Gemma: Nearly Twelve - Blonde Hair In Pigtails - Long, Slim Legs
Shelley: Thirteen - Redhead - Tiny, New Breasts
Lucille: Twelve - Long Black Hair - Half Oriental
Helena: Twelve - Twin - Scandinavian Strawberry Blonde
Rikke: Twelve - Twin - Scandinavian Strawberry Blonde


The entrance to the huge indoor fairground lay between giant doors shaped like a pink hairless pussy mound -because this was no ordinary fairground.

Housed in the extensive walled grounds of a castle high in the Austrian alps, this was a very special 'finishing' school for the prettiest little preteen girls of Austria and the USA - special because here their virginity was well and truly "finished" in some very painful ways.

The sounds of the fair came through the warm dark air. The hoots, pumping music and shouts would be common to any fairground in Europe, as would the screams of young girls.

I was over from the States, having paid a large sum to Jorg for the Austrian finishing school's services. In return, his heavies had captured my haughty little preteen nieces - Gemma, Shelley, Lucille, and the twins Helena and Rikke and - in order that the little teases be taught some sharp lessons in humility.

I took my ticket at the small booth and stepped through the entrance. My feet crunched onto a wide sawdust path which ran through very realistic astro-turf towards the many brightly lit attractions which lay ahead in the darkness. It was almost impossible to make out the dark roof, and the walls were very far away, so it really did feel like an outdoor fairground.


The first ride was a classic musical horse Merry-Go-Round, crowded around with groups of horny pretty teen boys in thin t-shirts and tight shorts, who were to be seen everywhere, thronging the fair. As I approached I could see that astride each wooden horse was a snub-nosed little girl of about nine, wearing only a pastel colored baby-doll shortie nightie to match the paintwork of the horse she rode. As the preteen girls circled around and around I could see that their eyes were glazed with lust, they bent forward gasping a little, and that their little hips jerked upwards with each rise of the horses. Looking closer I could see small wet dildos which pumped upwards out of the horse's saddles in time with the dipping and sinking of the whirling musical merry-go-round. Every so often a flat-chested little girl would fly past, trembling to what was - probably -the first orgasm of her life. This was the "taster" for the main fair, designed to make sure the many young-teen boy spectators all had their tight leider-hosen shorts stretched tighter by the swelling of their lustful little cocks.


I moved on, into a wide drag of brightly lit side-shows filled with young teen boys moving eagerly from one to another.
On one side I spotted a Coconut Shy with a difference. A pretty young blond girl with long hair in pigtails, super-slim waist and long thin legs, not even yet twelve, was spread and tied facing the boys - naked except for a very small pair of white silk panties covering her hairless mound - in a "Y" shape to sloping boards covered with steel plating. It was my stuck-up little niece Gemma! She was lying on her front but her head was pulled up by her pigtail, revealing her blushing tear-stained face, and her mouth held open wide by an arrangement of straps and small metal bars. Behind her, between each small firm milky ass cheek a twelve-inch coconut-brown vibrator nestled and purred, held my a hydraulic mechanical arm padded in red leather. Its half-inch tip slightly pressed her tight white panties against her tiny asshole. The dildo was shaped like three small fat coconuts joined together, and each of these was three inches wide at the widest point. The boys could see all this clearly, reflected in the angled mirrors that formed the back of the stall.

The Stall-keeper gave out small ping-pong balls to the boys. The aim was to throw the balls across the wide divide and get one exactly between my blonde niece's perfect little rosebud lips. A metal sensor which fitted over Gemma's delicate tongue would then activate a switch. Suddenly her anxious little face was peppered with a spunk-like hail of small white balls -none of which went in. One of the boys decided to try throwing underarm, and on the third try he succeeded. To cheering, the vibrator swiftly forced my gagging niece's tiny ass cheeks apart with its first steady pneumatic thrust. It took Gemma's panties very near to their tearing point as it forced their silky white fabric firmly up into her ass and began to drill open her little sphincter. The vibrator's first "coconut" like bulge was four inches long and its three inches of width visibly pushed Gemma's tiny hips apart a little, as it broke into her ass. Now the boys had figured out the trick, she was surely destined for some deep and painful ass penetration.


