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Residing in the suburban area of a large city of the United States, Amy lived alone, working her way through college. Studying ancient history, the exquisite young lady wanted be an archeologist when her education was completed. This, however, was a few years off. For now, the student merely went back and forth from home to school, going to her part time job in the evenings. Being employed by a data processing company, her function in this establishment was to write different programs for the computers that the company uses. Amy was quite good at it, for computer programming was a self taught hobby of hers. Wanting to research archeology better, she taught herself about data processing. Furthermore, after gaining the useful knowledge, our lady simply started writing programs on the side. One day, she found an add in a newspaper asking for a programmer. Answering it, she went there for an interview; they hired her, seeing that she had what it takes.

Amy was now in her second year of college. Her grades were very good and she loved the school. As far as friends were concerned, she didn’t make any thus far. Despite her extremely beautiful and sexy figure, she stayed to herself. Moreover, she simply didn’t have the time to go out with boys. Further, if she would, they’d always turn out to be jerks who never understood her studies or the job she had at work. Hence, the frustrated youth gave up on dating.

Nevertheless, during the second half of her second year at the university, some girls came up to her who she knew from one of her classes. The young ladies seemed friendly and polite. Approaching Amy, the females started light conversation. Amy went along with all their talk. Finally, one of the pretty girls ask, “ Amy, why don’t you come with us tonight to a party that we’re having at Jill’s house?” Jill was one of the girls in the group. For a few moments, Amy hesitated, but then the reserved feline remembered that the day was Friday. Consequently, she would get out early that night from work because the company closed a few hours sooner the day before the weekend.

Hence, Amy responded to the young lass, “ Sure, why not, I could use a little fun now and then.” The other girls were delighted, for in a way, they all felt a little sorry for Amy because she had no friends. In a calm voice, Amy next ask, “ Where does Jill live?”

Interceding, Jill gave Amy her address. Finally, Jill said, “ Be there at eight O’clock tonight.” Nodding in agreement in agreement Amy went to her next class.

With school complete for the day, she went to her job. Upon completion of her work, she returned home at about seven O’clock, giving her enough tome to prepare herself for the party. Entering her apartment, she threw her purse upon the livingroom couch. Next, Amy started to remove all of her clothes, removing her boots first. Moreover, sexy girl had always worn black highheeled leather boots for the last few years. Her taste for the extraordinary footwear resulted from their mere appearance together with the fact that if she’s to be an archeologist, then our lady had better get used to wearing them. After the leather works of art went off, she removed her jeans and blouse. Slipping out of her panties and bra, the future artifact chaser now stood naked in her own livingroom. Afterward, she picked up the pile of clothes and threw them into the hamper. Going into the bathroom, she looked at her full physique in the door mirror. Indeed, she was quite attractive; her height, a good five feet nine inches, combined with her lovely breasts, hips, and ass, made her into the model of perfect womanhood.

After the aesthetic sight admired her reflection for a few moments, the pretty one next took a piece of plastic to cover her lovely black and soft hair after she had rolled it to a ball upon the top of her head. Next, the perfect body stepped into the shower and turned on the water, adjusting the temperature to suit her pleasure.

The shower complete, Amy left the stall and walked into her bedroom. She opened a drawer and took out some panties and a bra. Putting them on the lady walked to the closet and got a pair of jeans together with a freshly pressed blouse. With the clothes on, the female went to the upper dresser drawer and pulled out a pair of socks, pulling them next over her feet. Then, she walked back into the livingroom and put on the boots over the bottom leg parts of her jeans. Venturing back into the bathroom, vanity girl again looked into the mirror and admired herself. Looking great, Amy loved the image reflected.

In exit of the bathroom, she glanced at a clock in the livingroom; it was now seven thirty. Jill’s house was about twenty five minutes away from Amy’s apartment; therefore, Amy grabbed her purse and walked out down to her car, got in, and drove to Jill’s.

