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Indian women have to be submissive to their men
Only one week had gone by, but to Anu it seemed like an eternity. She was still getting accustomed to life with her in-laws, but it was difficult since Rajiv, her husband had to leave on business immediately after the wedding ceremony. Anu felt awkward and uncomfortable, she wished that she had another female to keep her company but Rajiv's mother past away 2 years ago. So here she was, living with her father-in-law and her 2 brother-in-laws. They were complete strangers to her but being a new daughter-in-law, she had to tend to all their needs. She wasn't even supposed to talk to them unless she was spoken to. She felt like a servant, cooking, washing, cleaning. But indian daughter-in-laws had to be submissive, they couldn't talk back or question their in-laws and worst of all, she wasn't allowed to contact her family.
Anu was short and fat, she wore a plain blue sari that hugged her voluptuous body with the bulges of her huge ass and large breasts clearly defined. Kem, the younger of her two brother-in-laws stood watching her as she hung the clothes outside in the scorching heat. She was sweating which made her sari cling to her even more. Each time she streched upwards to hang an item of clothing Kem was able to get a view of her midrif which was exposed except for the thin piece of material that clung to it. She wasn't athletic, but Kem thought her bulges of fat looked sexy. Her blue blouse was so tight that it dug into her skin leaving red marks.
Anu was hot and sweaty when she came back into the house and she headed straight for the bathroom. Kem was watching through the slightly ajar door as she removed her sari, then her sari skirt and her blouse. She had no underwear on. She stood there stark naked. Kem let his eyes move from her curly brown hair to the curve of her neck, then to her large melon-like breasts which protruded from her chest. Her nipples were brown and pointed straight out. His eyes past over her curvy, chubby abdomen to her curly thich pubic hair. Kem noticed that her legs were not shaved. She turned around to enter the shower and Kem stared at her ass, big, brown and sexy. Kem could feel his dick harden and his heart pounding. He wanted to fuck her right there but he dashed into his room and lay on the bed. He unzipped his pants to reveal his thick, short dick which was now fully erect. He closed his eyes, imagining Anu's naked body, and placed his hand around his dick. He stroked his dick as visions of Anu's tits and ass flashed in his mind. His hand was moving faster over his dick and his breath became heavy and strong. Faster and faster he stroked until his face turned red and he lifted his head of the bed with a jerk. He yelled "Oh Anu". and let out a load of cum which splattered over his abdomen and thighs. Anu heard his scream as she came out of the bathroom and rushed towards his room, feeling like something might have happened to him. She opened his door and saw Kem with his dick hanging out and cum splattered all over him, lying on the bed with a look of satisfaction on his face. Anu quickly closed the door, hoping he hadn't seen her. Anu was disgusted, she had never seen a man's cock before and it looked really scary to her. She wondered what he had been doing because he was messed with white liquid.
She tried to forget what she saw but it was really frightening.
The next day Anu went about her duties as usual. She busy cooking when she felt someone garb her waist and pull her towards them. It was Kem, he whispered in her ear "I saw you looking at me yesterday. Did you like what you saw?"
Anu was scared and feeling very embarassed. She thought he hadn't seen her. She kept silent as she knew she couldn't do anything that would be disrespectful to him. He licked her ear and moved his hands to cup and breasts, and squeezed. Anu wanted to burst into tears. She wanted to yell and push him away but if Papa (her father-in-law) heard, she would be in serious trouble. Kem heard his brother Ren coming down the passage and immediately let go of Anu. He slapped her ass and said "Maybe later"
Tears streamed down Anu's face. She was so distracted that she forgot about the food on the stove. She only remembered when she smelt the smoke. Papa came running out of his room. "Anu, what are you doing? You are so useless! Come here, you bitch. I'll teach you a lesson you'll never forget." He pushed Anu into the study and pulled the belt from his waist. He was a large strong man who towered over Anu. Anu didn't even have time to turn around, then she felt the cold leather belt piercing her skin. The stinging pain caused her to scream "Please Papa I'm sorry. Please stop!"
"So, now you want to tell me what to do!" he bellowed as he hit her again. Anu feel to her knees, crying and blocking her face. "Don't ever talk back to me. One more mishap and you'll see that I've been lenient with you this time." Anu fell to the floor and sobbed until her chest ached. She would have to be more careful and vowed to herself that she wouldn't speak to them. Her mother had warned her that she must obey her in-laws.
