Gemma: Nearly Twelve - Blonde Hair In Pigtails - Long, Slim Legs
Shelley: Thirteen - Redhead - Tiny, New Breasts
Lucille: Twelve - Long Black Hair - Half Oriental
Helena: Twelve - Twin - Scandinavian Strawberry Blonde
Rikke: Twelve - Twin - Scandinavian Strawberry Blonde


I then walked around the Helter Skelter on a sawdust path to what seemed to be the final attraction. A flashing neon sign proclaimed "The Tunnel of Perv".

The Tunnel of Perv seemed to work something like a fairground ghost train. At the front there was a dark entrance and exit tunnel, with rails leading in and out. On one side of these rails were free-rolling carts, waiting for customers, and I sat down in one.

The wide steel carts had a central plush red seat for a single adult Rider to recline on, and what looked like a stubby forked tubular steering device - but also had some added extras. My added extras were to be Gemma and Shelley! Both girls were blindfolded, but I could tell they were very humble and repentant - Gemma after the Coconut Shy anal experience, and Shelley after the torment of her perky tits at the Fishing Game booth!

Each tiny niece was now dressed in a most sexy tight white ballet leotard, crotchless and with several shortie see-thru tutu-wraps around their narrow hips. They wore white stockings instead of normal ballet hosiery, and had white silk pumps on the feet, bound with pink ribbons round their slender ankles.

Each niece lay side-by-side and face down on the wide bonnet of the cart. Their shoulders and tiny breasts were strapped down firmly against the padded hood of the cart, and their heads and necks jutted out over the Rider's seat in the cart - their lips were a few inches away from being level with my crotch. Then the Stall-manager and an assistant lifted each girl's long thin legs up into the air behind them, as if the girls were doing a ballet stretching practice. Then they slipped small padded loops around the ankles, attached these to eyelets at the back of the cart, and pulled the girl's feet and legs right over their heads, arching their backs in an amazing curvature -all the money I had paid out for these two aloof girls to go to ballet classes had paid off at last -my young nieces were perfectly supple and flexible!

The crotch-less white leotards, stretched even tighter now, showed off the girl's tiny pussies and firm rounded ass cheeks to perfection - these had now been pulled right around, almost level with their heads and were in front of me, each framed with a silky drapery from the tutu-wraps. I took the opportunity to feel up and down the girls very slim stocking-encased legs, which were now stretched and arched tightly beside and behind me like the crash bars on a heavy-duty Dodgem Car. The girls ready, the cart started clanking toward the entrance to the dark tunnel. In we went - only to stop about ten meters in, amid a soft red light which seemed to make the girl's white clothing glow even whiter. Between the girl's heads I could see the cart's small Dashboard had been illuminated. It said:-


As I read that, two large ten inch flame-red steel vibrators slid up, humming, out of what I had at first taken to be the tubular steering fork. Even at a mere inch and a half wide I could see they would take a delicious moment or two to deflower my pert little nieces - especially as the girls were tensing up their legs and hips incredibly tightly in their current 'backflip' position.

I decided to make it a little easier for the girls by getting them a little 'turned on' first - they had yet to taste their first man's cock and it was going to be their wicked uncle's!

The dashboard message had been right, and their pouty little mouths were perfectly positioned to be forced open by a man's straining cock. I took Shelley's mouth first, pulling on her red hair to get her to open wide. Then, not bothering to see how well her untrained tongue would lick, I couldn't resist simply lifting my hips in order to fill her entire hot little mouth and tight gagging throat with my full length. Then I slid out of her and did the same with little Gemma, using her pigtail to draw her mouth down a little, but then but just sliding my cock out enough for her to take her first little "oral exam" in tongue movement.

Then I lifted up the left-hand vibrator and began to stroke Gemma's mound and inner thighs, prizing apart her hairless miniature pussy lips with my thumb and forefinger. My - but that looked like a very tight and clenched virgin hole! When the buzzing tip of the vibrator hit it, her entrance seemed to retract to an even smaller size. But I kept nuzzling and stroking it around, and within a minute there was a little less tongue movement and a little more wetness on her pussy lips.

I decided she needed to concentrate on what was coming next, so I slid out of her mouth and began to press the fat buzzing ten-incher in her pussy. At first she hardly seemed to notice, probably so glad to have her mouth empty. Then she tried to jerk away as she realized her virginity was about to be taken -but this actually made the entrance of the vibrator more painful for her.

After a push of considerable force, her pussy lips suddenly spread out in an 'O' and I saw I had an inch or two of entrance. My sexy little niece gasped as she felt the potential width of the invader. With some screwing and levering I got it up to her virginity. After savoring the moment, I smacked my fist firmly onto the end of the heavy vibrator. She screamed and her legs quivered as it ripped through her hymen and was buried almost to the hilt.

Then I gave the same treatment to my little redheaded niece Shelley, with the added bonus of some extra anal work with the vibrator instead of oral.

I flipped the switches built into the two electric cords which ran into the vibrators. The cart started to move forwards. We came to the first junction and I tried flipping off the right-hand switch - the cart moved away to the left.


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Be sure to ready Finishing Fair, Part 1 - 3 and 4


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Too short but stll nasty.

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