The guest arrived at Jill’s house a few minutes before eight. Also, there were some other cars parked in front of the house, so Amy merely parked behind them and got out. Puss in boots walked up to Jill’s residence and went up the front stairs. Then, Amy rang the front doorbell. Jill answered and said, “ Oh hi Amy, come on in.” With that, Amy walked in and Jill closed the door behind her. Looking around, Amy saw all of the girls from the previous afternoon together with a few others from the university. Also, together with the young ladies, there were a few males. These guys were also from the college. Most of them were boyfriends of the girls present. Furthermore, there was one boy in particular who seemed to take a good look at Amy. His name was Chris. Chris was into sports. In fact, he was one of the better football players for the college. Also, the young man was six feet tall and very strong physically. He had to be to play football and be one of the best. In addition, Chris used to be Jill’s boyfriend before they broke up. Jill only tolerated him at the party because he’s friends with the other guys whose girlfriends are Jill’s friends. Otherwise, she wouldn’t talk much with Chris, for as far as she’s concerned, he’s nothing but a big jerk who thinks he can push everyone around, especially the girls.

Amy noticed that he was watching her. At first, she ignored his glances and started to mingle with the other people at the party. However, after about fifteen minutes into the gathering, Chris came up to Amy when he caught her standing alone before the punch.

He said, “Hi, I’m Chris.”

Amy quietly responded with, “ Hello, I’m Amy.”

Then, she could tell that Chris started to become more and more open with her. In fact, he began suggesting they go out and start dating. Amy said that at this point in time, she wasn’t ready for a boyfriend. He looked surprised and then backed off clearly insulted, for his ego was somewhat tarnished in his own eyes. The personification of conceit walked back to a group of some of the other students and started talking with them. Amy, on the other hand, poured herself some punch and ventured away over to Jill and some of the other girls. At first, the perplexed lady thought the whole incident would pass; however, now and then, Chris would glance in her direction.

While bullshiting with the young felines, Amy ask Jill, “ Where’s your bathroom?”

Jill answered, “ We’ve got one upstairs, but I think someone’s using that one, here, why don’t you use the one in the basement.” Jill pointed to the cellar door and gave Amy the directions. Amy went to the door and proceeded down the stairs. She found the bathroom with no problem. The girl went into the small chamber, closed the door, and proceeded to do her business.

Chris, to Amy’s misfortune, noticed her go into the basement. He guessed correctly that she was using the toilet, for when he was Jill’s boyfriend, he became somewhat familiar with her house. The suburban punk made up some excuse to leave the group that he was with. Further, he made it look as if he was going to get more to drink. However, when no one was looking, mister hotshot snuck into the basement.

Chris went straight to the bathroom door and kicked it. The panel flew open instantly, for it wasn’t locked. He saw Amy seated upon the bowl, looking up terrified. Chris laughed and eyed her saying, “ So I’m not good enough for you, you bitch!” Amy said she had nothing against him and only wanted to be left alone. Walking toward her, the violent egotist grabbed the girl, raising the exquisite figure to her feet. Next, he pinned her against the wall and opened his trouser zipper. Removing his hardened cock, the rapist forced his way into Amy’s pussy! Afterward, the pig moved back and forth a few times until he came. Amy, on the other hand, just stood there in terror; she felt humiliated and psychologically hurt. When Chris finished the unholy task, he pulled his prick back in and closed the zipper, saying to Amy, “If you tell anyone about this, I’ll kill you; is that clear, bitch!” Amy quietly nodded in agreement. Chris turned around and went upstairs, silently blending himself back into the party as to not have his absence recognized. In some distress, Amy pulled up her pants and also walked upstairs.

Chris looked at her, but she made every effort not to notice him. Next, the victim went up to Jill and said, “ I think I’m coming down with some kind of a stomach ace; I just don’t feel good. I’m sorry Jill, but I’m going back home.” Jill understood and said goodbye.

After Amy left, Chris walked up to Jill and ask, “ Why did the pretty lady leave?’

The hostess replied, “ She said she wasn’t feeling well.”

Chris said, “ Oh well, I guess those things happen.” He then walked back to where he was previously standing.

Rushing to her car, Amy got in, throwing her purse down and starting the ignition. The black haired beauty hit the accelerator and sped away. On her way home, she was tormented by what she just experienced. The word rape went constantly through her mind. Having a hard time concentrating upon driving, the distressed girl almost had an accident on the way home.

Finally, Amy parked her car in front of the apartment building and got out. Our tortured individual quickly grabbed her purse and ran upstairs to her apartment. When arriving inside, she threw herself on the couch and fell over to cry. She lay there for almost an hour. Nevertheless, she pulled herself together and went into the bathroom. She looked into the mirror and felt ashamed. Indeed, the lady wouldn’t tell anyone, not so much out of fear of Chris, but out of pure embarrassment.

