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Naturist kid falls in love with cute girl. Hero baseball coach: be my dad; he's really dating mom!


Sean had talked to Maria’s mother, Sonya, to find out their taste in food. So they arrive at their house having a reservation at a restaurant. They had decided on casual dress but Jeff insisted on borrowing some of Sean’s cologne. Now he insists on going to the door alone. Sonya answers the door, gives Jeff a hug and a kiss on the lips, inviting him in. When Maria walks gracefully into the room, Jeff does a double take. Sonya had done up her hair beautifully.

“Wow! You look gorgeous—not that I didn’t think that already.”

Following Sonya’s example, Jeff approaches Maria, giving her a hug and a kiss on the lips. Maria’s eyes pop wide open, romantically whispering, “I didn’t expect a kiss.”

“Uh, um, I’m sorry Maria.”

“Don’t be sorry.” Maria then kisses Jeff on the lips.

“I’m in heaven!”

Sonya’s boyfriend Roberto had just walked in, “These kids don’t waste any time!”

Smiling, Sonya says, “No, they don’t. Aren’t they sweet!”

Jeff says, “No! Your daughter is sweet.”

“I stand corrected. Are you ready to go? You two go with Rachel and Sean. We will follow.”

Jeff bids, “OK. Maria, may I have your hand?”

Maria muses, “Only in matrimony, my man.”

“What’s that?”

Sonya asserts, “That’s not for another ten years.”

Maria reaches for Jeff’s hand. Both drift off onto cloud nine. Jeff opens the door for Maria, then bangs his head on it as he follows. He has more success with the car door. He lays his hand on Maria’s back, guiding her in. Getting in on the other side, he slides across the seat next to Maria.

“Guess what, Mom!?”

“What Jeff?”

“We had our first kiss!”

“You move fast!”

“Yeah, it just happened.”

Maria jests, “What do you mean it just happened. You had to get on your tippy toes.” Sean laughs.

Fighting tears, “You’re making me feel like a little kid, Maria.”

“I didn’t mean to. You may be short, Jeff, but I don’t think of you as a little kid.”

She puts her arm around Jeff. “Ahhhh, that gives me goose bumps.”

Sean wonders, “What are you two doing back there?”

Maria quickly removes her arm. “Maria! You can keep your arm around me.”

Rachel assures her, “Of course!”

Now they put their arms around each other. “Maria, I’m so in love with you!”

“Stop! You’re embarrassing me in from of your parents.”

Sean corrects, “I’m not Jeff’s father.”

Jeff urges, “Get used to the idea!” Rachel and Maria laugh. Jeff continues, “Maria, my parents already know I’m in love with you.”

“Really! Then I’m gonna kiss you again.”

Jeff opens his mouth so Maria does too. Their tongues meet. Maria suddenly pulls away. “Maria, what’s wrong!”

“You surprised me. I’m OK now. They kiss again, their tongues exploring each other’s mouth. Jeff becomes hard as a rock. When they stop, Maria looks down, then away, and then into Jeff’s sexy eyes. “Jeff, I see you really liked that.”

Rachel and Sean smile at each other, remaining quiet. Jeff delights in exultation, “You bet! How about you?”

Maria passionately turns for another French kiss. As they kiss Jeff’s hand instinctively moves toward Maria’s breasts. When he realizes what he’s about to do, he quickly pulls his hand away, but continues kissing. Finally Maria ends the kiss asking, “Where did you learn to kiss so beautifully?”

Half dazed, “I never did this before. It’s all new to me.”

“Me too,” Maria’s head falling backward.

Sean suggests, “I think this dinner will be a disappointment for you two.”

Jeff snaps out of his trance, “Why, where are we eating?”

“Where isn’t the question. Who wants to eat when you can kiss.”

Everyone laughs.

In the parking lot, Sonya quips, “I didn’t know ten year olds could smooch so much!”

Maria responds, “You could see us!”

Pleasantly, “Enough to figure it out.”

Entering the restaurant, Rachel whispers, “What a romantic atmosphere!” Sonya agrees.

When Sonya opens the menu she reacts, “Oh dear Sean, we can’t afford these prices!”

