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Having this unique hang-up, Rich had to be dominated by women before he could receive any form of sexual gratification from their presence. Using his spar or excess money with professional dominatrixes, Richard spent his free time with women who were experts in the art and practice of sexual cybernetics. Together with their leather attire, these woman knew first hand how to humiliate any man to the point that his ego shrank into nothing.

Looking through a cheap three dollar fetish paper one day, Rich noticed a picture of a very beautiful and attractive mistress, displaying by her looks alone all the qualities Rich so loved in woman. Staring at the photo, he saw a lady dressed in black leather highheeled boots together with a black leather corset, expressing upon her face a total exhibition of domination, looking as if she could conduct a dominatrix session of the highest physical and psychological quality.

Beneath the photo, the add read, “ Mistress Dominique is looking for more submissives. If you think you’re worthy to serve my greatness, then call!” So ended the add with a phone number directly beneath it. Incapable of controlling both his sexual urges and his basic curiosity, Rich simply had to call the number. After dialing the number, a voice answered with the second ring, “ Hello, this is Mistress Dominique, how can I help you?”

“ My name’s Rich and I saw your add in a fetish paper; I want a session with you.”

Dominique ask, “ Yea, no problem, when can we do it?”

“ Is six O’ clock fine tomorrow evening at that motel just outside of Portsmouth?”

She answered, “ Yea, great, I’ll be looking forward to it.”

Upon hanging up the phone, Rich realized how excited he was. Looking at the photo, he couldn’t wait to be in her presence and kneel before her exquisite greatness. As the next evening came closer, anticipation grew, for deep inside something told him this encounter would be the ultimate in female domination.

Finally, the time came. Getting into his car, Rich drove to the motel, arriving at the office and renting a room for a few hours. After entering his motel suite, he called the noble mistress, giving her the room number. Thirty minutes later, he heard the sound of a car pull up into the motel’s parkinglot. Looking out from behind the curtain, he could see the same lady pictured in the add. After getting out of her car, she walked over to Rich’s room. Rich opened the door and let her in. Measuring him off, Dominique yelled, “ Get down to your knees in my presence, you scum!” Startled at first by her directness, he nevertheless complied with her demand, for this was what the whole session was about anyway. After the male got to his knees, Dominique ordered, “ Take off all your clothes now!” Rich obeyed; she was indeed the boss, radiating control from her entire being. Glancing down at naked Rich kneeling before her ladyship, she removed a collar and chain, placing the collar about Rich’s neck. Conquered and defeated, he was now Dominique’s slave, obeying her every command.

Satisfied with his total denigration, she began removing all of her overclothes, revealing a beautiful dominatrix outfit! Dressed in the same sexy attire pictured in the add, she had on the best looking corset and boots he had ever seen. Seeing her in black leather, Rich was elated and turned on. Truly, she was a goddess with power flowing from every part of her body!

Pulling a whip from her satchel, she began striking Rich, causing pain to flow within him. With the pain becoming intense, he nonetheless didn’t complain, for it was her right to do as she pleased. Overjoyed at the sight of his scourged back, she next ordered him to begin licking and kissing her boots. Kissing away, a feeling of servitude overcame him, keeping the man in his place beneath the domination of womanhood.

As he worshipped her footwear, she threw negative statements at him, “ You’re nothing but trash; you’re the scum of the earth, fit only to be on your knees before my very perfection!” With a few occasional strikes of the whip, she continued with the verbal abuse, making Rich feel quite small.

A while later, she said, “ Stop kissing my boots and come to this side; start kissing my superior ass!”

Rich gave the humble reply, “ Yes Mistress.” Kissing her rear, he heard from above, “ That’s perfect; as a male, you’re in your proper place; all men must kiss the asses of women; it’s the male’s function!” Rich kissed her curvaceous and gorgeous ass for over a half hour. Uplifted by all the respect he was giving her, the woman was truly delighted, loving power like nothing else. While bathing in her glory, Dominique ask, “Do you feel small?” Seeing him nod his head, she went on, “ How’d you like to feel even lower before my greatness?”