On the other side of the drag there was an ingenious Fishing Game booth. Kneeling in plastic paddling pools, hands strapped to ankles, were three slim redheads of about thirteen, dressed as little cum-sluts whores all in goldfish-orange colors - tightly elasticized see-thru 1960s-style plastic hot-pants and high heeled plastic thigh-boots. One of them was my niece Shelley, looking a lot humbler than when I had last seen her - which was while preening herself in a mirror while wearing only her panties and leaving her bedroom door half-open - the little prick-teaser!

Through each pair of transparent orange hot pants could be seen a thin plastic tube running from their almost hairless crotches upward and into a gag which was strapped to each girl's mouth. Each young girl also wore a cheap orange satin halter-top which had been pulled up to expose perfect budding breasts. Perky tender nipples were offered as the targets for this game. Each girl's nipples were clamped tightly into clamps holding little fish-hook shaped clips, and these were in turn attached to a long straight silver wire.

The game was this - with their hands behind their backs, each boy's stiff little dick was used to control a fishing rod that pivoted from the front of the booth. Each time a boy "hooked" a silver wire, the wire pulled tighter by a small amount. One agile boy had already caused Shelley's tiny blushing breasts to be pulled up into a very painful little pyramid shape. The other two girls strained themselves outwards in the hope of slackening their wires, but I could see that the other boys quickly had them targeted too. Fortunately for the girls, the young boys often started to cum, and afterwards did not have the cock-stiffness needed to control the rods.

The only way the tiny redheads could ease their tit torment was to piss into their see-thru plastic hot pants - each time the fill-level rose and then fell, a valve sent a signal to the machinery to decrease the tightness of the nipple wires. And the only way for the girls to continue pissing themselves was to suck the hot liquid back up into their pretty little mouths using their plastic tube. The three blushing redheads gulped, swallowed and sucked in a very erotic manner, quite like the gulping of fish, as they tried with increasing desperation to prevent the boys from stretching their tiny tits beyond endurance. At the same time, their firm little ass-cheeks and hips could be seen clenching and squeezing inside the see-thru hot-pants, desperately trying to squeeze out a little more piss.

A most arousing entertainment, I though - Shelley's stubbornness over not drinking her private school's lemonade at recess would be corrected by a just a few hours of such a torment!


Further down the drag was a Test Your Strength machine, placed just out of sight of a padded white cage containing a half dozen lovely preteen Oriental girls dressed in various erotic lingerie.

Three boys brought out one of the slimmest girls, of about twelve with a hint of breasts, firm rounded little ass cheeks, but with no pussy hair at all. It was my half-niece Lucille; her long black hair was matched by a very kinky small black satin corset which was tight-laced to make her tiny waist even smaller -the Finishing School had done a really good job on her. Suspenders held sheer black stockings on her long thin legs and she wore tiny shiny black stiletto heels on her feet - all of which I could see the boys were eager to catch a feel of. Lucille was stubborn as usual and the boys had to manhandle her into doing the "splits", then steel rings were passed around her, attached to a triangle of chains.

The boys then hauled on a chain to hoist Lucille up a few feet, until she was suspended only by her position, the rings, and her chained hands hoist above her head. The Stall-keeper ripped off her small flimsy lacy g-sting panties and lubricated her half-inch wide virgin hole. Then he fitted and exactly aligned a weighty ten-inch bullet-shaped dildo to the lip of the Test Your Strength machine's "bell dinger". It became clear that my sexy little Oriental niece's virgin pussy-mound was to be the "bell", as she was slowly ratcheted fifteen feet to the top of the pole. The steel rings clipped into hooks holding her steady, giving us all a clear view of her mound with its tiny hole spread open. Looking up I could see Lucille's long dark hair bobbing and swinging around as she tried to see what was happening beneath her.

The boys began lining up to heft the fat mallet against the machine's hit-pad, but each slam succeeded only in sending the dildo zinging up two-thirds of the pole. One beefy boy finally sent it nearly to top, and the thin tip slid neatly between the trembling little girl's legs. But then it instantly slipped out and fell back down, accompanied by many moans and boos from the boys below.

The Stall-keeper now reached down to the machine's base and flicked the machine's dial from "hard" to "medium", and the boys tried again. This time most of them got it just up to the top - but each time in went in only an inch, and then the tightness of the Lucille's virgin pussy caused it to press out and slip down. She began to relax a little and I could tell the tiny twelve year old was getting quite turned on after about fifteen in-out hits.