“Everything already is paid, a fixed price regardless of what we order. This is my treat for the first date of a wonderful couple and a welcome to California to you.”

Roberto offers, “I have been living in California all along, so I’ll pay the tip.”

“Fair enough.”

The waiter brings out the champagne. Jeff and Maria carefully watch him pop the cork. Jeff asks, “Do we get champagne too?”

To his surprise, the waiter affirms, “Yes Jeff, of course. You and Maria are our guests of honor. Do you see your special bottle over there?”

“Yes I see it. How did you know our names?”

“I’m just doing my job, Jeff.”

Maria tells Jeff, “This sure beats floating in a tire tube.”

Overhearing, Sonya retorts, “Oh, Maria!”

That perks Jeff’s curiosity, “What are you talking about, my love?”

“We came to America in a tire tube.”

“Wow! Really!?”

“Early one night the two of us left Cuba in one tire tube. We couldn’t leave any other way.”

“You could have died!”

Many do not make it. So we give thanks for the air we breathe and for America, the land of the free.”

Sean interrupts, “I want to hear all about this. But, if I may, I would like to propose a toast. Please rise and hold up your glass of champagne. I propose a toast to a couple I already admire greatly, to honor them on their first date, to wish them deep, lasting love and joy, to implore them to fair fighting only, and to celebrate their dynamic discovery of the word ‘kiss.’” Continuing through the laughter, “So I toast Maria and Jeff.”

Please save some champagne—I have two more toasts. But first, does someone else wish to propose a toast. Sonya responds, “I propose a toast to a man that my nephew Jose talks about endlessly. That would be his coach, Sean!”

“Thank you, Sonya, very much. Now I propose a toast to my former fiancee, who railroaded me into coaching, thereby having to coach the likes of this little man, Jeff. He, in turn, railroaded me into meeting his mother, Rachel, who I now am stuck with!”

Roberto speaks up, “I propose a toast to a lady who pulled me out of the gutter, gave me a reason for living, and helped me find true joy. Sonya, I toast you, my love.”

Sean continues, “My final toast goes to the most wonderful tire experts I know. Sonya and Maria, welcome to America and welcome to California.”

Jeff eagerly expresses, “I have one, this toast is to the person who helped me find the courage to ask Maria out, a person who better get used to me calling him Dad. Sean, you’re stuck with me too!”

After Maria and Sonya tell all about their voyage to America, Sean says “I have a true story about a girl that looks like Maria, maybe a little older. Jenny walks to the beach alone, only a quarter of a mile from her home. The beach is on a secluded cove, popular on weekends, empty during the week. She loves the water. She brings a life jacket because her parents always talk about ‘safety first.’ She sits down on her towel near the water, watching the waves break. She loves the serenity she feels with no one around. Soon she gets the itch to go swimming. Then she realizes she left her bathing suit at home. Not to be deterred, Jenny takes off her clothes, puts on the life jacket, and splashes into the ocean. She loves bobbing up and down in the waves.

“After more than an hour, Jenny sees something else bobbing up and down. She swims over to it. Strangely, it may be her water bottle. How could that be? She swims back to shore, taking the bottle with her. “Oh dear! I don’t see my towel. My clothes! My house key! What do I do?”

The waiter arrives with the food. Everyone talks about all the fine food. Soon Sonya asks, “Sean, aren’t you going to finish your story?

“This is intermission. A chance to talk about what you would do if you were Jenny.”

Maria surmises, “That’s how we arrived in America. But we had no life jacket—just wet underwear and a wet undershirt. We didn’t care how we looked. We just hoped someone would help us and not hurt us.”

Roberto adds, “Thank God you were helped. Now if I were Jenny I would walk home in the life jacket.”

“In broad daylight?” Sonya asks.

“Yeah, but if I was a boy I’d wait until dark to walk home.”

“Why, Roberto?” Rachel wonders.

“People would just whistle at a naked girl, but throw rocks at a naked boy.” Everyone starts laughing.

Maria asserts, “I would take the wet life preserver off and walk home.”

“Oh Maria,” Sonya scolds.