Looking up into her beautiful, yet stern, face, Rich answered, “ Yes Mistress, I’d like that very much.” As he spoke, he had no idea what was in store.

Walking over to her satchel, she produced a small vile, containing a red pill no larger than any other time capsule. After dropping the pill into the palm of her beautiful hand, she placed the capsule into her mouth and swallowed it, saying, “ Be prepared for a new view of women.” A few moments later, Rich noticed something strange about her. Either there was something wrong with his eyesight, or indeed she did seem to be larger than before. With the passage of two more minutes, it was clear she was growing!

Looking closer, Rich noticed her leather outfit grow with her.

Growing and growing, she was soon touching the ceiling with her head. Impressed with herself, the lady reached up with her hands and pushed through the motel ceiling. With the outer roof giving way, she began rising ever taller up and out of the building. When she finally stopped growing, the woman stood at an amazing one hundred feet in height! Stepping over the remains of the motel, she yelled down to Rich, “ Come on out, you little piece of crap!” Obeying, he came out from under the wreckage. Amazed and frightened, he nevertheless began feeling strong sexual urges. Gazing up at her beauty magnified many times over, he could only ponder her next move.

Due to the noise of her growth, all the other people in the motel ran out of the building. When they saw Dominique, they panicked and tried to get away. However, escape was impossible. Stimulated with a lust for blood, the giantess began crushing everyone beneath her sexy black leather boots, stomping the people to their deaths. One individual almost got away, running to his car, getting in, and peeling off. Walking after the vehicle, Dominique stepped on the car. As her boot came down, the gas tank exploded and threw Rich to his feet. Not in the least affected by the explosion, she turned around and went back to Rich.

Looking down at him, she ask rhetorically, “ There, how small do you feel now?” Squatting down, she grabbed Rich, stood straight again, and began her journey toward the center of the small town. As Dominique walked along the roadway, she crushed anything that moved. Cars that drove past were smashed and destroyed. Leaving nothing alive, the giant sexy dark-haired dominatrix became the ultimate image of seductive terror.

When she arrived at the downtown area, the entire population began running and screaming, trying to get out of town before becoming a victim. However, there was no way out. Placing Rich upon a rooftop, she next proceeded to kill everyone, stepping on their helpless bodies, and leaving nothing behind save a mangled mass of human flesh! Going on a rampage, she burst her hand through rooftops and grabbed the people hiding inside, squeezing them to death as their blood ran through her fingers. In the end, the female monster killed the whole town!

Completing her orgy of destruction, she returned to Rich. Seated upon the rooftop naked and scared, he didn’t know if she planed to kill him also. Nevertheless, despite his fear, his cock was rock hard, for the entire spectacle of her rampage turned him on sexually. As the mistress neared, she reached for him and ask, “ Did you see what I just did?” “ If you don’t do as I say, you’ll be next!”

Nodding in fear, Rich said, “ Yes Mistress, I’ll do whatever you say.”

After holding him to her face for a while, she placed him upon the ground and then removed her leather corset. As she removed the leather attire, Rich looked up to her beautiful pussy, seeing her giant dark pubic bush! Excited by the sight of her cunt, he began dripping precum. Looking down at him, she exclaimed, “ Don’t you think I’m great!”

Staring upward, the man responded, “ You’re the most awesome thing I’ve ever seen!”

Placing her hands upon her hips, and slightly spreading her legs apart, she stood in the titan position, saying down to the helpless male, “ You’re really small, I can do whatever I want with you!” Intoxicated with power, the giant female exclaimed, “ All I’ve got to say is piss on you!” As Rich gazed up at her glorious cunt, her piss began falling, landing directly on top of his head! Humiliated, he just stood there and took it all. Its warm and salty feeling penetrated every fiber of his being. As she pissed away, the lady laughed down at him, enjoying the entire show of domination. Being whole and complete, Dominique’s glory was now at its height. Done with pissing, she said, “ There, see what a nothing you are, just standing there in my piss puddles, ha, what a worm!”