The Stall-keeper then replaced the dildo with another which was able to spin around like a drill. This was the same tapered shape and ten-inch length, but had a thick corkscrew thread running around it as it widened to a fat shaft of three inches. The beefy boy now stepped up to the pad and swung down a terrific mallet-blow, sending the new spinning dildo shooting upwards to hit with an audible "thunk", straight up into the Lucille's hot moist pussy hole. She gasped and then screamed as her virginity was taken by six inches of hard dildo in as many seconds, aided greatly by its spinning corkscrew thread, as it filled and split her to two inches wide. Looking up, her audience saw her tense stocking-encased legs visibly nudged apart by the sudden width and force of the dildo. The fat bulge caused by the pressure of the shaft became clearly visible, running up and under her tight corset, tapering away toward her very slim preteen waist. There was no way that this new dildo was going to slip out, and after a pause the beefy boy slammed down another hit. The dildo's final four inches lifted and screwed swiftly into the trembling corsetted little girl, splitting her ruined hole to three inches wide, and visibly impaling the thick shaft right up into her slim waist, even causing several hooks on her tight black corset to audibly snap and rip off.

The boy's prize was to spunk his hot cum into the little girl's mouth, after she was lowered down. This he eagerly did, clinging for support to the Test Your Strength machine's pole, as Lucille remained split wide over the huge dildo.


I walked on, very pleased with what I had seen so far.

Near the end of the drag there was a curtained Boxing Booth tent, and inside was a half-sized boxing ring surrounded by cheering boys. A perspiring flat-chested freckled French Catholic schoolgirl type of about eleven was battling a taller willowy hot thirteen-year-old Indian girl with budding little breast mounds. Others, who had - like me - paid handsomely to have their little girls taught painful lessons, were all around, watching. Both girls wore tight red crotch-less dance-style satin leotards, which had ridden very sexily between their pert curvy ass-cheeks. They dodged around each other, causing the six-inch fist-sized strap-on dildos that protruded from their small hairless pussy mounds to wobble stiffly.

The older girl suddenly reached for the younger, tripped her and then leapt down between her legs, pushing them apart with her knees. Pinned to the white mattress in a doggy position, the younger girl screamed as she felt hands quickly thumbing apart her tiny pussy lips, ready to win the bout by a swift and painful deflowering.

But as the Indian girl relaxed a little, thinking herself about to win, the younger girl made a sharp thrust and a flip, and suddenly the positions were reversed. The long chocolate legs of the Indian girl thrashed against the white mattress, but the younger girl was now on top of her, having pulled her around while keeping tight hold of her wrist. With her free hand the seemingly-innocent little schoolgirl grasped the fat shaft of her own strap-on dildo and thrust its tip and her crotch roughly towards the spread-out sweat-slicked hole of her opponent. I could just see that the Indian girl had a faint fuzz-line of freshly grown pussy hair up her mound - and then it was her turn to scream as she was roughly entered, then split wide apart and deflowered by the victorious bucking of the younger girl's hips. The boys and men cheered wildly.

The show over, I left the tent. I saw ahead, at the opposite end of the drag to the Merry-Go-Round, a large Helter Skelter tower. This was shaped much like a man's cock, decorated in traditional candy-colored stripes, and has strong semi-transparent plastic chute spiraling around it. As I walked towards this intriguing Helter Skelter I passed a Candy Floss booth with a very unusual way of making the stuff. Twelve older girls, who looked a little like farm-girls, of about fourteen and with half-mature breasts, were strapped into a transparent booth where their tender young breasts were being constantly and slowly pumped for milk by lubricated steel suction cups. Amazingly, for their age, some white milk dripped down from their flushed nipples into collecting tubes. The machine mixed it with pink sugar and a little water and then whipped it up into strands of candyfloss.


Next to the tall Helter Skelter a line of innocent blindfolded blonde twelve year olds, just into puberty by the look of them, and all with ponytails and white ankle socks, were lined up at the base. I spotted the twins Helena and Rikke, and one of the attendants brought them up to the front of the line. I watched as my twin nieces had their small nubile young bodies manhandled and strapped upright onto a heavy padded couch of see-through Perspex by the Liftmaster. The couch was wheeled onto a platform in a lift shaft in the centre of the Helter Skelter. Still blindfold, first Helena and then Rikke had her thin legs forced apart and was strapped on top of the other - in the 69 position so that their tender hairless pussy lips were just inches from each other's pouty little mouths. A perfectly erotic position for twins! The white ankle socks of each little girl were then gripped by the Liftmaster in turn and their sensitive toes clamped. The little girls quickly learned that the painful pressure of the clamps would be eased by the Liftmaster only if they vigorously explored the pussy lips of their twin with their hot little tongues.