“Then Jeff would come along and rescue me!”

Jeff smiles, “Yeah!”

Laughing, Roberto declares, “Someone has to pull these two apart!”

They grab each other’s hand, shouting, “No way!”

“Shhh. Restaurant voices please,” Rachel implores.

Maria urges Sean to finish the story. “Jenny figures out that the tide came in and washed away her belongings. She realizes she can’t wait until dark—her parents would worry. So she decides to leave immediately, in the life jacket, before traffic gets heavier. On the way she remembers she can’t get into the house without a key, so her parents will find out what happened. Then Jenny comes up with an idea. Her neighbor has the spare key. She can ring their bell, if she dares.”

Roberto asks, “How do you know this story?”

Rachel guesses, “You must be the neighbor, Sean.”

“I heard the story from the neighbor, whose name I will not reveal.”

Maria utters, “So she rang the neighbor’s doorbell! There’s no way I’d do that naked.”

Sonya blurts out, “Good!”

Jeff asks, “Would you go naked at a beach that allows it?”

Maria bids, “Only with you, my dearest.”

Sonya asserts, “Only with me.”

Sean looks at Rachel. Rachel nods. Sean challenges, “You can prove it tomorrow.”

Sonya wonders, “What do you mean?”

“Clothing is optional at Black’s Beach.”

Sonya looks at Roberto. He smiles, “There’s a first time for everything.”

Sonya turns and asks, “So are you three going?”

Jeff affirms, “You bet!”

Maria urges, “Let’s go mama!”

Sonya airs, “We don’t have bathing suits, but that wouldn’t matter. Now Maria, don’t tell Jose what beach we’re going to. I don’t want his parents to know. For all I know they’d throw us out of the house.”

Sean remarks, “My parents would have a cow! This isn’t something you want public. And don’t worry, Jose doesn’t know we go.”



As they set up at Black’s beach, Jeff immediately strips naked.

Sonya timidly reacts, “Jeff. You don’t waste a minute.”

Jeff runs up to her, hugging her, “Relax, take your time, have fun.”

Sonya kisses him on the lips and praises him, “Thank you young man.”

“You know how to win my heart!” Jeff then notices how sad Maria looks. “What’s wrong beautiful?”

“I’m afraid to take my clothes off.”

With empathy, “Let’s walk to the water, OK? … We’re going to the water Mom.”

“Don’t go swimming until we get there.”

“OK.” Jeff takes Maria’s hand, “Don’t take your clothes off until you want to….Did you know I almost touched your breasts last night?”

“No. Did you know I wanted to feel your hard thing.”

“My penis?”

Maria gasps.

“Hey, I don’t want you to call my penis a thing. If you don’t like the word ‘penis,’ you’ll just have to give him a name.”

“OK! That’s easy! Big Jeff.”

“Maria, I like that! He’s soft now. Is he still Big Jeff?”

“Of course. I’d love to feel him grow in my hand.”

“Big Jeff loves the idea of you touching him and so do I. But that needs to be done in private. We never have privacy. Did you ever touch a p…thing before?”

“No. Most boys annoy to ad nauseam. We could touch in the water.”

“That would be too risky, Maria. Your mom would know what’s going on.” They sit next to each other in the sand near the ocean. “If we were horsing around in the water, we’d be touching each other. There would be no problem with that, but there’s nothing romantic about that.”

“Jeff, at least we get to hug and kiss.”

“That reminds me. It’s not fair. When I pop a boner, you know right away. How do I know when you get turned on? Were you aroused in the car last night?”

“Yes I was. My nipples got hard.”

In a sweet, sexy tone, “So I have to squeeze your breasts to know.”

“Or if I have a tight top—or no top. I’m ready to take my top off.”

“Maria, may I help?”

“That would be wonderful!” Passionately Jeff removes her blouse. Big Jeff jumps for joy. “Mama would explode if she saw that.”

“Thanks for the warning, Maria. Now for your bra.” Jeff struggles but finally gets the back undone. He gets on his knees, straddling her thighs, looking into her lovely brown eyes.

Romantically, “I see Big Jeff flipping out.”