Bending over with one hand still on her hip, the dominatrix reached for Rich and took him up. Standing straight again, she walked with him in hand toward a house having a large backyard. Seeing an empty pool behind the home, she simply lowered Rich into it. Squatting down next to the pool, she said, “ I’m not finished with you, asshole, there’s more to come.” Rotating herself, Dominique placed her ass over the pool. While turning her head back, she said, “ I’ve gotta take a shit!”

This was too much even for Rich, the sexual masochist, causing him to yell upward, “ Please mistress, please don’t.”

“ To bad little penus head, I make the rules around here.”, she said down to him mockingly.

With a huge smile on her face, she let the load go, burying the man in shit! There was no way he could avoid being hit, for the pool was ten feet deep, making it impossible to crawl out. Shitting allot, she finally covered Rich completely, got up, turned around, and said down to the pathetic creature, “ Ha, ha, little man, she all the things I can do to you!” As the lady stared down into the pool full of female shit, she saw the side of the pile begin moving. Working his way out from under the pile, he finally emerged, smeared full of shit from head to toe! He never before experienced such humiliation. She, on the other hand, Kept laughing at the sight of him, saying, “ You’re really full of shit, aren’t you; just look at you, you truly stink!” Defeated and hurt, Rich could do nothing save sit down next to the shit pile and cry. Being reduced to nothing but a pathetic piece of waste, the man had to look up not only to the mistress but to a pile of her shit as well.

Standing tall and full of confidence, Dominique said, “ I need something to wipe my ass with.” Looking around, she saw an apparel store down the road. The dominatrix walked over and reached her giant hand into the front entrance destroying everything her fingers bumped into. Reaching deeper into the store, she grabbed as much clothing as she could hold. Next, Dominique pulled the clothes out of the store and stood upright again. Walking back to Rich, she said, “ You can do the honor of wiping my beautiful and dominant female ass; however, I’ve gotta get you cleaned up; I don’t want you touching me like that.” Going over to a lamp post, she ripped it out of the ground. Intrigued with her own strength, she went back to Rich and stuck the post into the pool. “ Hold on, I’ll pull you out.” Holding on to the pole, Rich was pulled out. She set him upon the ground, saying,” See that hose overthere by the house, go and clean yourself up.” He walked over and sprayed himself, washing off all her female shit. After the man was clean, she went over to him, raised him up, and said, “ Now you can wipe my ass.” Placing him upon the roof of the house, she gave him the large bundle of clothes. Getting on all fours, she placed her ass right in front of Rich. “ Wipe!”, she commanded. This he did, wiping her ass clean. As the man performed his task, she turned her head back and smiled, for the whole situation was a delightful power trip, making the woman feel greater than ever.

When he finished wiping her ass, he threw the used clothes over the edge. Satisfied, she got up and went back to her corset, putting the thing back on, and returning to Rich. “ How was that for a dominatrix session?”, she ask sarcastically.

Having mixed feelings about the whole thing, he nevertheless though for a few moments, finally realizing the correctness of it all. Looking up to the superior giantess, he said, “ Oh great lady, I worship and respect you!”

Squatting down, she took him in her hands and returned to the motel. After placing the humble one back to the ground, she ordered, “ Go inside and find my satchel.” Richard went inside the wreckage, found the item, and then returned to the mistress. Yelling downward, she said, “ Don’t just stand there like a fool, reach into the bag and get me the other vile.” Doing what he was told, he took out the vile and gave it to her as she squatted before him. After swallowing the pill, she began shrinking back down to her normal size together with the leather attire.

Reaching her normal size again, she went into the motel, got dressed, and returned to Rich, rudely grabbing the bag from his hands. With a wicked smile, she got into her car and drove off.

Needing time to psychologically absorb the experience he just went through, Rich simply stood there for a while, reflecting upon her greatness. Would he ever call upon this mistress again? One thing was for certain, he saw women differently from now on.

The End


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Love stories with giant women!

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