While they licked and French-tongued with increasing eagerness, the Liftmaster slotted two stabilizer fly-wheels front and back of the couch. On the outer rim of each were thick piston-like rods leading up to a small set of further pistons. I could see that, as these wheels ran along a floor, they would act as flywheels to pump the piston rods up and down.

Then Helena and Rikke vanished from sight as the lift's cage doors slid shut and it rose slowly to the top. After a few minutes the lift and doors clanked at the top of the Helter Skelter.

I heard a gasp from the boys who had gathered below. I looked up, and saw on a small video screen how the Liftmaster had lifted two identical fat twelve-inch dildos from a rack, each candy-striped like the Helter Skelter, had drawn back the horizontal piston heads which were aligned with each blond twin's very wet pussy mound and tiny pouting slit, and had screwed each dildo into place. At its tip, each monstrous dildo had a half-inch snub-pointed tip. This then ran into a wider one-inch bulb which in turn smoothed up into the main head - which was four inches wide! These heads topped a two and a half inch wide - and heavily knobbled - shaft. The Liftmaster pulled back each dildo on its piston, clicked it down into position, and then each horny twin screamed as she had her hot tiny pussy invaded by the dildo's first few inches - just up to her virginity. In the 69 position, each girl had a close up view of the monster that was about to invade her twin's wet little pussy - and her own.

The spectators heard a 'click' of a metal release. The shot on the video screen changed, as the low-slung couch began to slide toward the Helter Skelter's chute. The screen now showed the blond little preteens, in split-screen close-up, from above, and the side.

I heard a rumble as the wheeled couch slowly entered the spiral channel of the Helter Skelter, like a small bob-sled.

Suddenly the stabilizer wheels began to roll against the chute's floor and so activated the pistons. The huge dildos leapt forward into action. They ripped through my niece's virginities in a second - but then I heard a sudden skidding sound above the screams, as the wheels began to act as a dragging brake on the couch's descent. This was because both the huge four-inch heads had only opened each girl to about two inches, and they were now straining to split the immature pussy mounds any wider. The camera zoomed in as each screaming girl stared up at the tiny preteen hole impaled in front of her eyes, and at the sheer size and length of the dildo straining to enter. Another camera angle showed the view from underneath, through the see-through Perspex.

But the weight of the couch edged the twins ever forward, and so slightly turned the wheels. This slowly forced incredible pressures to build up in the pistons. Each niece's thin pussy lips had long since vanished when the video screens showed their tiny hairless mounds being painfully and slowly wedged further apart, until they were at least three inches wide and their mounds were being pressed inward by the force.

The audience of boys below held their breaths as they watched the last inch of width enter under at least 60 seconds of sustained pressure. Then we heard two sharp snaps, as each dildo literally cracked open first the bottom girl and then the top. With the girl's pubic bones no longer limiting their width, the dildo heads eased deeper inside. As each head disappeared fully the width of it sharply jerked each screaming girl's hips and small ass cheeks wide apart.

The see-through couch then rolled slowly forward, causing the knobbled shaft of each dildo to follow the head and relentlessly follow on with a further four inches of length.

Here the couch braked to a halt as resistance built up again - each dildo's head had more than filled the cunts of both horny sluts and the tips now strove to widen burst open their immature cervix. It took another 30 seconds of pressure before the inevitable happened - suddenly the final five inches of each mammoth shaft was slid deeper inside the quivering twins. The depth of the full twelve-inch impaling was clearly visible - bulges caused by the fat heads were visibly wedged in their slim waists.

As the couch then gathered momentum around the first full curve, the pistons reversed their forward action and retracted the dildos. Then they pressed forwards again. On re-entry of each massive head this time, the couch slowed only a little as there was less resistance. As the couch slipped from the view of the video screens I heard the rumbling of it travelling round and down the chute, getting faster, the mechanism remorselessly pistoning the huge dildos harder and more quickly.

By the time the girls slammed down to the base of the Helter Skelter - about a minute later - they were limp and gasping, and each dildo was fully embedded right up to the rim. The pairs of other blond girls lined up for the experience, blindfolded, had no idea what they were in for.


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Holy crap this was twisted. But hell, ill admit i did cum to it.


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finishing fair, part 2

finishing fair, part 3

finishing fair, part 4

enjoy =)


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Thanks, read the other 3 =]


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fabulously sick! Loved it!


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