a week of slavery
I awoke friday morning to my dad shaking me.
"Time to get up sweety"
"shit dad its 7 o clock"
"Well we have things to do" he said. "Like what?"
"Im spending a week in chicago for work"
" what do i have to do with this?"
" your gunna spend the week at ur uncles house" he told me.
How borring i thought to my self. A week of sitting around doing nothing, spending time with my uncle.
"i have to drop you off at his house before i catch my flight at 1 oclock"
" Fine.." i replyed.
"we have to leave in about 2 hours" he told me.
" ok il be down in a lil bit".

I rolled out of bed and walked to the door then down the hall to the bathroom.
I brushed my teeth and washed my face. I shaved my legs and did my makeup. i went back to my room and proceded to my closset. I put on a pair of undwerwear and a bra. I then layed out 3 different outfits, then choose the best one. a denim skirt, a white and black hollister top and white flip flops. I opend up my suitcas and started packing cloths for the next week. i walked around my room picking out the essentials i needed to have with me at my uncles. I then found a birthday card fromy my uncle i recived a months ago.

"Happy 16th birthday lauren! i sent you some money so you can go shopping for some summer cloths. i was gunan do it my self and mail it but i wasnt shure if ur still the same sizes as you were last christmas. not shure if u got lazy on us and now cant fit into ur size 0 jeans. well hope you get to buy some thing nice. love you, hope to see you soon, uncle jim.

"Hurry up lauren, we have to leave soon." my dad shouted from downstairs.
"cumming dady."

I grabbed my shit and headed down stairs. my dad took my bags to the car wile i said good by to my dog and locked up the house.
we then set off to my uncles house. I was about 30 minutes away so i had time to think. i havent been to his house in about 2 years. He lives by him self and works from home. He has had my girlfriends but they dont usualy stay around too long. Its not liek hes ugly or anythign, actualy hes prity good looking. Hes tall, he works out, hes in his late 30s. Not too bad of a guy.
We soon later pulled up to his house he soon greeted outside. i gave him a big hug and he helps carry my bags inside. He gave us a tour of the house since its been a wile and hes done some recent remodeling. he showed me the kitchen, the living room the bathrooms, his room, the den, then he showed me the room id be staying in.
It was prity nice. It had a creamy color walls, a large window witch showed the back yard, a large cumfy bed, and a white tile floor.
Down the hall was my dressing room he put my bag in there. "I love this house, i get my own dressing room." i shouted.
It was 12 o clock and my dad needed to be at the airport soon. I walked with him to his car.
"Be good for you uncle ok?"
"yes dady il be good" i said.
He gave me a hug and said good by. he then drove off.
I went inside and began unpacking my things and got settled. At this time, Jim was preparing lunch. i was called down to eat from the kitchen. I came down and saw him seated at the table. "its not much, but nothin beats camble chicken noodle soup!' we said with laughter. We ate our soup and caught up on old times. what seemed liek 20 minutes was actualy 3 hours. "Wow time is flying." i said.
He asked me if i would like a TV in my room and i said i would like it. He then said i should go have fun out by the pool wile he would need some time to set it all up.
I went to my changin room and changed into a bikini. i went out to the pool and had a swimm. When i got borred i got out and dryed in the sun. I then called my friend Liz and chatted with her for a deal of time as i bathed in the sun. when i got off when phone it was going on 7:30 and the sun was starting to fall. I went inside and walked to my change room, i was suprised to see my uncle in there puting up a shelf on the wall, o hey u need to change? well u can go change in my room, he said to me.
I grabed some cloths and went to his room. i then changed out of my bikini and put on a pair of sweat pants and a t shirt. i was on my way out when i saw a stack of dvds on a rack and i looked closser and it was all porno. Im a curious girl. I wanted to see what he had. I took a random dvd and put it in the dvd player and hit play. It was now obvious he likes rough sex. IL admit it i enjoyed it, i watched more. I soon began to snoop around his room a bit and i saw a table next to his bed and i checked it out. It had his watch, his wallet, a picture of my grandmorther on it and then i saw a large drawer. curiously i opend it and found he drawr full of condoms. There had to be atleast 300 condoms. "wow my uncle is a pimp" i said to my self. I then herd a nock on the door.

"Lauren?" are you in here?" my uncle said. The porno was still on the tv when he opend the door.

His face turnd red in embarassment. " OH, im sorry to interupt" ohh so youve found my stash" he said quietly
" Im soo sorry uncle jim, i was curious.' i said
"No im nto mad" he said. " just a lil embarrassed"
" its ok every guy has porn" I dont blame you, you live by ur self, You gotta get sum ass sumtime" i said.
" yeahh......... well ur rooms done" he said

He then showed me to my finnished room. I was supprised when i saw the TV. it was big. He also hooked up a dvd player. he showed me how to work everythign and he left. I removed my cloths and crawld into bed and went to sleep. I awoke later that night verry hot. my room was around 85 degrees. I got up and walkd down the hall to my change room and looked for the largest tee shirt i brought and sliped it on and walked up to my uncles room. I knocked ont he door once and walked in.
"Jim?" i wisperd.
there was no answer.
I stumbled through the dark and reached his bed. i climbed up onto the side and proceded to shake him.


" yes its me, my room is liek a sauna"

"fuck i thought i fixed it" he exclaimed. " go get a sleeping back from my closet" he instructed.
" You can sleep here" he told me.

I turnd on the light and walked to the closet. I opend the door and saw a rolled up sleeping back ont he top shelf. i had to climb the shelfs a litlle to reach it so then my uncle clearly saw that i was naked under my tee shirt.
I walked over and layed the bag on on the side of the bed and crawld into it.and reached over and shut off the light. i was laying in bed when i noticed i was laying on somehting.

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2010-08-25 13:32:46
wtf!!!! there is 0 sex!!!! this would be ok if it was a part 1 but just leaving it off like that isnt good enough to be a wet dream let alone a sex story


2007-03-08 20:09:27
Nothing is pure, so I won't call it pure crap ... just crap.


2007-02-28 00:03:07
god, learn how to use a spell checker


2007-02-27 19:50:36
more plezzzz more plezz write more oh and 10/10


2007-02-27 16:21:52
ohhhhhhhh yes

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