The woman moved away from the mirror and started to undress; she took everything off and stepped into the shower. In earnest, Amy washed herself completely, even her hair. Upon completion, she put her night clothes on and went to bed. However, right before she fell asleep, boot girl realized there might be a chance that she’s pregnant. Moreover, pregnancy is the last thing she now needed, especially to give birth to the child of the man who just raped her. Next, Amy decided she would look for an abortion clinic the next day and have them check her out.

The next morning she got up, made some coffee, got dressed, and picked up the yellow pages. College girl turned to the pregnancy termination section and called one of the clinics. Further, she hoped there would be an answer, for today was Saturday. To her delight, a receptionist’s voice answered. Amy told the person she simply wanted to find out if she’s pregnant, and if so, have it aborted. The voice ask no further questions, only set her up for an appointment that very same day.

At two O’clock, Amy arrived at the clinic; she entered and told the person at the desk her name. The receptionist lady smiled and told Amy to take a seat. “The doctor will be right with you.”, the woman in white said. Distressed Amy sat there for a while and waited.

Finally, a door next to her opened and a beautiful blond haired professional looking female walked through and said, “ Hello, I’m Dr. Tracy; I understand you want to be checked for pregnancy, and if so, have it terminated?”

“Yes”, replied Amy.

The doctor then proceeded to say, “ Don’t worry, you don’t have to tell us anymore; all we do is perform your request; that’s all.”

Amy said, “Thanks”.

Both women walked back into the procedure room of the clinic. Amy then undressed and was told to let herself undergo some tests. Amy agreed and a few minutes after the tests were complete, Dr. Tracy returned to tell the girl that she, Amy, was indeed pregnant. Amy next told the doctor to give her the abortion. The physician made the rape victim sign some papers and then proceeded. The girl lay back and had a machine placed between her legs. Next, the sexy doctor said, “ Just relax, this won’t take long.” The doctor turned on a switch, and the sound of vacuum was heard. Next, Amy felt a sensation go up her vaginal cavity; finally, there were a few pinches in her abdominal region. Afterward, the blond pulled out the hose and said, “ See, we’re all finished.” With the job complete, Dr. Tracy gave Amy a few general instructions incase there’s bleeding or any other negative side effect. Amy got dressed, said thankyou to the doctor, and then walked out of the room to the receptionist. Happily, she pulled out a credit card form her purse and paid in full. After the transaction, our lady left the clinic, got into her car, and drove home.

Upon arriving home, Amy told herself that she would put all behind her and continue with school and work from hence forth. In addition, she promised herself that she’d never go to any future parties or put herself in a position to be easily abused.

As the weeks pass, stiletto heals succeeded very well in almost forgetting the whole thing. On occasion, she would happen to see Chris while changing classes. However, he never came up to her and she certainly made no effort to get his attention.

With the school year almost to an end, Amy’s term paper was about due. She had twenty more pages to write and needed a few more books to read up on the subject matter of the thesis. In fact, this particular essay was for a special class the young woman was taking that year. The course was about the ancient witchcraft rituals of the Mediterranean world. The subject was quite intriguing. Our curious student liked it very much. Moreover, if she’s to practice archeology in the cradle of civilization, then she’d need as much knowledge as possible.

Therefore, in order to finish the paper, she went to the downtown library of the city whose suburb she lived in. Archeologist to be entered the library and sat herself at one of the computer terminals. Amy started scanning the records for the topic of interest. Finally, she found the book titles and their locations. The attractive one got up and went to where the material was located. Upon arriving at the spot, she picked out the books and got ready to leave. However, out from under the old wooden shelf of the bookstand, dark hairs saw the edge of an old manu. The paper collection looked archaic and yellow. Next, she thought to herself, “ This material must have been here for over one hundred years.” The girl reasoned so because she knew that the library opened up in the later half of the last century. Also, the bookshelves were the original ones constructed with the building. Furthermore, the bottom of the shelves were only an inch off the floor, hence anything pushed under could theoretically last there indefinitely. Somehow, the manu must have been pushed forward, perhaps by something going under from the otherside.

