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She is the desire of every man
Ever since my beautiful daughter Heather had hit puberty at 10, she has rapidly been changing into a woman. She is now a little taller then me at age 13, about 5'-4". Many people have mistaken her for being my girlfriend. Her mother decided she would rather be a whore than a wife or mom and left us a few years prior. She truly is growing into a sexy young lady.

For about a year now my desire for my own daughter has consumed me, I have always been attracted to younger women, but not this young. She still likes to sit on my lap, which always instantly gives me a hard-on. Well my favorite thing to do after she goes to bed is to take the panties she wore that day and smell the sweet scent of her young pussy while I masturbate. Her panties are always nice and cummy and she tastes so delicious. The aroma and taste of her young pussy juices always make me cum so hard and quickly, and I always cover her panties with every drop of semen I have.

Well one Sunday evening when she came home from staying at her mother's for the weekend, I got a huge surprise. That night after she went to bed, I dug out her panties from the hamper and started my nightly routine. What I discovered was that her panties were cleary way more cummy than usual! So I examined them closer and sure enough, It was definately a mans load that covered my daughter's knickers. I was stunned, angry, and yet excited. I didn't know what to do. Somebody had FUCKED my little girl today! I wanted to go wake her up and yell at her, but how would I explain how I discovered what had happened. So I just sat there and thought about it for a bit, and the more I did, the more excited and horny it made me to think about my little princess spreading her legs to take a cock inside her. I started to slowly stroke my cock and fantasize about this mystery guy violating my innocent little girl.

I became more horny then I could ever remember, and I just had to taste this guys cum mixed with hers. Some of it was still moist, and as soon as my tounge tasted it, I shot my load. I came and came for what seemed like an eternity. After I came to my senses, I knew I needed more, so I headed upstairs to her room. I slowly snuck in and pulled her covers down. I was lost in my own lust now, having no will power to stop, so I began to jerk off again, right in front of her beautiful sleeping face. She looked so innocent laying there asleep. By now I was breathing heavy and lightly moaning, not caring if she heard me. I could feel my balls tensing up, telling me I was about to cum when...

"Daddy, what's going on?"

That was all I heard before I erupted all over Heather's face, covering my sleeping beauty with her Daddy's hot cum. Stream after stream plastered my little girl's face, mouth and hair.
It was the most beautiful site I have ever seen, my sweet Heather , my innocent 13 year old daughter with a face covered in a man's cum, her Daddy's cum! I could hardly wait until I had the chance to cum inside of my sweet darling girl.

I gently lifted her chin with my finger to have her look me in the eyes. She had a stunned look upon her face. I wiped a large glob of my sperm off of her cheek with my finger and slowly brought it to her mouth. To my surprise she opened willingly and took my finger inside, sucking every drop of cum off of it. I just smiled as I watched my naughty little girl acting like a true slut, swallowing a man's cum.

When she had my finger clean, I pulled it out, and slid it down her body, stopping to gently rub her budding breasts. She softly moaned as I went further down to her panties. I tugged them aside and thrust my finger inside of her. She was extremely wet, so I entered her easily. I finger fucked her with no mercy, rubbing my thumb on her little clit the entire time. It wasn't long before she was bucking her hips up to meet the thrusts of my hand. Then, she came... she came loud and hard, almost screaming with pleasure. When she had finished, I removed my finger and brought it to my mouth to lick her sweet tasting pussy juice off. She tasted so much sweeter than her panties did.

After I was finished, I pulled up my pants and walked out of the room.
The next morning when she came down for breakfast she didn't say a word about it. She just had a extra large smile on her face. Her good morning kiss was also I bit more intimate then usual also...

This may have been the best wrong decision I have ever made!

I will continue stories about Heather and how I turn her into a young Daddy's slut if anyone is interested.

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