A young man in a wheel chair has for infants an toddlers finds his dreams can come true.
This story is purely fiction and fantasy. None of these events have ever taken place. None of the people in this story are real. In no way should anyone do anything in this story. This is fantasy and should stay that way.

My name is Jake Jackson and this is the story of how my fantasy became a reality. When I made the choice to write this story, I was unsure about how to go about it, as I really didn't know where to start. But I guess I should begin with the start of my desires….

It began when I was around nine or ten years of age. It was a warm summer's day and the sun was shining brightly. My mom had asked me to ride with her while she visited a friend that lived out in the country.

I didn't really want to go, but then in the end, I didn't want to leave. You see, as we arrived, we were greeted by my mom's friend and we walked around to the back of the house, and that's when I saw a sight that would change my life forever. It was the woman's two-year-old daughter, Angie. She was playing in a small kiddy pool with nothing on at all. I was shocked by the sight, to say the least. My mom didn't seem to notice at all.

We sat down on a small patio near the pool. My mom and her friend sat and chatted for some time. Me? I kept fighting the urge to stare at the girl in the pool. But my eyes kept drifting over to her.

The woman noticed and smiled at me and said, "Nice cool water. Looks temping in this heat, doesn't it?"

I just smiled and said, "Yeah." I of course couldn't let the woman get an idea of what I was really looking at.

She then told me that if I wanted to, I could go and sit in the pool and cool off. I pointed out the fact that I had no swimming shorts with me or anything. Then the woman asked my mom to follow her for a moment and they went in the house.

About five minutes later, they came back out and said they had a solution for the little swimming shorts problem. They said that I could just take off the clothes I had on and swim in my underpants. They explained to me that Angie was too young to really notice and that I didn't have anything they hadn't seen before.

I wasn't sure what to do, but my mom smiled at me and said, "Go on, don't worry. No one will ever know about it." So finally I agreed and began to take my clothes off. I felt a little weird about it, and tried to turn away while undressing so my mom and her friend wouldn't see.

Before long I was down to my small, white underpants and slowly stepped into the small pool and took a seat. I smiled at little Angie and she smiled back and offered me one of her toys to play with.

I decided to be nice and play a little with her, and as I did I noticed more and more how pretty her soft little body was. I kept working on little games that would allow me to hold her and such. Both our parents thought it was so sweet that I was being so nice to the girl. But if they could have looked into the pool they would have noticed that my boy part was standing straight up. I began to feel really awkward about it. But at the same time I loved it.

A short while later, my mom told me I should get out and dry off as we needed to return home soon. So I carefully watched how I got out of the pool, trying to hide the bulge in my shorts. Thankfully, as I stood up I was handed a towel and I wrapped it around me, covering up my erection. I sat in a chair and listen to the adults chatting for a short time while thoughts of being in the pool still flashed in my mind. I just couldn't believe I was getting excited by a girl so young. Now please keep in mind I knew little about sex. But I did know enough to know that boys my age were not supposed to want to have sex with a two-year-old.

I was busy trying to make sense of it when I heard my mom tell me I should get my clothes back on now so we could go. I did as I was told and we began to get ready to leave. But before we could, the little girl ran to me and wanted to give me a hug and kiss. I wasn't sure what to do, but the adults looked at me like they expected me to. So I gave her a little hug and she kissed me a quick kiss on the lips. As I felt her soft, small lips touch mine, the bulge in my shorts began to return and I hoped no one would notice. Thankfully, no one did.

We then got in the car and began the short drive home. My mom noticed that I wasn't talking much and wondered if I was OK. I told her I had kind of a bad headache. She was content with my response and suggested that once we arrived home I should rest a little, in case I was getting sick. I felt that was a good idea, as I had so much on my mind. I didn't really feel like going out to play. As soon as we got home I went up to my bed room to lie down.

As I lay in my bed, my mind drifted back to the events of the day and I felt so excited, more so than I ever had before in my life. I became rock-hard again and slid my hands down my shorts and began to rub my member. I imagined it was little Angie, exploring it for the first time with her soft little hands. I didn't know much else to think of at that time. As the months and years went by and I learned, more fantasies with Angie and many other girls I saw grew deeper and darker. For a short time I attempted to see girls my own age and try and like them. But it just wasn't something I could really do.

