This is only my first story so please only give constructive criticism and if you like it say so
I have a friend named Sam. We met at sleep away camp when we were 8 and we've been best friends ever since. But this year he and I took our best-friendship to boyfriends and then to husbands.

Sam and I hadn't seen each other in years. so we decided to sit down for coffee and talk. So as we were talking he just happened to ask about my sexuality. I told him the truth and said "I'm gay". Then i asked him about his and he also said "I'm gay". So after a bit more talking, I asked him if he would like to go to dinner with me that night. He said, "sure". I told him to wear his finest clothes.

I was so excited to finally be going out on a date with a person I had had a crush on since I figured out I was gay at the age of 13. So I booked the most expensive restaurant in all of NJ. It is called Lua, it serves Latin inspired foods.

That night I picked him up at his place and as I told him to earlier, he was dressed in his finest clothes and so was I. When we got to the restaurant I valet parked and we went inside and asked for a table for 2 people. When they sat us at a table we asked for a bottle of Champagne. When they brought us the Champagne, they took our order, since it was a date we decided to share an order of Paella. We opened the Champagne and poured 2 glasses and I made a toast "To old best friends who could take there friendship to an even higher level". The rest of the evening was so romantic. At the end of the evening I asked Sam if he wanted to come back to my place and he said yes.

I wasn't too drunk, so I got behind the wheel and drove to my place. We got out of the car, I took my key and unlocked my house front door. When we went inside my house for a little while we were talking. Then I noticed that we both had hard ons.

He asked me if I wanted to take this to the bedroom and I said "Fuck yes". When we got inside my bed room we immediately started making out and undoing each others clothes. When I finished undoing his clothes I started kissing his neck, then his collarbone, then lower and lower until I finally made it to his 14" cock.

I started off licking his shaft gently and slowly. Then I stopped licking his shaft and started sucking the head of his cock. Then finally I stuck his entire 14 incher in my mouth. This had never happened to me before but it wasn't very hard to adjust to. Finally he came and most of it dripped down my chin.

Sam finished undressing me. Then he pushed me onto the bed and told me to put my legs behind my head. He gave me a rim job. I felt his soft tongue caressing the inside of my tight asshole. He then stopped licking and without any warning started ramming his big cock into my tight ass and at the same time he gave me a hand job.

His warm cock felt so amazing. I wish there were 14 more inches. So he took his cock out of my ass and bent over and started sucking my 17 incher. I said "I wanna fuck you in the ass Sam and he said "ok".

So he got on his hands & feet and I fucked him doggy style. I put my entire 17" cock up his ass and then we got dressed

We said good bye and arranged another date

I arranged the next date at a gay club. I told Sam to where the sluttiest thing he could find, he did and so did I, our birthday suits

When we got to the club there were so many sexy men that we just had a ball. together we found 2 more men (they both had 30" cocks). Both were about 6' tall. We all came fully naked so Sam and I got on our knees and started loving every inch of cock that was pushed down our throats.

When both of us were done the 2 other men got on their knees and started sucking our cocks. then we had a 4way fuck. One man fucked me, I fucked Sam & Sam fucked the other man.

We all decided to go condom free because we did not care if we got any STD's. Sam and I decuded to sit at the bar and drink and because we were naked Sam fucked me while we were drinking.

After only 2 dates we decided to get hitched.

We went on a Honeymoon to France to visit all of the best gay nude beaches and take pics of us fucking on them We also ran into 2 other camp friends who turned out to be gay named Justin & Forrest. We fucked.

We loved our honey moon so much that we decided to move to France.

We fucked 24/7 and we loved every single moment

One day we gave each other BJs simultaneously.

We were both sex freaks and we still are.

I love Sam with all my heart

We need each other

We work together as porn stars taking photos on the beaches of France nude beach or not.

In the end Sam and I lived happily ever after and eventually we had had the most romantic fucks on EVERY beach in the world. We both got AIDS from that fuck at the gay club, but at least our fantasies came true. That was all we cared about and as long as we had each other we were happy. We loved each other and would be there for each other dead or alive. If thats not true love than I don't know what is. I love Sam and I always will I just wish that life was eternal but oh well life isn’t eternal and there is nothing people can do about it

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2011-03-15 20:52:11
I appreciate stories when the guys dicks are bigger than 6", but 14"? 17"? 30"? That seems like a little much. Even if it is fiction.

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2010-07-08 11:08:46
Ok, for all you losers out there who are saying it is too unrealistic, read the fucking tags that are on the story! It
said FICTION! So shut the fuck up already! To the author: The story was written quite well. It amused me highly but at the same time, it slightly aroused me to think about being fucked almost all day every day. Don't let these fuck head jerks discourage your writing stories.


2010-04-07 22:34:00
Jes a 30 Foot Dick dream on, a Guys Dick 30 cm id believe not 30 foot.
im gay and love Dick alot but if a Guy with a 30 Foot Dick came near me id run the Atlantic Ocean [Away over to the United States] just to get away from him 30 Foot is nearly as big as a Person so i can just Imagine that a Guy with his Dick on the Ground sounds like something out of a Comedy movie or even a Horror Film and not a Porn Story, please just write a New Story and be Practical.

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2009-08-04 09:37:44

This wasn't even a funny bad story like "dude we finally did it", this was just pathetic.

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2009-07-25 11:23:50

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