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Teen tease Kelly earns some pocket money

Kelly Johnson was a little tease. At the age of 18, she had already managed to earn herself a lot of extra pocket money by doing little sexual favours for several older gentlemen in her neighbourhood, but she knew she could earn more – much more.

It started with her paper round, and at Christmas when she put little cards through all the doors wishing everyone a Merry Xmas, luv from Kelly. She didn’t really give a shit whether they had a merry Xmas or not, but it did remind them that she had delivered their papers, and it often prompted them into leaving a tip for her.

So early December off she went on her bike with a bagful of cards to deliver. She enjoyed biking round her neighbourhood to do her paper round. It was much quicker than walking, and there was the added bonus of being able to upset all the businessmen by letting them see her panties and then cycling off quick. She always wore very short skirts, even in the wintertime, and deliberately let them ride up whenever she saw one on his way to the station. There was one in particular, Mr Pervy she called him, who always left his house at 8 o’clock exactly. Kelly used to try to be cycling towards him just after he left his house every day. She didn’t always make it, but when she did it was real fun. He would pretend not to notice her, but she could see him desperately trying to look up her skirt. All he ever got was a quick flash of her knickers as she shot past, and she knew he would have done anything to get a longer look.

As she rode into The Avenue, with her long blonde hair blowing behind her in the wind, she saw the old bloke at number 13 getting out of his car and went into the drive to give him his card. He looked pleased to see this small, beautiful blonde girl coming to see him, and she remembered that last year he had given her a very generous £5. Better be nice to him.

Kelly gave him his card and wished him a rather early Merry Christmas. How kind, he said, and asked her how she was doing at school. Kelly got back on her bike and sat there chatting to him, telling him how well she'd done in her exams. As she sat there, with one foot on the pedal and one on the floor for balance, she saw him looking at her legs, trying to look up her skirt.

Dirty old bugger, she thought, but instead of sitting on her bike a bit more modestly, she slowly moved her left leg so that he could see further up her skirt. It was about 5 o'clock, and dark, but his drive was well lit by the sodium street light outside. Kelly had started her round straight after school and was still wearing her uniform. She knew the effect it had on the men, and she enjoyed that. The school she went to was very traditional over uniform, and although a lot of the girls wanted to wear trousers, the head wouldn't move on the issue. Kelly reckoned he just liked seeing young girls in their school uniform.

So there she was, wearing her grey pleated skirt, little white socks, blue blouse and school tie. It wasn’t any of these that Jim Marsham was interested in now though. As her left leg moved further and further out, Jim became more and more aware that her white cotton panties were becoming visible. He couldn’t believe what he was seeing. This beautiful blonde angel of a young girl was sitting on his drive on a bicycle, and he could see right up her skirt. What was more, she didn’t seem to be aware of the fact.

He tried to keep her talking as long as possible, worried that she would just cycle away to the next house, and also that she might notice his frequent furtive glances between her legs. He was saying anything that came into his head just to keep her there. How things were when he went to school, all those years ago, how things had changed, and how lonely he was since his wife had died. And all the time he kept glancing at the taut white cotton between Kelly's legs, his cock stiff in his trousers. He thought he could just make out her labia, and he longed to touch her, to put his fingers inside her warm moist panties, to press his old face up against her cunt, even just to sniff those panties.

Kelly wriggled her little bum on the saddle and decided to shock the old chap.

"Mr Marsham, are you trying to look up my skirt?"

Jim was horrified. So she had noticed after all. What was he to do?

"No no my dear. I was just looking at your bicycle. Is it new?"

He realised this was pretty lame as soon as he said it, but it was too late. How the hell could he get out of this now? He could almost see the girl's parents at his front door, and the policeman asking him awkward questions about what he had been doing. Shit, shit, shit, shit, shit.

Kelly wasn’t really sure what to do next, but she wondered if she could get some money out of him. She had already managed to earn a few pounds by letting men touch her inside her bra, and even once or twice up her skirt, but she'd never let them go beyond the touching.

It hadn't always been easy stopping them mind, and she remembered going into one man's garage and letting him touch her breasts for £5. He put his hands inside her blouse and rubbed her breasts, but then as she felt his cock going hard against her leg, he had forcibly pinned her against the garage wall and started kissing her hard. His tongue was darting all round her mouth, but worse still his hands had moved from her breasts and were lifting up her skirt. All of a sudden he had both his hands inside her knickers and he was groping her, trying to open her legs so that he could put his oily fingers inside her cunt. Kelly knew how to look after herself though, and a quick hard kick in the balls soon had him off her.

She needed more money than this though for the lifestyle she was into. Her pocket money went nowhere, and the odd £5 didn't help a great deal now either.

She had to stay cool.

"Mr Marsham, I know you were looking up my skirt, and I don’t think my Dad would be very pleased if I told him."

"Silly little girl", said Jim, " I'm old enough to be your grandfather. How dare you accuse me of something like that? I think we should tell your father, so he knows what a liar you are."

This was much better. He'd gained his composure now, and he felt sure that he could bluff his way out of this one. Kelly was a bit floored though. She'd been half thinking of blackmailing him, but she thought it could all go horribly wrong and backfire on her. Who would they believe? What proof had she got?

As she thought about all this, she realised that it wasn’t going to work, but she also had an idea. Blackmail would be a great way of earning her a lot of money, but she had to get it right. It had to be something serious, and it had to be something she could prove. She knew in a flash what to do.

"I'm sorry, Mr Marsham. I must have made a mistake. I hope I haven't embarrassed you."

This was music to his ears. She hadn’t really seen him looking after all. He was in the clear. Relief, oh great relief.

"To tell you the truth, Mr Marsham, I was actually half hoping you had been looking up my skirt. I don’t seem to be able to get a boyfriend, and it was sort of nice to be getting some attention. I'd better go now, and I'm very sorry to have made such a fool of myself."

Kelly looked near to tears. She was a bright girl, already very well able to understand men, and she had a pretty good idea how this conversation would continue. She was right, and Jim was about to be drawn into her plans like a fly to a spider's web.

"That's alright my dear. Don’t cry now. Dry your eyes on my handkerchief."

She had him where she wanted him.

"Would you mind getting me a glass of water please"?

Jim said of course he didn’t mind, and went round to the back of the house to the kitchen. Kelly followed him round with her bike. She stood just outside the door, rubbing her eyes to remove a piece of grit which in reality didn’t exist at all. As he came out of the kitchen with the glass of water, she started crying, saying her eye was hurting and could he get the grit out.

Jim was pleased to help her of course, suspecting nothing, and still feeling very sorry for this poor girl who had no boyfriend. What a waste he thought.

As she lifted her face to his, she opened her big blue eyes wide and pressed her breasts against him. She felt his prick stiffening against her and she knew he was hooked. She moved her right hand slowly but very surely to the bulge in his trousers and rubbed it gently.

"You find me attractive don’t you", she whispered. "Tell me I'm not ugly".

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2015-03-11 15:20:08
18 and doing a paper "round" for pocket money? Decent story but a little short in concept. Not much you can do with this type of story when XNXX has changed the rules.


2007-03-10 15:56:14
good start for a series i think.
7/10 for starters


2007-03-10 14:04:50
Sweetie come rub my cock lets fuck


2007-03-03 17:46:50
gotme rubbin my nice little chocolate pussy
i just wanna fuck dat bitch


2007-03-03 15:28:37
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