Softly, “Your mother can’t see it. Your body blocks her view. Are you ready?”

All sexy, “Yessss! For sure.”

Jeff slowly pulls her bra straps down slowly revealing her beautiful budding breasts. Getting really, really pumped, Jeff observes, “Your nipples popped, oh! Hold Big Jeff! Quick! Stroke him. More! Ohhh!! Yes!!! Uh, ahhhh!!! Stop now. Oh. Wow. I’m out of breath. Ba da bing ba da boom.”

“Jeff, you scared the pants off me! What was that!? I thought you were having a seizure!”

Proudly, “Maria, my dear, Big Jeff just exploded for the first time. It scared me too. But I didn’t have any idea anything could feel so super awesome, so intense!”

“I should have known—you had an orgasm! But Big Jeff didn’t squirt anything.”

“I’ll ask Sean about that.”

“Don’t tell him it happened here! I can’t believe I brought Big Jeff to his first orgasm. But my fear stopped me from appreciating it.”

“Did you ever cum?”

“Come where?”

“Did you ever have an orgasm?”

“Yes, many, for over a year now. I can’t believe we just did what we said we couldn’t do in public. I hope nobody saw it or heard you! That couple over there may have!”

“Yeah, it’s like, all of a sudden, nothing mattered but Big Jeff. Thank you for your super sensual stroking.”

“You mean my panic stroking?”

“It felt fantastic to me! I’ll never forget this wild experience. But I need to be more careful in the future.”

“I’ll say! But I have to say it was way cool! Jeff, I love you more than ever. I hope that couple doesn’t get us in trouble.”

“They don’t look like they saw us. Maria, I feel like I can share anything with you. I feel like we just bonded for life. I want our love to last forever.” Jeff moves forward to kiss her, tongue hanging out. They French kiss seemingly forever.

“OK, you love birds! You’re in public,” Sonya gently chides.

Jeff snaps out of it, getting up on his feet. Looking at Sonya, Jeff cheerfully observes, “I see you have warmed up to being in the buff. Ah, Roberto, you’re naked too.”

Roberto feels a little embarrassed, “Yeah, I’m trying.”

“The secret is to quit trying. It happens naturally.”

“You’re a pretty brilliant dude.”

“Thanks.” Jeff turns toward Maria. She took off her shorts, but now changed her mind about her underwear. “Take your time beautiful.”

Maria breathes a sigh of relief. With everyone naked she felt pressure to conform. She smiles at Jeff, then runs to her mother for a hug. Sonya looks scared about hugging unclothed, but senses Maria’s need for a hug. Now she finds the hug to be very special indeed. After the hug Jeff says, “Last one in the water is a rotten egg! Maria runs for the water, stops, quickly pulls her underwear off, and runs in, catching up with Jeff. Their liveliness gets the adults into a playful spirit—six children having fun. Add three more to the world of naturism.


2007-10-06 06:13:31
Who wrote this piece of cow dung? A 4-year-old? It could not possibly have been anyone who's ever seen the inside of a class room. And what's shit that you have 1,000 serious readers? Yeah, they're laughing --- seriously. 1/10


2007-08-26 14:54:24
Well, I read the story and even re-read it so I could make an informed comment. Here it is: What a piece of garbage. It sucked big-time. Do everybody a favor and start driving cabs, but, please, stop "writing," or whatever it is you call it. How bad can a story get? 1/10


2007-03-14 02:06:22
the first two comments were written by people who DID read the story even tho they professed to not having read it. I find them well written and pretty true to life. Gave this one a 8/10. Don't think I was as mature at 10 as these two are. Our group started "exploring" at 11 - 12. Unfortunately, by age 15, half of the girls were pregnant.


2007-03-04 08:55:40
The story had been completed before the first entry. If you don't read the story, what qualifies you to comment intelligently?

Yes, I feel hurt by your comments. But I can take it. I'll continue submitting the story for the thousand serious readers.


2007-03-02 20:33:51
You are consistent in your writing - it's always shit !
Even introducing "sex" doesn'#t improve things.
I don't even bother to read - I just mark it down as crap - you don't let me down !

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