With anticipation, Amy bent down to pick up the manu. Being written in English, there was no problem in understanding the work. However, as she went over to one of the tables and sat down to read part of it, the loner realized that the manu was written by an archeologist of the last century. In fact, his name was Hans Gunther. With all her previous readings, she never heard of him. However, Amy continued reading. She discovered that the manu was a deion of ancient spells and rituals. Pretty girl laughed as she read the material. Next, she looked around and decided that no one’ll miss the thing if she took it home with her. Therefore, she slid it into her bookbag and went down to the first floor, checking out her other books. Finally, Amy left the building and got into her car, started the engine and drove home.

Upon arriving at the apartment, she began finishing her term paper, completing it a few days before the final exams. With herself all prepared for the tests less than a week away, she decided to rest for a couple of days before returning to the university and taking the finals.

During that short time interval, Amy looked again at the old manu. She read the entire work from start to finish. The entire composition at first seemed humorous to her. However, she recalled a particular spell that seemed quite simple to perform. The lady said to herself, “ Why not, why not try this, what’s the harm?” The manu told her to take a particular set of simple items and put them together. If these items, the manu stated, are put together to form a certain pattern, described in the work, then any object placed within the pattern will be elevated to a height of two feet; that is, the object will simply float two feet off the ground. Amy gathered the simple set of items and placed them on her livingroom floor in the precise configuration stated in the manu. Next, she went to her desk and got a dictionary, placing the book inside the configuration. In three seconds, the book started to slowly rise to a height of two feet. Amy jumped back in awe. Her eyes opened wide and she exclaimed to herself, “ Holy shit! I don’t believe it!” Dressed in her jeans and boots, the girl just stood there for five whole minutes staring down at it. Finally, she bent down and removed one of the items from the pattern. The book fell to the floor and remained still. Amy looked at the object in her hand and replaced it as to preserve the configuration. Once again, the book rose to a height of two feet into the air.

This excited her. She played with her new discovery for a while and then dismantled the pattern and threw the simple objects into a drawer. “This is amazing!”, she said to herself. She walked back to her desk with the manu on it and sat down.

Next, Amy realized that if this particular spell worked, then everything else in the manu must be true also. Sitting there for a while, a thought just hit her mind, a very wicked cognition at that.

Seated behind her desk, she recalled that in the manu there were the instructions on how to cast a shrinking spell on anyone the curse was directed at. Now the devious girl said to herself, “ I tried as hard as I could to forget about that creep at the party, but now I don’t have to. In fact, I’ve got a very little surprise for him!”

Next, vengeful vixen reread the instructions of the particular spell. Moreover, the directions were quite simple in general. All she had to do was get a strand of the person’s hair and take a few samples of a certain type of rock and place the rocks about the hair strand in another particular configuration. Once the configuration is complete, the individual begins shrinking to the small height of only three inches. Further, one could also make the pattern first and then throw in the hair. Once the hair is put in, the individual begins to shrink. However, the manu gave one clear and concise warning. The process can’t be reversed, that is, once someone was shrunk via the instructions, this individual can never get back to his original size. This fact didn’t bother Amy, for she had no intention of bringing him back to his original size anyway.

Amy proceeded to get the particular rocks for herself. These rocks were oceanic objects found upon tropical sea shores. She returned to the library the next day and did some research and found out about a company that sells these particular rocks. Moreover, to her delight, the company’s main office existed precisely in the downtown area of the same city she’s now in. Hence, spell caster could go immediately to the company to purchase the rocks. She did this. The company building was only a few blocks from the library. The young lady went in, bought the stones, returned to her car, and drove back home.

The next step was how to get a strand of the jerk’s hair. This wasn’t a very great problem, for she would simply go up to the punk and tell him she wanted him. Males are so predictable, hence he’d comply and she’d kiss him goodbye. While kissing him, she would remove one of his hair strands. Further, Amy would then invite him that same evening over to her place.

Everything worked as planned. The few days of rest over, Amy returned to the university to take the finals. After examination day was over, the girl walked out upon the campus grounds and saw Chris going out of one of the buildings. Our vengeful female ventured up to him and said, “ Chris, we have to talk.”

Chris first looked at her with suspicion, but he then ask, “ About what?”

