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These are my uncle
I was at my uncle's house waiting for the girlfriend to get home so we can fuck. My uncle was at work and I was at home alone and I was playing video games butt ass naked. I was all alone with the dogs in my uncle's house waiting for the girlfriend to get home so I could fuck her. Instead I get a doggy dick in my ass and a doggy ass to fuck it really sucked that day until the girlfriend got there.

We start out with me playing madden at my uncle's house naked. Then I heard the dogs Bosco and Roxie scratching at the door they wanted in so I let them in. They were playing around and kept distracting me so I had to keep them separated and then Roxie was chasing Bosco around the house. Finally I got pissed and I went to go play with them so they would stop.

I was playing tug-of-war with them and I kept winning then sometimes I just watched them. Then I went in the kitchen and got lunch and a DP. I turned off the game and watched a movie while I was doing that I was dropping food and they kept picking it up and eating it then some steak juices fell on my dick and Roxie jumped up and started licking it off. I was surprised at 1st then it felt great so I went in the kitchen and go some ketchup(Roxie loves ketchup) I squirted it all over my dick and she was licking it all up then I realized where's Bosco??? I pushed off Roxie and I went searching for him I found him in my uncle's and his girlfriend's room and he was sniffing her old thongs. I went over graped some of them and felt of them and started thing of her I felt like fucking her right then. Then I got Bosco out of their room and took him in the living room. I went and sat on the floor with the ketchup and poured more on my dick and Roxie was licking it up again. The Bosco came over and licking in my mouth when my mouth was opened and then I guess he started making out with me.

Then I saw something underneath him it was his dick. I pushed him back told him to sit he did and I told him to stay. I went and got more ketchup and put it on my dick and held Roxie back so Bosco can start licking he didn't I wondered why. So I said forget it let Roxie go and she went at it then she started nippling on my head which hurt a little but it felt good. Then I crawled over to get 1 of Roxie's toys then I felt a cold nose and then a tongue in my ass it felt so good then I thought it was Roxie but then I say her in front of me then a scene went trough my mind but before I was able to finish it happened Bosco mounted me and started thrusting he missed the 1st few time but then he hit the spot and I yelped which signeled to him he was in then he started thrusting as hard as he could and it hurt at 1st but finally I was getting used to it. Then Roxie came over I maneuvered Bosco so she could lick me but she had a different idea and she got 2" away stuck her ass up and backed up(I couldn't stop because Bosco pinned me down and I had no strength to stop her)

Then I penetrated her and with Bosco's movement was so great he was moving me so I was fucking a bitch without anyway to stop it. It felt good thought but then Bosco's buldge was growing and it was expanding my ass. Then he locked in and he switched to a faster shorter thrusts and it hurt more each time because he was still growing. Then he finally started cumming and he was locked onto me for 30 minutes to an hour. I was hoping my uncle or his girlfriend didn't show up. I thought to myself while I'm here I should get some pleasure since we were in the living room there was pictures of the girlfriend everywhere so I reached out to the table graped one and put it on Roxie's head and started fucking Roxie while looking at her picture about 10 minutes of doing that I had cummed. Then I took the picture off of Roxie's head and sat it on the table pulled Roxie off of me 20 minutes later Bosco got off of me.

Then I told them to follow me they did and we went into the shower and I washed all the cum off of my ass and dick, Roxie's ass, and Bosco's dick then we got out let them outside I got dressed and 5 minutes later the girlfriend got home and she asked "did u have fun today?"
I said no not at all avouisly lying. Then I asked her "how was your day?" she said ok but I had a huge headache all day. I said ?I can fix that" we got in a hot spa bubble bath her laying lower than me I gave her a neck and all over body massage. I asked after that "how was that she said exhilarating. She asked "did the dogs behave? were they mean or what?" I said they were little angles(even though I meant dirty little angles)

I haven't had sex with those dogs since that was a 1 time deal right there never again I'm sticking with humans from now on and also it was sort of sick fucking a female dog it felt really nasty. So there won't be another dog sex story from me. So don't worry about that but there will be more about me and the girlfriend and my uncle don't you worry about that. So I'll get writing on a new "My uncle's girlfriend" series or stories so yea, So comment this story or rate this story ok talk or write stories to you guy later bye bye, talk to you late, see you later.

anonymous readerReport

2012-03-01 01:15:44
Absolutely the worst attempt at writing that I have ever read. Did you ever attend any school at all?
Don't give up collecting your unemployment and food stamps because you are certainly not smart enough stories. This is just plain awful. Aren't you ashamed to post such utter CRAP?

Anonymous readerReport

2009-09-23 03:39:58
Not all of it is horrible but just to let you know female dogs don't usually want to be fucked they run. so i have to say this is a fictional story. I would never believe that is was true.
But nice try.
oh and you might want to try a re-write needs something more

Anonymous readerReport

2008-09-29 17:58:59
:( -the spell checker is that ABC icon. Look it up.

Anonymous readerReport

2008-07-12 02:57:31
Yeah... HORRIBLE, ever heard of a comma? it helps!!!!!!


2008-01-17 02:13:29
ive read all your stories, 0/10 for everyone,
please have mercy and stop writing this shit

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