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Note: The following names and locations have been changed to protect the identity of the inividuals involved in them.

Conor was 15 years young. His childhood consisted of only minor gay encounters, few of them ever exceeding kissing. After the summer following eight grade, he left his old school and entered an all-boys school, for its excellence in academics. It was at this time, that his real life began.

Conor is your average 15 year old boy. He stands at around 5'9, weighs 140 and has light brown hair, with green/hazel eyes. He boasts a somewhat athletic build, with powerful arms and legs. He is of Irish descent, carrying all physical stereotypes of the Irish: Weak, light skin. Burns easily. Conor has a decent size penis, at just under 6'. His complexion is clear, with a few freckles here and there, they especially show in the summer. He has played basketball, baseball, soccer and football: playing all of them quite well.

Sexually, his favorite position to fantasize about is the doggystyle position, as well as having someone sitting on his dick. Not surprisingly, he loves ass. Conor doesn't focus on breasts nearly as much as he does on ass, on guys or girls.

About a week or two into school, Conor was lonely. He didn't know many people at the school, as most of his friends were at a co-ed school nearby. He was slowly becoming despressed. Conor's personality wasn't the only thing that was changing: he began to look at guys. Conor had always had that experimental side in him, and he went through spells of considering himself gay, but for the most part, he thought of himself as a straight teenager that occasionally got so horny that he looked at guys. Whether it was the lack of surrounding girls, his attraction to ass or God's natural plan, he was getting interested. It was during this transition, that he met John.

John is 15 years young as well, and about 7 months younger than Conor. He is more athletic than Conor, being a fantastic lacrosse player, baseball player and wrestler. WIth chiseled abs and a mesmorizing smile, John is normally the focus of many girls and even a few guys. John has short, dark brown hair and brown eyes. His chest is tight and firm, one that you could run your fingers down and nothing would flinch. But his best physical characteristic, at least according to Conor, is his butt.

If you looked at John naked from behind you would notice a slight change in the even tan on his back to the lighter, milkier tan on his butt. He has a very tight ass, one that is best exemplified in the dress pants included in the school uniform. When he sits down, his dress jacket lifts slightly above his back, and with his shirt tucked in, anyone sitting behind him gets a great view of his butt. And in this view you can see a small crevace form in between his two tight, firm butt cheeks.

Luckily for Conor, he sits behind Conor in three classes in Freshman Year. He would just sit there and stare at that ass and imagine all the fun he could have with it. Conor would imagine his hard cock slowly sliding in between those two cheeks. He would get so hard in class that he would have to think of something filthy and disgusting just to lessen it so no one would notice. Conor would spend many nights masturbating to gay twinks and imagining himself with John.

Lucky for Conor, John was also having sexual thoughts, except John had been having them for awhile. Since around the age of 11, John had been engaging in gay activities, but those are for another story. Let us contintue this one.

Another teen at their school by the name of Nolan was throwing a party that weekend. As usual with inexperienced high schoolers, everyone was invited, this is including John and Conor.

In the weeks preceding this party, John and Conor never engaged in any real sort of conversations with each other. Although both secretely fantasizing about one another, neither felt it normal to just walk up to a random student and start talking to him. They never found the right moment to start a friendship. Both knew that the other was going to be at the party, and both were hoping that the other showed up without a girlfriend, which they didn't.

John and Connor arrived separately at the party. John was wearing a yellow button down shirt and smooth kakis, the perfect outfit for his ass. Conor was wearing a striped, blue button down shirt and smooth kakis.

There were about 40-60 kids at the house party at one time or another, about 70% of them were guys, but in no way was this a "gay" party at all. As far as this goes, Conor and John were the only two gay ones there.

Throughout the party, Conor and John were essentially stalking one another, slowly beginning to realize that what they've been waiting for might come true. As soon as one made eye contact with the other, they would glance away, only to glance back a few seconds later. Eventually, after the seventh or eight time of eye contact, John and Conor locked eyes for five seconds. John then soon exited the room and headed upstairs.

Conor waiting about twenty seconds, and then hurriedly walked out of the room and began climbing the stairs. All the way up he was hoping that John would be waiting for him in a bedroom, and not just going to the bathroom.

As he got to the top of the stairs, he had a massive hard on. He adjusted his pants to conceal it, and walked towards the end of the hallway. The bathroom light was on, so he knocked on the door,.

No answer.

He knocked again and asked, "Is anyone in there?"

No answer.

Conor slowly opened the door , only to find no one in there but a lonesome toilet, shower, and sink. He wasn't sure if he was happy or upset. He turned around, and exited the bathroom. Took one step across the hall and opened that door. What was on the other side of that door would change his life, forever.

End of Volume 1

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