Amy said, “ I can’t help but remember the day you were inside of me at the party; I need you again.” She said this with a seductive voice. Chris was taken in, the fool actually believed she desired him after what he had done to her. Chris finally said, “ Sure, I’d like to start dating you.” This is precisely what Amy wanted. She stepped forward and moved her lips to his face. Madam sneak kissed him and with her hand reached behind his head and gently removed a few pieces of his hair. He didn’t even feel it. Then, Amy stepped back and told Chris to be at her place at eight thirty the coming evening. Chris agreed and they both walked off in separate directions.

Amy went to the processing company that evening for a few hours. She had a problem concentrating upon work with the powerful thought in her head as to what’s in store for Chris. Also, while thinking about everything, she noticed that her crotch area was getting wet. At first, boot girl didn’t pay much attention to it, but she soon realized that the idea of shrinking a man gave her sexual pleasure, a form of erotic delight in conjunction with power. After the allotted work time was over, Amy left the data processing company and went home.

Upon arriving at her apartment, Amy looked up at her livingroom clock, the time was now ten minutes past eight. She quickly took the stones out of the bag the oceanic company had given her and took the rocks into her bedroom. Next, she laid them upon her dresser top in the appropriate pattern as to make the spell work. Then, the spectacular lady reached into her jean pocket and removed the hair strands. She placed the pieces of hair upon the dresser but not inside the rock configuration.

Amy spent the remaining few minutes before Chris’s arrival getting other things done around the apartment. Finally, the buzzer rang at about eight twenty five and she answered the intercom. “Who is it?”, she ask.

“Chris”, a voice said from the speaker.

“Ok, I’ll let you in.”, she replied. Amy pressed the button below the intercom and buzzed in Chris. About one minute later, she heard a knock on the door. The college student opened it and there stood Chris. She told him to come in and make himself comfortable upon the couch. He did this. She then sat down next to him and started to caress his face.

“Oh Chris”, she said, “ I really want you bad, I just love the way you took control at the party.” She went on, “ Let’s do it right now!” Chris became excited and his cock started to erect. Then, Amy started to remove her blouse and bra revealing her magnificent tits. Chris was turned on. He started to remove all of his clothes and finally sat next to Amy completely naked. Amy continued to remove all of her remaining clothes except for her boots. Finally, she ask, “ Don’t you think boots look sexy?”

“ Yea!”, answered Chris.

He started to reach for her when the catty one backed off and said, “ I’ve got something for you, wait here and I’ll get it.” Amy got up and walked into her bedroom. As she swayed into the other room, Chris just sat there and stared at her beautiful and symmetrical ass. His cock was rock hard with the anticipation of Amy’s return.

When Amy arrived in her bedroom, she placed his hair strands into the stone configuration. Then, sexy sight went back to the livingroom couch with Chris seated upon it. Chris ask, “Well, where is it?”

Amy answered, “ Your getting it right now.” At first Chris didn’t realize what she meant. However, he started to feel strange. In fact, he was forever experiencing a greater and greater sensation of lightness. Finally, he looked around and realized that he was shrinking!

Amy just stood there standing before the couch with one hand upon her hip and her weight shifted to one leg. With the glow of victory in her eyes, she started to sadistically smile down at him and say, “ Well, what do we have here? It appears the big sports star isn’t so big after all!” Chris continued to shrink and shrink! Finally, he stopped at the height of only three inches!

“Help!”, what happened to me?”, Chris yelled in a tiny voice.

Amy replied, “ I shrank you with an ancient spell. The whole thing is irreversible, you’re now my little slave for good.” After saying these words, Amy sat down on the couch next to Chris. Moreover, the beautiful young woman placed the side of her gorgeous ass right next to him.

The puny male looked up to her and begged for mercy, “ Please, please, don’t hurt me!”, he whimpered like a little nothing.

“You’re all mine to do with as I please!”, she yelled down to him. Chris was now totally frightened. Furthermore, he didn’t know what to do, for he was too small to do anything in his defense.

As Amy looked down at the pathetic little naked male, she noticed that her pussy was getting wetter and wetter. In fact, she could feel her vaginal cavity start to vibrate. She stood up and turned around to look directly down at Chris. Amy then said, “Right now I feel power; I’ve never felt this great before.” With these words, lady domination moved one of her hands to her cunt and started to caress her genitals. She masturbated right before him; her cunt juices ran down her legs. Then, the horny one moved her hand away from her pussy and began telling Chris all about the anatomy of power. She said, “ Power is the ability to take away from another all he has and will ever have.” These words excited the girl to no end; she became ever more aroused sexually.

