Gemma: Nearly Twelve - Blonde Hair In Pigtails - Long, Slim Legs
Shelley: Thirteen - Redhead - Tiny, New Breasts
Lucille: Twelve - Long Black Hair - Half Oriental
Helena: Twelve - Twin - Scandinavian Strawberry Blonde
Rikke: Twelve - Twin - Scandinavian Strawberry Blonde


The cart moved slowly past large hi-resolution video-screens which seemed to show, close up, what was happening elsewhere in the fairground.

The first Screen, set back into the darkness like a tableau, showed a Doctors & Nurses booth, in which boy doctors were giving deep and rather rough enemas to slim little 10-year-olds, strapped down on operating tables and wearing miniature white nurses uniforms.

On the cart rumbled, and this time I chose the right fork. Each vibrator buzzed depending on the direction I took, giving each niece stimulation in turn, but denying them the chance of an orgasm by shutting off the stimulation at crucial moments. The second Screen showed a "Water Fight" booth, in which three nude auburn-haired girls of about thirteen were tied in the "splits" position around a pressure-sensitive red button. By firing a phallic-shaped water-pistol and hitting the central red button they managed to slightly lower the huge double-dildo that was cranking slowly upwards beneath them, but raised the dildos faster for the two other girls. What made the game especially interesting was that the pistols had to be filled from a tube of piss from the next girl along. I guessed the girls had been primed with drinking litres of water beforehand. So not only would the girls have to hit the target, but they must also try to restrain their desperate urge to piss, thereby depriving rivals of "ammunition".

By now Shelley was clearly 'turned on' by her turn with the vibrator. I couldn't resist a few more turns in filling her hot little gasping mouth to the max, just to put her off any idea she might have about having her very first preteen orgasm. The next Screen showed the end of a game called "Zero to 60 in ten seconds". A pretty little snub-nosed blond girl of about twelve, with pigtails but dressed like a little whore in pink satin, was spread and strapped over a wooden vaulting-horse. Two teen boys came up on stage, one flipped up her tiny skirt and eased back her sluttish lacy g-string panties. The boys easily pressed their semi-soft thin un-erect cocks into her pre-lubricated mouth and tiny pussy. Then the boys each slipped a thick loop of rope around their asses and clipped it to the horse like a belt. But the boys must have been wearing some prosthetic fake cocks - because shortly after they got inside the girl, these tiny - mechanical - cocks began to stiffen and expand inside her. After five seconds they were normal man size, 7" x 2". Then they paused a second as the girl managed a muffled scream and the boys strained their hips away from the ropes holding them tight as a further expansion happened - the cocks expanded again until they were about 17 inches long by 3.5 inches wide - it really was "zero to 60 in ten seconds"! After the full ten seconds I could see massive bulges running through the little girl as if to meet each other - one running down the choking girl's throat, the other running under her slutty g-string panties, lifting up under her flimsy satin skirt and then shafting thickly up to the very top of her narrow preteen waist.

Now I could see that Gemma was in need of some deep oral attention to stop her approaching orgasm, and I almost had to choke her before her mind seemed to come off her climax. Of course, neither girl knew what it was that their hot prim ballerina bodies desired, but I did - and I was certain they wouldn't get it!

To the left was a screen showing a secret room. A delicate blonde of thirteen was standling chained and blindfolded on tip-toes. She was dressed in the prettiest little black & white silk and lace chambermaid's outfit, with sheer white stockings. Her face showed clearly she was a haughty little rich girl, the sort that knew nothing about sex yet but knew everything about teasing men and wrapping them around her little finger. The sort that really needed teaching a lesson. I could see that she had brand-new curves in all the right places, but her tiny waist and slim legs looked totally fragile. Her long blonde hair hung down in a single wave. The hem of her black silk mini-dress was lifted up and her hairless mound and slit was licked for several minutes by an older pigtailed redhead girl of about 15, obviously an expert. The younger girl didn't seem to know that she had an audience, and in minutes her legs were trembling and her breathing heavy as she approached her very first orgasm.

Then she was told that if she wanted to come she must first pass a 'virgin detector test'. Panting hard, she gasped out her consent to having thick shaped metal tubes buckled around her fore-arms and ankles. Then she was then suddenly released from the tip-toes position - but didn't fall. It seemed two powerful electromagnet disks were embedded in the ceiling and floor. The little girl just hung there, panting in her new lust, unaware that she was now effectively floating in mid-air. The older girl adjusted the electromagnets a little and the girl rose up a few more inches so her feet left the floor. Then a dial was turned and in a flash the girl's slim legs were wrenched apart and up so that she was almost doing the splits. The horny little bitch screamed and tried to twist as the sudden movement wrenched her metal-bound ankles up to her wrist shackles. Her little black skirt flew up and her very wet pussy slit was revealed for all to see. The leg wrenching was repeated over a dozen times until the girl was gasping and panting from the exertion. Then the older girl took a handful of her long hair and pulled back her head. Down into the panting girl's wet pink mouth was lowered a large magnetic metal dildo-shaft. The two inch head was enough to seal the girl's mouth and she started to panic as she was forced to breathe through her flaring little nose. She would have panicked even more had she been able to see the huge dildos that were levitating up towards her virgin pussy and firm little ass. These were shaped like a classic "U" magnet, but with sharp instead of square points. The girl's chest and tiny breasts heaved erotically inside the tight silk maids dress, straining for breath. Her tiny dripping pink pussy lips were nuzzled by the small tip of the larger of the two prongs. She tried to scream and writhe her little body as she felt the penetration begin, but just drawing breath was enough of a struggle. The three magnetic dildos seemed to be drawing each other towards them - the long oral dildo moving slowly down into her hot little mouth, and the U shaped dildos quickly split open her tiny mound. The power of the magnets then increased and her virginity was ripped apart and her tender asshole suddenly forced to open wide. The oral dildo was now visibly wedged deep into her gagging throat, and the other dildos were fast rising to meet it. A long gagging shudder began in her heaving chest and her long legs quivered as the dildos relentlessly widened her well lubricated pussy hole. Soon she was more than filled - but the pointed dildos couldn't stop - and then suddenly something gave way and there was visibly a long thick shaft straining against the sheer fabric around the quivering waist of her tight black dress. She let out a high-pitched moaning from somewhere, as the sharp point punctured through her cervix by several inches - before the oral dildo sank rapidly down to six inches and silenced the little bitch.