At age 16, my desire changed my life forever. I was walking home from school when I noticed a cute little girl of around six years old in a cute red dress that showed off her soft white legs, playing with a ball in a driveway a short distance from me. Suddenly I saw the ball go rolling away from the girl and into the street. The girl went running into the street after the ball and right in front of a car. I reacted and jumped and attempted to push her out of the way.

Sadly nether of us fully got out of the way of the car. However, I took the brunt of the impact. I don't really recall much more until a few hours later, when I woke to find myself in the hospital. My family was all around me and telling me I would be OK. Then the doctor came in and gave me devastating news. When I had been hit by the car I damaged part of my spine, leaving me with little ability to move my legs and loss of my bladder control.

I just stared at him in shock and sobbed. But in time, I learned to deal with my new way of life. I was given a wheelchair, and was put in some "Depends," as the nurses called them, which I felt was just a nice way of saying "diaper". If this wasn't bad enough, I found I was also stricken with severe pain in my lower back, which would require me to receive shots on days that pain pills wouldn't handle it. This was a lot to take in and to handle, that's for sure. But I was sent home.

Once home, my mom did her best to see to all my needs. However in time, she got worn down and found she needed some time away. So my parents thought it best to hire a home health care worker to sit with me a few hours a day. The woman they found was named Lindsey Miller, who was a recent widow.

She was a beautiful woman, with long blond hair and beautiful blue eyes. She was like something out of a man's fantasy. Even I was somewhat attracted to her. But I was more attracted to the fact that she had a beautiful nine-month-old baby girl named Jenna.

She often brought the girl to work with her, as my parents had given her the OK. As time went by, my desires for the girl grew stronger and I began offering to help with feeding her and such things. Lindsey thought it was rather sweet and good for me to be doing something to help out, as I had been in such a deep, dark depression since the accident. She began having me do more and more tasks, the greatest of which were changing and bathing her.

She had the perfect soft little body, and beautiful green eyes that I felt I could gaze into for eternity. She also had a small amount of light brown hair that was very soft and fine. I loved any and every time her little parts were revealed to my hungry eyes, even if they were surrounded by her shit.

In time, my feelings grew strong and I badly needed a way to release them, other than just trying to think about her while I was alone in bed. Then my parents did something that would help to fix the problem. They bought me a laptop computer. I spent hours at a time online, surfing around for people with desires like mine. I did stay away from illegal pictures and things like that. But enjoyed what I could legally.

Then one night while chatting in with a few men I was given a link to a site called, "Perverts R Us," that held wonderful stories of people giving into their desires. It was wonderful. I became addicted and spent every moment I was alone reading them. When I wasn't reading, I was thinking about how much I wanted to be or was asleep, dreaming about events from the stories.

About five months went by and Lindsey and I became very close and my parents trusted her more and more. They began having her stay with me while they flew out of town for a weekend or a few days, which was truly fine by me because I got to see so much of little Jenna, even if it did take away from my story-reading time.

Well one night Lindsey gave me a shot for the pain and I laid back and relaxed as the medication kicked in. I fell asleep and when I woke Lindsey and Jenna were both sound asleep, or so I thought, so I turned my computer on, pulled up the site, and began reading a story about a woman letting her boyfriend turn her toddler into a cum slut.

Then the pain hit me again really bad and I let out a scream. Lindsey heard me and rushed to my side. I was so lost in the pain I didn't think about the fact that my computer was still on the story I was reading.

Lindsey moved my computer and gave me another shot and I once again drifted off to sleep. I didn't wake until morning, but when I did I noticed my computer was sitting across the room from me with the story still on the screen. I began to panic and wonder if she had seen the story.

A few moments later, Lindsey came in the room and smiled at me. She asked me how I was feeling and shared a little small talk and I thought for a moment I was safe. But then she did something unexpected; she slid her hands under the covers and into my shorts and diaper. She began rubbing my balls and said, "Getting a lot of sexual buildup, big man? Well, why don't we try and take care of that?"

I didn't know what to say. I just knew I liked what I felt. But then another surprise happened when she removed the covers from me, undressed me from the waist down, took my cock into her mouth, and began sucking. It was nice and warm and wet. Her tongue slid up and down the hole. I had never felt anything so wonderful.

I was getting lost in the feelings when suddenly I heard the baby began to cry out for her mom. Reluctantly, she got up and smiled at me and said, "Don't worry, mister. The fun's not over yet."