Next, Amy looked around the room and noticed a cassette tape containing the music of Richard Wagner. Moreover, she loved classical music, for symphony and opera had an extra dimension the likes of which Amy couldn’t live without. She liked Wagner in particular; his music expressed the inner drives and the darker destructive urges of the human psyche. She walked over to the stereo and placed the cassette into it. The opera enthusiast turned on the music and heard Sigfried’s Funeral March. Further, the sound elated her; she was growing ever more aroused by the moment. She walked back to Chris and placed one of her boots upon the couch’s edge. Then, Amy ordered Chris to start masturbating while she also played with herself. The little man was too frightened to think of sex. He continued to plead with her. The lady simply said in a wicked voice, “ If you don’t start playing with yourself, I’ll kill you right now!” Chris obeyed and started to jack off; he continued to play with his cock. Little nothing forced himself to think of more pleasant times. Eventually, he did spray out a very small squirt of cum. Amy laughed at the small size of his orgasm. “You’re so small”, she said mockingly, “ No woman would be gratified by that!” Afterward she said, “ Perhaps the only way you could satisfy me is if I place you inside my realm.” With the end of these words, vengeance in person reached for Chris and pushed him whole into her pussy. The funeral march continued with an occasional burst of ecstasy. Finally, she synchronized her vaginal vibrations with the music. In addition, her multiple orgasms where now taking place with the ups and downs of the masterpiece. Then, at the end of the measure, at its musical height, Amy had a tremendous final orgasm all over the tiny male inside her. Her sexual release was truly wagnerian. Wagnerian glory was at its height in conjunction with her very soul. Power reverberated throughout her entire stature. Cruel cunt was at one with the cosmos. She then proclaimed at the very end of her burst of pleasure, “ I am woman, mistress of the world; all is to obey my very command, for I’m a goddess!” Her orgasm now subsided; she pulled Chris from her pussy, placing him back down upon the solfa. Our newly created dominatrix looked down at him and said, “ Now I know why so many men rape; rape is fun; rape is exhilarating; rape is self expression!” Chris just sat there like a fool and could only look up at her great magnificence in awe.

Amy now learned something about herself; she’s a sexual sadist. The idea of control gives her the highest is sexual delight. Power is at one with her erotic impulses. Furthermore, she also learned that revenge is delightful. Therefore, Amy said to Chris, “ You’re finished; if you think I’ll let you get away with raping me, you’re the biggest fool in the world.” She then laughed and said, “ Yea, the biggest fool and the smallest cock!” Mistress of retribution really seemed amused at her last statement.

After the tape finished the funeral march, it turned itself off. Amy stood there looking down at Chris and ask, “ Now how to get rid of you?” “Let’s see”, she went on, “ I can step on you, yes that would be fun; however, let’s think some more.” She continued, “ Hmm, perhaps I can throw you in the toilet, shit and piss all over you and then flush you down; that would be great, but perhaps there’s another way more befitting the present circumstances.” She glanced down at him and finally exclaimed, “ I’ve got it!” Chris looked up in total terror, for now he was staring straight into the eyes of the mistress of death!

Amy walked over to the closet and opened it. She reached for the vacuum cleaner and took the object. With the machine in her hand, the frightful female ventured back to the couch. The young lady stood in front of Chris and looked down at him saying, “ You know that after you raped me, I got pregnant; so the next day I went to an abortion clinic, and you know what they did?” Amy bent down and stuck her face right into Chris and yelled, “ They sucked your fucken offspring right out of me!!” With fury, gothic dark hairs continued to scream at the little man, “ It felt good to get the trash out of me!” Then, boot girl ask, “ Don’t you think we should finish the job and suck up the source of all the dirt?”

Chris was now completely horrified. Consequently, he started to beg and beg. He pleaded, “ Please Amy, I didn’t mean to hurt you, please, I didn’t, I didn’t!”

