The continuation of a perverted father and his sexual molestation and outright rape of his exceedingly young son.
I would never have imagined in my wildest dreams when I first held my beautiful boy in my arms that I would find a world of sexual gratification I never thought could exist. And yet, here I am, lying in bed beside my six year old son who only last night I brutally raped with no thought to the emotional scarring my actions might leave behind. And still, as I laid there in the gray glow of a morning sun fighting it's way through cloud cover and the lace sheers my wife had hung, I could think of nothing more then finding that satisfaction again.

Johnny was slow to wake though I suspected he was pretending for some time before he finally realized that I was going nowhere until he opened those large blue eyes of his. When they did open, I could immediately see the distrust. The fear. I fed off of it like a predator stalking it's terrified prey. Some small part of me honestly believed I could hear the thundering of his heart in that narrow chest with it's plump nipples.

He stared, seemingly afraid to move or speak. I broke the silence in a low soothing tone I had used to rock him to sleep only a few weeks prior when his nightmares woke him.

"You were such a good boy last night, sport. You made your daddy very happy. But it's time to make daddy happy again or he might have to spank you and you don't want that, do you?"

Thos beautiful eyes of his welled with tears as he slowly shook his head, the dread tangible as it weighed on those young shoulders. I rolled my pelvis forward as I turned to face him, brushing the velvet, rigid shaft of my morning erection against his butter soft thigh. His shudder was visible. It earned him no sympathy but rather drove my lust to burning heights. A nearly inaudible whimper spilled from his throat as he clutched the blankets to his chest, slowly inching it higher as though he thought that he could hide from me beneath them.

I gripped the sheets with my own solid hold and pulled them back from both of our bodys, the cool air of the room quickly leeching away the warmth that had accumulated from our combined body heat. My dark stare greedily devoured the sight before me, sadistically pleased by the bruising I saw on his soft inner thighs and fat hips. Absolutely beautiful.

"Your going to do something special for me, sport. Something very very special. Something only grown up boys are allowed to do."

I hardly noticed that those large, doe-like eyes of his were squeezed tightly shut, his young mind no doubt wishing he were lost in some fantasy world. Flying with Peter Pan. Hiding in Cinderella's arms. Without a shred of tender consideration, my hands found his shoulders and easily manipulated his light body, forcing him to bend at a nintey degree angle to better bring that beautiful mouth of his to my thick cock lightly streaked with the blood of his own virgin ass. It was a proper baptism into my decent toward the bowels of Hell. I was a pedophile and there was little that would stop me now.

"Kiss it, Johnny. Just kiss it for daddy."

Johnny's warm breath spilled across the overly sensative head of my cock, sending a shudder of anticipation down my spine. Precum glistened, pooling eagerly for those soft lips which resisted the guidance of my hand on the back of his head. I tightened my fingers in those chestnut locks, firmly forcing his warm, bow shaped lips to brush across the head.

"Kiss it or I'll tell mommy what a naughty boy you've been. She'll be angry enough to spank you when she hears how often you've wet your bed..."

That threat was apparently enough to bring his warm lips to part. Perhaps he thought that when his mommy got home this would all end. That I would be done with him and she would save him from my cruel and unforgiving hands. It was a false hope. I watched in awe as those satin lips touched the bulbous head of my shaft in a feather light kiss, my precum clinging to that now tainted skin to keep the connection between my cock and his mouth alive by a gossamer thread of arousal. It was one of the most erotic moments of my life.

"Lick it, baby. Lick it like a popsicle..."

"Daddy....please no...."

The perfect circle those small lips made when he said no to me was too much to resist. My hand pressed abruptly against the back of his head to sink the swollen head of my cock into that tight ring and against his soft, pliable tounge. In his frantic attempt to pull his tounge away from the tart taste of his own ass, my breathing suddenly became irregular. My god I had found something that came to par with that tight ass of his.

"Suck it, Johnny. Suck on it. Do what your daddy says..."

He continued to resist but I continued to persist. I would not let him loose and after a few more minutes of his struggles, he began to resign himself to his new fate. He was my whore now and there was little that would change that fact. I would figure out how to deal ith his mother when she returned. With my discovery of the pleasures that could be found in so small a package, she was of little use to me now save to perhaps breed more sons which I could defile once they were ripe enough for the picking. That, however, was the furthest thought from my mind.

There was little that could compare to the feel of a mouth so young, so inexperianced, drooling on my cock. His warm tounge bathed the sensative, steepled underside of my cock head, causing my thighs to quiver with tension and pleasure. I rolled my head back on the pillow with a low groan of pleasure and that pleasure again overrode any logic or sensability that would have otherwise screamed at me the sins I was committing right there in my marital bed.

The pressure of my hand on the back of his head increased, forcing an inch of swollen, throbbing shaft past the firm suction of his tender lips, stretching them til the corners of his mouth grew an angry red, threatening to crack and bleed. In response, his mouth went slightly slack to relieve some of the pressure. I grunted in response to the loss of sensation. I used my free hand to smack sharply across his youthful ass.

"Keep sucking, Johnny. I didn't tell you to stop!"

The sharp tone and the sudden bark of my voice frightened him. Despite my hold, he was able to squirm his head from side to side and eventually slip my cock free of his mouth. He began to cry, those fat tears rolling down his cheeks unhindered though I was hardly in a mood to comfort him. Sexually frustrated, I rolled up to my knees, roughly handleing my own son until that six year old body lay stretched on his belly atop the bed, that ass exposed to whatever I deemed worthy.


His wailing only added to my perverted lust as I spread the cheeks of that beautiful ass with calloused palms, hips thrusting forward to push my spittle slickened shaft against that bruised and torn asshole. That puckered star of flesh seized, trying willfully to keep me out. I wouldn't be detained. With a snarl of primal, animal driven need, I mounted my son as though he was nothing more then a bitch in heat and myself the Alpha male that would tame him into perfect submission.

Johnny's screams sounded to my demented ear like the call of a siren to take what I needed and I felt it was my duty to answer that call. His small body fought, wriggleing and twisting against the weight of my own body as I settled over him, my hands pinning his shoulders and leaving tell tale bruises though I was hardly concerned. Prison was the furthest thing from my thoughts as I began driving myself in and out of that beautiful ass, the inner walls spasming to drive me out though I only pressed deeper, fighting against the natural size of his young body in an attempt to bury myself to the hilt.

What little restraint I had was used to keep me from inflicting enough physical harm that a ride to the hospital would be necessary. Oh no. I wasn't going to ruin my new found whore. If I did, then the gig was up. I closed my eyes as I quickened pace, riding that ass with a deep seeded need to show my dominance over one so young. His wails grew louder but I paid no attention as I felt myself drawing closer to that warm ecstacy boiling in my balls. My ass rose and fell like a piston as I humped that gorgeous body with all the reckless abandon of that alpha male fucking his bitch.

I wanted to fuck him forever. I wanted to feel the unparalleled heat and tightness sucking me, holding me for as long as was humanly possible but unfortunately, the pleasure had grown too intense. I was right there on the edge and there was no stepping back or delaying it. Instead, I pushed on, fighting to push myself deeper. Finally, my body tightened, every tendon and muscle straining against my flesh as I erupted with a low groan of bliss.

Thick, hot ropes of cum flooded his too shallow ass, tinted pink with the wounds I had reopened and the new one's I'd just created. The spastic rutting of my hips churned the fertile jizz to a froth which began to over flow my sons ass. Johnny whimpered weakly as he felt the hot seed running down his inner thighs to pool on the bedsheets and slowly soak into the cotton fabric.

"Such a good boy, Johnny. You're such a good boy for daddy."


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