I lay there, still nude from the waist down, wondering what she had planned to do to me next. But I hadn't expected what was to come. She returned to the room with little Jenna in her arms. She laid her right between my legs and guided her little mouth to my quivering member. She began to take her little girl's head and move it back and forth on my meat. Her soft, warm, wet little mouth felt so wonderful. Especially after her instincts kicked in and she began sucking a little on it, I could hardly take it. The pleasure was far beyond even that her mother had just given me moments before. Then the cum began to boil and I shouted "I'm going to cum… ahhhhh."

But to my surprise she didn't remove the little girl's mouth from me. She just said, "Good, feed my baby your man-cream." With that I began shooting deep into the little toddler's throat. She began to cough and choke on my cum. Lindsey then picked up the tot and patted her little back, which helped calm the coughing.

She sat on the bed next to me with her little girl in her arms. I looked up and noticed that little Jenna still had some of my cum on her lips. Lindsey looked at me with a smile, and then turned and licked her daughter's lips clean. She then turned to me and smiled and said, "I better clean the inside too, don't you think?" With that, she pushed her tongue deep into her daughter's mouth and began exploring every inch of it. With that I was instantly hard again. Lindsey noticed and said, "Let's see if we can take care of that again, you naughty boy."

With that, she undid Jenna's diaper and handed it to me. I noticed it was still clean, not even a drop of anything in it yet. I put it to my nose and began sniffing in the sweet scent of little-girl pussy. It was so wonderful, my mouth began to water. Lindsey then took the diaper from me and said, "Why don't you smell the source instead?" With that, she handed me her daughter and I put her little sex to my face and took in the aroma that was intoxicating me.

I was lost in the moment then and began licking away at the soft, smooth flesh of the girl's hairless mound. It was one of the greatest moments of my life. I attempted to nibble on her tiny little clit. It was so-o wonderful. Before long, my tongue found its way to the tiny sex hole and I began trying to push it in a little. The girl let out a little cry and I started to pull my tongue out. But her mom stopped me and told me to keep going. So I wiggled it around inside the little hole and pushed it in as deeply as I could.

Then Lindsey took the girl from me and laid her on her back between my legs and I sat up. She then took my hand and put my index finger into her own mouth. She sucked gently on it and it sent a wave of pleasure through out my body. But it was short-lived, because a moment later she pulled it out. But then something better came along. She guided my finger to her daughter's little sex-hole and thrust it in. The baby screamed out, but she continued pushing my finger in and out over and over again. I couldn't believe it I was fingering a toddler.

Her little hole was so tight it squeezed on my finger. Small amounts of warm blood trickled out around my finger. I kind of felt a little bad about the pain I was sure it was causing the little one. But then thoughts of what it would feel like to have my cock in that hole flashed through my mind. Then I felt my balls began to build with cum again and I shouted out with pleasure.

Then quickly Lindsey removed my finger from the girl, picked her up, and placed her hole against the tip of my cock. Then the load shot out and went deep inside the girl, filling her up. It began seeping out and her mom smiled at her with pride before picking her daughter up and placing the tiny pussy to her mouth to suck the cum out. She licked and sucked for several moments before moving back to the tot's mouth and kissing her, allowing her to taste a mix of cum and her own pussy on her mother's spittle. I had never in my life seen anything as hot as this.

Then Lindsey asked me to remove my shirt. At this point I was willing to do anything she said, so I did as I was told and lay there nude, waiting to see what she did next. She then laid the baby on my bare chest, and then she took my cock and began stroking it until I was hard once again. I was shocked that I could be this hard this quickly after my last orgasm. She then climbed on and began to slide up and down on me, taking my virginity. She rocked her hips against mine while I stroked the baby's bare bottom. My body was rocked with an orgasm again and with that one I blacked out to dream of all the events that had just taken place and what could come next…

To be continued.

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My birth mom told me stories about my dad licking my pussy almost every day starting when i was 4ish months old and feeding me his cum. and when i turned a year he filled my pussy with cum. I was taken away from them but nearly every man that had authority over me liked playing with my pussy, id wake up in foster homes with the dads tongue on my toddler pussy. and when i was about 5 i learned how to suck cock and i remember getting fucked all the time when i was so little... im now 23 and i still let men use me... i enjoy it....alot. thought about posting my stories....

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