Amy stood upright again and simply said, “ To bad scum, you should of thought of the consequences beforehand.” All of Chris’s pleadings were to no avail. Amy then reached for Chris and picked him up. Next, she placed him down upon the floor. She said, “ Now I’m gonna turn the vacuum on, why don’t you try to run and hide, ha, ha, ha!” After the diabolical giantess said these words, she flicked on the switch of the canister type vacuum. Presently, there wasn’t any brush attached to the end of the tube. Chris started to run in the direction of her desk. As he ran, Amy lowered the open end of the pipe and moved it after him, laughing all the while. The sound of the machine terrified him as he ran. Finally, he reached the desk and ran under it. She removed the chair and saw him standing directly against the wall upon which the desk was backed up. The sadist proceeded to slowly move the open end of the vacuum tube toward him. He then ran to one side. However, Chris was stopped dead cold in his tracks by the other wall. She now had him cornered. The little man was standing right between the angle made by the two walls. Next, Amy said, “ Let’s pretend that you’re a fetus and the walls are the two legs of the woman who’s womb you’re in.” Then, the vixen exclaimed with much delight, “ I shall now perform an abortion!” After these words, she moved the whistling orifice toward little Chris and sucked him up! The girl heard a little scream the second he was pulled in. His body moved through the tube, into the hose, and down toward the canister. Next, Amy turned the switch off and looked at the open end of the tube. There she saw tiny remnants of one of his arms; it was ripped off as the suction pulled him in. Also, blood was all over the rim of the tube.

She placed the pipe down and opened the canister. Mistress removed the bag, walked into the bathroom, and ripped the paper open over the toilet bowl. Aside for a lot of dirt and dust, she also found his mangled remains. Next, she took great delight in the expression of pure horror that existed on what was left of his tiny face. She said, “ There, now you got yours, you little scum bag.” With these words, she dumped the entire contents of the bag together with the residue of Chris into the toilet. Next, she walked back into the livingroom and detached the top end of the tube with his arm still hanging on it. She returned to the bathroom, reached for some toilet paper, and wiped his remains off, throwing the soiled paper into the toilet. Finally, Amy went back to the closet, got a new vacuum bag and returned to the livingroom. The girl placed the bag correctly into the canister, closed it up, and then took the whole machine back to the closet. She did the same with the tube she wiped clean; that is, Amy simply took it from the bathroom and threw it into the closet, closing the door afterward.

The killer returned to the livingroom and stopped in the center of the room with her legs slightly apart. She put both of her hands upon her hips and said to herself, “ I feel better than I’ve ever felt before; I feel as if I can do anything; I seem so actualized!” The lady now experienced complete control of her life. Moreover, she was no longer the victim. The fear of rape which so many women live with simply vanished from her heart. Further, no one could ever belittle her again, especially a man. From now on, if any low down male ever tried to bother her in any way, she’d do the same to him. Now, she’s the strong one. She’s the power. Amy is now going to be the predator, and all the men around her are going to exist as easy prey.

Her majestic greatness turned around and walked over to the stereo. She reached down and picked up a cassette containing Wagner’s entrance of the Gods into Valhalla. The egotist placed the tape into the stereo and turned it on. The divine one listened to the music with complete delight, for she now perceived herself as a goddess entering her very own realm of glory and power. The music continued along with her utter elation.

While listening to the opera, she walked back into the bedroom and removed Chris’s hair from the rock configuration. Amy then dismantled the pattern and went out of the room. With his hair in her hand, the naked beauty walked into the bathroom and looked down into the open toilet. There, she happily gazed down at his tiny mangled remains. Throwing his hair into the bowl, the sexy girl turned around and sat upon the fixture. As the music reached one of its climatic high points, she dropped a load of shit upon the useless debris that was once a man. This elated her, for victory was now all hers. Stiletto lady reached for some toilet paper to wipe her beautiful ass. Next, Amy moved over slightly and wiped her behind, dropping the paper into the water upon completion. Finally, she flushed and got up; she walked over to the sink and washed her hands. Then, femme fatale thought to herself, “ I now wash my hands clean of that jerk.” Her conscience was clear. In fact, she couldn’t wait for her next chance to do the same to some other unfortunate member of the opposite sex. Mistress Amy loved it all!

The dominatrix walked out into the livingroom and sat down on the solfa, continuing to bathe herself in the Wagnerian ecstasy that echoed throughout the apartment. Being whole and complete, her ladyship depended on no one. Her life was all to her own. Being the power and the perfection, there was nothing that could stop her now!

The End

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2015-08-26 08:47:48
Great story appart from the killing part which was creepy. Very erotic please write more


2004-04-07 15:35:33
Another piece of shit story from this writer

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