The older girl then explained that if the little girl wanted to breathe again, the only way was to have the dildos retract. And to do that involved only the press of a red button, located on the magnetic ankle shackles. The impaled girl's tiny fingers quickly fumbled for the button and pressed it. The older girl then went on to tell her she was a useless little bitch, and should have learned her lesson by now - she should always listen and wait before agreeing to something. The older girl went on to explain that the tip of the cunt dildo would first extract its hooks. The polarity on the magnets was flipped and they began to repel each other. The tiny 13 year old shuddered as this happened, and half-inch downward-pointing hook shaped wedges snapped firmly outwards from the cunt dildo's head. Then the dildo shafts began their extraction. As the mouth-dildo extracted, the girl gasped for air - then screamed as hard as she could- the main dildo had hooked down into her tight little cervix and ripped it open. Then she shuddered, causing her silk clothes to rustle and sway, as her pussy was ripped into by the hooks. By the time the savage tip neared her bloody pussy lips, her white stockings and slim thighs were sprayed with red. When the tip emerged, the sharp hooks made a real mess of her little mound.

Then the cart rattled and turned to the right in the dim red light, and Shelley's vibrator began to hum and buzz.

Then I turned the cart again and this time little Gemma got the vibrations, which caused some whimpering from the deprived Shelley.

The next Screen showed a "Hall of Live Mirrors". A corridor of slightly older girls of about fourteen, dressed in various kinky schoolgirl uniforms were chained behind glass. The boys passing up and down the corridor could press buttons and wind cranks, which would raise or lower heavy weights, so contorting and stretching the girls. The movement of the weights also pulled on clamps attached to their tender young nipples through their flimsy school dresses and shirts.

After that it a Screen showing the "Sandstorm" booth. Here young girls were blindfolded and made to do the "splits" over a large steel disk with a hole in the centre. Then they were lifted up and their tender virgin pussies well lubricated. Then they were set spinning around and down, onto a large sandy-colored corkscrew shaped vibrator, which was also well lubricated. Each girl seemed to get turned on and very horny after few minutes, as the dildo was not really enormous - but then the lubrication began to dry off and the true sandpaper and grit skin of the vibrator which was corkscrewing up deep inside the girl made itself painfully felt.

Now I could see that Gemma was in need of some deep oral attention to stop her approaching orgasm, and I almost had to choke her before her mind seemed to come off her climax. Of course, neither girl knew what it was that their hot prim ballerina bodies desired, but I did - and I was certain they wouldn't get it!

Then the cart rattled and turned to the right in the dim red light, and Shelley's vibrator began to hum and buzz.

The next Screen showed a "Shower Room" booth. Six nubile and nude young Oriental girls of about twelve had been placed inside a small sunken shower room. Their long black hair and thin limbs swung around and were reflected in the shiny tiles as they tried in vain to dodge the long flicking whips sent down by the boys who stood around the raised rim. Already their ass cheeks and tiny breasts - favorite targets of the boys - were covered in many painful red stripes. Then the whips withdrew and water jetted from numerous shower heads. At first the girls welcomed this - until they screamed again as they felt the heavy salt in the shower-water biting painfully into every one of the whip marks on their delicate bodies. Then the boys who had been wielding the whips entered the shower room and chained the girls to the walls on tip-toes The boys pulled the shower-heads out of their wall sockets, revealing that they were attached by retractable flexible steel hose-pipes. The boys proceeded to roughly break the girl's tight virginities using the spraying & boiling steel shower-heads.

The following Screen also showed a water theme - it was called "Ducks to Water". Twelve little girls aged about twelve floated around a circular pool astride large rubber yellow ducks with numbers on them. Each girl wore crotch-less black rubberized swimsuits which when wet showed off their rounded ass cheeks to perfection. With their hands tied behind their backs the girls were in a perilous position. The game was this; a potentially large inflating dildo was attached to the duck's back and was inside the girl's pussy. A tiny pump was constantly but slowly pumping water from the pool in order to inflate the dildo - which at that point was appearing to cause some girls some discomfort. The only way the pump could be temporarily reversed was while sucking off one of the boys and men crowding around the edges - if this was done then the Poolkeeper would send an electronic signal to the pump. So little girls were pleading with the boys to let them suck them off. Some boys were willing, but some were just teasers who let the girls get close then pulled away. One blond girl had sucked off three boys, and her mouth and the top of her black swimsuit was covered in sticky white cum. But then they boys started to see her as "sloppy seconds", and soon she started to scream as she found her hardening dildo making its swelling four-inch width fully felt between her legs, splitting her apart. Seeing this, the other girls started trying harder. Some even began to approach the men around the poolside, and their little lips struggled to service the huge erect shafts they were offered, and then gagged on the huge amounts of cum that were suddenly pumped into their desperate mouths.

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Excellent story. Good writing.


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I'm glad you like it, I'll be sure to write more


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Great series hope it gets nastier.


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