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We met after school the nex day
In the sandbox Part II


These stories are true and in no way are made up. I want to tell other people about my childhood and how I became as I understand what I am now defined as being: A "boylover."

I have not been with a young boy or any boy now under the age of 21 in over 20 years now. I will always like to see or imagine myself being a boy and being with a boy. That's just a reality I "choose" to live with. I hope you enjoy reading these true stories from my childhood they are the memories I will never forget.

On with: In the sandbox - Part II

I got home from school the next day all excited to see Ronald again. As I waited for him to come down the street, in his Convere All Star Sneakers and jeans, I could see him in my mind smiling as I replayed the events that led up to our friendship yesterday. I thought to myelf:

"I wonder if I am taking advantage of this young boy from across the street. Maybe I should back off and give him some time and room to think if this is what he wants. "I know it is what I want "I said to myelf scanning the end of the block impatiently waiting to hear his little voice and watch him as he puts his eyes on me so I can tell if he like me or if he has decided to leave this alone and just forget it ever happen. I thought about how good it felt when I put my lips on his little hard dick and how he smiled at me enjoying the feeling of it.

I wondered if he had ever had his dick sucked before by his brother who was his age or if someone else sucked his dick before me. I never sucked on another boys dick before except for Raymond's and his was like mine a lot bigger then Ronalds, and I was amazed that I liked Ronald little dick. I thought it would turn me off but it didn't and it actually was quite good although it only lasted for a few minutes. I wanted to get a better look at Ronald's dick and balls and see what a little boys butt looked like."

I aleready had a fetish for seeing boys in Converse All Star Sneakers, and it turned me on when I seen boys briefs underwear bands sticking out from under their pants. I lliked to see boys wearing their tube socks with the cool color bands on them, and I always got hard seeing boys in cut off jeans! Remember this was in the late 1970's.

All of a sudden I heard his little voice coming from around the corner at the top of the hill. Then I sawI him as he creasted the top of the hill and started to come down the street towards me. My heart started to beat fast and my hands got sweaty in antisipation to seeing him again. But I decided to it was going to have to be his move now and I was willing to accept the fact that I might have to just be his friend if nothing more if he would let me. I felt a little guilty but I also felt I had to do something to find another boy to be with.

I didn't like girls sexually and I often tried to figure out why that was. Girls just didn't turn me on. I tried to think of touching girls (them) and having them love me back but I didn't feel anything inside that made me want to go find a girl even my age to be with.

As he got a little closer to me, he looked up from talking to his friend he was with and gave me a big smile and waved at me as he started to skip into his driveway and disapear beyond some vehicles in the yard as he headed in his house. His friend kept going and soon it was all quiet again exept for my thoughts again thinking abouit Ronald.

I was getting a boner in my underwear again now and I what the rest of the day was going to be like. I prayed that Ronald was going to like me and promised to myself that I would not do anything to Ronald that hevdid not want to have done to him. I then went inside my apartment and sat at the kitchen table listening to the muffeled sound from outside and watching the kitchen clock on the wall.

About five minutes passed and all of a sudden I heard the outside back dooor screen door open and then close again. I heard the sound of someone small entering the closed in porch. There was a little shadow that passed on the closed window of the kitchen covewred with white one inch blinds on them always. and curtians over them. I could tell from the sound outside that it was Ronald in his sneakes on the porch and then I heard his knock on the door. I went to the door and opened it slowly hesitating to open it and at the same time desiring to see his smiling face. I opened the door and looked down at Ronald and saw him with a big grin on his face and before I could say anything he said to me "Can I "come in please? "Of course you can' I said to him now smiling back in antisipation to see what he wanted.

I then closed the dooor and watched Ronald walk in and look around the kitchen. It got quiet all of a sudden in the apartment and then Ronald spoke up asking " is anyone home whith you? I said "no why?" He then said to me" I want to do some more of what we were doing yeaterday , p. l e a s e?" and he smiled reaching down to his crotch in his pants feeling it a little bit giving me a hint that he liked what we were doing yesterday.

I smiled at him and looked at his jeans crotch and said "of course, let's go into my bedroom!" We both rushed into my bedroom and he unzipped his jacket fast and I watched him take off his shirt and unbelt his jeans. Then he unsnapped his jeans and pulled down his pants zipper. He was still standing in front of me and I was taking in the whole view of him stripping in front of me. He then unsnapped his jeans and looked up at me grinning in antisipation of all of this. I looked at his pale skin on his chest and looked at his belly button. I admired his thin arms and thin frame now exposing his underwear briefs from under his jeans. He then pulled down his jeans to his ankles and I saw his white underwear briefs again and his dick in his underwear at the crotch hole showing a little tenting of a boner in them. I was getting excited watching him and I knew that he was alright with what we did yesterday and I was happy.

He then sat down on my bed and unlassed his sneakers one by one pulling them off and tossing them on the floor witout a care in the world. He then quickly pulled off his jeans and just dropped them on the floor and looked up at me and smiled and gave out a little sound of a cackle in his voice as he then pulled off his white socks and just dropped them on the floor. He sat up on the bed now only in his white briefs that were fruite of the looms brand and said to me go on and take off your clothes now! He was just excited to see me strip down to my underwear now.

I I followed suite and pulled off my tee shirt and standing there unbuttoned my jeans and unzipped them. I looked at him sitting on the bed in his underwear briefs with his arms now in his lap between his legs but open enought to where I could see his underwear crotch with his hard on inside it showing clearly visible inside them. I pulled down my panta to my ankles and stepped out of them and stood there before him in my underwear briefs looking at him looking at me. I made the next move and bent over reaching my hand down to his underwwear crotch and gently putting my two fingers around where his erection was in his briefs feeling his little hardon he had. He spread his legs a little wider so I could fel his dick in his underwear better and I stroked his boner back and forth several times as he sat there quietly enjoying what I was doing to him. and taking it all in for himself.

"Do you like this" I then said to him as I continued to feel his dick in his underwear loving the idea that I was touching a boy in his underwear and feeling a dick again. He sai "ya" I like it and smiled as I kept stroking him back and forth in his underwear. it got quiet in the room and both of us knew we could trust each other and we both knew we liked each other also.

He then reached out and bebegan to feel my boner in my underwear briefs as I di the same to him him. I then said " I like you Ronald" and he said "I like you too." It was then that I knew I had a little friend to be with and make out with but I wondered just how far he was willing to go with me yet. It wouldn't be long before I found out though

To be continued in part III shortly


2011-09-14 13:29:49
I believe you are trying to improve. Just ignore all the naysayers and continue with your story! I enjoy it! I gat an erection while reading both!


2011-03-02 22:47:07
Keep writing, but work on your spelling, grammar, and punctuation. Your stories are difficult to read with so many errors. Great little series, however.

Anonymous readerReport

2009-07-14 02:30:45
Way better then the first one!!!

keep trying with the grammer!!!


2009-05-05 00:32:10
Your punctuation and spelling is terrible and makes it very hard to keep reading. I think your opinion that people will get bored if it's too long is quite silly. Your stories are too short and that makes them boring. Especially since nothing ever happens.

Anonymous readerReport

2008-09-29 15:02:58
Fantastic Memories.

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