A few days past, Anu's wounds healed and she was feeling stronger. She was ironing Papa's favourite shirt, because he was going into town. As she worked, she had flashbacks of the beating she received and swallowed hard. Once again she was brought back to the present by the smell of smoke. She had burnt Papa's favourite shirt.
Anu was terrified and started to panic. She felt a huge hand painfully hitting against her face. Papa was standing in front of her with rage and anger in his eyes. He pulled her by the hair and was dragging her back to the study when he heard Kem say "Papa I'll take care of her. You need your rest. Leave her to me."
"Fine!" Papa yelled "but make sure she learns her lesson well this time. Obviously last time wasn't enough" He let go of Anu's hair and stormed off towards his room. Anu just lay there, unable to move. Her eyes fixed on Kem. "Don't worry Anu, I'm not as mean as that old coot. What I have in mind will make you feel good" He said as he helped her to her feet and led her towards the garage.
As soon as they entered the garage Kem grabbed her sari and ripped it. Anu looked at him and tried to cover herself. "You are fucking sexy Anu" he said. He grabbed her blouse and painfully ripped it open. Anu's huge tits came falling out of their support. Anu was in shock. She stood there motionless, not knowing what to do. She knew she had to obey him and be silent if she had any chance of not being beaten. Kem placed his hands on her tits which were too big for his hands. He squeezed and pinched her nipples till he felt her nipples harden. Then he sucked and licked her tits like a wild animal. Anu felt someone pulling at her sari skirt and it tore against her flesh as it fell to the floor. She heard a voice say "Kem, you're keeping all the fun to yourself. I want in." It was Ren.
He yanked Anu's hands over her head and pressed her against the cold steel table. He was standing at her head holding her hands over her head. Anu was silent, only tears streaming down her face. Kem grabbed her legs and lifted them up so he could see her pussy and asshole. "Ren did you see her ass!" he asked as he buried face in her pussy. He sucked hard on her clit and felt her hips move as he did so. He pushed his tongue into her pussy and fingered her clit till she was wet. Then he stuufed two fingers into her pussy. Anu screamed, it hurt so much. She was a virgin and hadn't even been told about sex. "Don't worry honey" Kem said "you'll loosen up soon enough" He stood up and thrust his short, thick dick into her wet, virgin pussy. Anu shrieked and bit her lip. "Fuck you're tight" he said as he slid more of his dick into her pussy. Ren was holding both her hands in one hand and used the other to play with her sexy, luscious tits. He was watching her tits bouncing around wildly as Kem began to thrust harder. Ren opened his pants and pulled out his long thick cock. He positioned himself over Anu's mouth and began thrusting into her mouth. Anu was gagging and gasping for breath.
Papa could hear some muffled sounds coming from the garage. He went to investigate and the sight of his two sons fucking Anu made him hard instantly. He walked towards them while undoing his pants. He dropped his pants and without a word he straddled Anu's chest and placed his 9-inch dick between her tits. He squeezed her tits together and began thrusting. Her nipples were hard and firm and her huge tits were more than sufficient to please him. Kem was growing more excited by all that had happened. He lifted Anu's legs further and stuffed his throbbing cock into her ass. Anu could only let out a muffled whimper as Ren was still pounding her mouth. Kem pushed his dick deep into her and pulled out so he could watch her gaping asshole contract. "Fuck, you're a tight ass bitch!" He did it over and over until he could stand it no longer. Kem and Ren came explosively and in unison. They threw their heads back and released their loads with loud moans of pleasure. Anu's whole body was being pounded against the hard, steel table.
Kem let go of Anu's legs and could see his father's ass moving faster. Anu's chest was sore, her breasts felt swollen. The tip of his cock was banging into her chin. He grabbed Anu's head and flexed it. "Suck it each time I thrust, you whore!" Anu opened her mouth and let the tip off his dick enter her mouth as he fucked her tits. He was moving faster and gave one last strong thrust before releasing his load onto Anu's face.
"Have you learnt your lesson bitch" he asked as he walked away together with Kem and Ren. "Now get yourself cleaned up."
Anu lay there with cum dripping from her ass and mouth. Kem winked at her "From now on you little slut, you won't wear clothes"


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i loved it

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