “Huh, huh, he likes to touch my pussy too.” “And then what do you do, Tracy?” I query. “Uh,, huh, huh, he likes me to touch his k-k-k-k cock.”“ Do you like it when he touches your pussy and you touch his cock?” “Yes”, she replies and now her eyes are a bit downcast she now knows that she has lost the advantage, but I’m not so sure that I have gained any.

But ever willing to press on I ask, “Can I see your pussy?” “If, if, if, I can see your k-k-cock,” she quickly replies now evening the back and forth banter. “OK,” I reply, “But what about Belinda? She has not agreed to anything here.” I look at Belinda and her face is flushed very red now, but I notice that the crotch of her tight fitting blue pants is soaked. “If she is going to see you and I naked, then it is only fair that she be naked too.” And both Tracy and I look in askance to Belinda, and slowly she takes her fingers of her right hand from her hair and lowers them to her waist and unsnaps the top of her pants. Then she hooks her thumbs under her pants and panties and pulls both away from her hips. Then she hesitates and says, “You both must take off yours,” Quickly Tracy slips off her shorts, she is not wearing any panties and her hairless very smooth pussy is exposed to the electrified air of the kitchen. As much as the sight of Tracy’s hairless pussy entices me I look to Belinda the girl I have lusted to see naked for all this long time, her face is furiously red now but ever game she is slipping her pants lower. Now she looks at me and I can see by her eyes that it is me that is lagging in our agreement. Quickly I unzip my pants and unbutton my waistband and quickly strip my pants to my ankles. My cock springs up the head of it glistening from the precum that is now leaking copiously from it. I see Belinda’s eyes widen at the sight that she has longed for and I see a light of decision in her eyes and she quickly strips her pants down and steps out of them and just as quickly as if in one motion pulls her tee shirt over her head. Now standing before me are two young and very naked girls.

This is the first time that I have seen Belinda naked, and her pussy is only slightly covered with soft downy straight blonde hairs. All these silken strands seemingly converge downward to disappear between her thighs. Although her thighs are pressed together, perhaps a last bastion of modesty, there is a gap just below her pussy which adds so much to her appeal. The fine hairs that are in the slight gap between her thighs show small droplets like a pearl colored dew. Tracy gives me a start as she grasps my cock in her moist fingers. Her breath catches as she feels the pent up heat and the throbbing hardness. I look at her and her eyes are very wide, the look on her face very intent, I reach out with my left hand and placing my hand on her back draw her close to me, her hand does not loosen its grip on my aching cock. Belinda now steps forward and the three of us press our naked bodies together. By leaning forward slightly I am able to cup Tracy’s small ass in my left hand and I place my right on Belinda’s waist and slide it to her hip and then to her firm and so very smooth ass. Her skin is silky smooth, and she presses her damp mound against my thigh, ever so slowly her hips begin to rotate as her hot wet sex seeks contact and movement. She presses her face to my shoulder and I can feel her warm breath on my neck and I’m thinking that nothing could be more erotic, but I am quickly proved wrong. Tracy is looking at Belinda’s breast the nipple of her right breast is hard and pointed directly at Tracy’s face. Tentatively she presents her face forward and nuzzles the firm little breast in front of her and draws the erect nipple in between her lips. Belinda sharply draws in a breath and reaches between our sweaty bodies and wraps her fingers and thumb over the head of my slippery pecker. This is too much and the pulses begin and my prick swells and a hot spurt of cum jets upwards. Tracy has experienced this before and expertly pumps her small hand down my shaft and up over the head as spurt after spurt of hot cum gives me the relief that I so desperately need. My knees are so weak that I nearly fall to the floor but I manage to stay up by holding onto the girls. Belinda’s eyes are wide from her observation of this phenomenon, but Tracy is giggling and rubbing the ejaculate over her belly and breasts with both hands.

Now I kick my pants aside and drop to my knees with my right hand still on Belinda’s smooth ass. I reach between them and put my other hand on her hip and draw her too my open mouth and I work my tongue into the top of her small slit where the little button of feeling is, and I feel her body jerk involuntarily towards my seeking probing tongue. From the corner of my eye I can see that Tracy’s hand is moving furiously in front of her and her fingers are disappearing between her thighs and her hips are moving forward and back. I now notice that Belinda’s knees are becoming rubbery and I slide my hands further up her back and lower her to the floor my hot tongue never breaking contact with her sweet tender sex. Now that she is reclined she spreads her legs and improves the advantage that I have to attack her secret parts. Now I can slip my tongue into her vagina and I can suck the guardian lips into my mouth. I lay my tongue flat against her body moistening her small crack and I suck lightly on her clitorus. This is now having the desired effect, I can feel her body tensing and she is now rocking her hips towards my face with increased frequency. Now Tracy is lying beside her and still with her small hand between her legs working furiously she begins working on Belinda’s tits sucking the nipple of one and her other hand squeezing the other.

With one hand Belinda closes Tracy to her breast and with the other she holds the back of my head and pulls me even closer and her legs open wider and her ass moves up and she is only touching the floor with her feet and shoulders. Now her legs clamp and release my head and my ears pop, but I don’t lose contact with what I am doing, and her body tenses and her breath escapes with a mewling sound and my mouth is flooded with wetness.

“Uh, uh, uh, uh!” Tracy is now vigorously working her pussy and has her knees drawn up and her free hand on the floor and her ass lifting up and falling back. Belinda and I watch with complete fascination the tense sexual display before us. We move forward to share in Tracy’s ecstasy and we kiss her face and kiss each other as her movements become more and more frantic. Suddenly she tenses and lets out a long ragged sigh and relaxes back to the floor. I move down to lick her pussy I have the need to taste and explore this feminine marvel. The taste is pungent but not unpleasant and she puts her hand behind my head to encourage my ministrations. More because she wants me to enjoy than for her enjoyment as she is spent. I have tasted what I wanted and now Belinda draws me close and kisses me her way of tasting what she feels is forbidden.

Now we are slowly coming to our senses and we look at the mess we have made, and the place smells of sex. A clean up is necessary. We first pick up our clothes and put them in the washer and select a short cycle. Then the naked trio finds a mop and we damp mop the floor. Then the three of us walk arm in arm to the bath and turn on the shower, we take turns washing each other and soaping the spots that we find interesting. I soap small tits and tender genitalia and sweet smooth asses but the girls seem to find fascination in soaping my prick and giggle as it gets hard, that to them holds no end of interest. Quickly we rinse off and dry each other as we know that the towels to must be washed and dried. Now the towels are in the washer and our clothes are in the dryer and we are sitting in the livingroom on the couch waiting, Belinda on one side of me and Tracy on the other. The girls are leaning into me and I have my arms around them. I am thinking how can I be so content when these “little” girls have more or less seduced me. Belinda is idly playing with my cock and Tracy has her hand on my chest seemingly quite content to feel the closeness. She has her small face pressed to my chest and I feel a wetness and I realize that she has fallen asleep and is drooling a bit. I look over at Belinda and she has a contented smile on her face and her eyes look misty. I hear the dryer stop and the buzzer sound and Belinda and I get up and unload our clothes and put the towels and wash clothes in. I look at her and she looks at me and we decline to get dressed just yet. We hold each other and enjoy the naked skin feeling.


2007-03-11 15:54:10
What the hell fuck them,if it had been me I would have their cunts full


2007-02-25 07:36:00
The 2nd episode of a well told tale.
I can relate to the writer's experience and feelings.
Top notch - get going on No. 3.
9/10 gets my vote.


2007-02-24 23:15:13
write more soon...that was hott


2007-02-24 20:01:48
stop teaseing more please

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